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    ... NOV .7 1360
ment to abolish the State
Board i of Education and
make the commissioner of
education an elective office
would give the Nebraska
educational program a 25
year setback."
This is the opinion of
Frank E. Henzlik, profes
sor of school administra
tion, who said the amend
ment should be defeated
because it would put poli
tics in education where it
"should not be."
Henzlik said the amend
ment would prevent the of
fice from being "truly pro
fessional." "The persons elected
would not necessarily have
Transparent Lady
Talking Goddess
Adorns Morrill
A $14,000 intricate model,
agriculture, will be dedicated
The transparent talking
anatomical model with Plexiglass skin, gives the spectator
a full view of the working mechanism of the human body
By means of a" tape record-1
er, Ceres explains her body
functions. As she talks the
various parts of her body are
illuminated. Not only are the
organs shown but the location
of the various bones and six
and a half miles of blood ves
sels and the nervous system
at well.
Ceres, donated by Ralph
Mueller, a Cleveland, O.,
manufacturer and Nebraska
alumnus, will be dedicated at
7:30 p.m. in the West Health
Gallery located in the base
ment of Morrill Hall.
One Of Six
The model is only one of
six such displays in this coun
try and the only one in the
world with an unborn child,
according to Dr. C. Bertrand
Schultz, director of the Uni
versity State Museum.
University parents and stu
dents are invited to a display
Saturday, Parents Day, from
9 a.m. to 12 noon and again
from 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. The
general public . is invited to
attend demonstrations Sunday
from 2 to 5 p.m.
With the use of the tape re
corder one special tape will
be used for visual instruction
Membership to the Student
Council-Student Tribunal com
mittee was outlined Wednes
day at the regular Council
meeting by Jim Samples.
The committee is composed
of five appointed members
from Student Council, three
appointed members from Stu
dent Tribunal ( two ex-officio
members from Student Coun
cil (the president and first
vice president of the Council),
one ex-officio member from
Student Tribunal (Chairman
Samples) and one advisor
from the College of Law.
"The committee is organ
ized to look into certain pro
cedural problems presently
faced by the Student Tribunal
and to see if there are any
workable solutions to these
problems." Samples ex
plained. Two immediate jobs face
the committee, according to
L "To contact other univer
sitiej with similar, judicial
bodies and find out how they
have solved tome of the prob
lems faced by the respective
judicial bodies and,
2. "To sound out student
opinion on the University
campus about the Tribunal,
its effectiveness and short
comings." Goodyear Grant
Awarded to Fix
A University engineering
student, Sidney Fix, has been
chosen winner of the $1,000
Goodyear Scholarship.
This is the second year a
University student has been
chosen. An additional $375
gift to the University was al
so presented by the Lincoln
Goodyear Tire and Rubber
Dr. D. P. Remigio, man
ager of the plant, said the
additional gift was presented
because of the University's
record of producing well
trained employees for both
the plant here and in other
any qualifications for the
post as would be the case
when they are appointed,"
Henzlik explained.
Henzlik said he believes
there is "little danger" that
an appointed person se
lected by the state board
would be incompetent be
cause this method is used
on the local levels sucess
fully for a number of years
in such cities as ' Lincoln
and Omaha.
Second Reason
"A second reason why
the amendment should be
defeated is that it would
substitute a less representa
tive method ci election for
the present nystem," Hen
zlik stated.
Ceres, the Greek goddess of
Friday at Morrill Hall.
lady, a five foot eight inch
and training of zoology and
physiology classes at the Uni
versity; another tape will be
designed for health education
of grade school children and a
third for the general public.
Avery Grant
Preference .
To Chemists
Students in chemistry and
the allied sciences will re
ceive preference in the alloca
tion of $108,082.52 in scholar
ship funds left by the widow
of a former chancellor of the
Mrs. May B. Avery, widow
of the late Chancellor Samuel
Avery, made the bequest in
trust agreement March 1.
After other bequests are
taken care of, $108,279.52 of
the funds "goes to scholar
ships to students of the Uni
The text of the trust states
that "a committee consisting
of the chairman of the de
partment of chemistry, the
chairman of the department
of physics and the Chancellor
of the University shall award
such fellowships and scholar
ships nnder rules and regula
tions drafted by them and ap
proved by the Board of Re
gents." Mrs. Avery, who died July
1, was a Doane College grad
uate. Avery served as NU chan
cellor from 1909 to 1926.
' 1
Historical Society's New Round
Of Displays Exhibit Old West
By Nancy Whitford
"Hoofbeats and Talking
Wires" will echo again in
Nebraska following the open
ing of a new exhibit this
week at the State Hisotircal
"Finishing touches are be
ing added to the display,
which includes authentic
items from the pony express
and transcontinental tele
graph," said Roger T.
Grange Jr., assistant mu
seum director.
A robber -air saddle
cushion and pair of heavy
spurs nsed by rider H. D.
McLaughlin, a Bible similar
to those presented to the
early mail carriers and a
The "truest representa
tion" occurs when the peo
ple have access to their own
board members. The board
district can then appoint
someone for the state post
who more nearly reflects
the views of the people, he
Henzlik said the third rea
son for his opposition was
that under the new plan,'
Lincoln and Omaha actual
ly would elect the state com
missioner because the rural -areas
would have a popu
Vol. 74, No. 29
Richard M a 1 1 b y and his
"Band the Dancers Demand"
will be featured at the 1960
Military Ball, Dec. 10.
The 48th annual ball,
which traditionally opens
the University and Lincoln so
cial season, will again be held
at Pershing Municipal Audi
Maltby, who gained experi
ence as conductor-arranger
Annual Pledge
Dance Nov. 19
Nineteen sorority pledges
have been selected by each
of the fraternity pledge
classes as their candidate for
Junior IFC Queen.
The queen and her two at
tendees will be presented at
the annual fraternity pledge
class dance at the Turnpike
Ballroom Nov. 19 from 8-12
Supplying the music will
be Bobby Lane and his or
The candidates, their sor
ority and the nominating
pledge class are:
Lucy Madden, Delta Gam
ma, by Alpha Tau Omega;
Anne Savidge. Delta Gamma,
by Sigma Chi; Diane McEl
roy, Pi Beta Phi, by Kappa
Sigma; Kay Schnurr, Pi Beta
Phi, by Beta Theta Pi.
Sue Myers, Kappa Alpha
Theta, by Phi Delta Theta;
Marilyn Handschuh, Kappa
Alpha Theta by Phi Gamma
Delta; Kit Thompson, Kappa
Alpha Theta by Phi Kappa
Psi; Kayla Gruber, Alpha Phi
by Pi Kappa Psi.
Sue Davenport, Alpha Xi
Delta, by Delta Tau Delta;
Connie Yiek, Gamma Phi Be
ta, by Sigma Alpha Mu; Gin
ger Van Horn, Gamma Phi
Beta, by Beta Sigma Psi;
Kitty Troxell, Gamma Phi
Beta, by Delta Upsilon.
Kay Hahn, Sigma Kappa,
by Theta Chi, Barb Cahan,
Sigma Delta Tau, by Zeta
Beta Tau; LaDean Hraban,
Zeta Tau Alpha, by Acacia;
Judy Jasperson, Zeta Tau Al
pha, by Alpha Gamma Sig
ma. Ann Anderson. Zeta Tau Al
pha, by Alpha Gamma Rho;
Barbara Kennedy, Kappa Del
ta, by Delta Sigma Phi; Caro
lyn Drew, Alpha Chi Omega,
by Theta Xi.
map of the pony express
route across Nebraska com
bine to show the history of
the 18-month adventure.
"Also included is a picture
of Alexander Majors, mem
ber of the Russell, Majors
and Waddell Co. which es
tablished the entire pony ex
press system," Grange
'The pony express was a
very useful service, but it
didn't make money. A b o n t
$100,000 was lost on the ven
ture due to the expense of
paying riders and building
intermediate stations," he
The transcontinental t e 1 r
graph, which "spelled the
lation disadvantage.
"Rural support for the
amendment arises from the
distrorted idea that com
missioners who discredit
their school are doing it for
personal reasons," Henslik
"Rural areas that don't
want to reorganize schools
and want to be able to ap
point any teacher they
please are also supporting
the m ea s u r e," he com
mented. Some 47 of the 50 states
for NBC, CBS, Benny Good-
fman, Tommy Dorsey, Colum
bia Records, Decca Records,
and others, introduced his
traveling band in 1955. His
"danceable brand of subtle
swing" rapidly caught the at
tention of the college set and
labeled him "idol of the Col
lege Towns."
Maltby's "Man with the
Golden Arm" was a best sell-
Inside the TSebriiskan
Phi Psis Win Grid Title
Phi Kappa Psi captured the intramural football crown with
a 13-12 win over Dental College Friday night ....Page 3
Campaign Questions
Eric Severeid sums up the campaign wondering whether
Kennedy and Nixon have answered the real ques
tions Editorial Page
Economic Growth Defended
Henry C. Wallich replies to Prof. Stuart Hall's comments
on the rate of economic growth article . . Editorial Page
Council Adds 41 Groups
To 'Good Standing' List
A total of 41 University stu
dent organizations are in ood
standing as of the Wednesday
meeting of the Student Coun
John Hoerner, chairman of
the judiciary committee of
the Student Council, said the
remaining organizations
could still qualify for good
standing if they would com
ply with the seven basic re
Because the accuracy of the
good standing list has been
questioned in the past several
weeks, Hoerner asked any
Council member who is work
ing in the office during the
week to file everything re
ceived from organizations
Hoerner asked that his list
of organizations of good
standing be accepted. T h e
vote was unanimous. The or
ganizations in good standing
(excluding those published in
good standing a week ago
Ax Exec Board
All University Fund
Alpha Lambda Delta
Alpha Tau Alpha
Alpha Zeta
American Institute i Electrical En
Association (Or Childhood Education
Coed Councetors
Corn Cobs
Epiilon Chi Tan
Eta Kappa Na
Gamma Lambda
Home EC Club
Innocent Society
Kosmet Klub
Mortar Board
Nebraska Bine Print
Nu-Med Society
Omicron Nu Home Ec Honorary
Paliadian Literary Society
Phi Kpsilon Kappa
.Phi Eta Sis-ma
Phi Lambda UpsiJon
end of the pony express" is
represented in the display by
an early glass insulator . with
wooden case which was used
on the line out of Ft. Lara
mie and by the first tele
graph received in the state
which was ser' to R. W. Fur
nas Aug. 29, 1860.
"The new exhibit, located
in the east gallery, is part
of our continuing program
to re-do and improve the dis
plays," Grange noted.
Persons wishing more de
tailed information on the
pony express may obtain
copies of a pamphlet on
the subject at the Historical
Society, he said.
Setbac kHe
now have State Boards of
Education and none of them
have reverted to other sys
tems according to Henslik.
"These 47 states are do
ing a good job and surely
couldn't, all be wrong in
their ideas," Henzlik added.
Board Now Elected
Board of Education mem
bers are now elected from
six districts in the state and
are responsible for select
ing the commissioner. -
The present system has'
been in effect since 1952.
Lincoln, Nebraska
.Features I
er, along with "St. Louis Blues
Mambo," "Six Flats Unfurn
ished," "Birth of the Blues,"
and, more recently, "Mor
gen." and "At the Hop.",
"The ball committee had to
work hard to get him," stated
Dee Cutteii, program chair
man, "but after his success
at the 1956 Military Ball, we
wanted him back."
To date the Maltby group
Phi Upsilon Omicron
Residence Association for Men
Stsma Tau
Theta Nu
University -H Club
University of Nebraska Council m
University Ag YWCA
University of Nebraska Honorary En
gineering Society (Civil
University Radio Association
Vocational Homemaking Education As
Young Republicans
AUF Drive Begins
The All University Fund
student drive began yester
day and will continue
through Nov. 19.
Campus students may
contribute through their or
ganized houses and Lincoln
residents will be contacted
during the Lincoln drive.
AUF is the only charity au
thorized to solicit on cam
pus. Five charities will receive
AUF funds this year. They
include Tom Dooley's MED
ICO, 20 percent; Nebraska
division of the American
Cancer Society, 20 percent;
World University Service,
20 percent; Lancaster As
sociation for Retarded Chil
dren, 15 percent; Orthoped
ic hospital, 15 percent; AUF
expenses and emergency
fund, 10 percent.
700 students attended the
pancake feed which official
ly opened the drive.
Sahath Wins
Play Contest
Bernard Sabath of Chicago,
author of "Lady of Eternal
Springtime," is the winner
of the Nebraska National
Playwriting Contest for 1960
61. Sabath's play, which is
about what "might have hap
pened" when Helen of Troy
returned to Greece, was des
cribed by Dr. Joseph Bald
win, director of University
Theater, as an "adult and de
lightful comedy".
Sabath, a "free-lance' writ
er" of fiction, will come to
the University Nov. 14 and
stay for a week of reading
and discussions of his play.
Later his final version of
the play will be produced in
University Theater.
November 18 Last Day For
CORNHUSICER individual pictures
Prior to that time the com
missioner was elected.
- The amendment to be
voted on Nov. 8 provides
for a return to the former
system which Henzlik
termed a "retrogression" in
both policy and program.
Proposals to abolish the
State Board of Education
have been made several
times in the last three
years, but were defeated.
This year, however, the
Nebraska School Improve
ment Association secured
has played at many of the
major colleges, including the
University. They record ex
clusively for Columbia Rec
ords. Thirteen Men
The band consists of 13
men. There are four trum
pets, a valve trombone, four
reeds, three rhythm, and Ma
by himself who plays trum
pet, vibes, chimes, and con
ga drum.
Tickets for the event will
go on sale Monday, Novem-
Paiiilinjr Missins
From Galleries
"Monument," an oil and
collage piece, was reported
missing Wednesday from the
University Art Galleries.
(A collage painting is a kind
of surrealist art. Bits of flat
objects' such as newspaper,
cloth and pressed flowers
are pasted together in an in
harmonious relationship for a
symbolic or suggestive ef
fect.) The painting, 'alued at
$150, is about 15 inches square
and is an abstract composi
tion in the cubist style. Nor
man Geske, director of the
Art Galleries, explained that
the cubist style is an arrange
ment of colors, schemes and
lines in which there is no
recognizable object.
Owned by the Graham Gal
leries of New York City, the
Nebraska Art Association
Rental Sale was exhibiting
the painting along with other
pictures. These exhibited
paintings may be rented by
Nebraskans on a month-to-month
Last May "The Dolphins," a
bronze sculpture, was taken
from the Galleries and has
not yet been recovered.
Physics Institute
There will be an organiza
tional meeting to consider
the possibility of forming a
student section of the Amer
ican Institute of Physics to
day at 4:50 p.m., 211 Brace
Lab. Purpose and organiza
tion will be discussed.
To Meet Tuesday
Emotional problems and
sexual and moral ethics will
be discussed by the Ag YM
YWCA Tuesday night.
Mrs. Winona Leonard,
home economics instructor,
will talk to the group and
will answer questions on these
The meeting will begin at
7:15 p.m. in the Cotner School
of Religion chapel south of
the Ag campus.
nzl ik
the necessary number of
signatures to put the ques
tion on the ballot. '
Because the amendment
appears on the ballot by
petition it is separate from
the regular, blue ballot.
A voter wishing to retain
the present Board of Edu
cation system should mark
his ballot "against" in
square "301."
Those voting for the
amendment to abolish the
board should mark the baP
lot "for" in square "300."
Monday, Nov. 7, 1960
ber 14 at $3.75 and $4 per
couple. The $4 ticket includej
a table reservation, according
to Capt. Charles Svoboda,
Military Ball project officer.
The Army Reserve Officer's
Training Corps is sponsoring
this year's ball. Committee
chairmen are Dee Cuttell,
Dave Calhoun, Don Epp, Art
Hughes, Dick Rueter, and Rod
"Advanced ROTC students
will get first chance at the
table reservations," stated
Dick Rueter, chairman of the
tickets and tables committee
for the ball. "Tables that re
main will go to the general
public starting Nov. 21."
Spectator tickets will again
be available for $1.
"The committees are hard
at work on the ball," re
ported Capt. Svoboda.
"They've come up with sev
eral new ideas to improve the
ball, but most of the plans
aren't definite yet."
Svoboda announced that the
ball would not be televised
again this year. "The lights
required for TV and the rig
id schedule of events tend to
destroy the ballroom atmos
phere. We want everyone to
have a good time, and that's
hard to do under a spotlight."
Orchesis, the University's
modern dance club, has an
nounced 14 new members.
The members were judged
at tryouts on rythm, harmony
of movement, coordination,
originality, feeling and cre
ativity. The new junior Orchesis
members include Marri Al
len, Joan Anderstrom, Pat
Dovle. Linda Heilig. Kathie
Kearney, Linda Levenick.
Herbie Nore, Lucy Madden,
Marilyn Marshall, Janette
Oernie. J a n i e Thomason.
Jeanne Thorough, Virginia
Wheaton and Valerie Wheeier.
We're happy to see so
much interest in creative
dancing this year," said Ruth
Ann Read, Orchesis publicity
chairman. "We were quite
pleased with all the effort
and thought put into the try
outs by the girls," she added.
"If there are others still in
terested in Orchesis and hope
to tryout within tne year,
they should contact one of the
officers. Our work now will be
in preparation for our April
show, 'Omnia Momemay
Miss Read said.
Daily Nebraskan
Will Use VPS
In order to bring news of
other campuses to the Uni
versity. The Daily Nebras
kan will begin using articles
by the University Press Serv
ice, Herb Probasco, editor,
has announced.
The service, know as
UPS, is operated ansponsored
by the National Student As
sociation. Mailings of UPS
are sent to subscribers by
air mail twice a week.
"We are quite happy to
have UPS," Probasco said.
"It is the most thorough of
any service that deals strict
ly with college news."
Stories from the service will
be designated with the let
ters UPS, he explained.