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The Nebraskan v
Student Council Issues Final
The Student Council judi
ciary committee gave final
warning Wednesday that it
intends to enforce the fol
lowing regulations of the Stu
dent Council as set forth in
the Student Activities Hand
book: To be in good standing the
organization must:
1. Have an approved copy
of their constitution on file at
the Division of Student Af
fairs. J. Have an approved copy
of their constitution on file at
the Student Council Office.
3. Have oa file at tbe Sin
dent Council Office a copy of
the Standard Activities report
4. Unless excused, keep
their funds in the Student Ac
tivities office.
5. A copy of tbe organiza
tion report showing names
and addresses of officers on
file at the Division of Stu
dent Affairs. ;
. Have a copy of the or-!
g animation report form show-'
ing names and addresses of
officers on file at the Student j
Council office.
7. Have oa file at tbe Coon-;
eu" office a complete list of
active members.
The Council has the power
to remove from office any stu
dent executive who refuses to
carry its legislation into
However, tbe judiciary
committee stated that it in
tended to enforce regulations
primarily through denial of
University facilities to organ
izations not in good standing
and freezing of an organiza
tions fandi in the Student Ac
tivities office.
Removal "of any student
officers would only be a last
and final resort if be refused
to follow tbe Council's rules"
John Hoerner, chairman of
the judiciary committee stat-(
Only six organizations met
the Council requirements at
tbe time of tbe Council meet
ing Wednesday. Tbey are Ag
Economics Club, Alpha Phi
Omega, Associated Women
Flying High
Retiring Col. Atwell
Honored will Parade
The professor af air science,
Colonel W- B- AtweU, was hon
ored Thursday afternoon with
a parade is recognition of his
retirement from the Air
CoL Atwell, a combat vet
eran af World War II and Sie
Korean War win retire after
23 years of active duty.
Recognition Plaque
The detachment at the Uni
versity also presented him
wita a plaque in recognition
of his service.
Col AtweU entered the
Army as a private and gained
his commission through an
appointment to West Point.
Tw cadets were als pre
sented with certificates indi
cating that tbev were Sistin-:
truisbetl AFROTC cadets.
These certificates wiO ajven
tually result In regular com
inissions In the Air Force, j
Major Wintos W. Auit is
transferring to Grand Forks:
Air Force Base in Grand
Forks, NJ- He served here;
as administrative -officer.
struction Program began this :
week with 20 AFROTC cadets j
participating. This program I
provides ail interested sen
iors in the Advanced Air
Force ROTC program with
pilot training at government
The program loffers 36
hours tof flying instruction
from civilian pilots certified
fey the CAA, 35 hours of
ground school including in
struction navigation.,
weather, CAA regulations,
theory of flight and a private
pilot's license (upon comple
tion of She program.
Apprtndmately 18 e a i t s
"-1 f
Far aaaaarvtrtiona aaaHa jO. Sew 374
aaalaaa S4-25 pmr astasia aw iafc ap art
iataa Mtwc ilaaoral Sept.
f'inj. 4air attack hvr
to Organizations
Students, Independent Wom
en's Association, Intervarsity
Christian Fellowship and the
Student Council
The Council intends to pub
lish its first official list of
"Organizations in Good
1 Standing" on Nov. 2, Hoer
ner stated. Any organization
desiring information as to
why they are not on the good
standing list can obtain it in
the Council office, Hoerner
added. '
The following chart shows
the situation of each organi
tion as of Wednesday as pre
sented to the Student Coun
cil. The numbers following tbe
organization name corres
pond to the above rulings of
the Council with which they
have complied:
A-mwieaa National Red Cram 115
timwu In slant of kjvnitecta 2 4
mmcu .uiw Orvuuxs 7 4
Vmataw tUdia Sonet? 3 4
vnencaa lasttfcite
af Ocra. Entmwen tJ4
ajmtncaa wimt
of Mark- EiurisMra 14
Ml t'an enatr Fua4 1 1 1 4 5
Alpha Taa Alpha IS45T
jwrtpdu 4
Alpha Taa Alpha 11417
Af Economic Oab 1I14S4J
A! Eicer Board .1 2 4 S 7
Af Liw amt nmt
KM VWCA 114S47
Acranom? Clnb 2 4 7
All lizuvemtr Souai Daoocra ....... 14
Mate EaaUaa Rha 14
Alpha Kappa Ddta 14
Alpha K H . .
AM Lambda DeKa 114S7
AJpta Phi Alpha ' 1
Alpha Phi Own l!(Si;
Amenr-aa Society af
CSvai Efsaeera 4
Americas Imitifitrt af
Elc, En3Bcr 12 4 5
Amencaji Ptaarmaoatical Asm. . 1 2 4 i
Alpha fcrta I 4
American Sari1 af
Af EnBineers 1 $ 4 S
hlMWIlH 11447
AraaM Air SacaeCT 247
Associated Wnmea StmJrarta 1 2 1 4 $ J
BattaltaB RacwutticiD OouncS 2 4
Bloc and Bridle dak . 4 7
Builder ltS
Oiristiaa Scieskce Org axnza&ua a 2
CaMese of Sua. Ad
Student Exec. Council 121S
rircle X 4
Catenae Ctonmeaw 14
CoB-.Afri-FimS-Boaj 4
Coed CBurawtara 124247
fci EaaUaa . . 1 ?
Ctoamaawattaa CMk Hi
Cora Cot 1247
linnwattr af Naaraaaa
CmmtU On BfliCMB 5
Delta Omirrtm J
Belta Jhi Alpha 7
Helta Phi Data 4
rwlta firm Pi J
Delta Siema Rha 14
XteUttn IJnitai Literary pecietv ......12 4 7
Fducataunad Ansa. US'
Ewirwennn Enmc. Boaxa S4J
Epsilon !hj Taa 12457!
Eta Kappa Mi ...247
French Clt !
reddle Hall 42b
Gamma Alpha M
Gaum Lambda 12 47;
lamina lielta ... .2'
lamma TWta lota
-Sanona Thru lipaUoa .... !
German On "
Home Eramomiea Club H54'87:
tanooent .11
independent Women
Aaaociaticn 1 I11H7
By Lough
from the detachment mill flv
i Biggs Air Force Base at
El Pase, Tex. t tour base
facilities. The trip will begin
Nov. 3 and the cadets wifl re
turn home Nev. S.
Eiggs is a Strategic Air
Command base and stations
B-52 aircraft
The cadets wil3 he allowed
to go ofif the hase in tthe eve
ning and Sake a sight-seeing
trip ver to Meidoo Whkh is
just a few miles away-
Ispsers ui ssimtiits ivta wi.
achieve Bxhelor cf Science er higher
degrees by feosnf or June cf 1951
are invited to M CHiPSIS IHTEHflEIS
with asi engineering representative
cf the ccwLu mmn m$m m
Monday, October 31
America's moBtocdlang gpaoe aatl defense proj
ects, including SATURN, SKYEOLT and
M1SSILEER and others of like important -tuive
created outstanding long range opportuni
ties at Douglas in the following fieldK
OpnoicgB esitit at Dooac iocatkmt is Sactt
Monica and El Seguoda, Cfti.nnai aad Char
lotte, lortit Csrolisa, . '
if jou are U.S. citizen who will earn
qualifying tiegree, please contact your plaoe
taent office for an appointment. If unable to 5o
, mite to Me. C CI L Vane,
3333 Ocean Park BW, Santa Monica, CaiifDrnia
Inter Coop OniDdl 127
(nteraororlty Music Council 24
intervarsity Christian
Fellowship 1 2 3 4 i 7
Junior American Dental Acan, j
Kappa Phi Club 2
nUppa Alpha Ma 2
Kappa Epntoa j j 5
Kappa Ps 124S47
Kosmet Klnb 12 44 7
Military Ball Committee
Mortar Board 12347
Mu Rpsilon Na 3 4
jna t-ni r.isijan .........14 5 6 7
Nebraska Blue Phot 4 4 T
fteorasaa 1 oue$riate
Broaacastutf Aaaa . 4
.'veorasaa Masquerf 1147
Nebraska Council oa
World Affairs 24
Newmaa Club 244
Nixon Sea ton dab 12 57
No-Med Society 12 4
umicroa u none tic.
HoDorary 1JJ457
Pallachaa Literary Society 2 4 5C7
Pershing Rifles Local Compny 12 5 7
Pom Grad dab 247
Phalanx .. .. ' t 4
Phi Alpha Theta 4
Phi Chi Theta 47
Phi Delta Gamma 4
rm ueita pm none
Phi EpsUob Kappa 2 4 7
Phi Eu Surma 4
Phi Lambda Upsilon 2
rta Ma Alpha (Suuonial 24 7
Phi Siema Chi 4
Plri Sirma lota 24
Phi I'pnloa Omicroa 12 447
Pi lambda Theta 2 4T
Pi Mo Ewsflon 14 5
Phi Ma Society 4
Pi Taa Sicma 14 7
Psi Oa J
Pi Sifma Alpha , 2 7
Red Croat . . . 1 S 7
Reiooeac Asan. Far Mea 14 2
Readerwe Asaau For Women 4
Rho Cln ... .12
Riiie On ...aene
Sima Tneta Epsiloa .. IT
Sunna Alpha tola 2 7
Student Cooacil ...I1S47
Sirma Delta On 4 4
Sir ma Alpha Eta II
Surma Taa 4 7
Seventh Day
Advti reBaaitiaa , t
Soccer Cl ub 12
Sutma Gamma Epsilee) 4
Spech tt Hearisf Society awl
Teanat Ch 1 S I
Theta . 22!
Vni'rsity Radio Cab soar j
Theta Surma Pat ix.
Ttseta 11447
CnjverBity Scndent i
Educatiaa Assm 124 Si
Vmveraity 441 Clob 12
tan-wrsar of Nebraska
Wildlife Cla , 1HS
raifersity Rodjo Asm. 27
A;araity Dairy C3ab 1ST
Varsity "S" Ciub 24
Voratiana! Bflrwrnaioji
Echscatios Assn. 1 1 4
Women Prow! Kdacaalw Clflfi 2 4
Yotinc IVariOfTiit - - 1 2 41 5
Ymi7 Kpiwiuii iz?
VC - .1S7
Hwi-CbtLD CJ1M Bwnm
Irish 'Informer'
Is Foreign Film
"The Informer" is the sec
ond in the foreign film series
which will be shown at the
Nebraska Theatre, Wednes
day at 8 p.m.
The movie is noted for its
unusual photography as well
as its story. It was shot jn
tirely in the fog.
The story evolves around
an Irish giant portrayed by
Victor MeLagen Having been
dismissed from the revolu
tionary forces of Ireland, be
betrays his friend for the Isve
of his sweetheart.
Union Workers
Attend Jamboree
Union committee workers
will be given a chance t get
acquainted with each other at
the "Know How Jamboree"
on Tuesday. .
Workers are to meet in
front f the old entrance to
the Student Union at 4:59 p.m..
A hu wfll take Jihem to the
Boy Scout camp for supper
and entertainment.
Cars will wait for late corn
ers until 5:15 p.m. The buses
will return to the campus by
7 p.m.
Education Keystone
To Agriculture Power
Education is the key stone (Gainful off -farm employment
of seven rocks of hope to i has allowed those on small
build an arch of strength fori tracts or acreages to use
agriculture, said Dr. H, M. part-time jobs advantage
Briggs at a rural develop- ously.
ment workshop. j Recreational opportunities
Dr. Briggs,. president of are in essence another tvpe of
South Dakota State CoCege,
projected the mental image
of an archway to the future
as he presented seven oppor
tunity rocks.
The other opportunity rocks
are improved technology, en
terprise emphasis. . business
size, part-time farming, rec
reational opportunities and
group action.
The education rock is the
leader of tbe rest, said Dr.
Briggs, because through edu
cation the other six have
greater possibilities and
Improved technology has
strengthened a g r i c I tare
tare through development f
such things as fertilizers, new
seeds, machinery and irriga
tion equipment.
A third rock was enterprise
emphasis, said Dr. Briggs.
Tbe emphasis allows the pos
sibility of many farms to
VU-'d UUU L U4J1; IOI1U1
to beet production...
Business size has changed
through the years. Dr. Briggs
said. Farms have become
much larger and many South
Dakota farms average about
750 acres per farm unit
Each farm unit had about
439 acres -in 1930, he said.
Part-time farming has also
become important be
Filters for
-finest flavor by far!
- ' C3 ,-' I aaaiiiaimainaiii it in ; .
.9k,t? Si,-.-rfj Ui'I
at i..... . .- ij, 1 , if S . ' ' . C i
I :- j DUAL FILTER f t
mrnii"" .... ... I "fCjf
i ' ' f t
aaiMMWWWlWM''MWiaMW inn ,r rnirm,.i......, nn.. w ,? .-af , . lA.
Tateyion has the taste"
Dual Filter
does it!
Prudtut j i&J&meum iXn-n
part-time farming, be said.
People uvuig near recrea
tional facilities may spend !
part of their time in catering
to the public which wishes '
expanded recreational oppor
tunities away from congested
Group action has estab
lished many organizations
which have been able to
speak out for agriculture and'
have improved agriculture
technology, said Dr. Briggs.
Education ties together all
the other rocks because the
key stone f development
must be education, and edu
cation will lead to intelligent
taction, he said. The greatest
underdeveloped resource in
the nation and -the world is
the minds of men, he con
cluded. Sophomore IWA
Position Filled
Trina Hake!, a sophomore
in Teachers College has been
named to the Independent
Women's Association board
She replaces Marilyn White
who has resigned .
Tw junior board member
positions still remain open,
but will Dot be filled until All
Women's elections in February.
n wyw i 1
. i WK n
ay aena a) ntr middle
Second Semester lixams
Feature No Chaiiges
Final exams times for sec
ond semester will be set up
almost the same as final
exam hours for this semester,
according to Roy Arnold of
the Student Council.
They are set up so that the
morning classes will not have
exams in succession. The ord
er by hours are 8-2-3-9-1-104-11
The second semester exams
will start May 31 and run
through June 8. The last day
of classes is May 27.
Arnold, chairman of the
Final Exams committee add
ed that Dr. Floyd Hoover has
several proposals regarding
final exam scheduling and a
plan for a new schedule book.
70 Per Cent Efficient
Arnold said Hoover report-
Miller Heads
Chicago Trip
James E. Miller Jr., of the
University of Nebraska will
speak on "Putting Literary
Scholarship to Work in the
Classroom" at the golden an
niversary convention of the
National Council of Teachers
of English Nov. 24-28 in Chi
cago. Nebraska panelists will in-
elude Irene Moerer and Bon-
nie Owens of Grand Island stein, Margery Coffey, Shar
and Frank M. Rice of Omaha ron Purbaugh, Stan Rice, Bill
Central High School Raecke and Kay Sleiner.
"fe ')! laaaaaaaaaaapwaaaBi
f ltd j
Here's bow the DUAL FILTER DOES IT:
t It combines a unique inner filter cf ACTJVATED CHARCOAL
...definite pved to r.?i thf tarte of a c!pa-.n mM sd
I with a pure whits ?r fnter. Togefter they select and balance
the f iavor eiementj in the smote. Tsreyton's r.jvor-balance gives
you the best taste of the bst tobaccos.
ed that the present class
schedule book is only "7tf per
cent efficient," when it was
expected to be 90 to 95 per
cent efficient.
Arnold hinted that the new
schedule book would list hours
of classes in the "army fash
ion" starting with 1 to 24 and
the prerequisites would be eli
minated. It was moved and paswd
that the council invite Dr.
Hoover to attend a Council
meeting to explain his pro
posed changes.
Comedy Opens
Theater Season
"Six Characters in Search
of an Author," a rough hewn
but highly sensitive drama,
will open the University
Theater season Wednesday
A combination of documen
tary and comedy the play will
describe the emotions of man
in his search for self under
standing. Comedy will be
brought in a typical Italian
theater revolt against author
and director who insists on
playing ou: the '"truth in their
lives" instead of a canned plot
that has been arranged for
The central six characters
will be played by Zeff Bern