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    Friday, Oct. 7, 1960
The Nebroskan
Page 3
Pharmacy Week Pledges
'Better Community Health'
Nearly 100 University phar
macy and pre-pharmacy stu
dents have celebrated the
1hcHHKXSH. Children
past M'eek as National Phar-j working in community and
roacy Week
Today at 1 p.m. in Lyman
Hall the students will hear a
discussion of the American
Pharmaceutical Convention
which two students attended
this summer in Washington,
Better Health
The slogan for the week
long observance is "Y our
Pharmacist Works for Better
Community Health." The
oal is to inform others of
the opportunities in pharma
cy and of the duties of a
"The opportunities for jobs
are very good, especially
nere in Nebraska," student
Pat Wells explained. Besides
I V Free parkin after 6 p.m.! ' t
I nXt.fkirX BOORS OPEN 12:15 X
If OUiCUU 140 N 13th HE 2-1465
f O jf'' ft rfri(I
I O it' V I
ilf - tftlHwtrU i
I O ft?' ff,f 1m m ' I
I q HrpU
I IZj B. H Uwrence't SCrtW1.
EaaWfea j
- - a ii I
jrl Free.parkinj: after 8 p.m.?
f I 2H1L DOORS OPEV 12:45
LUiCtful 1227 "N" KE 2-3097
Snxtionat Ivif A I
86S-d.y pursuit WMk J?!; I
1 Hip Atlantis , jl?ylfy I -
torpedoes iiniinliaViiii I
f m porklnf for STUART and LINCOLN ttwafre otwiw after p.m. at:
Stoti SawiHn fait Park, 1JJO N; Car Park fiaraaa, IJHi 4 M;
Auto Park, Utfc Q
hospital pharmacies,' gradu
ate pharmacists work for
drug wholesalers, in the lab
oratories and manufacturing
plants of pharmaceutical in
dustry, as teachers and in
government service.
Here at the University, a
degree in Pharmacy: takes
two vears of pre-pharmacy,
three years of pharmacy, and
one year of internship under
the supervision of a regis
tered pharmacist.
To be licensed, the phar
macist must pass an exami
nation given by the State
Board of Pharmacy.
This year there are stu
dents from Latvia, India,
Formosa and Texas d oing
graduate study.
About 90 per cent of the
pharmacists in this country
are professionally engaged in
54.C00 community pharma
cies The pharmacist is bas
ically a specialist in the sci
ence ol drugs and medicines.
He has an understanding
of the composition and uses
of drugs and is required to
dispense them according to
rigid federal and state laws.
He provides a major deter
rent against the unauthorized
use and distribution of drugs
that could impain public
At this time there are
over 12,500 men and women
enrolled in colleges of phar
macy in their final three
years About 4,000 pharmacy
graduates are required each
year to maintain and improve
the effectiveness of retail
pharmacies and pharmaceu
tical research.
iff SyJmMs
. w I 7 y
Student Teachers
Need Application
Elementary Education ma
jors who wish to do student
teaching during the second
semester of the 1960-61 school
year must make application
to do so.
The application forms are
available in the Elementary
Education office, 202 Teach
ers College. The completed
forms are to be returned to
Room 202 Teachers College
not later than November 1,
Man, like dig these razy "Beats".
They're so cool they're cold. But for being
far out, no Joe. Right over at Howell
Theater is their bistro, for these cats are
Masquers, preparing their talent show for
like 9 p.m. Sunday. The honorary theatre
group will "cue in" students and public at
a theater open house from 7:30 to 10:30
p.m. Refreshments will be provided and
leave your scratch (money) at home, it's
all free.
Residences to Receive
KNUS From Musac
KNITS, the University's ra
dio station, goes on the air
Monday with a new program
format designed to make it
the "Best Sound Around."
Newest feature this year
will be that the station's pro
grams will be piped into the
dorm and the fraternities and
sororities bv the facilities of
Musac, Lincoln's program
A request program with
Speech 75 students as an
nouncers starts the dav's
broadcast and goes until 8
p.m. At 10 p.m. the program
resumes with more requests.
Students wishine to reauest
numbers should call the Uni
versity extension 3268. Th e
format for the show is to al
ternate a song from an LP
album with a popular record.
From 8 to 10 p.m. each
week night KNUS will feature
their five top disc jockeys,
Rog Dodson, Vera Killioit,
Dennis Larson, Bruce Mc
Grath, and another not yet
selected, in a program of the
top 40 popular records.
' These four have all had
previous radio experience at
A. DR. ntOOO'I THOUGHT fOU TH DAY: I m uvuvi w wi-cu,
j and lost than to have spent the whole weekend studying.
Dear Dr. Frood: My roommate is a good guy, but
there s one thing about him I can't stand. He
wears button-down collars but never buttons the
little lapel buttons. Why is this?
Clolhet Con r win
DEAR CLOTHES: Don't let this worry you. It's just
that his thumbs are too bi".
Dear Dr. Frood: The other day my roommate and I
had an argument about the difference between tradi
tional art and modern art. What, in your opinion, is
the basic difference between these two forms?
Art Major
DEAR ART: The examples above should settle your
argument The portrait at left is traditional. The artist
has drawn Lincoln as he actually appeared. The por
trait at right is modern. As you can see, the modern
artist has drawn Lincoln's great-great-grandson.'
Dear Dr. Frood: Once and for all is it right or
wrong for a man to marry a girl for her money?
DEAR RIGHTEOUS: Nowadays this isn't simply a
matter of right or wrong. There are the tax angles
to consider.
Dear Dr. Frood: My favorite brand is Lucky Strike. But
unfortunately I am left-handed. Why doesn't Lucky
Strike come out with cigarettes for left-handed people?
Dear Dr. Frood: I don't understand my boy friend.
When we are all alone and the moon is full, he
tells me he worships me. But during the day, he
crosses the street when he sees me coming. What
' ronS7 lovelorn,
DEAR LOVELORN: Did it ever occur to you that he
nay ta a werewolf? ,
DEAR LEFTY: Left-handed Luckies
are available. Simply ask for
"Left-handed Luckies." They
come in a white pack with a red
bull's-eye. The only difference be
tween these and ordinary Luckies
is that you must always smoke
them while facing a mirror.
SM25''. i?v" " ' ' ' " ' '"""f"'"
"LUCKIES ARE BETTER THAN MONEY," says Dr. Frood (who gets paid ih Luckies).
It's a fact that college students smoke more Luckies than any other regular.
This cigarette is all cigarette-the cigarette that still tastes great. Try a pack
today-it's ttte only thing you and Dr. Frood will ever have in common.
f-W. wl il I t
It cr""r '
lets a ( t r t I
CHANGE TO LUCKIES and get some taste for a change!
product of Udnuian Jv&wur&nyta' $(saceo- hour middle name .
commercial stations. Killion
is an engineer at KLIN, Dod
son worked for KXCY, Ne
braska City, Larson for
KOGA, Ogallala. and Mc
Grath at KHAS, Hastings.
This year, KNUS is broad
casting all home games.'With
Gary D'Angelo and Ken Fouts
at the microphone, broad
casts start with a pre-game
warmup at 1:50.
KNUS, which was the first
intercollegiate station in the
nation, is completely run and
operated by University stu
dents. Larry Roderick is the
general manager, Jim Rhea,
station manager, and Ken
Fouts is the program director.
Read Nebraskan
Want Ads
Yell Clime
To Host 420
Cheerleaders from Nebras
ka high schools will converge
on campus this Saturday for
a cheerleader clinic spon
sored by NlTs Yell Squad.
Registration for the ex
pected 420 cheerleaders from
across the state will start at
9 a.m.
After registering, the higa
school cheerieaders will
watch an exhibition of Corn
husker yells and the use of
the spring board in the indoor
track of the East Stadium. A
group discussion, which will
include information on how
the Yell Squad is selected, is
also scheduled.
At 11:30 the group will be
taken on a tour of the cam
pus ending at the Student Un
ion for a luncheon hosted by
the Yell Squad. Chancellor
Clifford Hardin will be the
featured speaker.
Main Feature Oock
State: "The Hound Thet
Thought He Was a Raccoon."
1:00, 3:06, 5:12. 7:18, 8:24.
"Jungle Cat," 1:48, 3:54, 6:00,
8:06, 10:12.
Varsity: "Ocean's iy l:4fl,
4:12, 6:44, 8:16.
Nebraska: "Once More With
Love," 1:05, 5:20, 9:30. -"Home
From the Hill," 2:40, 6:50.
Lincoln: "Under Ten Flags,"
1:35, 3:35, 5:40, 7:40, 9:40.
i : : 2 - 7 f.T
fi"r"-l I f Unfit I t- II M I
leM W'
HENRY 3LVfc 1 uumm nm i
New Clinical Research Proves You Can
Almost Doubl
Muscle Endurance
WARM-UP-the Pre-ExerciseRub that
Mates Muscle IbwerLast Longer
Now, people who participate in sports or
exercise can make their muscle power last
longer by using Absorbine Jr. Warm-up
the invigorating rub you use before ex
ercisenow available at all drugstores.
Over a year of clinical research proved
the application of WARM-UP before exercise
almost doubles the endurance and stamina
of the muscle.
In a recent report to top scientists, the
results of research conducted with the
Electromyograph electronics' newest
medical tool revealed the time required
to fatigue a m usele which had been treated
by an application of Waem-up is almost
double that of an equivalent untreated
Get more out of your muscles
No matter what sport you like; football,
basketball, bowling, handball, track,
hockey, volleyball, you can increase the
stamina and endurance of j'our muscles
by rubbing them with Warm-up before
you start.
Even if you just want to do more work
like snow shoveling, house painting, paper
Electronics' newest medical tool, the Electro
myograph, was used to prove how much longer
muscle power would kst after an application
of Warm-it. Case after cane revealed the
muscles treated with Wakm-UP took almost
twice m long to fatigue ax untreated muscles.
hanging, yard work, you can start out
feeling in top shape and keep going longer
if you rub on Warm-up before you start.
Prove it yourself
Try Warm-up on the muscles you'll be
using most before you start a game or
exercise. See for yourself if your muscle
power doesn't last longer if you don't do
better in sports because you don't tire
out as fast.
For overexertion
Also revealed in the research on "Muscle
Power and Fatigue" was the fact that the
application of Warm-up to sore, tired
muscles can bring them back twice as fast
as nature can. Don't put up with tired,
a. hing muscles rub on Warm-up and see
how fast it makes them feel better.
Warm-up actually dilates peripheral blood
vessel walls and speeds up local blood flow
it helps you get better
faster than when nature
takes its course.
,Ask your physician:
Since scientific data on
this Electromyographic
Research has been sent
to physicians, trainers,
coaches, they are familiar
with the clinical findings
that show how Warm-up
increases muscle endur
ance and fights fatigue.
Absorbine Jr.
. . . Best friend muscles ever had
:: niMN-ui)ii mum A