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    Prtiice Candidates. Kosmet Klub Skits Announced
By Norm Beattv
The fail Kosmet Klub show
moved into its final prepara
tions Sunday with the selec
tion of the fraternity skits
and ue Prince Kosmet final
ists. Only four fraternities will
fejve the opportunity to p re
st bi isejr sots this year as
contrasted to the fire of a
year ago.
The four finalists (listed in
their respective order as they
will appear it the Oct 14
show) are Beta Theta Pi,
Alpha Tau Omega, Theta Xi,
and Phi Kappa Psi, according
to ililt Schmeekk, KK fall
show director.
The reason the fifth boose
as excluded, accon&tg to
Schmeekle, was because the
Erst four seemed to be much
more polished than the rest.
-It wossid have been too much
of an effort to bring a fifth
skit up to par with the rest
icr reasonable .competition,
Schnnieekle explained.
SktSmasters ami their
Ixnses imctode Ned Nolte,
rt "nk- k. r4.n
Beta Tbeia Pi; Pha TracyS
sua Jan Jdinston, Alpha Taa
Omega; Dave Kecek and
ItikiaM&IeSacka, Theta Xi
and Larry Long and Kent
Kraaffinnirst, Phi Kappa PsL
Tea finalist far Prince
Rosnaet turners were chosen
Satnday alsa by the Molar
Boards from the 35 ntne
Tie finalists are:
Dave Anstjoe, Kappa Sig
ma; "Barney" Bameranieist-j
tr, BsSa Sigma Psi; Don
Fricfee, Alpha Tan Omega;
Deia and Fred Howlett,
TbeJa XL
"Ctop" KmkHm3 Sigma At
pha 5.3a; Ron McKeever,
Fann Etaase; Asadtola ""Es
se" Jtafazavi, S e 1 1 e c k
4$sadraagle; Dave Mjears,
Phi Kappa Pia and Roger
Art Disjilay
By Experts
Four Week Shotc
Debuts Sunday
Tiree ait experts are vis-
as jailgis and spccisKrs off 1Che
Ifli amiQ2l MisSHnri Valej
cxflnHclaaa ef 3 painiings,
wioda begsa Saafiay at tfbe
Cinwirsjly Art CaHnraes.
T2ie 22rdHy sJurw B spaa-
scroa jjamqy my K3ae twpsr
sity and tits MxOrzoe Art
Cwtlw rf Tiipeta, Ransy.5.
Jaiging ttihe artroari wjl be
Pat Tnrrigna, praJfifisar art
act TiiSaM L'ijrairEjly and
Douglas MacAgy, direcLar tf
the Dallas Miifci-iCT for Can
tfingsnrary Arts. Serving as
jgiansor its Atetanfler TiUat
suu, ifiirfidar dtf Che ULahrase
Art Center.
The exiMtiafl will inpTftrt
oils, temperas and encaus
tics prtnarfd i)y reKidenls tff
3wraEka, Missouri, CMa
buma, Kansas, Cubrado. Ar
giTiKai! and loa, acoarfling
to Kormax Genke, din&dor i
the IMrersxty Art Galtoiet
The paintings Sndnde work
done Tcra Sffhmtlt, aEsifit
aot Is the director 4tf the IM
erily Galleries; Kkikarfl
Trkier, aERistant prcieEfiar
if art, and senior art major
Larry JJuhnsan.
"This annual oiibiLian has
gained as excellent repination
lor the accuracy id its rleB
ticm of painters from the
etien-Btale area, GeEfce said.
At the eompMiau of the
ej2i2itiDn the selected paint
iings will be shows ly fihe
HaEKbnm University Art
Center in Topeta.
Groups Plan
Mock Vote
Arrangements are present
ly being made by he ISehran
l& Young Democrats, Young
Eepublicans and YSFCA to
tola a campus-M'ide anscfc
AKhou2) no defmile details
ire available for the moment,
spokesmen from all three
groups said that the electiaa
probaKj iriH coir IZov. 1.
ime week prior to the general
dectioB on 3Sw. 1L
Don Ferguson, president for
the Yt'tmg I5emocratR, said
thai students win be alile to
vote tor both national and
state offices..
"We may try t arrange it
to students m-iH rote accord
ing to their borne congres
siunal diEtricts.. Out of slate
students in this case, -winijd
vote for candidates in this,
fhe first teoDgreEEional .dis
trict 1 2iiL
MarHju Wa'briht Eira
PoVilman and Gaye En?e5 vifl
represent the YWCA. Repre
sentatives from the YE's and
. ih YD$ iave not been an-
Myers, Beta Theta PL
In accordance with this
fall's theme, "Historical Bys
t e r i c s " here are brief
sketches of the four skit fi
nalists. -
Time Machine Blues," is
the Beta Theta Pi theme
which deals with the invention
ct a television time machine
by three professors.
As soon as the machine is
invented, a student steals
the apparatus and is sudden
ly launched back into time.
He visits France and King
Louis the XTV and England
where jousting matches oc
cur, ice wandering student
finally ends up in Egypt at
f taunS Know wnere
- - - i i
06 , - mne
Pfessors who mvented the
,ime maclua!- wtame
" f?W s H as prof-
The theme for the ATO't is
coocensed with "Smelly Mess
and the Unmentionables
which is a take off on a TV
suae JUIS.
As in the actual te'eviskm
show, there is a narrator and
the characters in the skit
Band Day
To Feature
69 Groups
'Freedom Theme
For 3700 Guests
Sixty-sue high school
ipands partaopaltiiEg in the
lima aiiiii'UHiiWTH Mlllilll imv wc-Bj
Jwrinamce next Satmrday ail- I
sfxxxi at Memorial SSadrani
win is! given a tyfirmw as
sflgsEsafmt. Use qjgwmiHt the speU-
mg ea tbe sevem-Mter wrod
"TreedOTj, wil be affiejEt
fd by t&e 27i0 lagh scfotK?,
rmmriamif m attemdaDCe E3-
fer lite drectoa ctf Master
Designer Decali T-rti KTMie
in fee TreedaHa"' faanEaSaom
She will srrg "Asjifflrica
Sbe "
fegh mukJ teii mi3 be tie
UaivcrEiiy ctf Nebraska
aarcMmg Tbree izm-
dred batsai txMers wiH cir
cle tba fkftd pafimmmg cart
wbeds and finger tMs and
hoj passes.
Bef aarmg cS&daSy at wr.55
aja. Satsardav. baic wi!I
SuDDre Eft of the stadiinsi far
the pomade tdhmogb LiaoE'ia.
The parade wm. be televised
ire by tbe Uirrersiiy edana
tiooal televisiaa statia
KIXSC-W. The stalaca wiffl
tape the parade and a re-ma
13 be ihzKn Tuesday at
S pja
Coed Sextet
Sinus With
Glee Qub
Si coeds bare bees seSedt
ted t perJana wia the fiSty
serKB Ekember Varsity Gfee
Qub Sins year.
Professor Dale Cam an
nounced fiie aneffibers ctf S2a
serlet as Susan Swift Kath
rja Madfisa, Susan Daven
port, Cheryl Jaeidbe. Pat JM
taa and llary KrutTe.
Easalmd Msisies acafl
Marilyn Moore will be the ac
companists for the gamp as
they ymg at student events,
concerts an a spring tour.
The sinn mask xa a j r s
iud3 snake 19 tbe club
rtrat Vmar: ffisrr Vontn, Conrae
ua Jmrr mi, ibarrr nrvr. lo
Ituiittaw 5rrr 1 uttm. Atikmst MHmi
ut to vumiai.
t-mar: ijm Trim, rook Mlt
latar Jxnuta. faEi Itaim. Ihttt
. SIohhIII Brott, Lacry litimn. Gtwm
Dutum. itannte frmtt. tunr Tnkum,
fcirmiml ftteflk. anuu Mb, Wmtc
nacttoat-; fiorr Vitec. Gvrjr JuhnMn.
Hot Ki'-liok, &iaii fcriKiiMff. WjIuwb
lw, Jay Carath. Jams hrriMrrt, 1st
rm 4rum. Hwvid 0ttrwwwtL roraim
SrauxtHK, 7iwni Jamb. &w ibumt
ricii. Ktt Sormtt, Knaor tHMwr. Junnw
ftuail, Clrmuii VratKttm. WiliotiB JMs
a mk !7-tt vvn. XMiir -mniwwiu.
Itmnai M-flntkm, RtriOK Gran, Lr
ciunm. c.tvm um. Horn ttuitmaws.
Invm fctutir, ianlr fctimc., 2iuimic
irtw munb Cad Jmtb aa Imttp
Honorary Producm Lunch
eon, 7oon; OgaHala Eoom,
Student VmasL
Csmmsmuty Concert Sales
Sep. Meeting, 4 jua.; Sta
dent Cnian.
raculty Sound Table, 7;38
ym; Eoom 222 Stadeat
Uhitm. i
Soviet, t y.m.;
Student Cium.
Inside the Nebrashan
Fatal Field Goal
A field goal midway in lbs third quarter by tbe Iowa
Slate Cydanes proved tbe downlaH ttf tbe Rasters Satar
dsy -PageS
Concert Scries
Fred "Waring and the Pexmrlranians will Td&b'Effrt. fias
year" Qmmimrty Concert Series .......... Page 4
Strictly Partiarj
Sam Jeniien discusses 'EepubliraniFm' in today's
take a turn and come out to
be hoods."
The main concern of the
hoods and their leader,
"Corn pone," is to see how
much money they make or
take at N.U. .
The whole skit comes to a
climax when Cornpone and
his gang plan a "surprise"
for Ivy Day. I
Vol. 74, No. 10
Cooper: Til Support N
r 1 1 in iA L ii l In , i i-mn i "--m,mmmnr mkdfLmmmJk : M
State Demo Heads Rally
At YD Meeting Tuesday
Tbe "Ealy to the Xew
Fraufltaer. spmaiaped by t2ae
Yamffig Dsssascrats, will ea
ftare SB top DraMMarattac kad
ers m t&e Siate Toesdaj
Dcai Fergmssm, prraiiteiit eff
ji v . "' a m miirin ,j u
aasssoaoed ttree usaa speak-1
ers Mr ts 7 ojo. lu Eoees-
Ttsy are Frank B. Mott5
saa, r? for gmermsr;
jecry Wbelaa, ci!m;ida1e for
tie Bacise of EfpinesenlElives
ffram 12ae first districl and
EaUpa BsBfiSBU naticnial c
fflndinalisr of Nfferaska cii2i
zems far Eesmsdy and Jirim-
Each speaker wM talt far
FergBsam said. Es&ert Cks
rad, candidate for tbe VS.
Senate, wiH send a letter to
be real at tins program.
la addMw U Vne spt-ilfrs,
FtrSBtaa said be expects
Mayw Pat B1es f Iiarla
aai State Teasnrer Dili Lar
in pts II wiber tfp state
DerawTaSe 2kials to at
test! tbe seetlkj ia tie LS3e
Aadlieriani f be Scsfitral
l3Emdiaie3y foUuwing he
brM spsedbes Sbere wall be
B Morssal ctjfffee and ""iciest
Coeds' Hats Off
To Senator Orme
Stale Senator Ftera IMfeard
Orme will discnts '"Tbe Wjkb
eu's Place in fibs Warld Ta
day at a Cd Cacnsfiors
party Tinirsdsy.
A featcre ef tbe "Rzls OS"
part for all Coed Counselors
and tbeir "Ele sisters" vl
be tbe JtiomercAde bats wbkia
eada bas bees ashed to inabe
and wear.
Tbe dessert dinner wJ3 be
at 7:25 as the Pas Axaerjisja
room ctf the StaSraif Vtam.
Graduate Enrollment
Sets Record of 930
A record ssmher mf SCS stu
dents bars enrolled m tbe
UnjTErsir Graduate Coltege,
aecardirg to Dean Jobs C.
Tbe fugnre tops tbe 13u8 en
r&Dmeat cumber eff $38 by Si
wiib ntea cctaurnbera tbe
B'a3al by more than 4-L
Tbe Grauuate College, a
ganlSid ja 1SUS, as the Idest
public sdnJ tf its type in
tbe United Slates.
Efiiturifel Page J
The Theta Xi skit is labled
"A true tale of Robin Hood."
In this case, Robin Hood
selects his merry followers in
a rush week in Sherwood for
est Confusion reigns high
throughout the proceedings,
especially so when Will
Scarlet goes through "rush."
Win finally pledges himself
dfee candidate" sessaffla ia fhe
Uehbh party rorais.
TabHes will be set c? for
each DesMscraSac caffidsdate
isff paabffic effice wbere Ecr
atmre can be obtaixied and
vhare Memested stmideaats
may sgs "9 to wsssrk tssr asy
Hcand&daSe of tV-Sr rVgyp
T3ae MiWnsmmgxT debate
will be piped sMsx fee party
ijnnnis dariEg tbe taicet t2ac
caiadidate" sessaan, FergmHiiai
Tfcis meetiitg I3 kick-eS
sr w ees Beobers&jp
drive, FergBfim sail. Be
addeti &at tie Yks Dem
crats pjaa to accept lie Kea-
giM "Che cs jcr fcaad,
j r f kr, ysr vte" at tMs
The atondaiKe cf tbese
fcp parly Headers at ome ses
sxm at aa erampSe ttf cot
prty,'s fcteffist iaa tbe vmsSSn
(td tafiay and the future eff
- Great gM off giigj&g
TMs naigM have been a cas
ual " obsHrTer's reariiDa to
Sigma CM"s Darby Day fes
feitiks. Frvflt (be tratSiiBal Inf
paijcs; f rriJy pkiiges
jeans to tats tmaByal tKT
f tbe eaaeptts by &s Derby
Day 1K Mar!?w Hail
sebxb, it was a Bwy bet Bker
ry aHak. .
Eappa Aba Theta was tbe
wneraH wjuner, scaring tbe
Mgliest mnmber f poMs sa
tbe varians tacrtesls besides
fis-i-mmg Miss Eandsdma as
their n,
Pl Pbfs Sww
Sectrad plat -went to Pa
Beta PM Sarariry, wni Alpha
CM Ctamesa and Zata Tan
Aba tkd fw third.
Pledges frma all the kw
ite parlicaled is nine
events, ranging frons the sb
and egg wriest to the Miss
Derby Day easiest.
Pi Phi Kay Scbnarr was tbe
rasnier asp aa tbe beauty
Isdhidsal icers were:
Z4a Taa Alpba, fcrm rat
aikd tbs fish asd egg cBUrst;
GaiBsa Pld Etta, Che fisb
piAe race. Kappa Alpha Theta
tbe cimggiffg West a ad
beaady uc&st; Deba Delta
Dttla tbe tar jma; ta?P
test aad A3?4a Of Omega
tbe caas paimlrg eeil
PPints were giTsu accora-
3ig te Hffw me H!uie$ srawea
ia each erect and bow many
pledges bad ;g Cbfs greek
ietLers paistei va their eans.
Saturigy's victwy maris
She tbird iar &e Thela's over
a toar yejr span, iney won
siinJIary Derbr Day tap bun-
an in and 1S.
to Robin Hood but not with
out a number of zany inci
dents. The Phi Psi slit is entitled
"The Spir-its the Thing"
which deals with a "realistic"
view of heaven.
Different parts of history
are shown as an elevator
travels from earth to heaven.
The Vice President of
Lincoln, Nebraska
Aauerica," Fergssoa said.
Tine 14 otter top party kad-
EteenHg are:
Mm Airmrnw Ramri Lll-1
caster cstzBiy Deraocrasjic
Tace-cbairiELaiiii,, J. J. Eran,
frywwiiaiiiyiii majnagesr ffssr Frasit
Manriisjisa, FraiLk Golden, Lan
caster County Deincxatiic
c2i Demiociratiic cSLanmiaiL
Keaaetb Lewis, Liaeeln
city CMOKfl mttmbtr, Sirs.
Xaary CbMs, caairmas f
Laarastcr cwoiry cMxess far
KesoMwy asd Ja&assa. Hrs.
Befea AJbdvacb, secretary of
Xebra&a dUtan fr Eea
erfy UEii ikasa, Mri. Ea
gtwe Warrem, jaakr ITBff
fanwps'y cbainBaa fr Lhk
Mrs. EeJen Greean, state
press senreSary Cw Eemaedy
Jittfc-assaa; repffesentainres .
fraea al press innsdiia; Mrs.
Efeyl Eerwiaa; Mr. and Mrs.
Pearie F. Facigaa azd Ed
ward Fiingaa,
1 t J" , 1 1
.. i 'V,
t- ' 4
5xma Chi 1W Derby
SlarSja HaadKbidi smik m
Earthly Affairs (St Peter)
decides that he must destroy
the earth because its useless
ness. A character who has
just arrived from earth tries
to change the vice president's
Included in the skit which
depicts such -times as the
eras of George Washington,
Sampson and Delilah and
In a letter to Chancellor Clifford M. Hardin, State Sen.
John Cooper, Republican nominee for governor, has prom
ised support of the University by bis administraJion if he
is elected.
Similar letters went out to
the heads of the state col
leges at Wayne, Chadron,
Peru and Kearney.
In the letter. Cooper ex
plained his
tions con
cerning high
er education
and its value
to this state."
Be listed
ments of his
I i
& i
,L ZT. i.,.Ke can improve the position
fact that his cwnpaay has -ZXZ. m. TT
eribated mre than K3.f
to the University sntce be be
came tbeezecative rtce
Democrats have
rkarsed that Cooper is "anti-
University, because of fius
vote agaisst the Lwrnrmji. m
badget dmiag the last scs-
sum cl ise jeosiiure aa
I his statements dmrag the ia-
vesHizaaja by the fcgislatiire
of fffinmer law coBeg e facaSty
meaiber Slertei Bernstein s
H om.
Caries ef t&e fctter seat to
Cla9ceBir Bardia w ere als
seat to all facslty members
ad emslsvees of the Uai-
Tbe text of the fetter is as
Dear ChaaaceSssr Hardin:
Fuar tinnie I have feffit
it adrisabUe to state in writ
ing my csKmvsdtoES csKocern
isg hifbar edsacataaa aad its
vatoe to tbis slLsie. Edaaca
tiocal opprltaity is a basic
reparetiLii lor a staoffig,
propseroms acd progressive
wcdtf, aod I am a fiinra hs
lafver in provsdsjsg edaica
tasnal facii!!Mies fjsr Kebras
Izzs in Xe&rasia.
That is why nny daisgMer.
wa5 graisatei frosa tbe Umi-
j is wty my tm imk. ids grad-
... -' f -f
Day Qaera, MarBya is a
t we reawas. wiaarr of tbs
Abe Lincoln, is a chorus line
of "boy and girl angels."
Only seven of the 11
houses signed up for try outs
actually made the Sunday
afternoon appearances,
Schmeekle said.
Besides the four finalists.
Beta Sigma Psi, Phi Delta
Theta and Sigma Chi en
tered the competition.
Monday, October 3, 1960
uate work there. I met my
wife while we were attending
the University of Nebraska.
Since I became Executive
Vice President of the O. A.
Cooper Company in 146, my
Company has made financial
contributions to the Univer
sity in excess of 5 .000. I
am personally very proud of
my University.
Nebraska is upon the thres
hold of a new economic era.
With a positive and construc
tive program we can increase
our industrial potential, and
tadatioaofo5a- j ecoo-
Bod, you cannot grow good
tiM, l-. rf nm.
nnfnm vinM mncHr -rvsHr fink
5-. to ehjw.
.rstem. Tisis
system merits our support at
all levels.
Presect day demand for
yong people with good col
lege training requires good
B rraim irwfcnrtla CMtV crafi
g. eIievtiere a they
canmot get it at borne. An ua-
msdiate goal mnst be to give
ysKnag peeple good reason for
remaining in Nebraska, first
to complete their education,
and second, to aEow Nebras
ka to benefit from their train
ing and knowledge.
Tbese are sorae of fhe rea
sons why. daring the Special
Session, I attempted to ob
tain a substantial seen for use
in indsasfirial research by the
University of JCehrasia and
why I actively ssrppsjrted,
daring t!ue last regmlar ses-.
sitsm, ffoar oiber biffis wfescb
gave to the University sko
stantialy increased benefits.
I am convinced that a Uni
versity is m stronger thaa
(CMXraed m Page 4)
Kappa AhAa Tbeta, erH
Derby Day n est.
v, if 1- 'i -
jjauuufcd 3'et-