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PR. 5 I960
Vol. 34, No. 92
Tuesday April 5, I960
Will Be
The Indian ambassador to
the United States will be the
guest of honor at a cultural
program April 19, presented
by the students from India
attending the University.
Mahomed Ali C u r r i m
Chagla will appear at the
event scheduled for the Stu
dent Union ballroom, begin
ning at 8 p.m.
Chagla will be the guest
speaker at the honors convo
cation to be held earlier in
the day.
Himansu Sen, one of the
organizers of the program,
said the program hopes "to
establish a better under
standing and strengthen rela
tionships between the Indian
and American students on
"Many people do not know
about Indian culture. It will
be a privilege for us to dis
play some of the cultural pic
tures of our homeland," Sen
He noted that all the per
formers are novices, "but
still trying to depict some idea ;
of the way we live in India.
"We hope this will be an
interesting program contain
ing folk dance, music, yoga
and other phases of Indian
life," he explained.
X e a r 1 y 40 undergraduate
and graduate students will
participate in the program. It
is the fourth event sponsored
by Indian students. One has
been sponsored in the first
semesters of 1958 and 1959,
along with another spring pro
gram last year.
This year's program will be
similar to the one a year ago,
Sen said.
Included on the organiza
tion committee are Sen, Jag
jit Singh, Xirmalendu K. Pan
deya, Omi Chopra and J. M.
Music director is Xirmal
Dutta and dance director is
Balbi- Dhfflon.
Costumes have been de
signed by Ushala Swamy and
Beatrice Franklin, Stage
management is under the di
rection of Shiva Sagar Singh
and Honed Ghogawala.
Xavin Dave is publicity
Reception committee mem
bers include Sarawa Thomas,
Jaswant Bedi, M. Sankara
Rao, J. C. Xijhawan, Jit Cho
. hi
;'-Siv; 4
Joe Knoll Named
Chairman of Group
Rep. Charles Brown, (D
Mo.) national campaign man
ager for Sen. Stuart Syming
ton for President, last week
end named Joe Knoll chair
man of the newly organized
"Youth for Symington" club
at the University.
Marty Sophir was named
administrative vice-chairman.
Knoll explained that the
purpose of the organization
will be to contribute to the
support of Symington for the
Sophir added, "Many peo
ple who do not follow politics
closely are not as familiar
with the outstanding record of
nice?9- ant accomplishment
to- iormv business execu
tive and first Secretary of the
An- Force.
The Missouri Sentor, who
announced his candidacy two
weeks ago, will be guest of
honor at a dinner here 1 nurs
day. Plans are presently being
made to greet Symington on
his arrival at the airport that
aXtemoon, Knoll said.
U.S. Ambassador
Guest of Honor
pra, Saroj D,e Ramchandra
Reddy, V. L. Rao; Surender
Lamba, Mridula Sisodia, Joy
asinh Sisodia, Khursale N.
Sadashiv, Amir Singh, Dev
Raj Chopra, Satish Takyar
and John SamueL
The master of ceremonies
for the program will be Dr.
Khem Shahani, associate pro
fessor of dairy husbandry. The
welcoming address will be
given by Dr. M. Shadakshara
Swamy, research associate in
biochemistry and nutrition.
The invocation with devo
tional song will be given by
A gram Subba Rao, Premila
Khurana, Leela Phadnis, Ar
ati Sen and Ramesh Chandan.
Presenting the TajMahal a
dream of love will be Xirmal
Dutt and Balbir Dhillon,
while Omi Chopra will give
a solo dance.
Balbir Dhillon will again be
featured in a recitation, and
Mortar Boards Form
New Counseling Plan
A dorm counseling, plan for
1960-61 has been presented to
administration officials by
the University . chapter of
Mortar Board.
The plan stemmed out of
'Miss Rodeo'
Entries Open
For Children
"Little Miss Rodeo of 1960"
entries are being accepted un
til April 18. The contest will
determine who will reign dur
ing the Rodeo May 6-7.
Contestants will be judged
on personality, conversation
and general appearance. This
year's queen will be limited
in age from 3-6 years and
must be the daughter of stu
dents or faculty members.
The winner will be pre
sented on May 6 at the eve
ning performance of the Col
legiate Championship rodeo.
The winner will receive a tro
phy, flowers and the parents
will have box seats for all
Interviews of the conetst
ants will be April 23.
Gifts will be awarded by
Lincoln merchants.
Entries should be submit
ted to Sharon RusseL chair
man1 of the contest for Vo
cational Home Economics
Theatre Scarcity
Causes Moves
The theater housing short
age continues to force pro
ducers to change opening
dates for their shows several
times before the attractions
find a vacant Broadway stage.
Typical is "Goodwill Am
bassador," starring Cyril Cu
sack, Reginald Owen and
Arthur Treacher, which had
to postpone its opening sev
eral times because no house
was available. Finally "Good
bye Charlie," with Lauren
Bacall and Sydney Chaplin,
vacated the Lyceum Theater
to make room for the new
play, which concerns the
British prime minister and
bis residence.
Sorority Weekend Means
By Ann Moyer
The word legacy may be
a legal term but to sorority
girls it means the enthusi
astic junior and senior high
school girls who visit our
campus in April and lay
claim to the annual Legacy
Although the weekend
may bring April showers or
remnants of March winds,
these elements of nature
never seem to impair the
fun of actives and legacies
Style Show
In addition to the annual
Panhellenic Legacy style
show previewing the Rush
Week styles for prospective
pledges, Saturday is filled
with any number of ingeni
ous bits of entertainment
ranging from horseback
"iding in Pioneer Park to
...door picnics.
If a legacy isn't treated
to an Ag specialty from th
the trio of Arati Sen, Premila
Khurana and Nirmal Dutta
will sing Tagere song.
The last number prior to
intermission will be a Bhan
gra dance by Balbir Dhillon,
Wasinder Mokha, Xirmalen
du Pandeya, Baljit Gill, Ra
mesh Chandan and Sushil Ni
jhawan. Premila Khurana and Arati
Sen will present their inter
pretation of a Shiva Parbati
dance after intermission. Yo
gi physical exercises will
then be demonstrated by Xa
rendra Singh.
Indian documentary films
will then be shown.
The program will conclude
with a vote of thanks deliv
ered by Agram. Subba Rao
and the playing of the Indian
and American national an
thems, sung by the Inter-Bar-sity
Christian Fellow,
ship group.
the counseling experiment
eight Mortar Boards con
ducted this semester in Ray
mond Hall.
The idea for the counseling
experiment originated in the
Mortar Board chapter. Mem
bers felt a new system was
desirable for the dorm, a sys
tem of more personal and
complete counseling.
"But since we felt it was
fairly audacious to attempt
to set up a counseling pro
gram without any practical
experience, we obtained per
mission from Administration
to obtain that experience this
semester," said Gretchen
Sides, Mortar Board publicity
The plan is a direct result
of the practical experience,
and will provide "what we
hope is the best counseling
system for the Residence
Halls," Miss Sides said.
She added that the original
plans call for both junior and
senior women to serve as
counselors. Details of the
counseling plan and notifica
tion about applications should
be available after Easter Va
cation. 'Have Beard,
Will Tickle'
"Have Beard, will tick
le," is the offer being made
by men in the Beard Con
test on Ag campus.
The card which bears the
phrase also says "Thank
yon for noticing my beard."
Those competing for the
Whisker King Contest give
out the cards to people who
remark "favorably or un
favorably," to the unusual
looking faces.
Terrace Tops
Women's Co-ops
T e r r a c Hall not only
topped the entire campus
grade wise last semester but
also ranked first among the
women's co-ops.
Love Memorial Hall was in
correctly listed as number
one among women's co-ops.
""hey were .104 of a point be
low top ranking Terrace Hall
who scored 6.533.
ice cream shop located on
the Ag campus, the day
isn't complete. This may
require standing in line for
a half hour but all usually
agree it is worth it
Another favorite place of
interest is the city zoo. The
animals get their share of
visitors Saturday as cars,
asually overloaded, cruise
If it is a real nice day,
a tour of Lincoln often
ends at Pioneer Park. Ath
letic type girls enjoy "the
climb to the Indians" and
some even brave the mus
tangs at the riding stable.
Roller Rinks
Holler skating rinks, the
Student Union and bowling
alleys get their share of
business too, for there are
plenty of girls, all in search
of more than their usual
study corner or movie.
The evening will find
many boys wandering
Sr. Moot
Court Is
Law Students
To Argue Finals
University Law College
Moot Court finals will be
held at the Xebraska State
Supreme Court at 7:30 to
night. ''
The question to be argued
is whether a paternity suit
shoidd be a criminal or a
civil case. This question will
be posed to the finalists, who
will argue before three State
Supreme Court judges.
Seniors Don Leonard and
Bob Walker will face John
Hessler and Dick Huebner
in the moot competition.
The case, which will be
heard by State Supreme
Court judges Wenke, Bos
laugh and Carter, will involve
Xebraska statutes but these
statutes have been altered
somewhat to fit the case.
Circumstances and facts of
the case were determined by
the Thomas Stinson Allen
Appellate Competition Coun
cil anf' were then reviewed
by the Law College faculty.
Statements of the facts of
the case will be distributed
to the spectators at the com
petition. The only e ntrance
of the capital building open
tonight will be north ground
level door.
Defense Loan
Application forms are now
available at the Student Union
Office, 204 Administration, for
National Defense Student
All Freshman applications
received by May 15 will be
processed and applicants noti
fied by June 1. according to
W. C. Harper, Director of Uni
versity Services.
Freshmen may apply for
loans until July 15. Upper
class applications will be ac
cepted until Julv la. also. All
applications received by July
15 will be processed and ap
plicants will be notified by
August 1.
Former borrowers must file
new complete applications by
July L.
Meat Judging
To Be Sponsored
A meat judging contest will
be sponsored by the Block
and Bridle Club Thursday
evening at 7:30 in the Meats
Five classes will be open
for competition. They will in
clude lamb, beef and pork
carcasses and also ham and
beef ribs.
There will be two written
reason classes. Ribbons will
be awarded at the conclu
sion of the division judging.
Music Fraternity
To Give Concert
Sigma Alpha Iota, profes
sional music sorority, will
present their annual Easter
Vespers Concert Thursday
evening at 8:30 in the Luther
an Student House.
The program will consist of
choral and solo numbers.
around campus bemoaning
the fact that their girls
would rather spend their
time with a legacy than
with them. However, this is
the case and after a picnic
type meal the mass of
feminity is off again in
search of more adventure.
By this itme the extra
energy of the morning vita
min is beginning to wear
off and the actives are us
ually willing to suggest a
nice quiet movie or even
an evening of bridge.
As the 1 a.m. closing
hour rolls around the weary
sorority girls are ready to
call it a day.
And although the sorority
girls awaken Sunday morn
ing with aches and pains
from the previous day's ac
tivities, there will be very
few of them who will not
be ready for another "go
round" come April 22-23,
the date for this season's
Legacy Weekend.
F -M v m iYi ii
Wxfa II M L- w it'
n i u W v ir
. W m W tsf &
I. w b W u i
l. . vs r ' ,r"k
?y.i W3tifc
maim mmn r kmmw maitfrnimMn iwira n-ni i A h Irm mnnin Mi f - si fi -' J $m , , , ,
NEW SIGMA XI MEMBERS Front row, Vennix, Thomas, Rasmussen, BUss, Eggers.
Second row, Schuester, Hahermann, Sutko, Zoz, Berns. Third row, Rohlfing, Morgan,
Best, Purcell, Krause. Fourth row, Xyquist, Witte, Jirsa, Fangmeier, Ahrens. Back row,
Kersten, Garrison, Pawelski, Lutes, Gerloff, Bonne.
Forty-Nine to Ranks
The University chapters of
Phi Beta Kappa and Sigma
Xi, top scholastic honorary
societies, announced their
new undergraduate members
at a joint dinner meeting
Sixteen students were elect
ed to Phi Beta Kappa, nation
al honorary society for arts
and sciences and 33 were
named as new members of
Sigma Xi, national honorary
science society.
Rnssel Rasmussen and
Paul Thomas were named to
both societies.
Other members of Phi Beta
Kappa, all of whom had
above a 7 3 grade average
and have completed re
t . " t ,'2-. ' f '."
il - . ,Jf ; -v V - 1; r r ;
..4 - - . .... tj ft I
ry - ;-M:- U fa
XEW PBK MEMBERS Front row, Diana 31 axwell, Gretchen Saeger, Sally Downs, Dar
lene Ernst and Judith Truell. Second row, Judith Douglas, Dorothy Hall, Helen Hockabout
and Virginia Thomas. Back row, Russell Rasmussen, Paul Thomas, Paul Baldwin, Earle
Larson and James Cole.
Student Loans May
xceed $300,000
Loans to University s t u
dents from the Student Loan
Service may top the $300,000
mark for the 1959-60 year,
according to W. C. Harper,
Director of University Serv
ices. Harper said that University
students borrowed $276,000 of
student loan funds from July
1, 1959 to April 1, 19t0.
Of this amount the sum of
$166,987 was borrowed from
permanent University student
loan funds held in trust by
the Board of Regents and the
University Foundation. The
balance of $110,010 was bor
rowed from Xational Defense
District YM-YW
Elects Students
Three University students
were elected recently to Dis
trict YW-YMCA positions.
Kay Masters, from city
YW. is the new district YW
chairman and Wes Milby
from Ag Y is Ihe YM chair
The YW-YM treasurer for
the district Richard Bryngel
son also representing Ag-Y.
They were elected at the
district conference in Kear-
I ney.
a Xi
quirements of the College of
Arts and Sciences are:
DennisStewart, Hel
en Hockabout, Rex Bosley,
Diana Maxwell, Dorothy
Hall, Sally Downs, Judy
Truell. Earle Larson,
Gretchen Saeger, Judith
Douglas, Virginia Thomas,
Paul Baldwin, James Cole
and Darlene Ernst.
Other newly elected mem
bers of Sigma Xi, who have
shown excellence in two or
more departments of pure or
applied science and have
shown evidence of an apti
tude of scientific research
aie: Charles Ahrens, Rish
ard Berns, Alan Best. Fred
Bliss, Maurice Bonne, Paul
Bower, Wayne Buhrmann,
"With the three months of
the fiscal year remaining,
there is little doubt that all
loans for the vear will ex
ceed $300,000," Harper stated.
This amount will be ap
proximately 60 per cent
more than the total of $173,
402 loaned in 1958-59. It was
estimated tiiat 800-1,000 s t u
dents are assisted with col
lege expenses each year
through Harper's office.
Counselors End
Filings Today
Positions close today at 5
p.m. for positions as Coed
Booths will be set up this
afternoon in both the Ag
and city Student Unions
where interested students
may get applications and
sign for interview times.
Applicants must have a 5
overall average and meet
University eligi b 1 1 1 1 y re
quirements. Interviews will be held
Wednesday and Thursday.
The proposed plan for next
year's Coed Counselors pro
gram includes more specific
James Eggers, Delmar Fang
meier. Clarence Garrison, Eldeaa
Gerloff, John Hahermann,
Lyle Hawthorne, James Jir
sa, Leendert Kersten, Den
nis Krause, Loren Lutes,
Lawrence Mallery, Stanley
Morgan, Jack Xyquist, John
Stephen Pawelski. James
Prucell, Xorman Rohlfing,
Dean Ruwe, S a n f o r d
Schuster, Adolph Sutko, Fred
Swaim, Alan Vennix, Alfred
Witte, Jr. and Frank Zoz.
The principal speaker was
Dr. R. C. Truex, professor
of anatomy at Hahnemann
Medical College of Philadel
phia, who discussed "Whales,
Hearts and Things."
Bailey Seeks
'Good Health9
In English
Prof. Dudley Bailey, di
rector of freshman English,
urged the convention of the
Conference on College Com
position and Communications
in Cincinnati to adopt a set
of proposals for sweeping
changes in the organization.
The proposals would limit
the activities of the national
group to the nature and use
of language in written dis
course. Dr. Eailey, submitting a re
port prepared by a five-man
committee, said, "Diversity
and experimentation are
healthy things. But nobody in
his right mind thinks that
the present diversity of re
quired first-year English
courses in Anerican universi
ties reflects good health.
"It reflects a frightening
state of disease clearly psy
chosomatic one. We must re
solve to stop being all things
to all men; we must stop rid
ing our private hobby-horses
in a hundred different direc
tions." . ,
The committee which pre
pared the report was selected
last year to chart the future
direction of the organization
and of freshman English in
American colleges and universities.