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    The Daily Nebraskan
Tuesday, March 29, 1960
Editorial Comment:
Tribunal Members Need
Desire, Respect, Ability
, wen
Page 2 " "
. "I. C." Gael To Colltge!
D '
Signup sheets have been posted by the
Student Council for one of the youngest
"activities" on campus. Deadline for sign
ing is Saturday noon.
It may or may not be considered in the
'prestige" category and the members may
or many not be respected, although we be
lieve they are.
The activity referred to really doesn't
fall into the same pattern that one thinks
of when the word "activity" is men
tioned. It is a service activity, and one
in which the membership should be of
the highest caliber.
It's the Student Tribunal harassed
from the start, still termed only a tool
of the administration by some, Dut now
pretty much accepted by the majority of
the student body.
, In several years, In fact, the Tribunal
will probably be looked upon as an estab
lished University institution, and as such
may or may not hold a respected niche in
the mind of the student.
But one thing Is certain. A Tribunal
does help fill that ap which often exists
between the student body and the ad
ministration. One of the major purposes
of establishing the Tribunal was. to estab
lish the needed trust and confidence be
tween the two areas.
The history of having the accused
judged by his peers is an ancient one and
a needed one. Although the Tribunal can
only make recommendations to tae Dean
of Student Affairs on what sort of action
should be taken regarding an individual
case, it is encouraging to note that the
body's decision has been approved nearly
100 per cent down the line.
The establishment of the Tribunal also
pointed out the chance and -the need for
students themselves to take the responsi
bility of judging their fellows.
The1 members must be responsible.
Their recommendations can mean very
much to the student called before the
It is hoped that the signup for Tribunal
positions contains the names of many stu
dents with the desire, respect and ability
needed1 to judge well the cases brought
before them.
It is through continued quality and lead
ership of the members that the Student
Tribunal will gain the confidence and
respect so necessary for "judging of their
Quad Rushee Housing Fine Idea
Probably few actions of the Interfra
ternlty Council have as much potential as
the recent proposal to house rushees in
Selleck Quadrangle during Rush Week
this fall.
The fraternity -system undoubtedly will
benefit. It is a step towards a more hon
est rushing method with the traditional
illicit parties eliminated; Lincoln men
will not be forced to put up several rushees
in their homes each night; everyone will
get to bed earlier.
The fears of parents that their children
are headed for a weekend of sin and frolic
should be allayed somewhat by the setup
where they stay in the Quad, with definite
The new fraternity man's introduction
to Greek life under this system will be
more dignified and unified, with the em
phasis on effectiveness and promotion of
the entire fraternity system instead of the
sometimes resulting inebriation as the re
sult of misguided individual taclics.
The rushee will benefit.
He will be given a much calmer and
more orderly environment in wmch to
make a decision that may effect much of
his later life. His expenses cannot help but
be smaller with the modest meal and room
charge of the Quad substituted for the
much higher average range of prices pre
sented by local merchants.
The University itself should benefit by
being saved from the possibility almost
the probability of drunken driving and
allayed incidents often caused by recently
emancipated high schoolers.
Paternalism may indeed be a threat to
the development of the college student
i but it is a poor rallying cry with which to
attack the type of Greek-Administration
cooperation which should show gains for
Staff Comment
Balm and Sage
('T- t I
You run into a lot of unexpected people,
conversations and things at a political
convention. Such was the case at the Re
publican Founders Day madhouse which
took over the Cornhusker Hotel Monday.
The most out of place
sight at the whole conven
tion was Bob Conrad's
headquarters. Conrad is a
Democratic candidate for
governor. This didn't
bother him, however, as
he leaned over the railing
from his corner on the
mezzanine of the hotel
and shook hands with the
GOP members as they
milled around.
Congressman Phil Weaver (dubbed by
Jerry Whalen, hit Democratic opponent,
as "Twin Bill Phil," because he intro
duced only one bill during his last two
terms in Congress) stopped in at the Con
rad headquarters to ask Dick Shugrue
bow to get to the speaker's table in the
ballroom, I hope he can find his desk in
the house with less trouble.
Sam Jensen did a top-notch job of ac
commodating the press during the hassle.
Nearly 50 newsmen put in an appearance
during the day and few complaints were
Along with the Vice President on his
Journey were Bill Lawrence, native Lin
colnite and national correspondent for the
New York Times, and Earl Mdzo of New
York Herald Tribune. Mazo published a
biography of Nixon last summer. Asked
how the comments had run regarding his
book, he commented that they had all
been good, because he would probably
punch anybody in the nose if they said
they didn't like it.
"You mean," I asked, "if I were to say
I didn't like your book (which I didn't),
you would hit me in the face?"
By Herb Probasco
"No," he responded, "I'd just throw
you out the window."
Young 1 Republican delegations were
present at the banquet from nine colleges
around the state, including the Univer
sity, Nebraska Wesleyan, Doanc, Crelgh
ton, Omaha, Wayne State, Midland, Has
tings and Concordia Teachers. Some 250
YR's attended the banquet. It was termed
the largest college turnout at a party func
tion in history.
Secret Service men were milling around
the area. I spent half the evening trying
to locate one to show to a friend who was
sure that every photographer was going
to attempt to assassinate Nixon. They
were pretty secret, though, as we never
did find one.
Some 720 pounds of Nebraska beef and
720 pounds of ham were served, along
with 500 pounds of cabbage for the cole
slaw and 400 pounds of cottage cheese.
This was eaten by some 3,650 persons,
more than 400 of who had to take their
plates to the balcony, because of the lack
of space on the main floor.
Nebraskans are definitely supporting
Fred Seaton, secretary of the interior, for
the vice presidency. Secretary to the cab
inet Robert Gray, a close friend of Sea
ton's said, "It's time for the midwest to
give to this nation a Vice President . . .
We think the right man is Fred Seaton."
Seaton jokingly noted the statement,
saying, "I want you to know, Mr. Vice
President, that I enjoyed every word Mr.
Gray said. But to be candid, the record
must show that Mr. Gray was brought to
Washington and hired by me."
The interior secretary stuck his foot in
his mouth at his press conference when
he was asked about the farm problem as
a national issue. He said that it was a
"regional or area" type of issue, compar
able to that of the tunafish problem on
the Pacific Coast.
Daily Nebraskan
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The Reporter Meets A Bureaucrat
Editor', Note! The following was
taken from the North Carolina Bute
student dally, and presents a view of
the problem of the reporter In this
day of licht-llvped bureaucratic news
By Chuck Holmes
(A play In two Acts)
(The scene is in a dingy
building; in a hall lined
with rows of- doors. The
Young Man is pacing the
worn boards, note book in
hand. The Young Man has
a sticker on his hat which
says "PRESS" and one ear
is noticably bent. At the left
sits a Secretary shuffling
stacks of papers marked
"Super - ultra - highly - se
cret," and occasionally
throwing one or two papers
into the trash can. The
Young Man looks hopefully
at the Secretary. She smiles
and shakes her head. The
Young Man continues to
pace. After some time, a
head, said to belong to Mr.
Linkinblock, appears
through the door, which
has just been opened.)
Linkinblock: Next.
Young Man: I have a few
questions ...
Linkinblock: I'm not
qualified to release that in
formation. You'll have to see a Mr.
Xntfglk about that. (The
head disappears.)
(Different, scene: some
what later Same Young
Man; different secretary;
same batch of papers.)
Young Man: Is Mr. Xnft
glk in?
Secretary: (smiling sweet
ly) No, Mr. Xntfglk is on a
two weeks field trip. You
may sit down and wait.
(The Young Man sits down)
(The Young Man is no
ticeably older. The Secre
tary is, too. Mr. Xntfglk
Young Man: (Jumping up
excitedly) Hello, Mr. Xntf
glk. Mr. Linkinblock has re
ferred me to you. I have a
few questions about . . .
Mr. Xntfglk: I'm not al
lowed to release that infor
mation. You'll have to see
Mrs. Fileweb.
(Mr. Xntfglk disappears.)
Time: two years, 5 months,
3 days, 2 hours, 32 min
utes later. (The Young
Man, after seeing Mr. Kink
inblock, Mr. Xntfglk, Mrs.
Fileweb, Miss Lookinglass,
Mr. Hinkleheim, Alfred
Newman, Nikita Eising
hower, and Fida, has been
referred to I. Pushabroom,
the janitor. We find the
Young Man exploring the
dim depths in search of Mr.
Pushabroom. He finds
Young Man: Mr. Pusha
broom? Pushabroom: Yes?
Young Man: I have a few
questions . . .
Pushabroom: Have you
cleared this with everyone?
Young Man: Yes.
Pushabroom: What de
nomination are you?
Young Man: Druid.
Pushabroom: Have you
signed the loyalty oath?
Young Man: Yes.
Pushabroom: Good.
Young Man: Now, I have
a few questions . . .
Pushabroom: I can't re
lease that information.
You'll have to go see Mr.
(Young Man drops dead.
Pushabroom sweeps him
up with the rest of the
Nebraskan Lelterip
Tka Dally Nebraska win publish aaly those letter wkiek are signed.
Letters attacking Individuals must carry the author's name. Others ratty
ae Initials or a pen name, letters should sot exeeed Ma words. Wbaa
setters exceed this limit the Nebraska reserrw the right to sonde&ss than.
MtoJalac the writer's views.
Selleck Rooming
To the Editor:
If the Daily Nebraskan's
would be if they could be
editorial pundits have faith
in the approach to the dis
crimination which they
espouse, I suggest they ex
ercise their typing fingers
by treating the segregation
policies of Selleck Quad
rangle. A Negro student is care
fully roomed with another
Negro. A foreign student is
forced, at least initially, to
room with another foreign
student. Why?
Jerry Behringer
Editor's Note: Recent'
writers of letters to this
newspaper concerning the
civil rights problem might
like to devote their efforts
towards constructive ends,
with groups now operating
chiefly in the East.
The Boston EPIC (Emer
gency Public Integration
Committee), which is co
ordinating the activities of
campus committes at Har
vard, Massachusetts Insti
tute of Technology, Boston
University and Brandeis
University, plus non-campus
groups opposed to dis
crimination, has appealed
to the students at all Amer
ican colleges and universi
ties. The group has been and
plans to continue to picket
local .Woolworth .outlets,
while adhearing to a strict
ly non-violent discipline on
the lines.
Non-picketing activities
on Boston campuses includ
ed the circulation of peti
tions and the sale by ad hoc
student committees of post
cards addressed to New
York Woolworth.
The group urges student
support by 1. sending reso
lutions of support to Negro
schools in the Southern
movement, such as Har
vard's student council was
planning; 2. picketing local
Woolworth stores; and 3.
sending postcards, letters
and petitions to E. F. Har
rigan, vice president, Wool
worth and Co., 233 Broad
way, New York City.
Address of the EPIC
chairman is Harvey Press
man, 333 Harvard St, Cam
bridge, Mass.
Leters sent to this news-"
paper have shown that
many students favor dem
onstrations and other
means to bring about better
conditions for the Negro
in the South.
Perhaps some leadership
will be directed in the right
manner by some member
of our University community.
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