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LP " 3Y
Far mil o u s e frater
nity leads the men's resi
dences scholarship-w i s e,
scoring a grade average of
6.159 lor first semester.
The lop scholarship win
ner in the women's resi
dences was not revealed
doe to a clerical error
which may cause a change
in the report.
Top Listing
The tentative listing of all
houses scoring above a
6.00ft grade average in
cludes seven sororities, two
women's halls, one frater
nity and Towne Club.
Listed alphabetically they
are; Alpha Omioron Pi,
Alpha Xi Delta, Delta
Delta Delta, Delta Gamma,
FarmHouse, Kappa Alpha
if m, iii '.Slt -!
Iff ki il '
t Mr , - k
I fr.t ' itV i
. TU:r H 7 .
- " 8 1
M V- -VNy -J;
- : Y -
iiL-flriimiymiiM inMinuiiiii'iiioonir,iHMiiim-nfT mi .itx'"'" iiimiiinft-ftn'i'r "
HIGH STEPPERS Taking part in rehear
sal im "The Pajama Game" are night
shirt clad Joe Hill and pajama clad George
IVIechling. Both have comedian roles in the
show. The former Broadway hit and mo
'The Pa jama Gamrfz
Ruined Sewing Machines
Given New Pastel Colors
By Mike Milroy
'Aaagghh, our sewing ma
chines are ruined !"
This remark was just one
of the many reflecting the
trials and tribulations of the
"Kosmet IQub workers, ama
teur set builders, who are
presently constructing the
necessary sets for the Kos
met Klub Spring Show, "Pa
jaua Game "
Subversive Slogans
The show, which will Tae
presentde at Pershing Audi
torium March 25 and 26. re
quires sewing machines
for the pajama factory scene.
The scene of Hernando's
Hideaway required the con
struction of flashing signs
with certain subversive slo
gans, such as "Think.""
Sewing machines were te
diously built and painted
bright pastel colors only to
have them spattered with
rusty, dirty water from the
overhead pipes being torn out
by workers in the Elgin build
ing, location of the Kosmet
Klub set building aggregation.
Another night's work had to
"be spent y a lew .of the
workers repainting the sew
ing machines. Painting, how
ever, is just, one of lb tal
ents displayed Ty this crew
of 14 workers. Engineering
students succeeded in nuCd
ing a solid bandstand Try the
use of ""mathematics" and a
few workers to saw and nail
boards into place.
Semi-s killed electricians
built and perfected lighting
systems involving flashing
light and carpenters, wield
ing hammers and 2 x 4's.
have succeeded in "building
cocktail tables. "Workers have
also had to gather materials
and props needed for the dif
Theta, Kappa Kappa Gam
ma, Love Memorial Hall,
Pi Beta Phi, Terrace Hall
and Towne Club.
A new system was used
this semester in computing
the grade listings, said
J. P. Colbert, dean of stu
dent affairs. The listing
was not made according
numerical grade order but
by grade groups. The top
scholarship group includes
all groups rating a 6.000 or
above; group two includes
ratings of 5.500 to 5.999;
group three includes grade
points of 5.000 to 5.499; and
group four includes all list
ings below 4.999.
Better Picture -
Dean Colbert explained
administrative . officials
ferent sets for tbe nhow from
all over tbe city.
Office Scene
Yet to he liuilt is the entire
office scene. This scene will
require construction of
desks, file cabinets and the
usual office equipment. Work
ers will also build the back
drop for the whole play.
Bill Baker, Kosmet Klub
technical director, is in
charge of tbe set building and
the technical points involved
in construction. He is assist
ed by Marry Sophir, Kosmet
Klub active, who is assistant
technical director.
Aggie Talent
For Sunday
Twelve acts will highlight
the Aggie Jubilee Talent Show
Sunday at 230 p.m. in the
Ag Activities Building.
More than 100 children from
will be brought to the campus
by buses and -entertained by
the Ag Union and Ag-YMCA.
The Salvation Army Is as
sisting with the arrangements
for selecting children.
Tickets sold at the door
will finance the refreshments
and favors for the chcildren.
The new jubilee takes the
place f the Ag-Y talent show
which in previous years hat
been taken to the children's
Those participating wiH be
Fedde Hall Dancer's Sextet,
Love Hall Travelers Act, Fed
de HaH trio, Jeanene Markus
sen and Bernie Hecht diuo and
individual numbers by Ar
lene Buck, Karen Skoda, Gay
lean Wells, Margrethe Plum,
Don Bauder, Les Cook, Mau
rice Vitosh and Frank Puis.
feel such a system gives a
better picture of house
standings because there is
usually a difference of only
.5 grade point between the
top house and low house
rating in the grade group
ing. If listed numerically,
a house might be listed as
eleventh and actually be
only .3 to .4 grade points
from the top average."
He also said the depart
ment had recently made a
survey of the grade listings
for the last eight semesters
and found that the same
houses usually remained in
the top group from semes
ter to semester.
Comparative averages
for this semester and first
semester of last year show
tion pkture success is being sponsored by
Kosmet Kluh and w ill be presented March
25 and 26 at Pershing Municipal Auditorium.
Baker is a University the
atre student and is presently
occupied with construction of
the sets for the coming Uni
versity Theatre production as
well as the Kosmet K 1 a k
Spring Show. He was a mem
ber tf the Dark Horse Play
ers at Estes Park, Colt, last
summer and has had
much experience in the the
atre and with construction of
Approximately 3(A) man
hours have been -put inl,o the
construction of the sets bv
tne workers with approio-
mately two weeks of work
remaining before the show.
Pre-Eafeier Feed
Scheduled ou Ac
A pre-Easter breakfast win
be served to Ag campus stu
dents again this year.
The traditional early morn
ing breakfast is to be spon
sored by the Ag Vimm and
Ag YW-YMCA April 3.
The food prepared in the
Ag Union will be served in
the Activities Building gym-;
Tickets win be m sal
soon from the sponsoring or
ganizations. Nafl YR Officer
Pays Visit Here
National College Qiairman
of the Young-Hepublicans Bin
Steiger of Wisconsin conferred
with YE officers ber.e yester
day, according to Gary Badg
ers, state organizational di
rector. Steiger discussed rgatii
zation of college clubs in Ne
braska with Bodpers and Ne
braska Coiiege Director Bob
the all University average
up by .019 and the Men s
average improved by .108
over last semester. The all
fraternity average also
went up .035 grade points
over last semester.
Average Drops
Sororities and all men
did not fair as well The
all women average dropped
by .012 and the sorority
grade average went down
by .004. ,
The other grade groups
G r p 11 Average from
5.500 to 5.999
Ag Men's Club
Alpha Cta Omega
Alpha Phi
Andrews House
Vol 34, No. 80
Constitution Changes Go
Before SC Wednesday
By Hern Probasc
The Student Council will
begin discussing revising its
constitution for the first time
in nearly three years at its
regular meeting w ednesday
at 4 p.m.
Articles included in the pro-,
posed revisions include Ani-
cle 3, powers; Article 4, rep- j
resenlalion; and Article 5,'
eligibility, filings, election of,
members and publicity.
One f the major changes
proposed is the elimination of
three representatives from
the organization and rup
C a e id ' Counselors, Cosmo-
mopolitan C 1 n b ami YMCA
YWCA stand to lose ite'ir
represenlatives if tbe move
is approved.
Remaining Groups
Reuresentatives of croups
remaining n the council, ac
cording to the amendments
to be submitted, would in-,
elude Associated Worsen
Students. Corn Cobs. Inde
pendent Women's Assul, In
tertaternity Council Inter
C o p Council, Panhellenic
Council, Piesidence Assn. for
Men, Tassels, Builders and
Council on Eeligion.
A change in Article S. Dow
ers, would set ;ud the 1FC
and Panhellenic representa
tives as serving onJy in a
liaison capacity.
Another alteration in the
representation article c b
cerns qualification of bow
tbe number f representa
tives wr coDege will toe de
At present, the constitution
reads. 'Anv chance ih the
college representation shal
De .on tne basis ci one repre
sentative for every 500 stu
dents or major portion there
of, as determined by the Sta-
Chrifrtian Peri-pwlive
To Be Discud
"The Christian Perspective
of Communism'" wfll be .dis
cussed by the Rev. Carl Da
vidson of tbe First Methodist
Church in 301 Food and Nu
trition Building tonight at
7:15. '
T'he discussion win be spon
sored by the Ag Y.
Siiifonia Jazz Concert
3 '
r - v At k
a. M, m iMl'Mliir ' ":!,v-:-::s::f-' ttomtm
TUNE IT Sinfonia members put finisn
Idg touches n their program ""Portraits
in Jazz which will be presented tonight at
730 in the Student Union Ballroom, re
hearsing are, front row, left to right Mar
ty CosteDo, Dr. J. William JSoll, Wesley
Eiest and Ron Hutchinson; back row, left
to right, Wall Hutchinson, Don Sobulik and
Tkk Tr uiublA. The dimour it iMueit tm
dcIL Twit University students, Mike Adams
Beta Sigma Psi
Chi Omega
Cornhusker Co-Op
Delta Sigma Pi
Elsie Ford Piper Hall
Fedde Hall
Gamme Phi Beta
Heppner Hall
Kappa Delta
Kappa Sigma
Love Hall
MacLean House
Manatt House
Phi Delta Theta
Pioneer Hou;e
Raymond Hail
Sigma Alpha Mu
Sigma Kappa
Sigma Delta Tau
Theta Xi
Zeta Tau Alpha
Group III Average I r m
dent Council. Each college r
combination of - colleges as
listed in the constitution shall
be entitled to a minimum of
me representative."
Every 5M Stsdents
If passed, the new explana
tion would read, "College
representation shal be de
termined by tbe S t u d e m t
Council a the basis f one
representative for every 500
students or major portion
thereof, as determined by tbe
first semester enrollment of
the respective academic year
of election. Each college
herein represented shall be
entitled to a minimum of ne
college representative.
A change in tbe procedure
for replacing a council mem
ber who gives up bis seat
would, instead of picking tbe
election ronnerop for ibe va
cant position, provide for the
selection from written appli
cations fulfilling the neces
sary requirements for that
specific seat
An addition t the clanse
pertaining to senior repre
sentatives wauld provide that
if a senior member vacates
his position, it would not be
Tbe grade average require
ment for holdover members
ZBTs Hold
'Help Week'
Zeta Beta Tau pledges
joined the ranks of those fra
ternity men engaged in ""Help
Weeks" over the weekend.
Zebe pledges spent Friday
afternoon and all day Satur
day at the Nebraska State
Mental Hospital cleaning lip
In addition to their clean
ing work, the pledges also
straightened up the premises
and did various necessary
service jobs.
Pledgemaster Al Noddle
stated that ""we feel a con
structive pledgeship, rather
than a pledgeship based on
hazing, is better for the pled
ges, as weH as the commun-
nfl Shnron
Is Changed.
5.000 to 5.499
Alpha Gamma Rho
Alpha Gamma Sigma
Alpha Tau Omega
Avery House
Benton House
Bessev House
Beta Theta Pi
Boucher House
Brown Palace
Burnett House
Canfield House
Delta Sigma Phi
Delta Tau Delta
Delta Upsilon
Gustavson Honse I
Gustavson Fjuse II
Hitchcock House
Phi Kappa Psi
Pi Kappa Phi
Selleck House
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
Sigma Chi
wil be changed to 5.7 instead'
of 5.00D if approved.
Three additions have been
made to the section n organ
ization and 'group filings.
These, if passed, would re
quire that the representa
tives be elected to serve dar
Nixon-Seaton Club
500-Mark Reached
Membership in the Univer-i
siry Nixon-S e a t m Club :
passed the 500 mark Monday ;
according to Miss Eogene
Huh, vice president
Homorary member
shirts were sent to Vice Presi
dent Richard M. Nixon and
Secretary of tbe Interior
Fred A. Seaton along with a
letter acquainting them with
tbe club's activities.
Tbe dub officers recently
presented honorary member
ships to Nebraska Republi
can constitutional officers.
Secretary of S 1 a t e Frank
Marsh, State Auditor Ray
Johnson and Attorney Gen
eral Clarence Beck 4 gra
ciously accepted" member
ships, said club president
Gary Rodgers..
A membership booln wfll
be set op in the Student Un
ion Wednesday between 16
a.m. and 5 p.m. Club Secre
tary Judy Cox is in charge.
Agronomy Club
Initiates Ten
Ten new members were re
cently initiated into Agron
omy Club.
They are Richard BoHi,
Lynn Borgeli, Don Brock
meier, Ralph Groteluescben,
Gary Jordan, Ken Lauritzen,
Louis Lostroh, Gary Rasmus
sen, Walter Russen and Dean
Dr. D. G. Hanw2y, chair
man of the Agronomy depart
ment gave the iniation ad
dress on the studies and re
search as wen as the future in
tbe Aronomy field.
Is Tonight
McNerneV. will make their
first vocal jazz appearance with the group.
Included a the program w ill be original
music written especiaDy for tbe concert by
EeadelL The concert is given annually for
tbe benefit of the Sinfonia scholarship
fund. Tickets are $1 and may be obtained
from Sinfonia members or at tbe ticket
Sigma Nn
Sigma Phi Epsflon
Smith House
Van Es House
Group IV Average below
Gooding House
Fairfield House
Phi Gamma Delta
Seaton House I
Seaton House H
Theta Chi
Zeta Beta Tau
All University Average
All Men's Average 5.333
All Women's A v e r a g
All Fraternity Average
AH Sorority Average
Tuesday, March 15, I960
ing tfeeff junior year, sad,
also, that the organization
member not nave served pre
viously oo tbe council.
Discission and voting on
tbe proposed amendments is
expected to take several
weeks, according to Jack
Nielsen, council president.
Any University student is
eligible to Join, she said.
The group will meet again
this Thursday at 7 p.m. in
Student Union 240. At that
time an organization commit
tee wul be set up to estab
lish Nixon-Seaton Clubs on
liber Nebraska college cam
puses. A speaker will be arraigned
for tbe meeting. Tbe meeting
will last only mntil 7:38 p.m.
The organization is com
posed of a group of like
minded University students
who believe tbe continuation
of peace and prosperity in
our nation can be best
achieved by tbe election ol
Richard M. Nixon as Presi
dent and Fred A. Seaton as
Vice President in 1968, said
club president Gary Rodgers.
Nix Loyally
The University chapter of
the American Assn. of Uni
versity Professors adopted
a resolution Monday n i g fe t
unanimously opposing tbe
loyalty oath required of all
students of accept loans un
der tbe National Defense Ed
ucation Act
The resolution backs Presi
dent Eisenhower's recom
mendation to repeal the oath
or disclaimer affidavit
Dr. James Miller, presi
dent of the local AACP, said
the Association had four rea
sons for adopting the resola-
L It is discriminatory in
singling out only oniversilaes.
when many other groups als
receive federal aid.
2. It might set a precedent
for imposing other aih
which may be against tbe be
liefs of the individuals re
quired to take them.
X 11 is not necessary since
there is already an oath of
allegiance required by tbe
education act
4. It might be first step ia
setting more stipulations for
federal aid and attempting to
impose regulations on educa
tional institutions.
Faculty Recital
To Be Thursday
A . chamber music recital
will be presented by the Uni
versity's music faculty Thurs
day at 7:30 pjn. in tbe Stu
dent Union Ballroom.
A faculty string quartet
composed of Priscula Parson,
cello; Louis Trzcinski, viola;
Arnold Schatz, violin and
Emanuel Wishnow, violin will
play selections from the mu
sic of Srahms, Boccagrinl
and Shostakovich.
Jack Crossan and Audun
Eavsaa, pianipts, via jsia 2i
quartet fur several .nuxobers.
.. ' " .1- .T .