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MAR 2,196
A TO Pledges
Plan Omflfia
-tiffla h ii w i r fYw i y m i m
'Crusade Run '
The Alpha Tau Omega pledge class is going to run to
Saturday morning the 27 pledges will make the near-60
mile trip as the last leg of a project designed to raise
money for the "Crusade for Freedom."
$5 Tickets
First the pledges will contact each ATO alumnus in the
Lincoln-Omaha area with the objective of selling $5 tickets
to a dinner to be held Friday night at the Cornhusker Hotel.
The dinner menu, inscribed "Behind the Iron Curtain,"
was chosen to remind the alumni as citizens of the auster
ity of life there.
The banquet will include baked beans, weiners and po
tato chips which will be donated by various companies.
Saturday morning will find the pledges "walking" the
collected money in relay style to Omaha for delivery to
Allen MacTier, state chairman of the "Crusade for Free
dom." A luncheon at the Hotel Blackstone has been arranged
for the students when the relay runners arrive in Omaha.
Hungarian Refugee
Edmund I. Lazar, a graduate student at the University
and a Hungarian refugee, will be a guest at the Friday
night dinner.
The son of the one-time Minister of Justice in Hungary,
Lazar escaped from behind the Iron Curtain in 1950 and
worked on a voluntary basis for Radio Free Europe, which
is supported by the Crusade for Freedom, from 1951-56.
Among other guests will be Chancellor Clifford Hardin
who has recently been appointed to the Crusade's state
This project was initiated primarily because the ATO
pledge class could not win their own "Help Week" trophy.
'Help Week'
Just this year the Nebraska ATO collegiate chapter
was given a "Help Week" trophy by alumni in turn to be
presented to some other college fraternity at the Univer
sity for the best "Help Week" project.
The Nebraska "Help Week" trophy is not a new thing,
however. The switch from "Hell Week" to "Help" was
made several years ago by the fraternity and many other
of the fraternity college chapters offer a trophy similar to
that here at the University.
Award Nominations
Terminate April 9
Preliminary nominat ions
end April 9 for the Francis
William Vreeland Scholarship
The Vreeland Scholarships
consist of three awards made
annually to students in the
departments of art, music and
English. The student must
have demonstrated "excep
tional creative ability" during
the preceding year.
Francis William Vreeland
Scholarship is the name of
the department of art award.
Its value is $400. '
The John H. Vreeland Schol
arship is the name of the de
partment of English award
which is $300.
The $300 department of
music award is named the
Ida M. Vreeland Scholarship.
Nominations for the awards
will be made by faculty mem-
Due Friday
Applications for University
Student Education Associa
tion offices are due in Teach
ers College, Room 103 by
Friday at 5 p.m.
Candidates must meet Uni
versity eligibility require
ments and have a 5.5 ac
cumulative average.
No interviews will be held,
according to Marsha Boden,
The executive board will
present a slate of two candi
dates selected from the ap
plication for each office.
Nominations will then be al
lowed from the floor at the
March 16 meeting for presi
dent, first vice-president, sec
ond vice-president, secretary
and treasurer.
Elections will be held at the
April meeting. All paid mem
bers will be eligible to vote.
Union Presents
'Father Panchali'
An Indian film, "Pather
Panchali" will be the Student
Union Foreign Film shown to
night at the Nebraska Thea
tre, 13th and P Streets.
The show is the winner of
five grand prizes from Can
nes to San Francisco. It is
the story of Brahmin family
in the village of Bengal. After
facing many hardships the
family is eventually forced to
start a new life in the city.
The film will begin at 8 p.m.
Crib Doughnut Tree,
Gder Barrel Begins
The Crib has a new do-it-yourself
feature consisting of
an apple cider barrel and a
doughnut tree.
Starting today, "Cribbers"
may serve themselves from
the ciderbarrel and doughnut
tree. The idea is Food Serv
ice Director Martin Kohl
legian's "surprise of the
bers. These nominations will
be be reviewed by the awards
committee. Only juniors and
abobe (sophomores' in excep
tional cases) will be eligible
for nomination.
The basis of qualification in
clude musical composition of
high quality, literary compos
ition of both poetry and prose,
outstanding work in art and
performance in music.
Francis Vreeland was a na
tive Nebraskan, born at Sew
ard in 1879. He attended the
Cincinnati Academy of Art;
the Arts Students League,
New York; and the Julian
Academy, Paris. The awards
in the Departments of En
glish and Music are named in
memory of Vreeland's father
and mother.
Inquiries connected with the
awards should be made to
Peter J. Worth in 207 Morrill
Faculty Has Own Frat
. . . Club Is Place For Social Gathering
Surprising though it may
seem, the faculty members
have their own "fraternity"
house at 1520 R St.
Although not a fraternity
in reality or in actual oc
currence, it serves as a
place for "social gath
ering" among the faculty.
, K
'I IT? ""JZ,, TZ 7 ' 4
IH' V :
- - ,i in Mini V' 'A-.--, it,., !-..' 4awi
SPLIT PERSONA LITIESMr. and Mrs. Robert Haase
both lead two lives. By day, Mr. Haase is a campus patrol
man while his wife works in the speech department. By
night they live in and tend the Faculty Club. An oriental
statue is held by Mrs. Haase, sent to the Faculty Club by
Col. Ernst Liebmann, who was a member until May 1958.
He is currently serving with the 1st Cavalry Division in
the orient.
Vol. 34, No. 73
Groups May Lose
Their Constitutions
All organizations who have
not turned in the names of
new officers to the Division
of Student Affairs should do
so immediately, according to
Student Councilman John
In order that all officers
may receive information con
cerning the orientation con
ference for student organiza
tion officers, to be sponsored
by the Council March 20, the
Council requests immediate
If organizations are not
represented at the conference
there is a chance of that or
ganization losing it's constitu
tion, he said.
At its Wednesday meeting
the Council will take up the
question of what action
should be taken concerning
organizations which do not
Faculty Tells
AVF Views
Two faculty members,
James S. Blackman and Gor
don Van Riper, will speak at I
the AUF meeting in 232 Stu
dent Union at 7 p.m. Thurs
day. Blackman and Van Riper
will discuss the faculty's
views on the All-University
Fund Faculty Drive which
will be held March 21-April 2.
AUF is open for suggestions
to better the functioning of
the drive, according to presi
dent Sue Carkoski. Those in
terested may attend.
Wen dorff Attends
Ike's Conference
Urban E. Wendorff, assist
ant professor of ag engineer
ing and vocational education,
is attending the President's
Conference on Occupational
Safety in Washington this
More than 3,000 leaders
from industry, labor, agricul
ture, federal, state and local
governments, insurance, edu
cation, health and private
safety organizations are in
cluded at the Conference.
The main function of the
Faculty Club is the serving
of noon luncheons.
Mrs. Dorothy Becker is
the director of the food
service and is in charge of
the two menus served each
day. The two menus usual
ly consist of "one a sand-
Vliet's Play 'Rockspring'
Will Premiere Thursday
The "world premiere" of I
R. G. Vliet's play, Rock-
spring" will open Thursday I
, .r ( ,. v JT V"
i 8 1 1 ' 1 '' ' f 1
1 y cfi in
ff ' ' w 11 if
' ntr m-vwnr-MmmmmmmdU' Wtfr" iftrtirr VirTiwrr-'iini) mar
DONT LIKE YOU Margery Coffey (as Billie Borah)
and Luther Frost (as Hench) portray part of the tense
last scene from "Rockspring." The national prize winning
play will be seen in Howell Theatre Thursday through
Saturday. Written by R. G. Vliet, the play is directed by
Dr. Joseph Baldwin and features a setting designed by
Dr. William Morgan.
Conrad To
Of Campus
Bob Conrad, who an
nounced his candidacy for
the state governorship yes
terday afternoon, will be
guest speaker at the Young
Democrats meeting tonight
at 8 p.m. in 232 Student Un
ion. Conrad is presently serving
as administrative assistant to
Gov. Ralph Brooks.
He attended Wayne State
Teachers College but re
ceived his A.B. in 1947 from
the University. He graduated
from the University Law
School in 1949.
Conrad established a law
practice in Genoa, Neb. and
became a member of the Co
lumbus firm of Wagner, Wag
ner and Conrad.
wich and soup and the oth
er a casserole," says Mrs.
Mrs. Becker said, "We
had a big day today, (Tues
day), there were 76 here
for luncheon."
"Another important func
tion of the Faculty Gub is
to provide a social gather
ing place for the faculty
which helps the faculty to
become better acquaint
ed," said Prof. Stanley T.
Vandersall, member of the
The Faculty Club was
originally organized in 1955
at the Student Union and
was mainly for social pur
poses. Closer Contacts
According to VandersaH,
the faculty felt the need for
closer contacts, especially
in various areas of the fac
ulty where many of the
faculty do not have the op
portunity to meet each oth
er. Vandersall said the house
was ideal for the present
setup. Before being taken
over by the faculty it
served as the International
House. Prior to this, it
served as the Phi Mu soror
ity house.
The club has a few ban
quets each year. However,
it does not emphasize social
life except for the friendly
chats among the faculty,
says Vandersall
Ag Members
The Faculty Club has
members from both city
and Ag campuses. Any fac
ulty member is elgible to
become a member of the
Club officers are: Prof,
president; Prof. John F.
Davidson, president elect;
Prof. Dortolhy Hazel, sec
retary; and Prof. Raymond
C. Dein, treasurer.
at Howell Memorial theater.
"Rockspring" the recent
winner of University Theatre
Be Guest
He served as Genoa City
Attorney and Nance County
Attorney from 1951 to 1958.
Feeling the need for re-establishing
the two-party system
in Nebraska he said he ac
cepted the post of executive
secretary of the state Demo
cratic party.
Conrad became administra
tive assistant to Gov. Ralph
Brooks in December of 1958.
Conrad has also been ac
tive in .educational affairs
serving as president of the
Genoa school board and as
member of the State Educa
tion Committee on Approval
and Accreditation. He also
was a vice-president of Dis
trict II of Nebraska State
School Boards Administration.
At the University Conrad
was a member of Sigma Phi
Epsilon social fraternity and
served as president of Delta
Theta ' Phi legal fraternity.
He was also a member of
Pi Kappa Delta, national for
ensic fraternity.
An informal coffee hour will
be held after the meeting to
night. YD Group
Will Greet
Sen. Kennedy
Young Democrats is plan
ning a caravan of students to
travel en masse to meet Sen.
John F. Kennedy when he
comes to Lincoln Friday to
formally file in the Nebraska
presidential primary.
Kennedy is arriving at the
airport at 2 p.m. and will ar
rive at the Capitol Building at
2:30 p.m., where he will hoM
an open press conference
after he files.
Students who wish to greet
the Senator should meet at
the north1 door of the Student
Union, according to Don Gies,
president of Young Demo
crats. Transportation will be
available for those without
and Nebraska Masquers play
writing contest is a revival
of experimental theater pro
ductions at Nebraska.
Baldwin Directs
The play is described by its
director, Dr. Joseph Baldwin,
as being a story of "poetic
passion and power."
Vliet, the playwrite, says
that his play is a study of
personal guilt, but that it
touches upon and reflects the
guilt of all of us. He con
tinues, "guilt even for those
things of which we are not
guilty" such as, world wars
and atomic bombs.
The setting for "Rock
spring" is a ranch near the
Southwestern Texas town of
that name. Lee Borah returns
from the First World War,
slowly dying of mustard
gassed lungs and tortured by
his guilty love for his young
step-mother, Billie Borah.
Their attempt to expiate the
guilt and find a way to live
or die with strength and dig
nity is the theme of the play.
Appearing as Billie Borah
and Lee Borah, the ill-fated
lovers, are Margery Coffee
and Gary Parker. The own
ers of a neighboring ranch
are played by Grover Kautz
and Jean Allyn. Luther
Frost appears as Hench,
Billie Borah's step-father.
A striking artistic "environ
ment" composed of realistic
details of stone, timbering,
house forms and land-forms
will be presented by the stage
setting. Dr. William R. Mor
gan, assistant professor of
ispeech and Dramatic Art, as
provided the advanced style
Union Board
Now Available
Applications are now
available for persons inter
ested in applying for the
Studenf Union Board of
Eight members will be
chosen for the board. Inter
ested persons are required
to have a year of Union
work experience, meet a 5.7
scholarship requirement, be
a sophomore or junior in
the University and be able
to attend the Activity Board
meetings on Tuesday even
ings. Applicants should sign up
in the Union activities office
for interviews to be held
Saturday in the Ogallala
Eleven Damsels
Pledge Sororities
Eleven girls have become
sorority pledges this semester.
The girls pledged during
open rush include: Joyce
Story, Alpha Omicron Pi;
Karen Boesiger, Alpha Xi Del
ta; Diane Rohrke, JoAnne
Rohrke, Nancy Brown, Kar
lene Sinf, Alpha Phi; Gwynn
Showalter, Delta Gamma;
Janice Kuck, Sigma Kappa;
Marjorie Riddel, Zeta Tau
Orchesis Spring Show
To Be Held March 11
Practice is underway for
the spring orchesis show
"Omnia Momentia," to be giv
en March 11 at 8 p.m. in
Howell Theatre.
Twenty members of orche
is, 9 members f pre-orchesis
and some modern dance
physical education class
members. will perform in the
two hour show.
All Movement
The name' which is latin
for all movement will center
on people, places and things
in movement the world over.
The first section will be de
voted to an introductory dem
onstration rhythmn, line and
space movement and ap
proaches ot composition.
Features' of the show will
be Oriental "Pagoda" and Af
rican drums for tiie "Wango
Wago," "Me and My Shad
ow," and a dance depicting
angry men, gay children, and
greedy men.
The section "Things of Sim
plicity," features will be
"The Wedding," "Breakers
on tne se as no re, ine
Wednesday, March 2, I960
of staging provided for "Rock
spring." The largest problem faced
was that of showing simul
taneously the front yard,
front porch, living-room of
the ranch home, and a vista
of the rugged, semi-desert
"brush country."
The experimental play con
test was revived at the uni
versity to give beginning
playwriters the chance to get
their plays published and to
see these plays performed.
Vliet's play was chosen in the
first contest from among 63
Vliet Writes
Vliet, whose home is now
in Meadville, Pa., has pub
lished both verse and fiction
in leading literary magazine.
One of his plays has recently
won the Southeastern Theatre
Conference "play of the
year" award.
The performances of "Rock
spring" will begin at 8 p.m.
in Howell Theatre, March 3,
4 and 5. Tickets can be pur
chased at the Howell Busi
ness office. Season ticket
holders will be able to go
half fare.
To Clean
A Help Week Community
Service Project, established
recently by Sigma Alpha Mu
fraternity will be held Satur
day. The project will begin at 8
j a-m- Fifteen pledges with the
i supci vioiuu vi a lew acuves
! will go to the State Hospital
! where they will clean up
rooms, the recreation hall
: and gym.
I Besides the cleaning, the
pledges will fix such things
as Venetian blinds, move fur
niture and scrub floors.
According to Bernie Gross
man, the Sigma Alpha Mu's
are doing the project with the
connection of the new "Help
Week" trend.
Grossman said, "We want
to do something constructive
rather than degrading and
we want the pledges to have
the feeling of helping others."
Nafl Foundation
Announces Plan
The National Science Foun
dation has announced a new
program of Senior Visiting
The fellowships include
study in, or are associated
with, countries participating
in or cooperating with the
NATO group.
Any science or technology
graduate student interested in
qualifying for the University
of Nebraska nomination
should consult the graduate
office no later than April 1.
The Foundation is also call
ing for applications by April
11 for NATO Post Doctoral
Fellowships in Science which
provide for post doctoral
study abroad. Information on
this program is also available
I at the Graduate Office.
Prairie Winds," "City Night
Beat," and "The White Rab
bit Caper."
'The Martyr
The finale is entitled "The
Martyr," which will be per
formed to the music of "The
Those included in the show
will be Laurie Abernathy,
Janis Briggs, Dottie Carpen
ter, Carol Coffman, Karen
Costin, Ingrid Dzenis, Laura
Garcia, Jo Janet Gingrich,
Judy Howard, Glenda Luff,
Frank Gillen, De R Hughes,
Alma Matuza.
Anne Nordquist, Bea Price,
Sharon Purbaugh, Paula
Rhea, Ruth Read, Rogene
Ruh, Pennie Sandritter, Don
na Schiro, Gail Simon, Nan
cy Sorenseon, Anne Sowles,
Kit Stuart, Kathie Weber,
Pat Ostdiek, Harriet Strick
land, Karin Anker.
Kathy Becker, Beverly Be
lote, Sharon De Mars, Mary
Donahoo, Mary Drishaus,
Marilyn Kasselder, Ellen
Nore, Lana Norris, Jeanne
R(inmiller. Gloria Schwartz,
Diane Yost and Nori Yost.