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    Monday, February 22, I960
The Daily Nebraskar
Paqe 3
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I MADE IT . . . OU vaulter J. D. Martin sets record
Gym Team Whips (XT
The Nebraska gymnastic
team captured four out of
seven first places to outscore
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1 V
Colorado, 62-50, here Satur
day. Husker Virgil Kubert was
high point man in the dual
meet competition with 12
The results:
side hone 1, Karl Byers (N). 1.
(Tie). Dave Bowers (N) and B. Lom
bard! (C). 3, (Tie) Dennis Anstine (N)
and E. Lombardi (C).
Horitontal bar 1, Jones tC). 2. John
son (C). 3. Virgil Kubert (N). 4, Dave
Bowers (N). 5, Dennis Anstine N).
Parallel Vara 1, Virgil Kubert IN). 2,
Hicks (C). 3. Dennis Anstine (N). 4.
Johnson (C). i, Herb Hanich (N).
Fljini rinn 1, Herb Hanich (IS). 2,
Johnson (C). 3, Virgil Kubert IN). 4.
Doug Moore (N). 5. Engel (C).
Tumbliai-1, Charles WiUiams (N). 2.
Delaney (C. Bill Brass (N). 4. Don
Bell N). 5, Derouen (C).
Rebound tumbling 1, Hammond (C).
2. Doug Moore (N). 3. Fischer 1C. 4.
Bill Brass N 5, B. Lombardi CO.
Free exercise 1. Delaney C). 2.
Charles Williams (N). 3, Don Bell (N).
4. Hicks (C). 5, Derouen (C).
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Nebraska Cindermen
Fall To Sooners, 70-52
Two of the best individual
performances in Nebraska
dual history were recorded
Saturday as Oklahoma de
feated Nebraska's track team,
For the first time in the an
nals of Nebraska indoor
Nothing New
For Martin
Although it was the first
time to be done on the Ne
braska indoor track, clearing
15 feet is not a new thing for
Oklahoma's J.D. Martin. -
Martin vaulted 15 in a
dual meet against Nebraska
Saturday. His mark is the
best recorded in the confer
ence this season and set a
new stadium record.
Last year Martin sailed
over 15-3 during the out
door season. This mark is the
highest ever made by a col
lege sophomore.
In the indoor circuit this
year Martin cleared 15-V4 in a
Kansas dual and 15-0 at the
Michigan State Relays.
Main competition in the
Conference meet this week
end for Martin will be afford
ed by Oklahoma State's Au
brey Dooley, who held the
stadium record before Mar
tin's vault.
Handball Crown
To Phi Belts
Phi Delta Theta took first
place in team competition in
this year's Intramural Hand
ball Tournament.
The Phi Delts piled up a to
tal' of 115 points edging out
top contender Delta Upsilon
with 108. Theta Xi scored 68
points, Benton 62, Alpha fau
Omega 25, Phi Kappa Psi 5,
Avery Hall 4, and Sigma Nu
The Phi Delts were led by
three flight winning double
teams and two singles
Second place Delta Upsilon
boasted the All University
Singles Champion, Myron
Papadakis. Phi Delt Theta's
victory was encouraged by
All University Double
Champs, Al Cummings and
Dick Chamberlain.
An impressive doubles team
composed of sixth flight win
ners, Ron Gould and John
Stanley, along with single
flight winners Ron Cougil and
Bob Kovarik pushed Theta Xi
past Benton Hall into third
track, a pole vaulter cleared
15 feet.
J. D. Martin, Sooner junior,
vaulted 15 feet, three-fourths
inch to shatter the stadium
mark set by Oklahoma State's
Aubrey Dooley earlier this
Nebraska's-Joe Mullins was
responsible for the other new
stadium mark, touring the
1000 yard run in 2:15.7, one
and two-tenths seconds faster
than his previous record time.
Martin and Mullins also
grabbed blue ribbons in oth-
How They Scored
M-yard dash v J
440-yard run
600-yard ru j J J
880-Tard ran J
1. 000-yard raa J J
Mile ran , j
i-Mile run r. 4
60-yard hirh hurdle 4
60-yard low hardies s
Mile relay J
Pole ranlt J
Broad jump 1
Shot not '
High Jum J 1
Totals 2
Grand Totals
er events, Martin in the 60
yard high hurdles and Mul
lins in the 600-yard run.
Oklahoma's power in the
field events proved too much
for the Huskers. The Sooners
racked up 30 points, as com
Dared to six for the Huskers
in the four field events..
The Nebraska cindermen
grabbed firsts in the 1000-
yard run, the 600-yard run,
the 440-yard run and the 60
yard low hurdles.
For the first time this sea
son coach Frank Sevigne en
tered a mile relay team. The
team made ud of Ken Ash,
Mullins, LeRoy Keane and
Bob Cross won the event wun
a time of 3:26.1.
Another Oklahoma track
man just missed setting a
stadium record in the shot
Dut. Mike Lindsay tossed the
shot 57-10, a quarter of an
inch under his own stadium
record. The London, England,
muscleman won the Big 8
Conference meet last year
with a heave of 58-4.
Nebraska garnered 6
points in the 440 when Cross,
recovering from a muscle m-
Physicals for all Spring
sports (baseball, track, golf,
and tennis) will be given
March 3rd. Paul Schneider,
head trainer for the Univer
sity, issued the notice that
everyone intenting to par
ticipate should be at Student
Health at 7i30 p.r . on
March 3rd.
I i ; ;-;.;' 1 tv'-fr' tvvn " . 1
9 , s, , y ,jt Vt. 't t Ai" " ' ' ' &
1 y y 7 A rA J1 1 III'' ' l
. y-y J ''' ' ' '"'7' 5 , ' ' "IT'l ' " y.tiyyA' I
t i1 '-'' ys ',!', y ' r:':': 4 1
y ? $ iyyy-yb- J s ? , ' ' , y ' J,y yf y. ,,!,, ,
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1 !! x v -'' Mc&wW
it : ij4'is "'''
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jury, broke the tape with a
:50.3 time, his fastest time in
competition this season.
Keane picked up third to ac
count for the other Nebraska
point in the event.
The distance races, the
mile and two mile, were con
trolled by Oklahoma's flying
South African, Gail Hodgson.
Hodgson was given a good
race by Nebraska's Joe
American Horse in the mile,
but won the two mile event
The Huskers, who will trav
el to Kansas City this week
end for the Big 8 Conference
meet, ended their indoor sea
son with a 3-2 record, Ne
braska defeated Drake and
South Dakota in its opening
Oklahoma .State and Kansas
State in duals. Loses to Colo
rado and Oklahoma, Nebras
ka's last two duals, round out
the season's record.
The Results
Mile run 1. Gail Hodgson (OU); 2.
Joe American Horse (NU); 3, Lee Smith
(OU). Time 4:20.2.
60-jard dash 1. Dee Glvens (OU); 2.
Bob Cross (NU); 3. Richard Sinclair
(OU). Time :06.3.
(00-yard run 1. Joe Mullins (NU); 2.
Robert Wilcox (OU); 3. Ken Ash (NU).
Time 1:13.1. (New meet record: tirst
time event has been run.)
440-yard run 1. Bob Crdss (NU): 2.
Hi Gernert (OU); 3 .LeRoy Keane (NU).
Time :50.3.
60-yard high kurdln-M J. D. Martin
(OU); 2. Milt Haedt (NU); 3. Steve
Smith (NU). Time :07 6.
2-Mile run 1. .Gail Hodgson (OU); 2.
Joe American Horse (NU); 3. Paul
Nielsen (NU). Time 9:33.1. (New meet
record bettering old mark of 9:35.3 set
by Hodgson in 1938.)
1.000-yard run 1. Joe Mullins (NU);
2. Marvin Stewart (OU); 3. Lee Smith
(OU). Time 2:15.7. (New meet record,
first time run; also new stadium record
bettering mark at 2:16.9 set by Mullins
in 1959.)
680-yard run 1. Robert Ringo (OU);
2. Dick Kier (NU); 3. Bill Melody (NU).
Time 1:58.2.
60-yard low hurdles 1. Bob Knaub
(NU); 2. Robert Knight (OU); 3. Stave
Smith (NU). Time :07.1.
mile relay i. neorasKa iiveu sn, jue
Mullins, LeRoy Keane, Bob Cross); 2.
Oklahoma. Time 3 26 L
Shot put 1. Mike Lindsay (OU) 57
10VS. (New meet record, bettering mark
of 53-7V4 set by George Church of Okla
homa in 1959); 2. Al Wellman (NU) 50
Wi; 3. Walter Myers (OU) 45-11.
Broad lump 1. Tom Raley (OU),
23-31,4: 2. Donald Warrick (OU), 23-Mi; 3.
Bob Knaub (NU), 22-6.
High Jumn Tie or first between Mark
Brady (OU) and Larry Neeley (OU).
6-V4; tie for 3rd between Larry Janda
(NU), Max Waldo (NU) and Al Roots
(NU), S-10V4.
Pole vault 1. J. D. Martin (OU), 15
. (New meet 'record bettering mark
of lt-4 set by Henrick Kruger of
Oklahoma 'in 1956; new stadium record
bettering old mark of 14-7V set by
Aubrey Dooley of Oklahoma State in
1960); 2. Larry Neeley (OU), 14-5; 3.
Jim Kraft (NU), 13-5.
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Husker Swimmers
Had Busy Week
Coach Dick Klaas's tank
team ended a busy week end
of dual competition, winning
one and losing one.
The Huskers defeated the
Northwest Missouri swim
mers 56-38 on Friday and
lost to Colorado State Satur
day, bringing their record for
the season to five wins and
six losses.
In Friday's contest Ron
Bucklin won the 200-yard in
dividual medley and the 440
yard free style. Bucklin's
time in the medley was a full
second under his school rec
ord. Other double winners were
diver Branch Walton who
took first in the 50-yard free
style in addition to winning
the diving, and Jim Pickett
who doubled in the 220-yard
free style and 100-yard free
arcne-navG a
C 1
Joe Mullins breaks the tape
The Colorado State swim
squad defeated Nebraska 59
34 at the Coliseum Saturday.
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