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The Daily Nebroskan
Monday, January 11, 1 960
AUF Drive:
Selleck Quad Tops
Its Last Donation
Selleck Quadrangle tops
the All University Fund list
for the greatest increase in
contributions above last
year's figures according to
the comparative figures re
leased to the Daily Nebraskan
Selleck's contribution was
$517.11 compared to $203.65
donated last year, v
Other comparative figures
. fU I Lad Trar
4 ....$57,7 $20J.$5
Drtva aearN completed. .
Cmd. medical and
married student . i.N
Drive nearly completed.'
Oraanned honaee SK.74 161 jj
Dnva completed
hPleil 109 SO 171.M
Drrre eompleted
fcrartUee ' looa so 14J4.SJ
Drtva nearly completed.
OraaaitaUone 285.00 SIS.OO
Drive aeartjf compteUd
Fraternitwo 414,75 ujeja
Drive lesa thaa half completed
Faculty Drive - 600.00
(.Expected flffure tor the drive to
begia is Marca.)
Totata M.TM.fl
AUF officials expressed the
hope that additional funds
from the incomplete drives,
particularly from fraternities,
See Russia
in 1960
Ecmemy StadentTeackef mmner
oart, AMoicaa coed acted, bom $495.
Kavaaia tjr JafolarcuacA. H-dar
Irora Warsaw to- HMirf Visit rami
owna phto Major rities.
Dimmwmi Crmmd Tmm. Raaaea,
Poland, CanclaosJoraiLja, Scandinavia.
Vestan Eavope ighHghla,
ColUgimto Circle. Hack Sea
Croiaav Russia, PoUed, Cxochoalo
aekia. Scandinavia, Bent-lax. W. Europe.
f aataraj Earopm AiacaMavia. Fint
In arvaiUbia. Bedgaria, Roamania,
Kassia. Poland. Caechosfevakia, Vroas
m EaiuDi acenac warn.
Se ywar Trod Agnt
IZ36 MmarliaarMi. Lawrence. Kan.
Typewriters For Rent
Koyol . Underwood Smith - Remington
Try Oar Rental-Purchase Plan
Special Student Rates
125 No, 11th Phone HE 2-4284
Typewriter Ribbons Put On
" regl 2.50-3.50
would bring the $5,500 goal
Sue Carkoski, AUF presi
dent, said, "This year AUF
emphasized the education of
charity giving. We wanted the
campus kto be familiar with
the function and purpose of
each of the five charities
they chose to receive their
"We feel the AUF was im
portant to the campus in other
respects," she continued. "It
produced a united effort
among AUF workers and
Civil Service
Ups Standards
For Clericals
A new examination for
stenographers and typists
has been announced by the
United States Civil Service
Commission. New qualifica
tion standards and higher pay
for those qualified to do bet-ter-than-average
work have
been made.
The new standards will be
in effect in all parts of the
country. All applicants must
pass a written test covering
verbal abilities, a clerical ap
titude test which includes
questions in arithmetic, and a
typing test.
Applicants for stenographer
jobs also must take a stenog
raphy test with dictation at
the rate of 80 words per min
ute. Announcements and appli
cation forms may be ob
tained from Gerald W. Val
lery. Civil Service Examiner
in Charge, U.S. Post Office,
a sale for you
to "warm up" to!
aV a.
Phone HE 2-2042
1127 "R" STREET
Disc Show
From Crib -
The University radio sta
tion, KNUS, has gone on the
air with an evening disc jock
ey show originating from the
Student Union Crib.
The "Campus Pop Shop,'
as it is called, is under the
control of the station's pro
gram director, Jimmy Ray,
and features the top 20 tunes
of the day plus campus news
and commentary.
The program is on the air
from 8-9 p.m. Monday, Tues
day, Wednesday and Thurs
day evenings.
Disc jockies for the show
are Denny Larson, Monday;
Gary Dee, Tuesday; Mel
Shauer, Wednesday; and
Keai Allen, Thursday.
Wilson Fellows
Get Assistance
From Foundation
A $4,000 grant from the
Woodrow Wilson National
Fellowship Foundation has
been given to the Graduate
College to assist advanced
A subsidy of $2,000 is given
to each Wilson Fellow current
ly enrolled in Graduate Col
lege. Three-quarters of each
$2,000 grant is to be used for
assisting any students genu
inely interested in a teaching
career, whether or not they
earlier received Wilson Fel
lowships. The remaining
quarter is to be used at the
discretion of the University to
strengthen its graduate pro
gram. Howard Carter and Kevin
D. Reilly are the two Wilson
Fellows at the University.
Community Concerts
To Present Musical .
"Voyage to the Moon," a
musical fantasy based on the
Jules Verne novel, will be pre
sented tonight at 8:30 at
Pershing Auditorium, t h e
third show in the Lincoln
Community Concert series.
Admission is limited to sea
son ticket holders only. Doors
will be open at 7:15 p.m.
Concluding production of
the series will be the National
Ballet of Canada on March 28.
the captain announces
Re. Sale Price
55 53849
$6250 $349
$70 5Jl49
$7495 .,. $ 49
Osr fnfire Stock!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaBaBBaBaaaaBaBaaaaaBBaaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaBW laaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiaaaaaaaBaaakaBaaa
TOPCOATS tn,ire S,6cL J55.00 -............... only 5 3 49
i ' ,-
" - i
Sfl'X vl 'ibi','' '"""w'ri'ce T i' V
? If1 IAS Eer .
3 If!,., 'Jm. excuse? tw , f J
1 1 r nLfr t -r- i j.
live w-vc.
Short Plays
To Be Given
This Week
Two student-directed one
act plays will be presented
by the University Laboratory
Theater Friday and Saturday.
"The Traveler,"' by Marc
Connelly, directed by Karen
Walker, will be presented at
8 p.m. both nights in Room
201. The second play, "Day
of Storms." an original script
by Wilma Wolfe, will be pre
sented immediately following
in the Arena Theatre by
Miss Wolfe.
After the performances, the
audience will be invited to
attend a discussion of "Day
of Storms."
"The Traveler," a comedy,
includes in its cast' Wayne
Soukup, Phil Boroff and Bob
Gambs. Production manager
is J. William Milldyke.
The German theologian
Dietrich Bonhoeffer. m u r-
dered by Hitler in 1945. rs the
subject for the second play.
The cast consists of Julie
Williams. Jim Hamsa, Andy
Wolvin, Louise Shadley and
Foster i Woody) Haecker.
John R. Wilson is production
Reg. Sale Price
51 695 .V, $1149
$1595 $1049
$1495 . $099
Rag Applications
Are Due Today
Applications for paid staff
positions on the Daily Ne
braskan must be submitted
to 311 Burnett by 5 p.m.
"Positions and their salary
on the editorial side a month
include editor, $85; managing
editor, $55; three copy edi
tors, $35: news editor, $65;
three staff writers, $35; and
sports editor $45.
Business positions are busi
ness manager, $60; three as
sistants, $20 plus commissions
and circulation manager, $60.
Lag in Business
Closes Cafeteria
Lack of business is the
reason for the closing of the
Student Union cafeteria serv
ice on Saturdays.
This will not affect other
, food services of the Union, ac
I cording to Union officials.
! Orders for group luncheons
; and dinners will continue to
be accepted for Saturdays and
no change is being made in:
Crib service hours. The Crib
is open from.7 a.m. to 1 a.m. '
on Saturdays.
0 or more!
Keg. Sale Price
$595 $49
$1495 $99
$395 $49
Special Group 5 5 00
Oar Entire
$4500 . .
$4250 . ;
3995 -
All Sale$ Are Final, Alterations
ate Jazz Festival
ication Deadline Set
Modern and dixieland jazz
groups from the University
are eligible" to compete in the
Collegiate Jazz Festival of
1960. at the University of No
tre Dame March' 18 and 19.
Interviews y will be hed
Wednesday for the Daily Ne
braskan sponsored "Best
Dressed Girl" contest.
. Candidates are advised to
wear, street' dresses with ap
propriate accessories. They
will be asked questions about
managing a clothes budget,
campus customs, understand
ing fashion and make-up.
Judges for the contest are
Mrs. Naomi Schleis, buyer at
Hovland-S w a n s on; Mrs.
Ginny Hollenbaugh, - fashion
coordinator at Ben Simon and
Sons; Miss Mary Louise
Babst, fashion coordinator at
Miller and Paine, and Quen
tin Bengston, owner of Quen-
Uh's Town and Campus and
Three Steps Up. '
The winner will be an
nounced in the Jan. 15 issue
of the Daily Nebraskan.
Contestants and interview
times are as follows:
Jeainle Spahnake 7:15
Jarkie Shaffer T:?5
Saeleal Tliompson 7
. Mary Ann Weber 7:45
Kav Stranss 7:55
Janet Hoeppner :05
Jeanne Gamer :15
Perm Praulle :2
Janice Hellwe
Ruth Button 0:45
Kay Swoboda , :55
Claire Vrha
Rhotla -Skiff :
Bonny Aikens :15
Patricia Ope-ll :
Kanaarie warts S-35
Patrica 000
Karen Knaub :55
v Voyage To The Moon'
MONDAY, JANUARY 11, 8:30 p.m.
Pershing Municipal Auditorium
Admiuion br membership only Door$ open 7:15 p-nu
Safe Price
5 Reg-125.., 'y
The two days of competi
tion, including five sets of
preliminaries, will include 35
40 groups which will be al
loted 20 minutes of playing
time each.
HI . til 1 J
rne groups wui oe juugea
by the publisher of Down Beat
magazine, the owner of the
Blue Note Jazz Room In Chi
cago, a well known Jazz musi
cian, a music educator and a
famous jazzeritic.
Winning groups will receive
prizes, a booking at the. Blue
Note Jazz room for the best
combo; a booking at the De
troit Jazz Festival for the"
best big band, and instru
ments and soloist scholar
ships for outstanding soloists.
The deadline for applica
tion is Saturday. , Students
who are enrolled or have
graduated within the last two
years from the University are
An application fee of $15 is
required from each group and
will be refunded to those
groups not accepted. A three-to-five
minute tape recording
of the groups also must a
comDany the application. It
will be used as a basis for se
lecting groups to participate.
Application and tickets for
the festival may be obtained
at the Student Union Activi
ties office'. ,
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Want Ads
' A Good Teachers AeencV
Established 1918 serving
the Missouri Valley to the
West Coast Enroll Sow. i
S26 Stuort Blda. HE 2-4954 !