The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, July 30, 1959, Page PAGE 4, Image 4

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Student Housing Adequate for Larger Demand
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An increase in enrollment
of about 300 is expected this
fall, but it will probably not
affect student housing.
The Registrar's office re
ports that as of July 10, 1,535
applications had been proc
essed as opposed to 1,204 for
the corresponding period last
Of this increase there are
118 more female applicants
and 213 more male applicants
than at the same time last
University housing accom
modations, however, have not
been filled to capacity since
the addition of Piper, Fedde
and Burr Halls in 1957, so this
year's increase will not pre
sent a problem.
According to Director of
University Services, W. C.
Harper, women's dormitories
last year were short of ca
pacity by 36 residents
The disuse of Wilson Hall houses or dormitories for men
at 1610 R St. which accom
modated 10 female graduate
students will not affect this
fall's housing situation Harper
said. The property is expect
ed to eventually be used for
a new Methodist Student
"We expect to fill women's
housing up fairly near capac
ity this year," Harper said.
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ie of the newest additions to University housing.
Piper Hall, on the city campus, i
Psych. Clinic
Offers Help
To Anvone
Juvenile delinquents and
people with personality dis
orders, academic or social
problems are some of the
persons helped by the Uni
versity of Nebraska's Psy
chological Clinic.
Professor Marshall Jones,
head of the clinic, located in
the Social Sciences building,
noted that their services are
open to anyone.
"Doctors from Lincoln and
throughout the slate often re
fer cases to us," he stated.
"Less than one percent of
the people we deal with are
students here at the Univer
sity," Jones said.
"We hae a wide range ol
services," he noted. "Adults,
suffering from brain damage
or emotional disorders and
mentally retarded persons
are helped by the clinic."
"We work closely with ju
venile probation offices and
the court," Jones pointed
out, "and often deal with par
ents that are having difficul
ty with their children."
"Because we have no two
cases that are exactly alike,
it is difficult to tell how
much good is actually being
"It is our opinion at the
clinic however, that our
services have helped a lot of
people a great deal," he
Builders' Publish 'Special Edition'
A 28 page special publica
tion has been mailed to in
coming University of Nebras
ka freshmen, Ingrid Leder,
editor of the "Special Edi
tion" announced.
The paper is an attempt to
explain the activities, the
classes and the physical lay
out of the University.
University students who
worked on the publication in
clude: Bobbie Tanner, LaRae
Richter, Julie Moran, Gail
Simon, Andy Anderson, Car
oil Kraus, Jane Mahoney and
Ann Walker.
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None of the cooperative
have been filled to date.
Should there be an over-flow
of male housing applicants,
single students who have
spent a year in some type of
group housing may live in
University-approved off-cam
pus housing.
Apartments are available
for married students. Van
Westover, assistant to the
Dean of Men, said that ac
commodations for married
students have "worked out
The three housing units
completed in 1957 were Piper
Hall which accommodates 160
women, Fedde Hall which ac
commodates 70 women and
Burr Hall which houses 230
Housing officials empha
sized that enrollment figures
represent only applications as
of July 10. They anticipate an
increased fall enrollment, but
final figures will not be avail
able until later.
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