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JULY 23, 1959
J. c.
University Theatre's production of "Laura," opening to
morrow night, offers an especially interesting play-going op
portunity for those who remember the picture, in which
Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney and Clu'ton Webb starred in
1944. Adapted for the stage from her original novel, Vera
Caspary's theatrical treatment of the murder
and mystery that surrounded Laura Hunt's
life differs a bit from its screen presentation.
This column will not attempt to step from
within the bounds of its area of interest by
either a comparison of productions or per
formances It will, however promise, as to
those who may stay up for any of "Laura's"
many late TV showings, a story of excitement
and romance, and one of the most unpredict
able conclusions in stage-movie history.
The current hero in film circles has noth
ing io do with movie production.. He is Judge
Julius Miner of Chicago, who last wcek.-etoed the Chicago
Censor Board's refusal to permit "Anatomy of a Murder"
showings in the city without detections of such heretofore un
heard screen dialogue as "How many times did you have
intercourse?" an; "Did he reach his climax?" Murray Ham
ilton calls Lee Remick a bitch from the witness stand and
references are made to the departed's sexual prowess. Ap
parently Judge Miner intelligently agreed that producer
Otto Premings." (who previously defied industry opinion and
released such controversial pictures as "The Moon Is Blue"
and "The Man With The Golden Arm") intended not cheap
sensationalism, but adult consideration of the facts of life.
Granted that if '.he film concentrated more on anatomy than
murder, the city might have just cause for cuts, but in this
case there's little validity in questioning the good intention
of a production team like Prem'nger, James Stewart, Judge
Jiseph N. Welch and Duke Ellington, among olher great
talents involved. Besides, the pivture is not only a business
blc'-kbusicr at nli other early engagements, but the critics
arc on its bandv;.son too.
Thursday, July 23 I
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
p.m. Ralph Mueller Plane-j
tarium, Morrill Hall, 14th and1
V. !
I Tractor Power and Safety j
Pay, all day beginning at 9;
a.m., tractor testing tanora
tory, College of Agriculture
Film, "Rasho-Mon," (Jap
anese), 7:30 p.m., Student Un
ion ballroom.
Friday, July 24
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
and 8 p.m., Ralph Mueller
Planetarium, Morrill Hall,
14th and U.
Theater, "Laura," 8 p.m.,
Howell Memorial Theater, ad
mission free.
Saturday, July 25
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:15
and 3:30 p.m., Ralph Mueller J
Planetarium, Morrill Hall
14th and U.
Theater, "Laura," 8 p.m.,
Howell Memorial Theater, ad
mission free.
Sunday, July 26
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:15
and 3:30 p.m., Ralph Mueller
Planetarium, Morrill Hall,
14th and U. ,
Sunday Night Movie, "Love
Is A Many Splendored Thing,"
7:30 p.m. Student Union Ball
room. Monday, July 27
Pre-registration Guidance
tests, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Stu
dent Union Ballroom.
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
and 8 p.m., Ralph Mueller
Planetarium, Morrill Hall 14th
and U.
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
p.m., Ralph Muller Planetari
um, Morrill Hall, 14th and U.
Wednesday, July 29
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
and 8 p.m., Ralph Mueller
Planetarium, Morrill Hall,
14th and U.
Pan-American Fiesta, High
light of the Slimmer Session,
Dinner, 6 p.m. in the new Pan
American Suite of the Student
May Feature
One pound sandwiches
served on a one by six inch
wooden plank and barbeque
buffets are two of the items
in the planning for the new
Student Union cafeteria.
Martin Kohlligian Union
Food Services Director,
said that several new
ideas are in the making, but
they depend upon new equip
ment and available facilities.
"So far we've had an ex
cellent response to the cafe
teria," he said, "I think that
anything new attracts peo
ple." Kolligian said that the
lighting and decor seems to
make students more comfort
able. He notecfthat salad and
dessert sales have doubled
since the cafeteria opened.
He credits this largely to new
food displays.
Included in the new addi
tions will be a grill, stero
phonic juke box, and an area
suitable for dancing.
Summer Nebraskan
The Summer Nebraskan la the official
publication of the University of Nebras
ka Summer Sessions and is published
under the sponsorship of the School of
Journalism. The newspaper is published
every Thursday during the Summers Ses
sions except oa holidays and exam pe
riods. tail
Barbara Bible Editor
Jerry SeUentia -. Business Manager
Informatioo for publication may be
turned in to 3419 Burnett or called fai
on extensions 3156 or aiS7.
For 1if double
ring ceremony
It's the big top in popular
favor! Most weddings today
are double-ring. Ana among
young people, the plain 14K
gold wedding rings with the
simple solitaire are preferred.
aw. FW.
Quality Tell, f
fcawiiaaialttalaali I
1200 "O"
Many Students Fail
Guidance Exams
An estimated 25 per cent
of the students who took the
pre-registration and guidance
tests this summer for the Uni
versity of Nebraska failed the
complete battery, according
to Dr. Darrell Anderson, ad
ministrator of the examina
tions. Anderson said there is noth
ing "startling or sensational" j
in this failure rate. He said
that 25 per cent of any group
of eraduatine hieh school sen
iors who take the Nebraska
University test usually fail.
In . the college ability ex
amination 25 oer cent of the
participants scored below
passing. "But this has no
bearing of their being ac
cepted to the University,"
Dr. Anderson said. "T h e s e
students have already been
accepted to the University."
Anderson termed the ad
ministration of the chemistry
test as "encouraging." The
chemistry test i only taken
students who have had a
semester or more of chem
istry in high school. In the
past this has meant that a
comparatively few incoming
students have been required
to take the test. This sum
mer about 50 per cent of the
students had the examination.
Again, an estimated 25 per
cent failed.
This 25 per cent failure
figure also applied in English.
No figures on mathematics
and reading are yet avail
able. About 800 students partici
pated in a five hour battery
of tests this summer.
The examinations covered
the subjects of English, chem
istry, mathematics, reading
and college ability.
'4 Goml Ttmkri Agency"
school smice
l:..t.i:.kJ ima rM tta Miai
Villey so the West Coast tmroll Sttr.
S2 Stuart !.. Uaek t, !
During the past 41 years we have devoted time and
effort exclusively to the placement oi teachers.
Teachers desiring specialized and personal, service
any place in the field of education will find us able
and willing to give their particular needs individual
attention. Our field of activity has gradually spread
over a large territory. No matter where teachers de
sire to go or in what grade of work, from kindergarten
to college, our service is generally able to meet their
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