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JULY, 16, T959
f :a
J. C. West
by John C. West
Producer Carl Foreman ("The Key"), quoted in a recent
issue of the Film Daily, gave warning to the industry in
which he makes his living. "The future of the movies," he
said, "rests on who's going to be making pictures five cr ten
years from now." Foreman stated that film companies
"should go out looking lor people and
bring them in," because very soon ' new
blood" in production ranks will be a dire
need. He sighted England's proposed
move to levy theatre tax revenue for
the establishment of a school to develop
producers, directors and writers. As to a
plan for American filmmakers. Foreman has
made an early start by attempting the
selection of a young writer to observe pro
duction of his forthcoming film. "The Guns
Of Navarone," which will roll in Europe in
January. The writer will be salaried and
will assume no other responsibilities during the making of the
pijture other than an absor.bsion of the essentials of motion
pktre production.
Allied Artists, a studio who's recent move to major
productions has fostered such rewarding efforts at "Friendly
Persuasion," "Love In The Afternoon," "Al Capone" and
"The Big Circus," has already encouraged - at least two
prospective young Cecilc DeMilles and Sam Goldwyns. They
are Dems and Terry Saunders. 1 he brothers, at ages ju ana
27 respectively, are graduates of U.C.L.A.'s Drama Depart
ment, and have just produced "Crime And Punishment,
U.S.A." - .
An updated version of the Dostoevski classic of crime
and conscience, it is the handiwork of two men of achieve
ment in pictures which far exct-.vs their years. The Saunders
two-reeler, "Time Out Of War," a black and white dramatic
story played against a Civil War backdrop, won an Oscar
in 19')4 and later reaped prizes in film competitions at Venice,
London and Edinburgh. Two of their earlier offerings "Intro
duction To Jazz" and "Narcotics" (1932) have also been the
subjects of international acclaim.
Crowe Heads Turkey Staff
Dr. Lawrence K. Crowe, as
sociate chief of staff of the
University of Nebraska field
staff in Turkey, was elevated
Thursday afternoon to chief
of staff, replacing Dr. Otto
Hoiberg who has completed
his two-year assignment as
head of the mission.
His promotion was ap
proved by the University's
Board of Regents.
Dr. Hoiberg, who is on leave
from the University faculty
as co-ordinator f Community
Services for the Extension Di
vision, will return to Nebraska
in September.
The University Mission in
Thursday, July 16 j
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
p.m., Ralph Mueller Plane
tarium, Morrill Hall, 14th
and U.
Lecture Russian educa-j
tion, Dr. Richard Rapacz of
Columbia University, 11 a.m.
415 Administration Building.
World Affairs Preview,
"Communist China Econom
ic Facts and Fancies," Dr.
Yuan-li Wu, associate profes
sor of economics, Marquette
University 2 p.m., Love Li
brary auditorium.
Friday, July 17
Lecture, Russian education,
Dr. Richard Rapacz of Co
lumbia University, 11 a.m.,
415 Administration Building
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
and 8 p.m., Ralph Mueller
Planetarium, Morrill Hall
14th and U.
Saturday, July 18
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:15
and 3:30 p.m., Ralph Muel
ler Planetarium, Morrill Hall,
14th and U.
Sunday, July 19
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:15
and 3:30 p.m., Ralph Muel
ler Planetarium, Morrill Hall,
14th and U.
Sunday Night Movie, "Ene
my Below,' 7:30 p.m. Student
Union Ballroom.
Monday, July 20
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
p.m., Ralph Mueller Plane
tarium, Morrill Hall, 14th
and U.
Clinic, "Patterns of Rural
Education," Speakers, S.
Berg and M. Cushman, regis
tration at 9 a.m. in Love Li
brary Auditorium, luncheon
at 12 noon at the Student
Union and dinner at 0 p.m.
nJSf Tl I
.Dr. Crowe Dr. Hoiberg
Turkey is financed by a con
tract with the U.S. Interna
tional Cooperation Adminis
tration. The University is pro
viding technical advice and
assistance to Turkey in build
ing its new Ataturk Univer-
the Student Union.
Tuesday, July 21
"Our Dynamic Skies," 2:45
p.m., Ralph Mueller Plane
tarium, Morrill Hall, 14th and
Wednesday, July 22
"Our Dynamic S k i e s,"
2:45 and 8 p.m., Ralph Muel
ler Planetarium, Morrill Hall,
14th and U.
' Pi Lambda Thcta Lunch
eon, Student Union.
Phi Delta Kappa Luncheon,
Student Union.
Takes Leave
Dr. Milton W. Beckmann,
professor of secondary educa
tion at the University of Ne
braska, will serve as head of
the secondary school mathe
tion in the! I
a u in i u i fil
tration of Ti
tle 3 of the
National De
fense Educa
tion Act I n';':f.
His leavd I '
of absence
ol absence ' , n -for
one year, Tf M;
effec t i v e iU J '
Sept. 1, was Dr. Beckmann
approved last week by the
University's Board of Regents.
Title 3, provides $75 million
a year foz four years for
strengthening mathematics,
science and modern foreign
language instruction.
Dr. Beckmann will be head
quartered in Washington,
D.C. in the U.S. Office of Education.
are marquise
side diamonds
A brilliant aymbol of iuccett
nd happiness ahead! Smartly
tailored design, radiant with
three diamonds in each ring.
Richly elegant interplay of
American Gem Society
mo km J ' Jr
sity and in strengthening and Dr. Carl J. Schneider,
Ankara University. associate professor of political
At present the Mission is science, will return in Sep
staffed by nine faculty mem- tember after completing two
bers, of whom Dr. Hoiberg year assignments.
Budget Permits Increases
In Salaries of Faculty
As a result of increased I basis and not on an across-
legislative appropria
tions, the University of Ne
braska's general current
funds budget for the 1959-60
fiscal year will total $16,066,-
129 an increase of nearly
$1.8 million compared with
the past fiscal year.
Comptroller Joseph Sosh
nik said that more than 90
per cent of the increase will
go into higher salaries for
University personnel. Of the
increase, 75 per cent will go
into academic salaries, 19
per cent into classified, hour
ly, and graduate assistant
salaries, and 6 per cent into
executive salaries, including
deans, directors, and super
intendents. These increases, he added,
are determined on a merit
the-board scale.
The budget was approved
Thursday afternoon by the
Board of Regents at its reg
ular meeting.
Dr. Soshnik said the gen
eral current funds budget,
with an actal increase of
$1,797,871, consists of: aca-.
demic and administrative"
salaries, $8,906,401, up $1,
322,155; classified salries
and hourly wages, $3,500,386,
up $191,827; graduate assist
ants, $519,320, up $106,260;
and operating expense and
equipment, including social
security, $3,140,022, up $177,
629. The general current funds
budget will be supported by
six different sources of rev
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