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Poge 4
THe Doily Nebroskon
Tuesdoy, Moy 5, 1959
Tie Neiv System
Registration Worksheets Due
18 Juniors, Seniors
Registration worksheets for
Juniors and seniors must be
turned in by May 18.
Sophomores' worksheets
are due May 19 and freshman
on May 20. Late worksheets
may be handed in May 21.
ine registrar's ofiice Is
pulling cards for students this
spring. Cards will be pulled
according to hours earned as
of Feb. 2, 1959, and the order
in which worksheets are re
Muaenis ar instructed to
Bizad Council
Elections Today
Elections for Business Ad
ministration Executive Coun
cil will be held In conjunction
with Student Council elections
Candidates are:
Seniors Areita Greenland,
Don Hall Marvin Moes. Ron
Lahm, Jimmie Laird, Wayne
Saxon and Duane Batonhorst.
Juniors Dick Newman,
Jerome Dondlinger, Frank
May, Larry Kilstrup and
Frances Spoeneman.
Sophomores Guy James
and Al Williams.
Tha Council is composed
of three seniors (one a girl),
three juniors (one a girl l and
two sophomores.
Want Ads
No. Words! 1 da. a da. S da. 4da.
I 0 I .85 .85 ;
I 1.05 1.25
.60 .85
.70 1.10 1.45
( .80 1.25 1.85 2.00
1 iwTj 1 25 1.85 2 00
list alternative courses on the
worksheet for specific
courses. Alternative sections
are to be listed in multi-section
courses, in order of pref
erence. The bottom half of the
worksheets must also b e
filled out so that the Regis
trar's Office can use it as a
guide in pulling the cards
when shifts are necessary in
courses and sections.
StudenLs who have a work
schedule or practice time for
intercollegiate athletics must
j 0 1.40 1.85 2.2.1
1.00 1.55
!05 2 50
These low-cost rate apply to Want
Ads which are placed for ooncmlv.
darn and arc paid for within 10 days
after tr. ad cxpiraa or la canceled.
WANTED: Will Buy any and all Cop
ies of 1st edition Olausslus A riapev
ron "RsiatMstlc Thsc-ry of Quantum
Fl-trodynamic Pllaa.-' C. Skov. Brace
Esther Loao. specialist tn Men'
Women'a fltttnr. pronlema. Double
breasted converted to tingle. 4445 So.
th. 4-4211.
Iv and eve. classes at the MIDWEST
Hulrdressln ACADEMY accrdltd
school of cosmetology. 202 Berkley
R:i . 115 No. 12. 2-4938.
Wives Get
For the third year, wives
and fiancees of Air Force
ROTC Cadets who are sched
uled to receive commissions
at the University in June can
ask about "what they're get
ting into."
The University Air Force
ROTC detachment is holding
the question and answer ses
sions which include two more
meetings in the Student Un
ion A and B from 7-9 p.m.
Meetings yet to come are:
May 5 Air Force Living,
conducted by Lt. Col. Rich
ard Hamilton, Maj. Charles
Arpke, Capt. Wayne Handshy
and their wives.
May 7 Flying Training.
Temporary Duty Tours and
Problems of the Flyer's Wife,
conducted by Capt. Gordon
Ware, Capt. Leslie Foster
man and their wives.
A '"graduation party" is
scheduled May 8 at the Lin
coln Air Force Base Officers
indicate this on their work
sheets. Employer's name,
address and telephone num
ber should be given if they
are known.
If a student has followed
the suggested procedures and
cards cannot be pulled t o
make a workable schedule,
the Registrar's Office will
contact the student and ask
him to come in personally
for consultation.
Students prefering to pull
their cards in person may do
so for Summer Sessions June
8 and for fall on Sept. 9, 10, i
Fall semester cards will be
claimed and fees paid as fol
lows: A-G, Sept. 9; H-M,
Sep. 10; N-Z, Sep. 11. They
will be paid at the Men's P.E.
Mike Smith
Takes Two
Art Awards
A January Graduate of the
University, Michael Smith,
was named winner of the
'grand prize and a purchase
award at the annual Mid
America art show last week.
The Art show was held at
the William Rockhill Nelson
Gallery and Atking Museum
in Kansas City, Mo.
Muth Williams, a sopho
more at the University, re
ceived a purchase award for
a pastel, "Flat Lands."
Smith's entry was an oil
painting, entitled "St. Fran
cis and the Church of St. Da
mian." Smith is now a grad
uate student at the Univer
sity of Minnesota.
Larry Johnson, Nancy Hal
lam, jerry Jacoby, Dick
Moses and David Ryan, oth
er University of Nebraska art
students also had entries in
the show.
12th and 0 to be Scene
Of Outdoor 'Shrew'
Masquers to Hold
Naming Contest
Nebraska Masquers is con
ducting a contest to find a
name for the golden stat
uettes presented to out
standing individuals in the
University Theatre.
The eight-inch gilded cer
amic figure will be present-
Gail Simon
Elected Head
Of Orchesis
Gail Simon has been elect
ed p r e s id e n t of Orchesis,
modern dance group.
Miss Simon, a sophomore
in Arts and Sciences, is an
AUF chairman, a Union
chairman, a member of Al-
pha Lambda Delta and Kap
pa Alpha Theta.
Vice president is Anne
Nordquist, junior in Teach
ers and a member of Kappa
Anne Sowles, freshman 1 n
Arts and Sciences and mem-
By Sondra Whalen
"Taming of the Shrew," the
University Theatre's contribu
tion to the Lincoln Centennial,
will be presented tonight at
7:30 p.m. in an open air
theatre at 12th and 0 Streets.
No curtains or scenery will
be used for the production.
Blackouts will mark the time
between scenes and charac
ters will use properties to
give the audience the feel of
the play.
"With such different sur
roundings, this is going to be
a lot of fun," Gerald Carlson,
director of the show, said.
"It should be very good
too," he said, adding that the
cast consisted of many people
with University theatre ex
perience. The audience will sit on the
12th street sides of the street
on bleachers. The perform
ance is free and seating ca
pacity is approximately 500.
"Our dress rehearsal Sun
day night attracted almost
200 people," Carlson said.
The costumes will be styl
ized Elizabethan, with "more
concentration on color and de
sign than authenticity." They
were designed by Mrs. Doris
Quist, a '55 graduate of the
University and a speech ma
jor. She was assisted by Bonna
Tebo Hays, who plays the
"Taming of the Shrew,"
one of Shakespeare's earliest
comedies, is the story of two
sisters. Bianca; who is popu
lar, cannot marry until her
older sister Katharine is mar
ried. Katharine is a shrew and
no man will have her; thus
the problem developes.
Bianca's suitors find Petru
chio, who is able to tame the
shrew for a sizable dowry.
Katharine will be played by
Bonna Tebo Hays. Bianca is
being interpreted by Sally
Wengert. Lucentio, Vincentio's
son, is played by Steve
Schultz. Lucentio's servant is
Roy Willey.
Baptista, a rich gentleman,
is John Gerber. Bianca's suit
ors are Gremio and Horten
sio, played by Zeff Bernstien
and Howard Martin. Lucen
tio's other servant, Biondello,
is being played by Francis
Petruchio, a gentleman of
Verona, will be acted out by
James Baker. Grumio and
Curtis, two servants of Pe
truchio, are being played by
John Erickson and James
MacDonald. Other servants of
Petruchio will be interpreted
by John Turner, .and Dave
A&S Recount
Will Be Asked
Diane T i n a n, Arts and
Science candidate for Student
Cduncil, told the Daily Ne
braskan late Monday that she
would ask for a recount of
the Arts & Sciences ballots.
Miss Tinan lost by one
vote 162 to 161 in the Art
and Sciences election.
CREAM-OIL Charlie!
Met f
JF C"k A, A
CARRIE Z. NATION, barmaid, levti
"Smart man choott Wildroot, the
non-alcoholic hair toeic!"
BaT lift a lrK
Special of the week ....
Federal Bake Shop 1211 "0" St.
a ti tw. ..;: ns aim .uuiaM am
cu m mcauc uai m. luams m., . ni. r!o,mo 4o (V,
the annual Awards Dinner ! UCI m "T" '
new setreiai y-ucdsuici .
New publicity chairman is
Pennie Sandritter, freshman
in Arts and Sciences and
member of Alpha Omicron
Late Minutes
May Bring
Bie bm- for part time work. 12-2 Ap
ply Employment Office. 7th floor Mil
ler Paine.
Bummer jnb opportunity for qualified
rommerciat pslot inth an experienced
apr-lirator. Previous experience in
aprayinR and ducting desirable, 'out not
rtereesary. Contact C. Bliaoad
T M.C.A.. .veninsja. S-1251.
Wanted Models for Centenn'al
y.nrn while you I earn and be an Offi
cial Hostess for Cemennlal Exposi
tion. S. Bettv Bonn Ad In Harnera
Bszaar Mairaim.. Call 2-2311. 13
Riuart B'dK.
For al. w.beor tap. recorder, double
track. Ilk. new, and pood selection
progressive lasi records. Call 5-3404
after ft.
For sale Bookcase. (Ilk, chest-of-d
r a w r a , miscellaneous furniture.
This space, remember classifieds pay.
So whv don't 7011 put them to wora
for you today.
Attention Students
Special on new and used Hl-Fi'i. plua
a eotnp'.et. line of high quality port
able radio for those spring per lee 4k
picnics D1ETZ MUSIC HOt SB
'6 8t.
Two formal, fblu. alia 12. Saiga 10.
Ttire. Cocktail Dresses (red . two
wtalta T). Call -10 aftsr aim.
Car HI-FI phonograph for sals. Mo-Par.
Chrysler Product, 3-80TS.
fet of Encyclopedia Americana. 20.
tvorth S3T. txcslieot aondlttoa.
aVrpswrltars. adding machines for rant
or sal. BLOOMS. 321 No. U. t-C2M.
radmu. da, your thesis bound at
H. H. Bindery b experienced book
aindera at new low fiviess, any thick
ness 13 00. Special custom binding at
a sflghtiy higher rat.. Bibles. Teat
books. Paiiodlcala bound and rebound
ef Low Low prteas. Phoo. t-4436
IHytlm 2-a30a Evening.
May 15.
Anvone e x c e p t the mem-
jbers and workers of Nebras
jka Masquers is eligible to
'enter. Suggestions should be
jsubmi'ted on a piece of pa
per with the proposed name,
a reason for the choice and
the person's name and add
ress. Explanation
Each entry must have a
sentence explaining the rea
son for the selection to be
used as a judging basis in
case of duplication of names.
The contest closes May 12.
Entries may be deposited in
the contest box in the hall
way outside Room 108 of
an invitation to students to . . .
220 No. 48th .
Phon 6-5058
A privilege probation for
very severe offenders of the
late minute rule was suggest
ed at the AWS workshop ! Temple Building.
last week. The winnine contestant will
"The probation would
mean that the girl would be
required to be in her room
at 6:30 p.m. every night for
a minimum of a week," Pol
ly Doering, AWS presi
dent explained. "She would
report to the president or
some other officer."
' Of course this would be
used only in very severe
The possibility of combin
ing the offices of AWS rep
representative and stand
ards chairman was also sug
gested. Miss Helen Snyder, assist
ant dean of student affairs,
spoke at the meeting. Miss
Doering led a panel evaluat
ing the AWS program.
Smith to Speak
Before Chemists
Dr. Fred Smith, a professor
of biochemistry at the Univer
sity of Minnesota, will be a
guest lecturer Monday at a
meeting of the Nebraska sec
tion of the American Chemi
cal Society.
He will discuss "Some Re
cent Advances in Carbohy
drate Chemistry" at a meet
ing at 7:30 p.m. in the audi
torium of the Biochemistry
and Nutrition building on Ag
So friendly to your taste!
Lorry Hurb
"Wonder why do one'i answering our 'Heme for
Sate' ad?"
receive two season tickets
for the 1959-60 University
Theatre season and his selec
tion for a name will be used
Judging of the entries willj
be done by the Executive'
Council of Nebraska
Masquers and the winning en
try will be announced at the
Masquers' "Curtain Calls of
'59' " banquet.
The banquet will be held at
the Terrace Room of the
Lincoln Hotel May 15. Tickets
for the dinner may be pur
chased from Masquers mem
bers and workers.
The statuettes to be named
are on display on the first
floor of Temple building.
Omicron Nu
16 Women
A mother and daughter was
the unusual two-some initi
ated with 16 other University
women into Omicron Nu at
the home economic honorary's
spring banquet recently.
The initiate two-some is
Mrs. Grace Heldenbrand. a
junior; and her daughter. Aria
Mae Heldenbrand. a senior.'
Both are from Lincoln.
Mrs. Bernie Camp waf,
the featured speaker wii
'The Anniversary Year" dur
ing the after-dinner program.
Other initiates included:'
graduate students Mrs. Ella!
Higgens, Mrs. Beverly Turn
bul, Mrs. Francis Detmer;
senior students Betty Burk
land, Mrs. Vivian Elliott, Mrs.
Beverly Friedman, Lucille
Happel, Paty Kaufman,
Deanna Nelson, Victoria O'
Neal, Mary Lynn Stafford,
and juniors Betty Mann, Faye
Oeltjen, Jane Savener, Mary
Vrba and Mary Walters.
Doris Eby, senior in home
economics, is chapter presi
dent of Omicron Nu.
Mrs. Fern Brown, assistant
professor in home economics,
is faculty advisor.
ACE To Meet
ACE will meet today In 200
Teachers College at 5 p.m.
Ellen Mahoney Hoeppner
will give a report on the ex
periences of her first year of
No flat ffitered-out "flavor !
No dry ''smoked-out'' taste I
i j 'k.-
See how
Roll Moll's
famous length
of fine tobacco
travels and
gentles the smoke
makes it mild
but does not
filter out that
satisfying flavor!
v rrr
f?k:'-$ Ga&
IVbu get Poll Malt, ftmoua length of Q Poll Mollk fbmom length trtMria Q Wafclf
ttvi finest tobocco. money con buy Cj om! pantta the emohe rahiraltK- O through t
Outstanding, and they are Mild !
ojr.undir around oral
through ft Mots fine tcbooooel
Ml fc3 (C
8 P.M.
I ft m m - jb .
Lia Uzs IZza UX
MAY 6, 7, 8 . & 9