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    Tuesday, May 5, 1959
By Tom Daviei
Among the outstanding
freshman football players
that Coach Bill Jennings and
the Cornhusker team is bles
sed with is Noel Martin.
Martin, who carries 190
pounds on a 5' 11" frame, is
currently playing fullback
and defensive linebacker. He
started at halfback, but was
later switched to his present
Kansas Product
He Is a prdouct of Clay
Center High School in Kansas.
He was a three year letter
winner in football, wrestling,
and track. As a high schooler,
Martin was picked on the
Interscholastic Ail-American
Football Squad. He was
chosen as a member of the
West team for the annual
East-West high school clas
sic. He was then named to
an All-Star team which an
nually meets Penn's Big 33.
(Top 33 high school football
ers in Pennsylvania.)
Here at Nebraska, Martin
has already shown his abil
ity. He is the number two
fullback on the squad second
only to Don Fricke. He h
also shown talent at the de
fensive linebacker slot.
Nebraska was not the only
school to bid for Martin's
talents by a long shot. He
received offers from all the
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Star Noel Martin
Squad Addition'
Big Eight schools, and sev
eral southern schools includ
ing Texas University, Texas
Christian University, Southern
Methodist University, Arkan
sas University, and Tennessee
University. Martin says that
he chose Nebraska above all
the other schools for several
reasons. Some of these are:
the fine coaching staff; the
campus location; the beauty
of the campus; the atmos
phere; the good spirit; and
the fine support given the
teams by the student body.
His high school coach
wanted him to go to Kansas
University but he said, "At
Kansas the main athletic
emphasis is not on football
but rather on basketball and
Football Family
Martin is a member of a
football family. He has an
older brother, that plays foot
ball for Kansas State and a
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KOLLEEN KERR of Delta Delta Delta takes aim at the target during the Women's
Intramural Rifle Tournament.
Delta Gamma won the Women's Intramural Rifle Championship with a 748-740 vic
tory over Sigma Kappa. Elizabeth Banghart of Sigma Kappa shot the high two target
score of 195 and also the single target high of 99.
Carol Graves and Carolyn Lang of Delta Gamma tied for second place in two-target
scores with 191. Miss Graves was the only girl to shoot a perfect 100 on a single target
this year. She shot it in earlier competition.
High praise, indeed, for any
man ! But did you know that
the description comes from
Robert Burns who soid h first
about a dog? Here's the quote:
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You'll find the couplet In
Burns' "The Two Dogs."
That's everybody's definition
of news, and we're all in
debted to John B. Bogart, city
editor of the old New York
Sun (1 873-90) who first soid:
"When a dog bites o man,
that it not news, because it
happens so often. But if a
man bitet a dog, that it
younger brother that is a soph
omore in high school at Clay
Center. Martin said, "My
younger brother Max is better
now than I ever was." As a
sophomore Max started on
the Clay Center team. He
feels that his parents inspired
him and his brothers to play
Martin is very glad that he
chose Nebraska instead of the
other schools. He said, "I like
Nebraska very much and I
am glad that I picked this
university over the others
Every one is real friendly and
I like the campus very much."
Martin has high hopes for
the Cornhusker squad. He
said, "The team looks good
and if we stick together we
will be smelling orange blos
soms come Christmas." He
also added that the team
needs the support of the en
tire student body if they are
to accomplish their goal.
Softball Standings
Ltarue I
Beta Tht P: -0
Kappa Sigma .....4-1
Sisma Nu 3-2
Pelta Vpsilon 2-2
Phi Kap-a Pe" 1-4
Alpha T?u Ometi 0-5
Leane t
Brown Palace 3-0
Thett XI Tl
Phi Gamnu Dflta 1-2
Siema Vph.a tj 12
Delta Si:mi P 1-2
Delia Tiu Deltt 0-3
Leane S
Farm House 3-1
Alpha r.amma Sisma 3-1
Bea Sigma Psi 3 2
Ag Men 2-2
?eta Beta Tao 1-2
Siiml Alpha Mu 0-4
Learn 4
Delta Siema Phi 4-1
Pioneer C v!7 4-1
Pi Kappa Phi 4-1
Cornhusker 2-J
Theta Chi 1-4
Acacia 9 3
Lean S
Sea ton I 4-0
Van Ea 2-1
MarLeaa 1-2
Smitfl 1-2
Gu I 1-3
Goodins 0-1
Leam S
Manatt 4-0
Gu n 1-0
Burnett 2-1
Hitchcock 2-3
Kieselbacta 0-1
Benton 0-2
Lean 1
Dental CoDefe J l
Phvslca 2-0
Pthoten 2-2
Navy ROTC 1-t
Pharmacy 1-3
Leane t
Sophomore Denli J-0
Chemirte 2-1
Phi pi!on Kappa .0-3
Inter-Varsity 0-S
Netters Face
Coach Ed Higginbotham's
Cornhusker Tennis squad
takes to the road today for a
match with Omaha Creighton
University in Omaha.
The Huskers who have a 6-6
record thus far this season
will be looking for their sec
ond victory over Creighton.
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His friend replied, "What do you mean?
You never did any advertising."
" know," was his answer, "but my compe
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The Daily Nebroskon
The Nebraska Soccer team
won their second league game
of the season Sunday down
ing the German Falstaff team
of Omaha 2-0 at Peter Pan
j Park. The Huskers have lost
one league game and have a
4-1 season record.
Joe Luk scored both Husker
goals before suffering a badly
bruised leg.
Nebraska's next league
game is against the Lithuan
ians at Omaha, Sunday. Ne
braska defeated the Lithuan
ians 4-3 in their last en
counter. Ray Balfour
Is Awarded
Hillel Honor
Ray Balfour was recently
awarded the Henry Monsky
Interfaith Award of the Na
tional Hillel Commission.
He was commended for his
interdenominational, inter
faith and international work.
Balfour is the first presi
dent of the Council on Reli
gion at the University.
He was active in arranging
the International Friendship
Dinner, Religious Emphasis
Week and many other reli
gious activities.
He is the vice president of
the United Christian Campus
Fellowship and was the Uni
versity's delegate to the Inter
Collegiate Conference on Reli
gion at Michigan University
in April.
Balfour is a senior in civil
The netters have previously
beaten Creighton 6-0 this
season. All matches including
the doubles were taken in
straight sets.
Back in sen-ice will be Bill
North who was not able to
make the trip to Drake and
Iowa State last week end.
Cowboys Increase Big Eight
Lead Over 2nd Place Missouri
By Hal Brown j
Despite losing their first
conference game of the year,
Oklahoma State increased
their lead over second place
Missouri to two full games.
Nebraska defeated the Cow
boys 7-2 Friday for their first
loss in the conference.
Toby Green's club came
back, however, to win both
ends of Saturday's double
header, 4-0 and 5-1 behind
the pitching of Joe Hor
len and Dick Soergel. The se
ries left Oklahoma State with
an 11-1 record and Nebraska
in sixth place with a 3-6
Missouri also suffered their
first defeat of the conference
campaign when they bowed
to Oklahoma 1-0 as southpaw
Tom Jones threw a no-hitter.
Jones' no-hitter nearly went
down the drain in the seventh
inning however as the Ti
gers' Gene Orf hit a liner
into left-center field for what
should have been a triple. But
Orf failed to touch first base
and when the ball was re
turned to first, his long hit
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lJJ how .
was ruled a ground out.
Missouri won the opening
game of the series 3-1 and the
second game of the twinbill
was called at the end of three
innings with no score.
Colorado moved from 5rt to
3rd place in the standings
with a sweep of their
with the hapless Kansas Jay
hawks. The scores were 15
12, 5-1 and 11-5.
The three losses gave Kan
sas sole possession of last
place with 0-9 record.
Iowa State remained in con
tention with two wins over
Kansas State, 19-10 and 9-5.
The third game was canceled
by rain. The wins gave the
Cyclones a 7-4 mark leaving
them just 3. games behind
the league leading Cowboys.
Kansas State is in seventh
place with an 0-8 record only
one-half game ahead of last
place Kansas.
This weekend is an import
ant one for the two leaders
with Oklahoma State travel
ing to Colorado and Missouri
going to Iowa State.
Colorado and Iowa State
will each have to win two of
the three games to remain in
contention for the title and
a chance to go to the Col
lege World Series in June.
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Page 3.
In other league action, Ne
braska will be trying to reach
the .500 mark when they take
the road for a series with
last place Kansas. Kansas
State will be at Oklahoma.
To Begin
Thursday the intramural
Softball elimination tourna
ment will begin. The best two
teams from each of the eight
leagues will enter the tourna-
ment. The final game of the
tournament for the intramural
softball championship will be
played on May 20.
On Thursday, the winner of
league I will meet the winner
of league II; the winner of.
league III will meet the win
ner of league IV; the runnerup
in league I will meet the run
nerup of league II; and the
runnerup of league III will
meet the runnerup of league
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