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    Porter, Blair,
Sophir, Muck
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George Porter, a dark horse
candidate nominated from the
floor, was elected president of
the Interf raternity Council
weanesaay nignt.
Other officers chosen by the
IFC for the coming vear were
Bob Blair, vice-president,
Jack Muck, treasurer, and
Marty Sophir, secretary.
Two on Slate
Slated by the IFC executive
committee lor tne president s
race were Bob Blair and for
mer IFC secretary Bob
Krumme. Porter's name "was
nominated from the floor.
Discussion was held on the
candidates individually and
then on the candidates as a
Retiring Officers
Are Applauded
The only unanimous vote at
the hotly contested IFC elec
tions Wednesday night came
at the end of the meeting.
A vote of appreciation for
the outgoing officers drew a
round of applause from tie
packed IFC chamber.
IFC officers ending their
terms Wednesday were pres
ident, Gary Cadwallader, Phi
Delta Theta; vice-president,
John Glynn, Beta Theta Pi;
treasurer, Tom Neff, Delta
Tau Delta; and secretary,
Bob Krumme, Sigma Chi.
Hardin Praises
Storm Housing
The outgoing officers of the
Interfraternity Council
sterroed down on a pleasant
note Wednesday having just
received a note from the
Chancellor saying in part:
"I was very much im
pressed with the manner in
which the fraternity nouses
opened their doors to the
snowbound high school stu
dents who were attending the
recent State Basketball Tour
nament. This attitude of
friendliness, helpfulness and
readiness to be of service has
been noted by many members
of the faculty, the Dean of
Student Affairs, and I am
sure, by the people of Ne
braska." Furrow
30 Days
'Action Based
On Court Fine$
Sgt. John Furrow head of
the campus police, has been
suspended from duty for 30
days, effective April 1, Uni
versity offlcals announced to
day. The suspension was based
on action in Lincoln Municipal
court Wednesday, where Ser
geant Furrow was fined for
two traffic violations.
The police chief plead nolo
contendere (no contest) to
charges of leaving the scene
of an accident and negligent
Furrow was allegedly driv
er of a car which struck a
parked car on Vine between
24th and 25th Feb. 1 and then
drove on without leaving his
name and address.
Earlier he had pleaded in
nocent to the leaving the
scene charge, on which he was
fined $25. Judge John Jacob
son also fined him $15 on the
negligent driving charge, aris
ing from the same accident,
on which he previously had
not been arraigned.
Upon Sergeant Furrow's re
turn to duty, he will be placed
on probation for an indefinite
period of time, the officials
Acting head of the campus
of police for the 30 days will
be John Lehl, a member of
the force since 1953.
Ag Union Plans
April Mardi Gras
The Ag Union will hold a
sport dress dance, The Mardi
Gras, on April 10 featuring
Bill Albers and Combo.
The dance will be held in
the Activities Building start
ing at 8 p.m.
The admission price will be
45 cents each or 90 cents for
a couple.'
whole, the nominees being ab
sent irom tne room.
According to the IFC con
stitution, a majority vote is
required to elect an officer.
There was not a majority on
tne first ballot and Krumme's
name was dropped. Porter
was elected on the second
One Name
Bob Paine and George Por
ter were slated by the IFC
exec committee for the offi
cer of vice president. Porter's
election left only Paine's
name on the ballot for vice
Krumme ana Clair were
nominated from the floor.
Krumme was eliminated on
the first ballot and Blair was
elected on the second ballot,
Jack-Muck and Larry Kil-
strup were slated for the
treasurer's seat. There were
no nominations from the floor
and Muck was elected on the
first ballot. v
First Ballot
John Hoerner and Marty
Sophir held the IFC slate po
sitions for IFC secretary. Kil
strup was nominated from
the floor for the job. Sophir
was elected on the first bat
All voting was conducted by
secret ballot. There were 22
of 23 fraternities voting. Zeta
Beta Tau was absent from
the election meeting.
Porter is a member of Stu
dent Council, copy editor of
the Blueprint, Engineering
Exec Board, chairman of the
IFC political committee and
vice president of Sigma Nu.
Blair is a Student Council
member, a member of IFC
rush week and special im
provements committees, Kap
pa Alpha Mu, and president of
Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
Muck is a member of Stu
dent Council, Kosmet Club
and All University Fund. He
is chairman of the IFC public
relations committee, and
chairman of the Spriqg Day
central committee.
Sophir is a member of both
the IFC rush committee and
social committee. He is a
Kosmet Klub worker a n d is
rush chairman of Sigma Alpha
Mu. He was an eligible bache
lor finalist I
Matrix Banquet Speakt
Hat Protest Wins Letters,
Attention for Lois Wille
A story concerning a fash- Letters of agreement from
ion designer who protested suburban men and protests
that suburban women didn't from suburban women flood-
know how to to wear hats
brought professional atten
tion to the speaker at Theta
Sigma Phi's Annual Matrix
WSJ 'tfs 'ff'P
Miss Wille
AUF Opens
Faculty Poll
Members to See
New Faculty
The two-week All University
Funds faeulty drive opened
March" 30. AUF members will
personally contact new facul
ty members for contributions.
Letters have also been sent
explaining the drive and re
questing contributions.
Funds collected from this
drive will be divided among
the following six charities
selected by an earlier student
and faculty poll: World Uni
versity Service Lancaster
County Committee for Crip
pled Children Lancaster As
sociation for Retarded Chil
dren Muscular Dystrophy
Association of America Am
erican Cancer Society and
Lincoln Community Chest.
Bridge Tournament
Selleck Quadrangle Invita
tional Duplicate Bridge Tour
nament will bo held tomor
row. The tournament will be
held in the TV lounge of the
main building of Selleck Quad.
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Vol. 33, No. 87
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South Africa. Just testing is the word as
University students measure the student
capacity of one of the campus's phone
Squeeze-Play Craze Popularity
May Surpass that of
By John Hoerner
Togetherness seems to be
the word as college students,
eager to do anything in the
Spring, have taken up a South
African phone booth cram
ming challenge.
A short while ago a
college in South Africa pro
claimed themselves world rec
ord holders of the compact
squeeze with 25 students in a
telephone booth.
A London university Imme-
ed her desk after the article
Lois Will
Mrs. Lois Wille, Chicago
Daily News feature writer,
will speak at the Matrix
Banquet, 6 p.m- Saturday in
Union parlors X, Y, and Z.
Mrs. Wille's steps from
school to her present position
can be labeled "college,
monkeys, fashions, and
Receiving her B.S. from
Northwestern U. in 1953, she
took her Master's Degree a
year later.
White Sands
Her next stop was White
Sands Proving Grounds,
New Mexico, where as an Air
Force public relations writer
she once wrote about mon
keys that had seen tie earth
from a 60,000 foot vantage
The animals were sent high
Into the stratosphere by bal
loon to provide data that
would serve s safe guards
for high-flying pilots.
When her husband was dis
charged from tie army in
1955, Mrs. Wille returned to
Chicago and worked as a
business manager and assist
ant editor of a trade publica
tion. Fire
'Then," said the lady Jour
nalist, "with the help of some
sports stories and my being
present when an elevated
train caught on fire, I was
transferred to the news
In 1956 she became assist
ant to the fashion editor and
women's page feature writer
at the Daily news.
Boyes Elected
Sinfonia Head
Terry Boyes has been elect
ed president of Phi Mu Alpha
Sinfonia, professional music
Other officers elected were
Gale Miller, vice-president;
Richard Lenington, secretary;
Duane Jorgensen, treasurer;
Norval Nickolls, alumni sec
retary; Rodney Schmidt,
warden; Louise Lawson, his
torian; and Frank Tirro,
choral director
diately took up the challenge
but was only able to wedge
17 into the confined area.
The new e r a z e has i n -
creased in popularity so rap
idly that it may surpass the
ever popular panty raid, ac
cording to informed college
administrators as they throw
tolerant glances at the seem
ingly harmless pastime.
The best method seems to
be to accumulate a maximum
number of small students
(preferably freshmen) and
put them under the supervi
sion of one well-versed in
the arts of cram craft.
Mathematics Used
MIT reports 19 students duly
crammed in, using "carefully
calculated mathematia meth
ods" of course.
Ryerson Tech also boasted
a record of 19.
According to unofficial Brit
ish rules, which seem to be
interpreted differently on ev
ery campus, one person must
AWS Heads
Attending the International
Associated Women Students
convention at Arizona State
College are Polly Doering
and Rychie Van Ornam, AWS
president and vice-president
The girls are discussing
common problems with other
Polly Rychie
AWS members throughout the
United States at the conven
tion which began Tuesday
and ends today.
The University AWS board
sent 600 "N" feathers to the
convention, answering a re
quest for a favor representing
the Nebraska campus.
Janecek Named
Theta Sig Head
Jacque Janecek has been
elected president of Theta
Sigma Phi, professional wom
en's journalism fraternity.
Diana Maxwell is the new
vice president. Other new of
ficers are: Sue Schnabel,
treasurer; Gretchen Sides, re
cording secretary, and Sony
Whalen, corresponding secre
tary. Grant to McClung
Calvin McClung has been
awarded the first scholarship
awarded by the Musical For
um of Lincoln.
The $100 scholarship was set
up in memory of Mrs. Altinus
Tullis, former music instruc
tor, at the University.
I i i i
' InftilMlir -ww "-im mm
Tha Daily Nebraskan
booths. Dorothy Beechner and Roy Body
observe Dick Tempero wielding the meas
uring tape.
Panty Raid
make a call at the time of the
California Junior C o 1 -lege
topped all records as they
borrowed a booth from the lo
cal phone company, stood it
on Its side and proceeded to
pile 34 students into the
Recently an Eastern col
lege nationally pooh-poohed
the phone booth Idea with tie
boast that they had crammed
18 students into a Renault
Federal Gov't Tops All
In Science Policy Push
The federal government
has become the most influen
tial and financially powerful
agency in tha establishment
of policies in support of sci
ence, said Dr, Dael Wolfle
In the second of three
Montgomery Lectures the
executive officer of the
American Association for the
Advancement of Science
spoke on "Science in the Fed
eral Government." j
The question of over-all top
level guidance for the govern
ment's scientific activities is
the most important and con
fusing problem of federal re
sponsibility for science, Dr.
Wolfle said.
A new Federal Council for
Science and Technology,
which has not yet met has
been established to provide
tliis guidance. The Council
will consist of representatives
of departments and agencies
with major scientific interest,
he explained.
Dr. Wolfle suggested estab
lishing an organization simi
lar to the wartime Office of
Scientific Research and De
velopment in order to resolve
the conflict in the military
services between their pri
mary task of being ready to
defend the nation on one hand
and the responsibility of con
ducting weapon development
The office would have the
responsibility of improving
Applications Due
For Med Tests
The national Medical Col
lege Admission Test, required
for admittance to any ac
credited medical college in
September, 1960, will be giv
en May 2, 1959.
Premedical students must
take the test before their se
lection by admission commit
tees of various schools.
Applications, obtainable at
30& Bessey Hall must be re
ceived by the Educational
Testing Service, Princeton,
NJH by April 18.
Council Says
Cards Taboo
In Study Area
Card playing In the first
floor study hall of Love Li
brary was discussed at Stu
dent Council meeting Wednes
day. The Council appointed Bob
Council Gets
Clue: Cards j
In Love
A Student Council member's
job is never lacking in excite
ment or novelty.
When a report reached the
Council Library Committee
Wednesday that card playing
had become prominent in the
Love Library study room,
Council members took action.
Council inembers Bob Blair
and Chuck Wilson were desig
nated special investigators by
the council.
The accuracy of the report
was born out Thursday as
they found five groups of male
students indulging in the for
bidden practice.
Casual explanations of the
Library's policy of wanting
to retain the room for study
as it was originally planned,
were sufficient to obtain as
surances by the offenders
that they would curtail their
One culprit exclaimed when
confronted with the problem,
"Why don't they put up a
sign? I didn't know we
couldn't play cards".
Bridge Major
Another member across the
way said "It'll hurt my bridge
major but I guess we'll have
to quit."
"I hope I get off with a
warning, this is only my first
offense," an engineer c o m -mented.
and developing new weapons.
Dr. Wolfle also explained
the operations of a proposed
new Department of Science
and Technology pointing out
that it would provide cabinet
level support for "currently
undernourished agencies and
would enhance the status of
He will present his final
lecture, "Education in a
World of Science" at 8 p.m.
Friday in Love Library Audi
torium. Tribunal
Interviews for Student Tri
bunal judges will be held
next Saturday at a.m., in
room 305 at the Union.
Students interested in ap
plying for a position should
pick up an interview sheet
and sign up for an interview
time on the Student Council
door, room 305, before Thurs
day. Seven student judges will be
selected: four seniors, two
juniors and one law college
student, who at the time of
selection, will have success
fully completed at least one
year of law.
A student judge must have
a grade average which places
him in the upper 50 per cent of
his college class. No student
may serve on both Student
Council and Tribunal during
the same academic year.
Tassels Honor
Slastny, Stute
Mary Stastny and Kay Stute
were named outstanding Tas
sel pledges at the Tassels Ini
tiation Banquet Wednesday.
Janet Mahlman was named
outstanding active.
Miss Stastny is a sophomore
in Arts and Sciences and is
vice president of Towne Club.
Miss Stute is a sophomore in
Agriculture and a member of
Love Memorial Hall.
Miss Mahlman is a junior
in Teachers College.
The awards are recognition
for outstanding work.
Friday, April 3, 1959
Blair and Chuck Wilson to
request the students to cease
playing cards there. Council
members came to the Ubaray
Thursday, and made their re
Richard Farley, assistant
director of libraries, later
checked the first floor room
and noted that no one wag
playing cards.
Pat Flannigan, council B
brary representative, told tha
group that Frank Lundy, Dfc
rector of Libraries, and Far
ley brought the matter to hei
The library directors re
quested that the card playing
be stopped and asked the as
sistance of the council so tha
library officials would not be
forced to close the loom or to
call the matter to the atten
tion of the dean.
"The library should be &a
intellectual center, not a rec
reational center," Farley toll
the Daily N e b r a s k a n, al
though admitting ho was
bridge fan himself.
The first floor study room,
is to be converted, eventually,
to the Science Reading Room,
Farley said. The upstairs
space where the Science
Room is now located will bo
utilized by the Humanities
Reading Room which will e
pand throughout the second
floor reading room area.
"This was a long-ran go
plan," Farley commented .
"It's been in the books for ten
The library officials h o p o
that the conversion will bo
made by next fall, although
Farley said that tha transi
tion would depend on many
things money, construction
contracts, the additional per
"We've stalled this change
until the Union opens, hoping
to transfer (the students) to
the Union," Farley com
mented. The library attempted to
close the first floor study area
last year. Student protest to
the move caused the area to
be available again.
City Union
Sally Down WUt$
Vice Presidency
Karen Peterson has bees
elected president of the City
Union Activities Committee,
Vice president is Sally
Downs. .
Miss Peter
son is Ideal
Nebraska Co
ed, a Spring
Day commit
tee member,
member of
Alpha Lamb
da D e 1 1 a,
AWS B o a r d
and activities
chairman of
Pi Beta Phi. Miss Peterson
She is in Teachers College.
Miss Downs is an Ideal Ne
braska Coed finalist, vice
president of Builders, mem
ber of Alpha Lambda Delta,
secretary of Alpha Phi and is
in Teachers College.
The student members of tha
old and new city Activities
Committee elected the presi
dent. The city Activities Com
mittee, four student members
of the Ag Union Activities
Committee, three alumni and
six faculty members make up
the Union Board of Managers.
Dorothy Hall, Jean Sell,
John West, Sue Carkoski,
Jackie Collins and Pat Porter
are the present members of
the City Union Activities Com
mittee. Home Ec Group
Honors Coeds
Phi Upsilon Omlcron, home
economics honorary, honored
50 girls with an informal coke
party in the Ag Union lounge.
The girls were in the upper
two-fifths of the sophomore,
junior and senior classes.
Following a short program,
Betty Mann, president, dis
cussed objectives and pur
poses of Phi Upsilon Omicroo.
II t '
Ap 3 1959