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    Fridoy, March 6, 1959
Sig Kapps
High in
Firing in the second week
o( the women's riflery compe
tition was completed on Sat
urday. The three highest team to
tals were posted by Sigma
Kappa, 737, Terrace Hall, 722,
nd the Independents, 719. The
highest possible score that
could have been achieved was
Leading the individual to
tals, out of a possible 209
points, were Pat Vincent (Sig
ma Kappa), 192, Carol Graves
(Delta Gamma), Billy Prest
(Kappa Kappa Gamma) and
Elizabeth Banghart (Sigma
Kappa), 191. Kolleen Kerr
(Delta, Delta. Delta), and
Dorothy Dusek (Terrace Hall)
Two girls hit 98 points out
of a possible 100 points on tar
get. They were Pat Vincent,
Sigma Kappa, and Dorothy
Dusek. The team results:
Alpha Phi S 1 defeated ZU Tin
Alpha 71-1
Alpha Chi Omen defeated Delta
Gamma e?7-GG5
Terrace Hall defeated Kappa Alpha
Tbeta 7J10
Kappa Kappa Gamma defeated Zeta
Tail Alpha SI 7071
Siirma Kappa defeated Delta Delta
Delta 73J-705
Independents defeated Alpha Phi
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.... " r " I
- -- ; 45
,m. h .,r:,:r,.,J.Jr.J
K., ' -v-- v -
DALE VOSS, Husker distance ace. takes a breath of air as he finishes the (End lap of
the 1500-meter race. Voss placed fifth in the marathon which was 66 laps from start to
finish. .
Big Eight Meet Starts;
Sooner s Big Favorites
Bv Tom Davies
- , . i . . . i
eDrasKa piays nosi to ine j
Bis Eieht Swimming Cham- S
Dionships which began last i
night at 7:30 p.m. with t h e 1,500-meter freestyle; 0ck 1 Gawthrop, Colorado, 220-yard mo were Bob Connor, 19:5.3;
finals in the 1.500-meter free-1 Lechner in the 200 and 1-; freestyle; Dave Drake, Iowa Don Johnson. 20:30.6; Ron
style. jjard backstroke; John Jan-jstate iooyard butterfly; Bill! Hosner, 20:54-6; Voss, 21:-
The storm has prevented ; ovy in the 200-jard individual , SiUer Kansas, 100-yard free-1 37.5: Cassidy, 21:40.4.
several of the teams from medley; and Gorden Collet j style. jim Laidlaw, Kansas,) Bill North, Nebraska co
arriving on time, but Husk- and Carlyn Trnzan in the 2SW 206-vard breaststroke; and! captain, who was third in the
er Coach Hollie Lepley feels ' and 100-yard breaststroke. j Ton Goblentz. Kansas Stale, 1500 last year, finished out of
that with minor juggling 1 n
some of the preliminaries that
the meet will be run accord
ing to schedule.
OU Favored
The Sooners from Oklahoma
enter the meet as heavy
favorites, but Sooner Coach
Matt Mann says, "It will be
a real fine meet."
The Okies are strong in ev
ery event and will probably
Bis Eight
Swim Program
10:00 a.m. 1-Meter Diving
prelims and semifinals.
1:00 p.m. Preliminaries
200-yard Free Style; 50-yard
Free; 200-yard Backstroke;
220-yard Free Style; 100-yard on in the diving; Larry Mc
Breaststroke: Diving Exhibi- cSeaa ia the butterfly; and
tion; 200-yard Individual Med-. Frank Tom son and Roger
ley; 400-yard Free Style Re- Corn in the backstroke.
7:50 p.m. Finals 200-yard that stand a good chance of '
Butterfly; 50-yard Free Style; ; t0pping individual titles are: j ---200-yard
Back; 220-yard Free Jerry Petkus, Iowa State, in I
Style; 100-yard Breast; 1-met- the 50-yard free stvle; John
er Diving; 200-yard Individual Jeffrey. Kansas, 2oyard but t
Medlev; 400-vard Free Style
10 a.m. Preliminaries: 100
vard Butterfly; 100-yard Free
Stvle; 200-yard Breast Stroke
100-yard Back; 440-yard Free
Stvle; 3-meter Diving (Exhibi
tion): 400-yard Medley Relay.
12:45 p.m. J-Meter Diving
Prelims and Semifinals.
4 p.m. Finals: 100-yard But
terfly; 100-yard Free Style;
200-vard Breast Stroke; 100
vard Back Stroke; 440-yard
;Free Style; J-Meter Diving;
1400-yard Medley.
'have the largest number ofterfly; Dave twen, lowa
. : nr e n , n U ,
cniirrn. i p .uu.ic. 9 wai f
bear watching re
Lermo and Boo lonner in ine
Last season the Sooners
copped tneir sevemn straigni
Big Eight Championship and
placed high in the NCAA
Championships. They scored
179 points in the Big Eight
Meet, while second place
Iowa State scored only 882.
Oklahoma enters the meet
with a 7-1 season record los
ing only to SMTJ whom they!
later defeated. The Huskers J
1 . . . a e I- '
nav e pobif u a 0-0 reason niu n. ,
- 1 1 . I s t . .
inciuuiug ine uau men uicj
dropped to the Sooners
Wednesday night.
Thai nsilm mad liV-olv Ia
si v. iiujinivi m iuvis t w
score in
. .
sue sucm mi . imc
Voss and Bill North in t fa e
distances; Joe Gacnsana in
the sprints; Joe Stocker in
the breastroke; Branch Walt-
Other Bie Eieht swimmers
"How can
- ' Jr ."s..
The Daily Nebroskon
. i s r i rt
5iaie, ana oeorge itKcs, u.-
200-yard backstroke;
Pa1 kapIpf Kansas, and Ali
: iuvvarrf frpestvle
V iM
. -ai 0
I rVice iwclwdw: Ocan Sraeporsstioik, faaia.
- mr4
Deport tnm U S S$
. IM.
aWKSio DsWIiaa: Jwm IS, )
1 be sure you've
B 1 'MSi I Si ' yUffiifflSli!
Sooners Rock Huskers 65-54;
Turner Breaks Scoring Mark
By Hal Brown
Oklahoma hit 19 of 22 free
throws in the second half as
they took a 65-54 decision
over the Husker cagers
Nebraska's H e r s c h e 1 11
Turner scored 21 points to
break the Nebraska season
scoring record of 400 points
by all Big Seven guard Jim
Buchanan. Turner scored his
record-breaking point on a
free throw with 31 seconds re
maining in the first half. The
free throw gave the Huskers
a 25-24 halftime advantage.
The lead see-sawed backi
and forth during the first few
miniitps of the second half
until Oklahoma's Bob Stoer-!
.K cQ,o ov.i t
inc. put nit; uuuiivi a auvou iv
stay with a set show with a
little over 16 minutes remain
ing in the game.
With 4:43 left in the game
and leading 50-43, Oklahoma
started a ball-control type of
game. The Sooners waited for
the easy lay-up and took ad
vantage of Husker fouls to in
crease their lead. A lady sit-
ting about four rows behind j Wednesday night, that they
the Sooner bench described ; were going to be hard to de
the situation perfectly as she; throne in the Big Eight Con-
Voss Finishes
Fifth in
1500 Meters
Dale Voss of Nebraska fin-
!hfH fifth tn nirk nn two
points for the Huskers in the ,0: ' Ro Ken"r i
1500-meters which was the D-, u -
only race that was swum in;".
i opening Big Eight competi-
Oklahoma picked up
f ho
first four DlaceS tO SCOre'l. Ernie Drowatiky t03; J. Rocer Bos-1
nineteen points, while Mike
Cassidy of Kansas was sixth
r- .v- .u l
inr np 111 HIM IllI-ir
t rifAnri;n
i J ' Pi
j jjqq meer champion topped
the Sooner swimmers with a
iq 91 . timintx Fnllnu-intr
i the money.
Two xwintnar Stvdy-Trovel Progron for nder
groduann. Studenh) take English taught courses
at th UnivoTvry of Vnna and hrt in Austrian
homes. Includes 2 months of travel through 9
countries en throe Study Tours.
Total Coth $2080
neorsl, Svieiow
timdaai. wlai
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shouted, "They're just wast-
The Sooners made good on
13 of 14 free throws in the
-i r fhA inmp
Villains; lliuiutvo vi
1 e a 1 J A f A1 am r
as iNeorasM nau t ... ... a..
effort to get the ball.
Oklahoma had good scoring
balance with four players c
r'r- nrri.. TOTALS
douDie injures, uennis iur
Menace" -Price led the OU
scorers with 19 points. He
was followed by Joe Lee
Thompson with 17, Bob Stoer
mer with 12 and Ray Lewis
with 10. Joe Lee Thompson
had scored only 15 points all
season prior to last night's
S3"16- . n .
As Oklahoma ccach Doyle
put it after the game:
We had balance and Ne
braska diln't."
Sooners Rap
Huskers 75-11
Oklahoma served notice,
ference Swimming meet, ine
Sooners won every event inj
handing Nebraska a 75-11 de-'
feat. !
4-rard medler relav 1. Oklahoma ;
(Chuck Lechnec. Gordon CoUett. Jack
Saan, Jerry Lermo). T 4:03.2 i Betters
Coliseum pool record of 4:061. j
Sid-rard freestyle I, Bob Connor fO); ,
I, John Janowar tOi J, Dale Vosa tS).
T J:l 1.
Sd-rard freestyle 1, Don Johnson ((:
".r) -,Bti5
(M. T 1:Z3 9. tDeiters pool rerora w
Iu . ..L. 1 rw Rrmm (0:
i Tk. ihner to;
, - Johnson o: .
1 li" fBetters pa
Roer Corn ). T
pool record of 2:15.1).
I ..a i -i m I rmn
oTtTi BrW o; i, bsu . i
T 1:56.4.
(C-j-ari kreasmke 1. CoDett fO: 2.
Chock Kruran OI; S. Joe Slooker X).
T 2:24 5. I Belters pool record of I 36 9. '
44-ar4 freestrle relay 1, Oklahoma :
(Wilcox. Johnson. Drovatzky, Brown).
T J4.
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sas. -' It ' )
Page 3
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Nrhraski "S M
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