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In March 18 Show
Vol. 33, No. 65
IFC Passes Rusli
Sneak Proposals
Amendment Voted Down;
Enforcement Questioned
Limitation of high school
rushing and regulation of
pledge sneaks have resulted
from IFC legislation Wednes
day night.
The rulings passed as pro
posed by a special IFC com
mittee selected to consider
the problems.
Rushing Limitation
The high school rushing
rule prohibits rushing of
high school students during
the period beginning with the
termination of Rush Week and
ending on June 1 with several
Law Grants
R o o t-Tilden Scholarships
valued at $7,200 are available
for the New York University
School of Law.
A candidate for the scholar
ship must have an academic
record that places him in the
upper quarter of his class and
have received his baccalaur
eate degree before the com
mencement of his law school
training next September.
It is required that the ap
plicant be unmarried, be
tween the ages of 20 and 28
and not previously have at
tended law school. He must
exhibit qualities of leadership,
character and personality that
will enable him to become an
honorable and effective mem
ber of the legal profession.
Three graduates of the Uni
versity have been awarded
this scholarship in past years.
They are Roland Hjorth, John
Chappell and Gerald Matzke.
In the selection of the Root
Tilden scholars, emphasis is
placed on participation in stu
dent activities.
Twenty of these scholarships
are annually awarded nation
ally on the basis of two schol
arships for each of the 10 fed
eral, judicial circuits.. The
scholarhsip provides for an
annual stipend which includes
tuition and an allowance of
$1,500 for living expenses.
A state selection committee
will designate a candidate for
each state and the final selec
tion is made by the circuit
All candidates are required
to take the Law School Ad
missions Test which will be
given on Feb. 21.
Celebration '85:
Came Tumbling
By Sondra Whalen
Although Charter Day 1959
will be observed quietly, this
will probably be more agree
able with the Lincoln populace
than an 1885 Charter Day ef
fort. With the discovery that the
student newspaper, "The Hes
perian," was approximately
$20 in debt, staff members de
cided a Charter Day celebra
tion would be just the thing to
put them in the black, as well
as showing proper University
Elaborate plans for a gala
show were made even includ
ing a German play. Practices
began, advertising was start-
Travel Aid Offered
To Foreign Students
Scholarships for $50 are
available to foreign students
for summer travel.
Information can be obtained
by contacting the foreign
student advisor, in Room 112,
Teachers, or by writing to
the Council on Student Travel,
179 Broadway, New York 7,
Pershing Rifles
Plan Smoker
ROTC freshmen and sopho
mores may attend the Persh
ing Rifles smoker Tuesday at
7:30 p.m. in Union Parlor Z.
The movie "Highest Ideals"
will be part of the program.
chjves The Daily
exceptions such as All Sports
Day and Saturdays of Uni
versity home football games.
Tom Neff, IFC treasurer
and member of Delta Tau
Delta presented the resolu
tion regulating pledge sneaks.
He explained that his fra
ternity had voted by a large
majority Monday to have him
take this action. (Delta Tau
Delta was recently involved
in a sneak incident in which
an active was kidnaped.)
The ruling requires the
pledge class to register infor
mation about the sneak at
least one week prior to the
date of the sneak with the
executive Council of the IFC
Pledge sneaks disrupting
classes are prohibited.
Amendment defeated
An amendment to make the
exceptions to the high school
rushing rule include the Fri
days before home football
games was the only change
proposed in the drafted pro
posals. Neff emphasized in propos
ing the pledge sneak regula
tion that this In no way would
mean that the IFC was con
doning or encouraging pledge
"It would only act as a re
strictive measure upon those
who plan to take them." Neff
The question of enforcement
was dominant in the discus
sion of these restrictions and
two general plans were men
tioned. Bob Krumme, IFC secre
tary, told the Daily Nebras
kan that the IFC executive
Committee has the power to
enforce any rulings which the
IFC makes.
Any executive committee
member must accept written
charges of infraction when
they are presented to him,
Krumme said.
Come From Within
Bob Blair, Sigma Alpha
Epsilon representative, an
swered the question tf en
forcement with the statement,
"Any enforcement of these
rules will have to come from
"Unless we have the inten
tion of really obeying these
regulations to the letter,"
Blair said, "we should not
pass them."
Blair pointed out that most
of the voting members of IFC
were house presidents and
that they thus had the power
to enforce these regulations
explicitly in their respective
ed and tickets were sold with'
high hearts and hopes.
Then the roof fell in, or
rather the show fell through.
The German play was the last
to withdraw, leaving the show
sponsors two alternatives, ac
cording to the paper.
". . . the board had to ack
nowledge, their inability to get
up a show or commit suicide
individually and collectively."
They avoided both solutions
however, and instead began
advertising even more inten
sely. The show was for stu
dents only, they broadcast,
city people should come "only
at their Deril."
Naturally, the "city people"
came in droves.
After making sure the hall
was filled and all 15 cents and
2 for 25 cents tickets were
sold, the students proceeded
to climb down ropes, out the
windows and through back
doors, leaving a small orches
tra playing the same song for
the fifth time.
Finally even the orchestra
left as the audience grew
more and more restless uid
indignant comments filled the
At last one of the member's
of the audience walked up on
the stage and pulled back the
curtain revealing a boldly let
tered sign. '
"Performance postponed on
account of sickness and stage
fright. Watch newspapers and
" ' '
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Interviews Tuesday night. are: front row: Gretchen
Saeger, Karen Peterson, Sally Downs; back row: Jane
Savener, Karen Schuster. One of the coeds will be named
to the title at the Coed Follies show Feb. 27.
Ideal Nebraska Coed
Five Junior Women
Compete for Honor
Five University junior co
eds will vie for the title of
Ideal Nebraska Coed.
They are Gretchen Saeger,
Karen Peterson, Sally Downs,
Jane Savener and Karen
The Ideal Nebraska Coed
will be named at the annual
Coed Follies Show Feb. 27 at
Pershing " Memorial Audi
torium. Miss Saeger, Arts and Sci
ences College, is president of
Red Cross, treasurer of Build-
To Include
Uni Rodeo
University personalities and
activities will be a featured
part of the Lincoln Centennial
celebration May 2-9.
The University Rodeo Asso
ciation is planning the first
Nebraska Collegiate Cham
pionship Rodeo which will
conclude the eight day cele
bration. Ted Klub, president
of the association, and Prof.
Richard Warren, association
sponsor, are producing the
Approximately 50 students
from all colleges and univer
sities in the state are expect
ed to participate.
University All-Sports Day
will be another featured event.
A University graduate, Dr.
Walter Judd, will be the
speaker for the Religious
Heritage Day services May
3. Dr. Judd is now serving
as a congressman from Min
nesota. Judd is also a mem
ber of the Committee on For
eign Affairs and was a dele
gate to the General Assembly
of the U.N. in 1957.
small bills. We told you to stay
away. Don't you wish you
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SYMBOLIC OF OLD Nebraska University
is this replica of University hall, first build
ing on the University Campus. University
Hall housed the first classes on the cam
pus, the first student activities in fact.
.Friday, February 13, 1959
candidates chosen through
ers, member of Alpha Lamb
da Delta and activities chair
man of Gamma Phi Beta.
Member of Union Board,
Coed Counselors Board, Al
pha Lambda Delta, a Spring
Day Committee and activities
chairman of Pi Beta Phi, is
Miss Peterson. She is in
Teachers College.
Miss Downs is vice-president
of Builders, Alpha
Lambda Delta, Union Board
and secretary of Alpha Phi.
She is in Teachers College.
Miss Savener, in Ag Col
lege, is president of the Ag
YWCA, president of Tassels,
a 1958 Homecoming Queen
attendant, 1957 Hello Girl and
a member of VHEA, Home
Ec Club, Phi Upsiiqn and
Love Memorial Hall.
AUF president, secretary of
Builders, member of Pi
Lambda Theta, Teachers Col
lege Advisory Board and
Association for Childhood
Education, and social chair
man of Chi Omega is Miss
Schuster. She is in Teachers
ReheV Shotting
Cancelled Tonight
"Rebel Without a Cause,"
the Union free movie sched
uled has been cancelled.
"The film was damaged,
and we couldn't get another
one. We hope to re-schedule
the movie later," said Karen
Peterson, Union Board mem
ber. Sinfonia Smoker
Phi Alpha Mu music frater
nity, will hold a sinfonia
smoker 2 p.m. Sunday in par
lor C at the Union.
Any interested men may
Law Students,
Editors, Note:
Studying law and editing
the Daily Nebraskan pays
A check of back newspa
pers reveals that the second
semester editor in 1923 was
a law student, past Attorney
General Herbert Brownell.
iVU's Historic Replica
the first of
The Union will host the
Kingston Trio at Pershing
Municipal Auditorium March
"We'll always try something
we think we can sell and the
Kingston trio has sold out
every place they've been"
Omicron Nu
Ten Coeds
Ten sophomore coeds in
home economics were hon
ored for high scholarship at
Omicron Nu's annual Recog
nition Party Thursday night.
The coeds, winners of the
highest scholarship rating for
the year 57-58, were Sharon
Ramage, Regina Spanhake,
Mary Luke, Barbara Bour
elle, Kathrun Stute, Lorraine
Hadley, Virginia Greenly,
Carol Brening, Mary Ann
Weber, and Karen Crowner.
Also featured was a dis
cussion of home economics in
foreign countries by students
of Turkey and India who are
enrolled in the University
Home Economics Depart
ment. Mrs. J. P. Colbert was
hostess for the honorary
group's party.
IFC Ball Ticket
Sales Increase
A sharp last-minute in
crease in IFC Ball ticket
sales was reported Thursday
by Joe Knoll, chairman of the
IFC Social committee.
Unsold tickets must be
turned in to the Phi Kappa
Psi house between 2 p.m. and
3 p.m. Friday.
Tickets for the Ball, which
begins at 9 p.m. Friday, will
be available at the door of the
Turnpike Ballroom.
AWS Grants Coeds
Late Hours Friday
Coeds will have 2 a.m.
hours for the IFC Ball Fri
day night . - ...
No overnights can be taken
but the student can go home
if she has her housemother's
special permission, according
to AWS.
Rifles Setting Up
Radio Network
Pershing Rifles National
Headquarters has taken the
first step in the setup of a
national radio net.
Pat Kuncl. National Com
mander, reached regimental
commander in Tucson, Ariz.,
and Baton Rouge, La. Gen
eral Kuncl hopes that all 12
regimental headquarters will
have stations within a year.
90 th
Traveling NU Speakers
Spark Alumni Observance
University alumni groups
from coast to coast will cele
brate the University's Char-
almost everything on campus.
This replica was prepared when the build
ing was razed to preserve the memory of
the long-time Lincoln landmark.
Union Backs 'Big Show'
says Union activities director
Bob Handy.
Records Soldout
Over 2,000,000 copies of
the popular Capitol recording
artists' "Tom Dooley" have
been sold.
According to Dorothy Beech
ner, Union president, it is
"practically impossible" to
purchase either of their al
bums "The Kingston Trio" or
"From the Hungry Eye" in
The publisher is out and the
factory is way behind on ord
ers, she said.
Union Discouraged
The Union announced in 1957
that it had "reached the end
of the line" as far as city-wide
shows were concerned after
only 2100 persons attended the
Later Hours
At Library
Results of the recent Stu
dent Council library poll in
dicated that 43 per cent of the
students polled want the li
brary open on Sunday night.
In a report to the council
Wednesday, Pat Flannigan,
library committee chairman,
said that it appeared the li
brary would be extending
their Sunday hours.
Week night hours may be
extended for those students
who need the library to
study, she said.
A plan has been discussed
under which the library
would remain open until 9:30
p.m. with full services, and
then remain open until 11
p.m. for study only, Miss
Flannigan said.
College Photo
Contest Opens
The 14th annual Interna
tional Collegiate Photography
Competition will be held on
March 26 at the University of
The Union Arts and Exhi
bits Committee will be re
sponsible for sending entries
to the contest.
To be eligible for competi
tion a student must be en
rolled in the University for
at least 12 credit hours. Pho
tographs must have been
taken since March 7, 1958.
Entries are to be turned in
to the Activities office by
March 7.
Application blanks and any
further information may be
obtained at the Activities
Square Dance
Kalico K 1 i c k e r s Square
Dance Club will hold a Valen
tine dance tonight at 8 p.m.
The dance will be held at
130 S. 11th on the second floor.
ter Day within the next two
The University celebrates
its 90th birthday Sunday.
Speakers Travel
Speakers representing the
University will travel to alum
ni groups all over the nation.
Chanceuur Cllft rd Hardin
and George Cook, president
of the Alumni Association, are
going to Tulsa, Okla., Feb.
25. They will also visis Okla
homa City, Dallas, Tex., and
Houston, Tex.
San Francisco is the des
tination of three University
representatives Saturday. Ar
nold Magnuson, secretary of
the Alumni Association; Ben
Greenburg, member of the
Nebraska Regents, and Dr.
Joseph Soshnik, comptroller
of the University, will attend
the Nebraska alumni meeting
Utah, Arizona
Sunday the group will be in
Salt Lake City. Magnuson will
go on to Scottsdale, Ariz., and
Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Jerry Bush, Nebraska bas
ketball coachj will attend the
Ames, la., meeting after the
Iowa State-NU basketball
game in Ames.
Mrs. Hazel Stebbins, wom-
I en's director for KFOR radio,
win De m ueveiana, unio,
Feb. 18th.
California Destination
California is also the des
tination of Jonn beueck, cor
poration secretary of the
opening night show of Persh
ing Auditorium.
The Roger Wagner Chorale
was the featured attraction at
this last big Union show.
The year before, 1956, the
Union lost money on an opera
they brought to the city, and
in 1957 they also lost on the
Tony. Martin-Tex Beneke
show and the Dunninger show.
Not Desert
The Fred Waring show in
1956 helped the financial sit
uation but things went so
poorly that the union intended
to "get out of the field."
Union Manager Duane Lake
said after the show in 1957,
"I have never believed that
Nebraska and especially Lin
coln is a cultural desert, but
looking back at the way peo
ple have shown interest In our
programs, I am beginning to
The Kingston Trio has made
numerous TV appearance!
and has played at 34 college!
across the country, selling out
at most every performance.
Trio Popular
They have appeared on The
Milton Berle show, Playhouse
90, the Dave Garroway show,
the Gary Moore show, and
they will appear on the Patti
Page show immediately fol
lowing their engagement here.
According to Karen Peter
sen, Union Board member,
the Foreign Film Society
showing scheduled for March
18 will be changed.
Ticket prices, all reserved
seats, are $2.00, $1.50, and
RE Week
Religious Emphasis Week
was called "successful" by
Rev. Rex Knowles, pastor of
t h e Presbyterian-Congregational
Student House.
"We didn't try to make a big
splash," Dr. Knowles said.
"We wanted to point out that
religion is a real part of cam
pus life, and I think Religioui
Emphasis Week succeeded in
doing this."
He added that he thought
that the week was improved
using local rather than "out
side" men.
Profs Offer
Potluck Sunday
Free meals will be served
at a "Pot Luck with the
Profs" Supper Sunday at 5:30
p.m. in the College Activities
Building on the Ag campus.
Mrs. Roscoe Hill, faculty
chairman of the event, and
two student chairmen, Roger
Wehrbein and LaVonne Rog
ers, are in charge of arrange
ments. The evening's entertain
ment will be provided by the
Board of Regents. He will be
in Los Angeles Feb. 28 and in
San Diego March 3.
Alumni meetings marking
the occasion will also be held
in Washington D.C., Rochest
er, N.Y., Philadelphia, Pa.,
New York City, Kansas City
and Chicago.
Lincoln s meeting, called
"Operation Cornflake" will be
Feb. 20. The event will mark
not only the celebration of the
University's birthday, but also
the successful completion of
the Kellogg drive.
Hardin to Speak
It will be held at the Uni
versity Club with a 6:30 p.m.
social hour followed by din
ner. Chancellor Hardin will be
the principal speaker.
Bill Orwig, athletic director,
will report on the University's
athletic outlook, and the Uni
versity Men's Glee Club will
perform. A musical history of
the University will be present
ed by Rosanna Wheaton and
Mrs. O. W. Hallam. Reserva
tions for the dinner are $2.75.
Other University representa
tives will speak at various Ne
braska meetings.
'Cupid's Hop' Set
The Union Dance Committee
is sponsoring a Cupid's Hop
immediately after the game
with Kansas tomorrow night.
The dance, a come-as-you
are event, will provide music
via Hi-Fi. It will be held ia
the Union Round Up room.
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