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Monday, January 12, 1959
The Doilv Nebraskan
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Big Eight Student Council Convention
elegates Trade Ideas
On Spirit, Politics, Culture
The eight topics of dis
cussion at the Big Eight
Student Government con
ference at Kansas State
University December 29 and
30 were reported to the Stu
dent Council by Jack Muck,
Nebraska delegate.
The eight points on which
the delegates shared their
ideas were: school spirit,
student influence on cam
pus policy, student govern
ment, high school visitation,
cultural development, col
lege newspapers, political
parties and campaigns, and
student wages and dis
counts. Suggested in the discus
sion on school spirit were
having fewer numbers of
pep rallies in order that the
remaining ones be more
effective and having a cen
tral display area for all uni
versity trophies.
Campus Policy
Discussions revealed that
Nebraska was considerably
above average in student
influence on campus policy.
The conference suggested
that student councils devel
op their present powers and
not try to fight the adminis
tration for new powers.
The student government
meeting revealed that on
some campuses the entire
student body elects the
president of the student
Some campuses have
legislative, executive and
judicial divisions of student
Split terms with some
Wetzel, Marrs Lead
Two Student Play Casts
Nebraska Masquers to Announce
Winners of PUty writing Contest
Casts for two one-act plays
written by University students
have been selected.
The plays are "Didn't He
Ramble?" by Andy Backer,
and "Elijah" by Wilma Wolfe.
They will be presented Thurs
day and Friday.
Wetzel Leads Cast
Robert Wetzel is Lee in
"Didn't He Ramble?" Other
cast members include Sally
Purviance as Jelly, Lawrence
Coen as Dean, Charles Piper
as Lennie and Ann Prentice as
The play tells the story of
a magazine subscriptioin crew
traveling through the country.
While in a cheap New Orleans
hotel, they find a jazz-band
wake going on outside. The
rest of the story concerns how
this experience affects their
Charles Weatherford will di
rect the play. LeRoy Rockwell
is student production man
ager. Marrs 'Elijah' Titlist
Richard Marrs plays the ti
tle role in "Elijah." Alice
Baumgartner is Ruth and
Eleanor Kessler will interpret
Norma. Other members of the
cast include Grover Kautz as
the Fabulous
For fjraot erenino, stop
out after th ball gome.
Advance Ticket at
Milter & Paine
-U a.m
; Sri !?ififSfii1 IBIa
Hnu IF!je:j smiTn i U "? t-io p. m,
iffiSip- - miff f iiirlrPi ' ?'-ip-m
iijsE&Hb' llf BiJiasltiiu iillPjilj
p EjNjorrpB 5TnsTrrfTtsiH AIM El 9-12 a.m
I i
council members being
elected in the spring and
others in the fall were found
to give more continuity to
council action on certain
Each council agreed to
examine itself carefully to
determine whether or not it
was truly representative of
the student body.
Nebraska was the unques
tioned leader of the discus
sion as far as high school
visits to the campus were
concerned. Other schools
occasionally sent student
council members to visit
with high school seniors but
not much else was done. It
was the opinion of the con
ference that these visita
tions were not a function
of the council but should be
handled by the university
The cultural development
symposium ran into a bit
of difficulty defining culture
according to Muck. They
decided that university con
vocations were definitely
good but new ways to en
courage higher attendance
were needed.
Some colleges brought big
name music groups to the
campus as a money mak
ing proposition along with
cultural improvement. They
usually lost money on these
ventures, Muck said.
The conference on col
lege newspapers decided
that the agendas of council
Job, James Perry as the
Preacher, Fran Brown as the
Girl, Andrew Wolvin as a
Young Man, James Baker as ! . , ,
Mr. Perkins and Willis Lar- University 1 li S
son as the Sheriff. j m
"Elijah" is the story of a Hell) IF aXlie
rural religious fanatic who is I ' J
convinced he is a true prophet Establish Clllb
through whom the Divine
Power speaks directly. ! Five University members
The play will be directed by of the Young Republicans'
Lynn Van Winkle. Steve: Club are helping Wayne
Schultz is production manager State College students to es
and also serves as production I tablish a similar organiza
coordinator for Nebraska j tion.
Masquers' crews involved in Gary Rodgers heads the
the production. i group, which also includes
Coffee After Plays I James Roman, Sherri Har-
Curtain time is 8 p.m. After j
each performance the audi
ence will be invited to Room
201, Temple, for coffee and
discussion with the play
wrights, directors and casts.
Tickets are 50c.
tne plays are a production
of the Experimental Theatre. I
At the Thursday evening per
formance, Nebraska Mas
quers will announce first, sec- j
ond and third place winners of
their 1958 playwriting contest.
Exam Schedule
Clause meeting at 0:OO a.m. S or days, or MWF. or any one
or two of these dayi.
Claian meeting at 6:(K) a.m. TTh or either one of theee dayi.
Cliww nwtlnft at 10:00 .ra, 5 or 4 days, or MWF, or any on
or two of thrift days.
ClasMet meeting at 10:00 a.m. TTh or cither on of these two days.
AH section of Naval Science.
Claasei meetlnr; at 11:00 a.m. 6 or 4 daya, or MWF". or any one
or two ot these daya.
Clansfa meeting at 11:00 a.m. TTh or either one of these two dayi.
All section of Education 61. 62.
Classe meeting at 1:00 p.m. 5 or 4 days, or any on or two of
thexe days.
Clawed meeting at 1:00 p.m. TTh or either one of these two daya.
All ectiom of Business Organization 3, 4.
All sections of speech 9, 10.
Classes meeting; at 2:00 p.m. ft or 4 days, or MWT. or any ons
or two of these days.
Classes meeting at 2:00 p.m. TTh or either of these two days.
All sections of Kconomica 15.
All sections of French 11.
All sections of Spanish 61.
-12 a.m.
Classes meetlnir at 3:00 p.m.
or two of these days.
Classes meeting at 5:00 p.m.
or two of these days.
All sectlona of Economics 11, 12.
All sections of Education 30, 31.
Classes meeting at 3;00 p.m. TTh or either of these two days.
Classes meeting at 5:00 p.m. TTh or either of these two days.
All sections of Math 11. 18. 17. 42.
All lactone of Math 1. 14, 18, 115, 116. 201.
Classes meeting at 4:00 p.m. S or 4 daya or MWF. or sny one
or two of these days.
All sections of English A. B. 1.
Classes meeting at 4:00 p.m. TTh, or either one of these two dayi.
Ail sections of English 2, 3. 4.
Classes meeting at 8:00 a.m. S or 4 days, or MWF. or any one
or two of these days.
Classes meeting at 8:00 a.m. TTh or either of these two days.
All sections of Business Organization 21.
2- S p.m.
1- S p.m.
1- 4 p.m.
9-12 a.m.
2- S p.m.
-12 a.m.
2- 5 p.m.
l V -t f j:
meetings should be pub
lished before the meetings
so interested students could
attend. The council repre
sentatives agreed that stu
dent newspapers often
proved to be somewhat of
a problem but working with
rather than against the stu
dent newspaper was strong
ly advocated.
Political parties and cam
paigns (of which Nebraska
has none) were both de
fended and condemned In
their discussion at the Big
Eight conference. They
were favored because they
stay active even though not
in power and keep the party
in power on their toes. They
DU's Flood Patio
I ;pV.'.i":;; lr
WITH THE CHANGE in seasons, the Delta I psilons seem
to have also changed sports. The fraternity members have
flooded their patio and allowed it to freeze, making an
excellent ice skating rink. Bob Giesler tries out the ice
as fraternity brothers look on from a game of bridge inside.
mel, Sally McGinnis and Bob
Anhtholz. They discussed
plans with Wayne's chair
man, William ' Meyer.
The Wayne State club will
be the sixth young GOP club
in Nebraska. The first meet-
ing is expected to
late in February.
be held
Other Young Republican
Clubs are located at Mid
land, Fremont, and Scotts
iiluff colleges and Creighton
6 or
5 or
4 days, or MWF. or any one
4 days, or MWF, or any one
also provide training for fu
ture experience according
to their supporters.
Attackers of the political
party system maintained
that the campaigns were
unfair and time consuming
sometimes starting months
before the election.
A motion endorsing Kan
sas State College's request
to have its name changed
to Kansas State University
was endorsed by the entire
Other Nebraska delegates
attending the convention
were Hob Blair. Chuck Wil
son. Chuck Huston, and
George Porter.
Red Cross
Picks Board,
Union Setting
For Installation
Fourteen new Red Cross
board members have been
New assistants were also
named. Installation of the
new board will be Wednes
day at 5 p.m. in the Union.
Vet's. Orthopedic
Veterans hospital chairman
is Carolyn Whitney. Her as
sistants are Ginny Hansen,
Jan Sherwood and Sylvia
McNally. Joan Reeves is
chairman of Orthopedic Hos
pital with Ellen Basoco as
her assistant.
Mary Mead is chairman of
Orphanages. Her assistant is
Sharon Anderson. Dorothy
Sellentin is chairman of the
Leadership committee and
her assistant is Nicki Cristi.
Handicrafts will be led by
Clnty Peterson with Kathy
Payne as her assistant.
Diane Douglas is Publicity
chairman assisted by Patsy
Schmidt. Slate Hospital
chairman is Sherry Drew.
Her assistants are Anne Wil
son, Pat Johnson and Mary
Entertainment chairman is
Linda Rohwedder with her
assistant Sally Smiley. Judy
McCabe is Water Safety
chairman. Her assistants are
Midge Timm and Shirley Mo
Cord. Roger Brown is First
Aid chairman.
Jean Odum is chairman of
Adult Activities and her as
sistant is Jane Mahoney. Di
ana Hale will lead the Junior
Red Cross committee as
sisted by Jo Anne Buck. Sue
Goldhammcr is transporta
tion chairman and her assist
ant is Mary Margaret Holt
meier. Chairman of the Spe
cial Project is Dee Dee Ful
ton assisted by Julie Hailing.
Past board members are
requested to bring their note
books to the installation
Wednesday afternoon, Presi
dent Gretchen Saeger said.
5:30 Fignewtnn'i Newspaper
5:45 Sing Hi-Smg l.n
6 Kvening Prelude
6:30 TV Classroom
7 Music For Young People
7:30 Japanese Rnish Painting
B Atomic Primer
8:30 Issues
9 Great Ideas
.S. .A
For a
7 : . ' iff
' i
Boston U Offers
Teaching Grants
News Bureau Assistaiilships
Open lo Journalism Gratis
Five $1,200 teaching fellow
ships and five $700 news bu
reau assistantships are being
offered this September by the
Boston University school of.
public relations and com
munications. The fellowship plan offers
the $1,200 plus tuition to mast
er of science candidates. Ap
pointed teaching fellows will!
carry advanced coursesi
which can be applied toward
meeting requirements for
master of science degrees in
broadcasting, motion pic-
& N lild
In M
Registration began today in
the Military and Naval Sci
ence Building drill hall.
Students with last names be
ginning with A-Bo pulled
cards before 11 this morning.
Schedule for the rest of the
week is:
Today, 11-12 a.m., Br-Ci; 1-2
p.m., Cl-D; 2-3 p.m., E-Fo;
3- 4 p.m., Fr-G; 4-5 p.m., Ha
lle. Tuesday, 8-9 a.m., Hi-L; 9
10 a.m., J; 10-11 a.m., K;
11-12 p.m., I-Mc; 1-2 p.m.,
M; 2-3 p.m., N-O; 3-4 p.m., P;
4- 5 p.m., Q-R.
Wednesday, 8-9 a.m., Sa-Se;
9-10 a.m.. Sh-Sr; 10-11 a.m..
St-T; 11-12 a.m., U-We; 1-2
p.m., Wh-Z; 2-5 p.m., all stu
dents. Students not completing reg
istration by Wednesday may
do so Jan 30. Fees may be
paid Jan. 23, A-G; Jan. 26,
H-M, and Jan. 27, N-Z.
UUUUIIlll WldldlUUII5 33c
J-;- ; ;
. 7-,7 . :V ;,. ' 7-
very special occasion, a very
Priced from $25.00.
tures, journalism and public
Lecture Assistant
The fellow will assist in two
i.iaaMii lnntnraB ifiirAti hit fltA
Q, n, . J
sponsible for leading discus
sion sections, testing, reports
and papers.
The fellowships are avail
able in five areas: introduc
tion to communication, maior
world economies, human be
havior, history and survey
of communication and U.S.
politics and government.
Bachelor's degree holders
are eligible to apply.
News Work Done
The news bureau assistant
ship candidates will work
about 15 hours weekly under
the news bureau director in
the following categories: gen
eral reporting, hometowning.
feature writing, national and
special projects and radio and
Graduate or senior college
students with a good acade
mic barkffro!ind In Journal
ism or allied areas are pre
ferred. Applications for both the
fellowships and assistant
ships must be made by
March 2. Candidates begin
work Sept. 14.
Catalogs and admission
forms mav be obtained from:
Melvin Brodshaug. Dean,
Roston University School of
Public Relations and Com
munications, 640 Common
wealth Ave., Boston 15, Mass.
Dublin to the Iron Curtain; Africa
to Sweden You're occomponied
not herded around. College oga
only. Also short trips.
2SS Sequoia (Box C), Pasadena, Cal.
3 Dozen
phi te-M