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    Poge 4
Wednesday, October 29, 1958
The Daily Nebraskan
r -
On the Social Side
Time Out Called
From Decorating
Fashion Boon . . .
White netely right, for
After dark
Empire . satin bow
lights the truffle
sheath in fashion's
luxury fabric, mohair.
Sizes 7-15.
Career Shop
second floor
By Sue Healey
Ten coeds found time out
from the frantic preparations
of homecoming displays to
announce their pinnings or en
gagements. Pinnings
Mary Jane Wilhite, a Zeta
Tau Alpha senior in Arts and
Science from Nebraska City,
to Ernie Hines, a Beta
Theta Pi junior in Teachers
from Lincoln.
Julie Hathaway, a Pi Beta
Phi junior in Teachers from
Holdrege, to Bob Eyth, a Phi
Kappa Psi junior in Teachers
from Beatrice.
Ginny Gessner, a Delta
Delta Delta junior in Business
Administration from Lincoln,
to Carl Jett, a Phi Delta
Theta senior in Business Ad
ministration from Omaha.
Ann Mclntyre, a Delta
Delta Delta sophomore in
Teachers from L i n c 0 1 n, to
Larry Hossack, a Sigma Phi
Epsilon senior in Architecture
from Lincoln.
Eloise Newberry, a Delta
Gamma junior in H 0 m e Ec
from North Platte, to John
Edwards, an Alpha Tau
Omega alum from North
Jane Savener, a Love Me
morial Hall junior in H 0 m e
Ec from Wymore, to Gale
Miller, a Sigma Chi sopho
more in Pre-med from Wy
more. Engagements
Joan Rinne, a Delta Gam
ma sophomore in Arts and
Science from Pawnee City,
to Jon Fink, a Sigma P h i
Epsilon senior in Agriculture
from Pawnee City.
Gayle Sunderman, a Gam
ma Phi Beta junior in Teach
ers from Omaha, to R a n d y
Frost, a Sigma Nu alumnus
from Elkhorn.
Margene Goettsch, a Delta
Delta Delta sophomore in
Business Administration from
Holstein, la., to Don Fritz,
a Sigma Nu alumnus from
Holstein, la.
Bonnie Lear, an Alpha
Omicron Pi sophomore in
Teachers from Springview, to
Pat Murphy, a Delta Sigma
Pi alumnus from Kansas
City, Mo.
Homecoming Hours
Ilomecoming, Nov. 1, will
boast 2 a.m. hours for all
University coeds, AWS re
ports. Women students wishing
to go home that night must
obtain special permission
from their housemother.
Pi Lambda Theta
Pi Lambda Theta, teachers
college honorary, will meet
Thursday at 5 p.m. on the sec
ond floor of Teachers College.
Regents Scholarships
Go to 281 Freshmen
Bulletin Board
Inter Varsity, 12:30. 313.
Delta Sigma Pi. I. 313.
Student Cxincil. 4. 313.
L'n. Act. Arta Exhibit! Comm., 4.
Un, Act. Talks st Topic Comm., i, 31.
Ua. Special Act. Comm.. S, 111.
Red Cross. 7, 315 316.
Delta Sigma Pi, 7, A.
irC, T. 313.
Cosmopolitan Club, T 30, C.
Diesel Operators Conference. H. 31S.
Inter Varsity. 13:30, 313.
Hinshow Rehearsal, 1. Ballroom.
Delta -Sigma Pi. 3, 313.
Red Cross. 4, 31C
Christian Science, S. 313,
Vn. Act. Dance Comm., 3, 31S.
l'n. Act. Film Comm.. 9, Roundup.
Diesel Operators Banquet. 4:30, X.
Coed Counselors, 6:45, C.
Delta Sigma Pi. 7, 313.
Young Democrats. 7:13, X.
Faculty Recital, 7:30, Ballroom.
Alpha Phi Omega. 7:30, A. B.
Inter Varsity, 7:30, 319.
Young Republicans,' 7:30, 316.
for sound equipment
to improve you
117 South 17
.nt-Ei' -lEr
Two hundred eighty-one
freshmen are attending the
University on $100 Regents
Fred Ress ranked first
among the more than 3,500
senior high school students
who took the examination.
The scholarships were
awarded on the basis of a
statewide competitive exam
ination eiven students last
sririne who ranked scholastic
ally in the upper quarter of
their high schools.
Those attending on the scholarships
One-stop Service Laundry, shirt fin
ishing dry cleaning. Al l ft Hour 130
8o. 10th.
Pleasant room In air-conditioned (ton
duplex with kitchen, T.V. and
ahower privileges for two gentlemen.
Call 3-0964 after 1:00.
Lost: Blue notebook Bouth of Burnett
last Fri. Reward! II Ph. 2-226A.
t nMit. 4Hms. James Aden. Clifford
Akins, Sarah Alden. Richard Altrock.
Richard Ambrosek, Paul Anderson. Rob
ert Anderson, Mildred Arnold, Roy Ar
nold, Jim Backeneamp.
Patricia Baker, Robert Ballard, Car
olyn Barber, Matthew Beha, Rober Beh
rens, Roger Bengtson, Ronald B e n 1 1,
Carl Bern. Larry Bernhardt, Gem Blair,
L-an Bluzek.
niini-nw. David Bliss. John Boell-
nim-ff. Lynn Bonge. James Bonham. Jo
Ann Booker, Dld Bowers, Judy Bran
mer, Stanley Brown, Judith Brunke, WU
liam Buckentlorf.
i Roeelyn Burd, Patricia Buniey, Bever-
ly Bush, Nancy carroii. riuiir ,n.
Francis Cecava, Alvin Christensen. Pul
Christensen. Steven Chrlatensen, Bernan.
Chromy, James Chromy, Barbara Clark.
James Clark. Marilyn Clark. Robert
Clarke. Riser Clocker, Edward Collett.
Michael Collins, Helen Condon, John
Corkle, Karen Costin. Josephine Couch.
Ronald CrandaU. Caryl Craven. Wil
liam Cumberland. Leon Cunningham,
Joyce Curd, Ruby Daffer, Janice Dean,
Marvin Dertien, LeRoy Dick. Jerald Die
trich. Warren Dobry, Larry Dot) son. Larry
Dornhoff. Charles Doty, Thomas Duncan,
Nancy Ebmeler, Vera Egger. Reginald
Eklund, Dorothy Ellermeier, EUia Elliott.
Ronnie Ellis, Sharon Ellison, Ronald
El tie. Larry Ems. Sonja Eriksen, Rob
ert Ernst, Doris Evans. Larry Evans.
Mylon Filkins, Robert Force, Fred
Forss, Carl Frank, Martha Frltx, Gerald
Gale. Philip Garner, Douglas Genereux,
Jamea Girordot, Gerald Goedert, Rodney
Goering, Carmen Gowler.
James Greer, Kenneth Grave, Tvan
Grupe, Patricia Hansen, Harvey Hart
man. Kenneth Hartman, Larry Hayne,
Lynn Heinrirhs. Paul Hensley, Richard
Higgins, Barbara Higgs, Pauline H ill.
Warren Hill.
Barbara 'Hoffman. Gala Holcomb.
Francii Horak, Judith Houfek. Janelle
Hultman, James Huge, Lois Hulme, Ju
dith Humann. LeRoy Hutzenbiler. Martin
Hylbak. Gary Jack. Jamea Jacobs, Eu
gene Johnson.
For sale: 1950 Ford with dual carba,
trenched tall lights, a new black
enamel paint job, and si 1954 Pontine
grill. This car la a one owner car and
la in excellent condition with many
new parts since laat aummer. For fur
ther information call Tom Davlea at
'TEAMMATES-Young engineer Warren Conncr-B.S.M.E. 1956-lcame op with Annand J. Bilitxke
nf CM Engineering SiatTa Transmission Development Croup to test blade-shape model for torque
converter. Mr. Biliuke helped design flow table which it unique to the automotive industry.
i'i t . - ,
A General Motors Representative
will be on campus
to answer questions about
lob opportunities with CM on
30 and 31
matt wnera your htterau lie in the vaat
fteld of engineering, there's a better-than-good
hanoe you 11 find your place in she tun with
i of the 35 Division of General Motors.
For theat Oi Division run the gamut of vir
tuali every field of engineering and science
Ufrom engineering, designing and producing
stomobiles, trucks and hundreds of impor
tant industrial products to helping to solve the
an known challenges of the Space Age.
Choosing an engineering career with CM
means teaming up with some of the world's
finest engineering and scientific brains. It
means working in pleasant, modern surround
ings such as CM's fabulous Technical Center ,
near Detroit, equipped with every conceivable
research facility.
Best of all, it means a future as big as you
want to make it at CM's 35 Divisions and 126
plants in 71 cities and 19 states. A future in
which your training, your inventive ability,
your inquiring mind, your desire to get ahead
will receive quick recognition and unlimited
You owe it to yourself to investigate the kind
of future General Motors is offering young
engineers. Make an appointment with the GM
Representative next time he visits your cam
pus or write General Motors Corporation,
Personnel Staff, Detroit 2, Michigan.
General Motors
Personnel Staff,
Detroit 2, Michigan
9H positions now available in these fields for man holding Bachelor!, Masters' and Doctors' depress:
riemlcal engineering Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering Industrial Engineering Metallurgical En
ajnaoftng Aeronautical Engineering Ceramic Engineering a Mathematics Industrial Design Physics Chemistry
Mass Red Cross
Meeting Tonight
Red Cross will hold a mass
meeting tonight at 7 p.m. in
Room 315 of the Union.
Miss Maydell Smith, Direc
tor of Junior Red Cross and
Educational Relations, will be
the featured speaker. Miss
Smith will talk about her
work in Red Cross, much of
which has been overseas.
Red Cross Board members
will be introduced, and the
duties of the various com
mittees will also be explained.
All students interested in
working with the Red Cross
College Unit may to attend
this meeting.
Inter-Vars Topic
Inter-Varsity Christian Fel
lowship will be held at 7:30
p.m. Thursday in Union 315.
A student panel, composed
of students from the various
colleges within the University,
will discuss the topic "What
is Christianity?"
5 30 p.m.
00 .m.
t:30 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
00 p.m.
S 30 P.m.
00 p.m.
S:J p.m.
8 00 V.jn.
7:00 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
S 30 p.m.
1:00 p.m.
The Story Lady
Evening Prelude
TV Classroom
Channel 12 Memo
The Criminal Man
People Are Taught U
Conversation Place
Jazz Meeta the Classics
Thursday V
Discovery at Brooklleld Zoo
TV Classroom
People are Taught to be
Atomic Primer
Esaenllsls of Freedom
Reircftlishts on Delinquency
Cornhusker Football
In a Hurry?
Don't Worry!
239 No. 14 . Ph. 2-5262
Gena Johnson. Tom Johnson. Robert
Jones. Stanley Jorgensen. Harold Kai
man. Wills Kaspar, Earl Kemper, Wil
liam Kepner, Eugene KlQasmeyer, Joyce
Konoplk, Wendell Koonta. Herbert Krae
ger, Alan Krueger.
Robert Krnmel, Janice Kuck, L on I s
Lamberty. Beatrice L e g I e r, Richard
Leigh. Michael Liddy, Ruth Lind, Lyle
Linder, Larry Long, Robert Lord. Mar
ilyn Loukota, Lyle Marsden, Gary Marsh.
Judith Marshall. David Maser. Cath
erine Masters, Susanne Maxwell, John
McCabe, Sandra McCaslin, Donald Mc
Gurk, Joaepn McWilllama. Loran Meske,
Donald Metxger, David Mignery. Bar
bara Miles.
Lonnle Miles, Marianne Miller, Marion
Miller. Norman Miller, Hay Miller. Rob
ert Miller. Sharon M 0 n c r i e (, Larry
Moore. Ronald Morse, Ann Mayer. Mona
Mueller, Dean Nelson.
Sandra Nelson. Kenneth Neth, Paul
Nielsen, Monte Nowak, Leon Nyberg,
Lowell Osmek, Stanley Oc tuner, Ronald
Olaen, Jerry Oilman.
Janice Ormeaher. Byron Owens. James
Panzer, Norman Papke, Larry Patterson.
Kathleen Paulman, Vicky Pearson, Rob
ert Person, Alan Peterson. Gary Peter
eon. Dale Piper, Randolph Pittman, Alan
Plummer. Peggy Polk. Robert Poll,
mann, Ann Prentice, Verlyne Preston,
Laura Prokop, Maureen Ralph, Donald
Dennis Rasmussen, Fred Ress, Frank
Rice, Judith Rice, Melvin Riley, Marvin
Koscoe. Karyl Rosenberger. Rose Saal
(eld, Virginia Sagehorn.
Leslie Sandersfeld, Linda Schelbltzki,
Gene Schievolbein. Rkhard Schmeling,
Karin Schmtke. Raymond School, Rich
ard Schrader, Doyle Schroeder.
John Schroeder, Donald Schueler, Car
olyn Schuerman, Darrell Scott, Bruce Se
bek, JoAnn Sechovec, Gretchen Shell
berg, Charole Sherfey, Dennia Sieftord,
Lawrence Smith, Nancy Smith.
Nancy Spencer, Jane Spicknall, Allan
Spliltgerber, Gary Splittgerber, Charles
Spooncr, Adam Staib, Charles Stander,
John Stansbury, Doratyn Sleiner, William
Steyer, Donald Stokes, Richard Stuckey.
Deon Stulhman, Vincent Sullivan,
Terry Sutherland, Roger Swanson, Mar
ilyn Swett, Wayne Telen, Margaret
Timm, Antoinette Tucker, Judith Turek.
Jean Lehling, Janet Umland, Michael
Voorhies, Charles Wahl, Leon Wallwey,
Jack Watkins, Richard Watkins, Sharyn
Watson, ftancy Watton. Marcia Weber.
Vivian W'ebman. John Wehr. Daniel
Wehrbein, Joyce Weir. Celesta Weiae.
Anna Welch, Gaylean Wells. Arlene Weat.
Dougal Whitmer.
Din Whittemore. Michael W I a I a n d.
Vernon Wiese, Alan Williams, Roger Wil
liams. David Willse. Donald Witt, John
Zauha. Jeanne Zwiebel.
Typewriters For Rent
Try Our Rental-Pvrchase Plan
Special Student Rates
125 No. 11th Phone 2-4284
Typewriter Ribbons Pirt On
1 ftfe u sore rrs a... I
it -arlor3 I
) Pi w - i ))
u zfl I Wa guarantee our Sartor dio- SS
-SS iff W I mond rings os the finest for the
f money in precious metals, su-
lj? Per') sty'ina ar,d in truly fine )
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n I Let us show you why.
Large enough to terra you y
Small enough to know you jj
A watch is to tell time
but without hands...
you miss the whole idea of a watch
A cigarette is to smoke
but without flavor-you miss
the whole idea of smoking
When it comes to flavor
: ? ' " rr;
' ''' I 1 ' ' ' ' '
'' if , A ' ' ;
j m ' '4 & ?r-'j:
Up front in Winston is
That's why
like a cigarette should!
f A
, -A 1
Ha m