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Tuesday, October 7, 1958
The Daily Nebraskan
Page 3
Hitchcock Raps Gus 1 27-0
Sig Eps Over Sig Chi; SAE, Thela Xi, Newman Win
Hitchcock remained unde
feated in Selleck Quad play
as they trounced Gus I 27-0.
The Hitchcock team, sparked
by Bob Leigh, scored all their
touchdowns in the second and
third periods. Two of the
markers were made on inter
cepted passes.
Bruce Hasch started off the
scoring in the second quarter
when he intercepted a Gus I
pass and scampered 20 yards
for the initial six points. Bob
Leigh passed to Ron Ericson
for the extra point.
Leigh Passes
Hitchcock made their sec-j
when Leigh threw a short pass
to Ericson. Leigh again made
the one-point with a throw to
Howard Ach.
i nira quarter scoring
started with Ach intercepting
anotner uus I pass and run
ning 30 yards for the score.
Leigh again hit Ach for the
extra point.
Leigh continued to harass
the Gus I pass defense with
a touchdown pass to George
Suydan which covered 50
yards. Leigh missed with the
extra point pass.
Sig Eps Win
In a Wednesday night head
end touchdown in the quarter liner, Sigma Phi Epsilon ral
lied to beat Sigma Chi 14-13.
After .spotting the Sig Chi's
a 7-6 halftime lead and staving
off a fourth quarter rally, the
Sig Eps managed a touch
down and a safety to provide
the winning margin.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon
crushed unbeaten Delta Sig
ma Pi '38-7 as Wally Bryans
threw for six touchdowns and
two extra points.
Phil Bauer and Bob Thomp
son each scored twice. Dick
Falconer and Bob Beach were
the other two targets for Bry
ans. Dl's Blanked
Theta Xl showed signs of
Two Single Wing Tailbacks Tie
For Big 8 Rushing Leadership
Howard Cook, who last year ; State 959, and Oklahoma, in
was a replacement for Colo-! two games, has collected 755.
rado All-American Bob Stran-; Phil Snowden of Missouri
sky, picked up 166 yards in
20 carries against Kansas
Saturday to become dead-
stayed on top as the league's
best passer and punter. The
Tiger quarterback has corn-
locked for first place in the . pleted 19 of 36 passes for 241
rushing department of the Big ! yards and has lifted 11 punts
Eight Conference football sta-; averaging 46.4 yards
Cook advanced into the tie
with Dwight Nichols of Iowa
State. In three games Nichols
has carried 64 times for 222.
In two games. Cook has the
same aggregate on 30 carries.
Behind them are Max Falk,
Kansas State, who has gained
195 yards on 29 attempts, and
Melvin West of Missouri, who
has tried 31 times for 143
Oklahoma State, undefeated
along with Oklahoma and
Colorado, moved to the fore
in team total offense. The
Cowpokes, ineligible for the
conference crown, have 1,007
yards in three games. Iowa
State trails with 986, Kansas
In the aerial department, ;
Die!. Soergel of Oklahoma!
State trails with 11 of 24 for:
179 yards, and Nichols of Iowa j
State owns eight of 11 for 159 1
yards. - ;
The punters shifted a bit1
behind Snowden. Jim Wood of j
O. S. U. has kicked 10 for 42.3, i
Terry Lee of K a n s a s State
five for 41.8, and George
Harshman of Nebraska has 11
for a 39.6 average.
Like Cook in rushing, Joe
Vader of Kansas State
zoomed sharply to the front
in pass receiving. The Wild
cat end now has caught nine
for 107 yards. He is followed
McDaniel of Oklahoma with
one for 86.
A tie resulted in punt re
turning by two players here
tofore unlisted. Tony Banfield
of Oklahoma State toted three
for a 21.6 average, and was!
by Jakie San
defer of Ok
1 a h o m a
powlr as they tripped the
DUs 6-0. Fred Howlett passed
Charlie Grothe for the winning
The DUs threatened with
long passes on several occa
sions, but the receivers could
not hold on to the ball.
Navy Sinks
Newman Club had an easy
time as they ripped Navy 22-0.
Pat Hipp and Lambert Sobon
each grabbed touchdown
passes and Mike Wieland
speared an erring Navy pass
and ran for the third tally.
Sobon also trapped the Navy
tailback in the end zone for a
Farmhouse Wins
Farmhouse razzle-dazzled
the Kappa Sigs to the tune of
25-6 in other action last week.
Don Heuerman first passed
to Don Geisler for two touch
downs, and then Geisler took
over the pitching detail to hit
Bob Dannert twice. Geisler
tallied the only extra point.
Dave Anstine shot a short
pass to Bill Brecht to account
for the Kappa Sigma scoring.
Fall Golf Finals
with the
same fig
.ure. J i m
of 0. S. U.,
iasi wee ss v
leader, now la
has a record
of five aver-Jakie Sandefer
aging 17.6.
Bob Harden of Iowa State
kept command of the individ
ual scoring lead. He has five
touchdowns for 30 points,
Jim Wood of 0. S. U.
and Colorado's Cook are next
with 16 points. The latter pair
if n
i The Fall Golf Tournament
has reached final rounds in
all flights. Matches will be
played this week to determine
First Flight: Bill Hemmer,
SAE vs. Tom Tucker, Phi Del-
!ta Theta.
Second Flight: Harold Tay
i lor, Phi Kappa Psi vs. Lewis
.Titus, Phi Kappa Psi.
j Third Flight: Scout Killing
!er, Delta Upsilon vs. Cleve
i Trimble, Phi Delta Theta.
: Fourth Flight: Ben Prieb of
i Sigma Chi won the fourth
flight by default.
raiw ,
rhaol Time C arrtrd Galnr
Iowa statt M 27
Colorado 3i 234
Kansaa State es US
Misourl 31 135
Iowa Stata 17 144
Kanaaa State 2- 139
131 Football Results
Beta Sigma Psi 13
by Colorado's Boyd Dowlerjhas contributed point corner- Ag Men 6
Sigma Chi 13 Sigma Nu 6
Sigma Nu B 6
AGR 20 - .
Cornhusker Coop 6
Sigma Alpha Mu 39
. Delta Sigma Phi 0
Alpha Gamma Sigma 13
Brown Palace 0
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 23
Phi Gamma Delta 12
with six for 105 and Wahoo sions and field goals
Big Eight Individual Statistics
Leading Ball Carriers
Nrt Gain
BoerKH, Dii
Vrhool Attrmnti romp, lntrpts. Jfrt ''"In
itweourl , 3 1 2 241
Oklahoma Sate 24 II n ITU
Iowa Btat 11 , 1 159
Oklahoma l 7 1 is
Karmaa 8tat 2H II ft 127
Colorado 13 7 O 123
Pass Receivers
Kansas State
Ptvts f aught ard (ainrd
Oklahoma .- 1
Misourt ,. ... A
Iowa State
Leading Punters
(At leat 4 punt.
Plajer ebool - Pnnti
Snowden Misourt ... 11
Wood, Jim Oklahoma Sate .. 1
J,e Kansas State
Harshman Nebraska ..... 11
Dowler Colorado ....
Morris K annas , 10
Tolly Nebraska ....... 7
Leading Punt Returners
(At lrat return)
Player Srhool Krtum Yard A vera re
Banfield Oklahoma Statt .... 3 M 21. A
Pan.ieler Oklahoma 3 21.
wtccina Oklahoma state .... S a 17 K
Whitney Kanaaa State 3 32 1A.7
One way to get the houses to report their,
news to us is to make a mistake concern
ing that organization I did. Last week
this column said that the Sig Eps won the
intramural football title last year, and the
Phi Psi's won it the year before. The first
part is right, but the Phi Psi's didn't cap
ture the crown in question in '56, it was in
'55 that they won. Of course, Sigma Phi
Epsilon won in '56, and it was they who
stormed the Rag office in quest of this cor
respondent. I goofed; I admit it. Guess I
have been in school longer than I thought.
I remember the Phi Psi's used their cham
pionship football team as a rushing point
the year I matriculated, which was, when
I stop to think about it, 1956.
There was a fine story In the Rag the
other day concerning ice skating for Uni
versity students. The article covered about
everything, but It did not include the place
to buy tickets. The Rag forgot to Include
that tickets may be bought at the PE
There'll be plenty of hardware up for
the taking when these championships are
determined. Not less than 34 trophies will
be doled out. A new Sportsmanship
Award will make the total 35, and if
hockey can catch on this year, the list
will grow larger yet. Every house on
campus should have at least one glittering
specimen in its show case by next Spring.
A couple of the house IM chairmen have
suggested that the Rag give a trophy to
the outstanding intramural house at the
end of the year. This would be about on
the same order as the Jack Best Award,
by larry novicki
which was discontinued by the IM depart
ment several years ago because of pres
sure from administration and faculty
groups. Apparently the competition be
came somewhat of a rat race, and each
year ended up with a lot of hard feelings.
The Nebraskan will check Into all the
possibilities and difficulties (including the
financing of the loving cup) of this angle.
Maybe something can be worked out that
would be a help to the IM program.
Sidelights . . . Gordy Arneson of Delta
Tau Delta led qualifiers in the free throw
shooting contest with a 47 out of 50 mark
. . . Rifle team entries (along with five
bucks) are due in the PE building tonight
at 5:00 . . . The Betas and the Sig Alphs
have reached the semifinals of the double
elimination shuffleboard tourney.
National magazine this week comments:
"And the Lord said unto Adam(), 'Be
hold thou hast eaten of the tree, whereof
I commanded thee that thous shouldest
not eat. Cursed is the ground for thy
sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it. Dust
thou art, and unto dust shalt thou re
turn.' "
"Therefore the Lord sent Adam(s) forth
from the Garden of Eden." Genesis III;
17, 19, 23.
Secret of Fitness Confessed
Asked what kind of exercise he took, a
fit looking elderly gentleman answered:
"I get my exercise acting as a pallbearer
to my friends who exercise."
iReelart fiUMt)
.il 40.4 j
423 42 3
' 2rf 41.1
43 ' 39.
30S 3. 5
33 3S.3
244 34.8
European Travel
The Talks and Topics com
mittee of the Student Union
will sponsor a panel discus
sion on European travel
IThursday at 4:30 p.m. m Un
i ion 315.
d monHey
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