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Wednesday, September 17, 1958
The Doily Nebroskan
Paae 3
Husker Booster Brigade
I n
fl - t-i m . v r 1
I . lit i s I IS
Topnotch Frosh Squad
Schmakel Happy With Yearlings
"This is the top squad from
a physical standpoint that I
have seen in my 10 years of
college coaching."
That is how Warren
S c h makel, t ...
fres h m a n I f
foot ball
coach at Ne
braska; de
scribed the
Cornhus k e r
yearlings this
Schmak e 1
had reason to
be happy be
cause among Klffin
the top frosh candidates who
have reported to him are five
heralded 'uckles, a pair of
top-notch centers, and four
hard-running backs.
Big Tackles
The tackles, who each tip
the scales over 200 pounds,
are Monte Kiffin, much sought
after tackle from Lexington;
Warren Dobry, Schuyler; Ken
Dostal, Scribner; Al Fischer,
Prineton, Minn.; and Duane
DuBois, Niagara Falls, N.Y.
Dostal, who earned eleven
letters in different sports at
Scribner high school, is the
heaftiest of the group at 225
pounds. He stands 6-5.
DuBois, a 6-3, 220 pounder,
established an outstanding
record during his high school
days at Niagara, N.Y. He
was voted the outstanding
linesman in the New York
state high school all-star game
at Buffalo.
Checking in at 215 pounds
were Al Fischer, Princeton,
Minn, and Monte Kiffin, Lex
ington's high school All-
Freshman Managers
Anyone interested in becom
ing a freshman football man
ager should get in touch with
Freshman Coach Warren
Schmakel, room 201, Coli
seum, or they should call him
at the football office, ext. 3191.
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American. Fischer stands
6-lVs, while Kiffin is 6-3.
The "midget" of the five
tackles, at 200 pounds, is
Warren Dobry a 1957 All-State
tackle from Schuyler. Dobry,
who was born in Canada, re
ceived an University of Ne
braska Regents scholarship.
A pair of Ohio prep grid
stars, Jed Rood, Columbus,
and Bill Slacas, Cleveland,
are among the center candi
dates reporting to Coach
Rood, a 6-0, 185 pounder,
was an All-City center selec
tion at Colbumbus in 1957,
while Slacas, who played in
The Ohio All-Star game, was
an All-East Ohio center in
Jack Conger, two-t i m e
Gold Medal winner in the
hurdles at the Nebraska
State High School Track
Championships, is one of the
hardest running backs re
porting to Schmakel. Conger
earned 10 letter while attend
ing Aurora high school.
Star Quarterback
Among the frosh quarter
back candidates is Fred Hen
ning, Toledo, Ohio signal-caller,
who played in the Ohio
North-South All-Star prep
game this year.
Another high school All
American included on th e
Cornhusker freshman roster
is Noel Martin, C!ay Center,
Kansas All-State halfback.
Martin was one of the twenty-
six hi eh school eridders se
American high school football
game in Memphis, Tennessee
last summer. He was a team
mate of another Scarlet year
ling, tackle Monte Kiffin, in
the Memphis contest.
Pat Clare, Sioux City,
Iowa fullback, one of the
Hawkeye State's better prep
candidat. Bill Leifur of Bis
marck, ND. had straight A's
in all four ears of high school.
He finished first scholastical
ly in a class of 241.
Eighteen states, including
Nebraska, are represented on
the freshman roster. The
states are: Iowa Ohio, Il
linois, Michigan, North Dako
ta, South Dakota, Indiana,
Arkansas. Washington, Kan
sas, Missouri, New York, Ok
lahoma, Wyoming, Montana,
Minnesota, and Texass
Schmakel will head up the
freshman staff. He will be
aided by Jack Braley, ends;
Bill Schabacker, tackles, and
Bill Smith, Husker wrestling
coach, who will coach the
guards and centers.
1 ' -- i:5 r- y
tfi ij-iKTrii frit-r tm'ime m$i& tHjSSGniMtltit
ALL SET TO twist the Penn StateMVittany
Lion's tail are the Nebraska yell squad
which includes in the front row, left to
right: Judy Zikmund, Wilbur; Margaret
Marshall, Lincoln; Karen Krueger, Lin-
coin; Kay Hirschbach, South Sioux City.
Rear row: Bill Wells, Gothenburg; Jim
Sheldon, Lincoln; Bill McQuistan, yell
king, Pender; Al Krizelman, Omaha;
Brent Chambers, Ft. Scott, Kansas.
Big Seven Roundup-
Mitchell New K.U. Mentor
Jayhawks Weak At Guards, Tackles
m a
j3s IJ
ANDERSON, Daryl QB 17 S-ll
ANDERSON, Leonard C 17 1
BEHRENS. Rater BB 18 5- tv,
PELL. Dick G 18 8- 2
BLAIR, Gen BB 18 S- 9
BLUHM. Larry E 18 8- I
CALLIHAN, Michael T 18 8- J
CASE. Phil K 17 8-
CHOCHON. Richard BB 17 5-11
CHRISTENSEN. jobn HB 17 S-ll
CLARE. Pat BB 17 -
COLE. Roger T 17 8-3
CONGER, John Ron FB 17 - 0
DARNALER. Timothy G 18 S-ll
DOBRY. Warren T 17 8-
DOSTAL, Ken T 17 8-5
DRAGOO, Jerold BB 17 S- 7
DI B01S, Duant T 17 8- 1
DYER. Dallas FB 17 5-8
EDWARDS, Jack FB 17 8-8
F1CK. Robert v T i 8-1
FILBERT. Charles BB 18 6-1
FISCHER, AUan T 17 8- i
GELLERMANN, Virgil BB 20 8- ft
GIBSON, Gary OB 5-11
GREVE. Kenneth T 18 8- Va
Gl'ZINSKY, Irvin G 29 S- 8
HAGELIN, Gerald G 20 5-11
HANSEN. Roger T 18 8-
HARANTS. Albert T 18 8- 1
HAYES, William FB 18 S-llVa
HENNING, Fred QB 17 8-0
HOUSER. Don FB 18 8-1
HUGE. James FB 17 8- O
HVTTON, Robert G 17 8-0
JACK. Gary G 17 8- 1
JACOB, Tom E 17 8- ft
JONES, Don T 18 8- 1
JONES, Jim FB 18 8-2
JOHNSTON, Leonard E 24 8- 2
KELLEY, Patrick G 18 8-1
KEI.LEY. Jerry T 18 6- 1
KIFFIN, Monte T 17 8- 1
KOKHLER. Richard BB IB 8-0
KOONTZ. Wendell G 18 8-0
KOOPMANN. Charleg T 17 8-1
LAUBE. John G 17 8- 1
LEIFUR. Conrad QB 17 8-0
LEIGH. Richard E 17 8- 0
LINES, James E 18 5-11
LIVERINGHOl'SE, Jerry FB is $.
McDANIEL. Richard E 22 8-
MARMAN. John HB 17 8-2
MARTIN, Noel HB 18 5-10
MEADEt Ronald QB 17 8-0
MOUSEL, Ronald G 18 5-10
NAASZ, Harvey T 18 8- 0
O'CAI.LAGHAN, Bruce C 19 5- 9Vi
OI.SEN. Steve FB 17 5-10
PETERSON. Bill HB 20 8-0
P1EPER. Kenneth E 17 8- 2
POWERS, Warren QB 16 8-0
PURCEI-L, Donald E 17 8- 1
RASCHKE. Jamea T 18 8- 2
REINHOLT, Joseph ." C 23 8-0
RENFROE, Jack FB 18 6-2
ROBERTS, David HB is 8-1
ROOD, Jed G 17 0
SALERNO. Patrick E 17 6- 1
SAVOIE. Robert G 17 5-10
SAYLOR, Allen G 32 6- 2
SCHAAR Gary BB 17 5-10
SCHAULIS. Stanley E 17 8- IV4
SEVER. Dave HB 17 8-0
SKAUG. Jon QB 17 S-ll
SLACAS. William C 18 6- 3
SMITH. Huth E 23 8- 4
! STEWART, Don FB 18 6-0
STOCKMAN, David E 17 6- 1
STL'EWE, Dennia HB , 16 6-0
SIMJHERG, Dave T 17 6- 3
TAYLOR, Robert G 18 5-11
TlNGI.EHOFF, Henry C 17 , 8-1
1TINSTRA, Kenny T 17 8- 2
WAGES Kent QB 18 5-10
WA1.L1CK. Roland C 18 5- Wh
WARD. Gene HB 17 5-10
WILLIAMS, Pete T 18 5-11
ZIERKE LeRoy FB 17 8- 0
17S Stanton, la.
175 Aitkin, Minn.
175 Cook
192 So. Sioux City
1M Hay Spring!
185 Seward
195 Columbus
195 Tekamah
185 Humphrey
170 Nebr. City
190 Sioux City. Ia.
195 Granite Falls, Minn.
184 Aurora
190 Lincoln
195 Schuyler
220 Scribner
155 Fairbury
230 Niagara Falls,
170 Lexington
185 Cadii. Ohio .
275 Lincoln
185 Sheridan, Wye.
210 Princeton. Minn.
183 Omaha
180 Wilcox
175 Lincoln
165 Sidney
190 West Point
190 Lincoln
187 Rockford, 111.
190 Sionx City. Ia.
230 Grone Point, Mich.
190 Fayetteville, Ark.
175 Toledo, Ohio
200 Lincoln
178 Holdreg
175 Plattimouth
218 Tekamah
165 Mendota. 111.
200 Bastings
202 Leon, Ia.
180 Waterbury
230 Seymour, Ind.
205 Quincy, IU.
218 Lexington
165 Geneva
175 Lincoln
205 Stanton
185 Harlan, la.
180 Biimarck, N.D.
195 Hardy
175 Mendota, III.
185 Tildea
208 Port Arthur. Tex.
180 Sidney. Mont.
195 Broughton. Kan.
170 Canby. Minn.
175 Cambridge
200 Mohridge, S.D.
175 Omaha
190 Sioux City, la.
185 Beatrice
182 Quincy. III.
165 Kansas City- Mo.
182 Omaha
220 Omaha
200 Dearborn, Mica.
190 North Platte
190 Longview, Wash.
187 Columbus, Ohio
185 Brooklyn, N.Y.
185 Omaha
205 Marshall, Minn.
200 Aurora
170 Lamherton, Minn.
180 Hooper
185 Des Moines, la.
195 Kansas City. Mo.
215 Cleveland, Ohio
21$ Guymon. Okla.
185 Miles City. Mont.
175 Piqua, Ohio
170 Hamburg. Minn.
215 Red Wing, Minn.
195 Faulkton, S.D.
190 Lexington
215 Des Moines, la.
lfaO Chula Vista, Calif.
178 Lincoln
170 Glenwood. la.
195 Dayton, Ohio
200 Pierce
! r
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By Randy Lambert
Sports editor
In five years as a head
coach, Jack Mitchell, Kansas'
new boss, never has under
gone a losing season. In fact
neither of his two Wichita
squads n o r
nis tnree a tf
Arkansas ev
er dipped as
low as .500. ; I
The prece-;
dent is one of '
the m 0 s tf
h e a rtening '.
items s u r - -
rounding the
K.U. squad.
I he Jay- Marshall
hawks will open the season
with the quarterback position
in doubt. They will also be
very thin at the guard and
tackle positions. .
Quarterback Trouble
The quarterback spot could
become acute if Bob Marshall
does not recover completely
from a knee injury. Mitchell
will run the sliding-T forma
tion with no experienced quar
terback if Marshall doesn't
hold up.
Kansas lost no irreplace
able all-round football players
from the 1957 squad, but they
did lose some players whose
individual talents may be
hard to replace. In the line
they will miss Guards Paul
Swoboda and Bob K r a u s
along with tackle Frank Gib
son, an all-conference selec
tion in 1956, and Jim Letcav
its, all-conference end for two
years who incidentally caught
the winning touchdown pass
against Nebraska last home
coming. Among those lost from the
backfield are Charlie McCue,
John Francisco, Don Feller,
and Larry Carrier. And most
of all, Wally Strauch'g pass
ing from quarterback.
If Marshall doesn't hold up
at quarterback, then possibly
Duane Morris and Larry Mc
Kown may fill the quarter
back gap. Morris can deliver
in the clutch as he sparked
winning rallies against both
Colorado and Kansas State
last year. McKown showed up
very well in last spring's
game with the alumni.
Halfs Solid
Elsewhere in the backfield
the picture is not so clouded.
Mitchell can mount two vet
erans of proven ability at the
halfbacks in Homer Floyd
and Dave
Harris. Both
have good
speed, run
ning ability,
and are good
on defense.
Floyd, the
club's leading
rusher each
of the 1 a s t '
t w o years,
has been Floyd
switched from his old full
back-halfback alternation, to
right half. Harris has been
shifted from right to left.
The fullback spot will prob
ably fall to some sophomore.
Doyle Schick, a Kansas prod
uct weighing 185 has shown
exceptional promise. Behind
him are Norm Mailen, an
excellent punter and big Fred
Bukaty, who is a good all
round performer.
The ends are just about
completely departed. The only
ends with any experience are
H. C. Palmer and Dale Rems
berg, who lettered behind
CLASSIFIEDS The Lincoln Public Schools Is In In need
of an Occupational Therapist for the
Park School Unit for the Physically
Handicapped, it would be appel
ated If any known certified therapist
could be re'erred to Dr. John C.
Thompson. 720 South 22nd Street,
for an Interview,
Letcavits last year. Dewitt
Lewis, a converted guard, is
fighting it out with Remsberg
for one flanker post while
Palmer is getting plenty of
competition from two sopno
mores, Sam Simpson and Joe
Switch Peppercorn
In an attempt to bolster the
guard and tackle corps, Gen-
eral Jack Mitcneu nas
switched last year's left end,
John Peppercorn, to the in
ner line. The other starters
will be Ken Fitch, Oklahoma
transfer, at the guard spot
next to Peppercorn, with Chet
Vanatta at the opposite tac
kle and either Tom Russell
or Dick Komr ai xne vukl
Better Year
For Harriers
Four Veterans,
Pep Setigne Squad
Nebraska's cross country
hopes will be bolstered by the
return of five lettermen and
three promising underclass
men. With this in mind, Coach
Frank Sevigne is optimistic
over the Huskers chances of
bettering last season's sixth
place finish in the Big Seven
meet. The Huskers were 3-1
during the dual meet season,
but with the illness of Joa
Mullins before the big con
ference meet, the Huskers
chances were dimmed con
siderably. Fleming Lost
The one dark spot In tht
picture this year is the loss
of Mike Fleming who per
formed brilliantly towards
the end of the year. Fleming
joined the Marines during the
summer months.
Returning lettermen i n
elude Joe Mullins, Bill Mel
ody, Knolly Barnes, Ken Ash,
and Jerry Marples.
Joe American Horse, two
time Gold Medal winner at
the Nebraska State Track and
Field Championships In the
mile, J. D. Schafer, Gold
Medal winner in the 440 at
the state carnival, and Ron
Callan, 880 Gold Medal win
ner, neaa tne list ot promis
ing sophomores.
I iliV
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Faculty Bowling
One more member is
needed for the faculty bowl
ing team, Charles E. Miller,
president of the club said.
A manager's meeting of
the bowling club M ill be held
Thursday at 5 p.m. in Room
101 of the P. E. building.
Faculty, bowling will be
gin Monday. Anyone inter
ested in the team should
contact Miller.
Jimmy Phillips
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College Couples Only
Accredited Courses in Religion atCotner
Fall Semester Schedule 1958-59
1 0NeTe.t.ment UfTUteratu,, 2 1000 W. F. St.phens.,1
10 New Testament Life and Literature 2 2-4
r20ldlrertament Life and Literature 3 9:00 M. W. F. Petersen
30 Introduction te Christian Faith 2 9:00 T. Th. Ferre'
73Growth cf th. Church 2 11:00 W. F. Gordo.
T20Bible and Dead Sea Scrolls 2 1:00 W. F. Fetersan
121 The FouTGoipelt 2 7'9 U' Li"M
Tm Life end Teaching of Jesus 2 1-3 Th. Knon
125 Life and Thought of Paul 2 10:00 T. Th. F.rrs'
147 Religion in Contemporary Literature 2 2-4 T. Knowlei.Potton,
1 50 Work of the Minister 1 1 Th. Staff
163 Principles of Christian Education 2 7-9 Th Petene.
185 World's Religions 2 11:00 T. Th. Petto.
223 Porobles of Jesus '2 2-4 W. Petsrtesl
At 3513 Holdrege
The Faculty for the First Semester 1958-59
CUSTAVE A. FERRE', A B , Boston University; B.D.,
Andover Newton,- Ph.D., Vanderbilt; Giaduate
study, Yale University.
ROBERT I. GORDON, A.B., Emory and Henry Col
lege; B.D., Southern Methodist University.
REX H. KNOWLES, A.B., Wesleyan, Conn.; B.D., Yale;
M.A., University of Nebraska; D.D., Hastings;
Ph.D., University oi Nebraska.
WILHELM C. UNSS, Baccalaureate Degree, Erlangn
University, Germanyi S.T.M., Boston University;
Ph.D., Boston University.
PARRELL P. PATTON, A.B., Baker; B.D., Southern
Methodist; Graduate study, Texas Christian; Uni
versity of Nebraska.
RALEIGH 1. PETERSON, Jr., AB., PhUlipei B.D.,
Phillips; Graduate work, University of Nebraska,
University of Denver. All eourse work completed
for Th.D.', Uiff School of Theology.
Nebraska; B.D., Yale University. All course work
completed for S.T.M., Yale University.
The COTNER SCHOOL cf RELIGION is the institution accepted by the Uni
versity of Nebraska for offering accredited courses in religion to' students.
During registration enroll for the course in religion by registring ot Cor
ner School of Religion, 1238 "R" Street. All credit courses are taught
at Cotner School of Religion. At the close of the semester, your gradt and
credit hours will be reported to the registrar of the University. All court
work is conducted in accord with the academic standards of the University.
TUITION & FEES There is no tuition' charge made for credit courses in
Cotner. A $2.00 registration fee is charged which covers the cost of the
transcript of credits to the University. A $6.00 fee is charged for auditing
"courses. .
1 i'
v- :
I ...