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JULY 24, 1958
Growing Up
Despite a half hour of rather frantic searching for five
or six articles misplaced at the printers Wednesday, the final
issue of the Summer Nebraskan appeared with a relative
degree of smoothness. The paper this summer was an ex
periment in joining class training with practical experience.
For the first time at the University, a class was used to
supply reporters. Seven beginning reporting students devoted
one lab period a week to gathering and writing articles for
the paper. This meant that for essentially the first time
the editor was left free for editing and did not function as
the No. 1 (and often only) reporter for the publication.
This gave the students a rare opportunity to put into
practice the theories they received in lectures. Seeing one's
classwork in print proves a fairly powerful stimulus to get
the story and get it right. Thus, the class gained from this
attempt to link the school paper with the classnom, and
the University community gained by receiving a paper
which was not a one-man operation.
Editorial policy has been strictly left' alone by faculty
and administrative personnel. No censorship of any sort has
been exercised on the student staff.
With these two points in mind that using a class enables
more news to appear in the Summer Nebraskan, and the fact
that policy decisions are in the hands of the students running
the paper it would appear that the next logical step would
be expansion of the publication to a size that could cany a
larger share of campus news. A 4-page tabloid paper appear-1
ing once a week cannot possibly deliver a fair share of news
in a community of over 3,000 persons.
During regular sessions, the campus newspaper is
largely financed through student fees, with a small portion
of every student tuition going toward publication expenses.
This is not true of the summer paper. The salaries of the
editor and business manager are paid by Summer Sessions,
but all printing expenses are covered by advertising.
Plans are being mulled over now in an effort to find a
way to finance a newspaper operation that will more fairly
reflect the size of the summer community at the University.
And although this year's staff will not be connected with
next year's operation, it is our sincere hope that a means
will be found of making the Summer Nebraskan a larger or
more frequently pearing newspaper.
-Coffey Break....
Staff Retires
When the forms for the
ffVATa HfAiA lu-.L-Ast ivitA i!aaa
By Marilyn Coffey at Journal-star Printing
Last summer, the tinkling "Where does-milk come Co. Wednesday night, the
of a bicycle bell in our neigh- from?" they'll ask. And snail work of of the Summer
borhood heralded the ap- I explain, "You put a nickel N . , mm
proach of the ice cream man. or a dime or a quarter in the XNeDraSjCan was over- K0 we"
But this summer the bell is slot and the money trips a brakan will appear next
lever which releases a do- Thursday because of final ex-
hickj that drops the bottom aminations.
out of a deal-e-o which re- .
leases a carton of milk." '
What sort of an answer is
this? I can hear the children
now, "But what keeps two
cartons from falling out? And
how does the-machine know
whether to spit back nickels
or not?"
I've wondered that myself.
Actually, this concealment
of its innards is the fascinat-
silent; the
cold, white
box is no
longered ped
dled through
the streets.
I suppose
this is just
another indi
cation of au
tomation, the
r e placement
of man by the
I can't say I'm exactly sorry ing thing about a machine,
to see the change. Machinery There is little room for specu-
fascinates me. (My mother lation when you hand a ven-
slepped on a mouse trap when der a dime and he gives you
she was carrying me). a bottle of pop. But when you
The answers to simple ques- stick that same dime in a ma-
tions have become so compli- chine, a strange whirring en-
cated with the advent of the sues, a paper cup drops into
machine as a middle man. place (never upside down) and
I used to ask my mother, a fine stream of liquid
'Where does milk come emerges then stops,
from?" And just what keeps that
And mother would answer, liquid from pouring infinitely
"The milkman gets it from never fails to intrigue me. I
the dairy; the dairy gets it suppose, that is why I feed
from the cows." money into the slot so avidly.
Don't think it will be so easy One day I might hit the jack-
to answer my kids questions, pot 67 gallons of carbonated
n Summer Nebraska Is the eMelal
MbHcatlaa t tbe Uairercttr at Nebraska
hammer Sesaleas. Pabliakeo' aader la
MMorsMa af tka School at Journalism.
K appear ererr Thursday duriaa tba
Gammer SeaaJaas cxeeat darlaa? vacation
nl cxamiaattaa periods.
Diana Maxwell Editor
Marilm Cotter Staif Writer
Barbara Barker Business Manacer
Information for publication must bo
submitted by nooa Monday tor publica
tion on Thursday. Article may bo
brought to 309 Burnett or called ta m
extensions 3156 or 3157.
liquid for my coffee break.
lit door
- Open to the Public
Ad in. 90c Dancing 9-1
7Cth & Sumner
For Rasarvotiont Ph. 4-2i3$
Musings . .
"Conformity in behavior is
a human necessity; conform
ity in patterns of thought a
human danger. . ." Here it
is again, that gnawing fear
among think
i n g individ
uals that we
are .gravitat
ing toward a
society that
is no more
than a jellied
glob of con
formity. The
speaker this
time was
Crawford H.
Greenewalt, president of Du
Pont Co.
The sentiment was ex
pressed a bit differently from
the time before, and it will be
said again, but in my opinion,
this is a subject that needs a
great deal of discussion. And
the sad part of it is that here,
at the University, where radi
cals and nonconformists are
expected to hang out, con
formity reaches its most sick
ening dimensions.
Each fall it manifests itself
in girls who valiantly puff
away with short, jerky self
conscious movements, deter
mined to learn to like the lit
tle white sticks. They do, and
a year later another group of
neophytes enrolls, they will
ape their sophisticated older
sisters and they too will
dawdle for an hour or two over
a coke while they learn the
movements of sophistication
how to gain the greatest ef
fect blowing smoke, how to
use the hands most effectively
by Diana Maxwell
knocking off the ashes.
And more subtly, the
thought patterns will be
shaped, pounded into the ac
cepted forms certain persons
are chic, others do not rank
socially. Certain groups may
be belonged to, others well
you understand, it's not quite
the thing, you know.
Certainly not to be excluded
from the brainwashing are the
young men who will don the
uniform baggy trousers that
must have a belt in back,
walk with a slight slouch, and
for gosh sakes, whatever you
do, don't go around carrying
more than one book at a time,
people will think you're weird.
Inside the classrooms con
formity is much too often the
rule. It doesn't take long to
peg the instructor. Woe to the
freshman who dares to write,
a theme in which his ideas
conflict with the man behind
the diadem.
"New ideas are disturbing
to minds that prefer the me
andering stream of past prac
tice -and habit. . ." the speak
er again was Greenewalt. The
occasion was again a series
of talks at Columbia Univer
sity. The application, how
ever, is here, in this tight
little community bounded by
10th St, the tracks and the
Other boundaries, eti ap
parent to the eye, are present
as well. They are the bound
aries set up by all of us who
are so quick to condemn or
ridicule the different, the in
dividual. Viva la nonconformist!
I Good For Grins
A fetching young lady from
New York was tripping down
a street in Bogota, Colombia,
minding her own business
when a star-struck "bogota
no" picked up her trail. He
followed her for a block or
two, breathing gentle compli
ments.. She became angrier
each moment, and at the end
of the third block flounced
over to a traffic policeman.
"That man on the corner has
been following me!" she an
nounced indignantly.
The cop looked at the man,
then surveyed the seething
young lady. He took off his
cap and bowed. "Senorita, if
I were not on duty, I would
follow you, too."
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