The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, May 14, 1958, Page Page 4, Image 4

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TKe Dalfv Nebroskon
Wednesday, Moy 14, 1953
"Vic Anderson
Will Speak
Governor Victor Anderson
is guest speaker at a meet
ing of the University Young
Republicans at 7:30 p.m.
Thursday in the Union.
No e x a c t
topic has
oeeu set mr
the discus- . I - . t
sion will
probably cen- I rf
rome I I
fy LitI
U19 VUiVUUlQ I ,
oi ruesaay
d r i m
election, ac joi aa sr
cording Anderson
to Sandi Laaker, publicity
The executive board will
meet before the talk at 7 p.m.
QaaHoo-Snparior WDdarnaaa
(Mr ct.T a -w
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The 195
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Books may still be purchased
Books will be handed out May 14-16 and 19-22
12-5 p.m.
Cornhusker office-Stdsnt Unfcn Basement
Bomb Hits Sink
Tears In Beer
It was a crying shame,
but dozens of Friday After
noon Clubbers at the Uni
versity of Colorado had their
fun marred the other day
when someone threw a tear
gas bomb into the Sink.
The unknown culprit's
bomb caused the Sink faith
ful to evacuate the popular
Boulder pub, crying in their
beer as they left.
Joe Beimford, owner of
this establishment which
has entertained many mi
grating Nebraskans in the
past, had more than one
reason to cry.
Beimford estimated that
he lost about 75 per cent of
his daily business during
the hours he was forced to
close up.
Cosmo Nominees
Cosmopolitan Club will pre
sent its nominees for 1958-59
i officers at a meeting Wednes
day at 7:30 p.m. a the Union
Nominations from the floor
will also be accepted, accord
ing to Ken Ackbarili, president.
ffi $2.00
I PL 8-1472
With i i
m x
Cornhuskers Are Here
Emily States Name Rales
Brides Face Numerous Problems
With June less than
month away many girls are
going to be getting married
and changing their names.
According to Emily Post
there are definitely accept
ed rules about the use of
a new married name.
A girl's name was Gayle
Anne Smith before her
marriage. She married Her
man George Jingo. Mrs.
Herman George Jingo then
becomes her formal name.
Gayle Smith Jingo be
comes her informal name.
There are times and places
for using the formal and
the informal names, Emily
Post says.
Visiting Cards
The formal name should
be engraved on the new vis
iting card Mrs. Herman
George Jingo, There must
be no abbreviations.
Initials are bad form en
Kessler Gets
Top Office
In Honorary
Eleanor Kessler has been
elected president of the new
ly initiated members of Al
pha Lambda Delta, freshman
scholarship honorary.
Other officers elected at the
initiation ceremonies Monday
were Judy Mooman, vice
president, Judy Williams, sec
retary, Dorothy uenun.
treasurer, and Sandra Sang
er, historian.
Former Alpha Lambda Del
ta sponsor. Miss Winona Per
ry, was gnest at the initi
ation. Outgoing president Marilyn
Pickett was chosen junior ad
visor for the group. A senior
adviser will be chosen from
members of Mortar Boards
who are Alpha Lambda Del
ta members.
Mrs. Walter Blore spoke to
the initiates on Phi Beta
Kappa and Sigma Xi, hon
orary scholastic societies.
Initiates were: Sonia An
derson, Janice Bartling,
Elizabeth Blore, Barbara
BoureUe, Tbelma Christen-
sen, Regina Denker, Elaine
Fa lk en, Eleanor Kessler,
Judy Mooman, Sheryl Oberg,
Patricia Porter, Anita Retch
less, Sylvia Rodehorst, Linda
Rohwedder, Sandra Sanger,
Mary Schmelzer, Sherry
Schuett, Dorothy SeEentin,
Carol Vermaes and Judy Wil
liams. Teachers Frat
Elects Becknian
Wayne Beckman was elect
ed president of Mu EpsOon
Nn, Teachers College profes
sional fraternity for men, at
a meeting last Friday.
Other officers elected were
L. M. Tarvin, vice president;
Larry Perkins, secretary; Lar
ry Schrag, treasurer; mem
bership chairman, Ken Bliss.
An award will be presented
to the outstanding high school
teacher at the next meeting,
7 p.m. Saturday. The dinner
meeting win feature Dr. Earle
Wiltse, superintendent of the
Grand Island schools as spea
Parking Dispute
Hits Chapel Hill
So we think we have a
parking problem at NU!
At the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill,
students have threatened to
boycott the town merchants,
theatres and restaurants if
the Aldermen do not recon
sider a proposal to install
parking meters on the uni
versity. 'It win be the most com-'
plete boycott this commun
ity has ever witnessed,
stated Don Furt&do, student
body president.
"Such a measure wfll def
initely stamp on their
minds that the students are
the life-blood of Chapel
EiH," he continued. ,
Students claimed that
meters would pose a money
problem as well as deface
some of Chapel Hill's
a visiting card or a formal
invitation, and are prefer
ably not nsed ia the formal
name. One may wonder
what to do if one's husband
has adopted a business or
professional abbreviation of
his name, as H. G. Jingo,
and is widely known la that
The answer is that the
formal name is still Mrs.
Herman George Jingo, Em
ily Post says, and should
be used on all social occa
sions. Business
Only in some business
transactions should it be
necessary to use it for spe
cial identification, in short
ened form. Monograms on
wedding stationery, silver,
or linens may be either
G. S. J. or S. A. G.
In signing letters, trti
easiness letters, a girl
should never siga ber name
Mrs. Herman George Jingo
indeed never sign letters,
5Irs." anything! The cor
rect letter signatnre is the
faifromal Gayle. Smith
Mar one ever sign a let
ter "Mrs. Gayle Smith
Jingo?" Emily Post says
the answer is a strong
'No." It is never correct
unless one is especially re
quested to use this form on
legal documents.
No matter how high a title
a bride's husband may
have, or may later achieve
a wife has no claim to it
in her own signature or ad
dress. -Mrs. Dr. Jingo,"
and "Mrs. Judge Jingo'.' are
both in bad taste. If a bride
has a title and her husband
does not, she may use it in
the same form it is used
Chemical Engineers
The American Institute of
Chemical Engineers will have
a meeting tonight at 7:30 pjn.
in Avery 324.
Officers will be elected, ac
cording to Jerry Steinmeyer,
corresponding secretary.
Typewriters For Rent
Special Student Rates
12S No. 11th
Light into that live Modern
I f l r
U.UJ f U
r j
I 1
i 3 '
r i r
Sig Tau Society
Initiates 23 New
Engine Students
Twenty-three University en
gineering students were ini
tiated into Sigma Tau, nation
al enginering honorary.
Dr. Clyde Hyde and Dr.
John Vickers, associate pro
fessors of electrical engineer
ing, and John Olson of Lin
coln were also initiated into
the society at the organiza
tion's annual banquet.
New intitiates are Vernon
Bollesen, Douglas Braunsroth,
Donald Cox, Delmar Fang
meier, LeRoy Gerlach, Car
roll Goering, Ivan Goering.
Kermit Goettsche, Howard
Kirsch, Jaroslav, Kohl, Emil
Koval, Larry Larsen, Buddy
Miles, Ronald Nail, Ronald
Stephen PawelskL
Ronald Reed, Dean Ruwe,
Richard Sabin, Lawrence
Schumacher, P a a 1 Smith,
Douglas Thorpe and James
Civil Engineers
To Honor Five
Five students will join the
spring awards stampede as
the American Society of Civil
Engineers recognizes its out
standing members at 6:30
p.m. tonight
Two civil engineering stu
dents will receive cash
awards at the banquet in Par
lor A, Union. Tbey are Ad
na Dobson and the Warren
B. Day Awards.
The Fulton Crammer Con
sulting Engineers awards will
go to the student who gave
the best student paper dur
ing the year and to the per
son doing the most for the
chapter during the year.
IotmM aaaTainJ a Vu taraatr
SZ2S. War e aaaa A amaataata
mm vthmHIrf. Wt, taa, exa Vlrmr.
Kwi S-7709
Phono 1-4281
ff W w
i I ' 1 f m l' r
i -v V
1 TacIpj J
Ti -mmpiai ia iial-a ! '
Wilbur Crowned
'Rose Queen'
Sylvia Wilbur, senior in
Teachers, was crowned Rose
Queen of Delta Sigma Pi,
professional business admin
istration fraternity, at the
34th Rose Formal Saturday at
the Cornhusker Hotel.
Miss Wilbur, a member of
Gamma Phi Beta sorority,
was entered by the fraternity
into the national competition
for Rose Queen.
The national honor went to
Helen Marie Craig of the
University of Georgia.
Judges of the national con
test were Betty Furness, TV
announcer for "Studio One"
and Kirby Grant, star of the
"Sky King" series on TV.
Dr. Staba Wins
Pharmacy Award
Dr. John Staba, acting,
chairman of the department
of pharmacognosy, received
a $100 honorable mention in
the Lnnsford Richardson
Pharmacy contest for a pa
per based on his doctoral
The paper, entered in the!
graduate section of the con-1
test, was entitled, "A Mano-;
metric Study of Claviceps!
Purpurea." j
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