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    Wednesday, May 1 4, 1 958
The Doily Nebraskor.
Par J
Oerter Favored To Win Shot;
NU To Score In Mile Relay
By Randall Lambert
Sports Staff Writer
Husky Al Oerter, greatest
double weight man in confer
ence history, will be out to
duplicate his 1957 slam in the
shot put and the discus when
he takes the
field at Co
lumbia. Mo. f
The New h
sailed the
discus 202'
6" at the Ar-
kansaire- . f -
n d II
Journal aad War
lays a
pushed the
shot over 57
this spring. It is doubtful
whether anyone will give him
competition in the discus
when he goes after his con
ference record of 183' 5"
which he set as a sophomore.
Nebraska's hopes are
pinned on Tony Divis and Al
Rosen. Divis had a 148 7
mark against Michigan State
last week, while Rosen has
also been throwing the discus
over 140. Others in conten
tion are Tom Cochran of Mis
souri, who has been over 150'
this spring, Gene Weil, Colo
rado, Dave Henschen, Iowa
State, and another Jayhawk,
Bill Dryer.
Although Oerter seems to
have the discus tied up, he
may have trouble with Iowa
State's Phil Delavan, who ill
press him for the shot put
larels. Delavan has been over
55 earlier this spring and
could help the Husker cause
fcy upsetting Oerter. Another
possibility is Dan Erwin of
Oklahoma, who finished ahead
of Delavan and Oerter at the
Drake Relays, with a heave
of 547".
Olson Hits Peak
Don Olson, fast improving
Husker welghtman, hit a ca
reer high of SO'lOV" against
Michigan State last week. 01
son may have to do better
than this to place against the
likes of Oerter, Delavan, Er
win, Jim Cam, Kansas State,
527", Dava Henschen, Iowa
State, 50'H", and Bob Rump
log, Misouri, S2'6".
WQt Chamberlain wf2 be
tack trying to glv the Jay-
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tovice nrrr.un
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On jaw oii. WU1 Mil for
Partact condition. Phona -T7(W.
hawks another first place
Wat and team mates Bob
Cannon and Kent Floerke fig
ure to give Kansas the big
Chamberlain tied with Jim
Green at 6-6i indoors while
Cannon was third at 6-2 and
Floerke tied for fifth at 6-0.
Turner In High Jump
Herschell Turner, surprise
of the outdoor season, will
share the Husker load with
Hale Kreycik and Randy
Clark. Turner has topped 6-3
this year and Kreycik and
Clark have both been over
six feet. Clark tied for fifth
place indoors this year at
Kansas City. Others in con
tention will be Neeley, Okla
homa, French, Kansas State,
Jim Hoffman, Kansas, Dave
Alderman, Colorado, and
Jerry Loo per, Oklahoma
State. All have hit six feet
or better.
Ernie Sholby, over 26 feet
in the broad jump this year,
is expected to easily surpass
the conference record of 25'
V set by Neville Price of
Oklahoma. The high-flying
Jayhawk will be backed up
by Kent Floerke, second in
doors at 23'y4. Floerke went
23'-3V last week in a dual
with Missouri. Nebraska will
try to combat the Jayhawks
with Bill Hawkins, yet to
reach his indoor high. Chuck
Wollaston, and Don Phillipps,
who has done 23'-4" outdoors.
Phillipps is doubtful because
he pulled a muscle azainst
. Dashes Tonga
Two of the top centurymen
in the country will meet in
the 100 yard dash. Dee Givens,
Oklahoma and Orlando Haz
ley, Oklahoma State, will
square off in what could be
a record breaking 100 yard
dash. Both have been timed
in 9.4. Charlie Tidwell, Jay
hawk 'speedster, has been de
feated by both, but has been
clocked in 9.6. He along with
Dick Jahr of Nebraska, 9.7
against Michigan State last
weekend, Larry Chace of Col
orado, third in the century
last year, and Henry Weibe of
Missouri should finish in the
money. Tom Hodson of Ne
braska and Bob Brandt of
Iowa State could also finish
in the top six places.
IM Bulletin
Delta I'psilon took a long
step toward the all-University
Softball championship
Tuesday night with a 6-5
extra inning victory over
Kappa Sigma.
George Hirschbach
smacked a two run homer
In the top of the seventh
Inning for the winning runs.
Don Smidt's triple added an
insurance tally to back Bill
Krommenhoek's steady
pitching job.
The University N Club held
! informal initiation ceremonies
Sunday, according to Bill
Hawkins, president. The in
formal ceremonies were fol
lowed by a formal initiation
at the Lincoln Hotel Monday.
New members being initi
ated include:
Football Max M a r t z,
Duane Mongerson, Don Ol
son, Gene Sandage, Harry
Tolly, LeRoy Zentic, Roger
Brede, Carroll Zaruba, Gene
Haman. Dick Kleiber and
Dick Prusia.
Basketball Wilson Fitz
patrick, Herschel Turner,
Robert Harry, Wayne Hester
and Allen Graves.
Swimming Joe Bone
mier, Jerry Brown, Ron Buck
lin, Bryce Johnson, Frank
Tomson and James Pokorny.
Wrestling Marlen Luff,
Kent Walton, Ken Lott and
Jim Novotny.
Gymnastics Karl Bvers,
Phillips Hall, William Wax,
Donald Ellson and Donald
New coaches Dick Mon
roe, LeRoy Pearce, Warren
Schmakel, Don Scarbrough
and BUI Smith.
"I , 'vV( siiP I i ' - '( '
II-V . - i pI - If k "it -2 ill t ' '
The UnfversitT N-Clab
elected officers at their inl
tiatioa banquet held Monday
night at the Lincoln Hotel
They are: (seated from left)
Bill Ontig, advisor; Bill
North, president; Larry Navt-
aux, vke-preswent; Harry
Tolly, secretary - treasurer;
Wayne Hester, social chair
man: Don Olson (standing
left), sergeant at arms; Lar
ry Brown, publicity cnalr
man; Bob Harry, sergeant at
arms; ana jacite ueier,
JV Club Officer
Caarlaar Joaraal aad Star
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lianalon fucnUhad.
CoIIega Stvdenri
amtaai. Avar J. Kai, 21
Social Utonc, 1 A.M. ta f P M,
amlmfkar Maa4 7 P.M. to It tM.
Watf. aaul Thar.
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Each and every organized Greek house
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MARLBORO company.
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Good, Clean Fun
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220 No. 48th-Tcle. 6-5058
Coliseum Beat
. . . fry george moyer
This is recruiting time the time of year when All Sports
Day events, state track, baseball, tennis and golf meets and
fraternity parties bring in high school youths from outstate
for the solid sell by Husker coaches.
Amid such an atmosphere, it is easy for rumors to get
started about athletic prospects for the coming year. Last
week I met up with a dilly. Word was passing around that
Mike Iiseman, Fremont High School Athlete of the Year
in 1957 was planning on a move to the University.
Mike is currently a freshman at Princeton University.
After a recent survey of the freshman talent in the I ay
League by the staff of an eastern newspaper, the sports
writers came to the conclusion that Mike was the best all-
round football player among the first year men in the Ivy
Obviously, the addition of Iseman to next year's Scarlet
aggregation would provide a nice shot in the arm. How
ever, coach Bill Jennings is going to have to make the grade
with talent already at hand for (darn the luck) Mike isn't
coming to Nebraska.
A call to the Iseman home last Sunday and a talk with
Mike's father scotched what I thought was a real scoop. Mike
is definitely staying at Princeton next year and even has
his room picked out. Ah well. One of these days I'll beat Ron
Speer to something.
Gate Crashers
Speaking of existing talent reminds me that I saw some
last Saturday. The Husker squad that beat the Alumni in
!the All Sports Day affair didn't look at all like the one that
muddled through a ten game season last fall,
j The tackling was sharper, the running was faster, and
j the passing attack was at last a passing attack instead of
a vague threat aimed at scaring the opposition defense intd
j spreading out.
The Varsity gave a good showing foretelling improve
ment next fall. There were few long runs, usually the hall
mark of an offensively sharp club, but Pat Fisher, Larry
Naviaux and Dick McCashland were each just one step or
one block short of breaking away several times.
McKay Lost
Lincoln, Neb. Jerry Mc
ay, sophomore infielder for
the University of Nebraska
baseball team, was lost for
the season when he suffered
a broken ankle sliding. The
varsity was playing the fresh
man baseballers at the time.
US A PhD candidates are invited to review the NEW PROJECTS COMMENC
ING at tha Endicott, New York Laboratory. For detailed information on these
projects, i.i the areas listed above, write to:
Mr. William E. Berry, Department G-178
Endicott Laboratory
Endicott, New York
Main Feature Clock
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Summer," 1:00, 3:10, 5:15,
7:18, 9:30.
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Another Place," 1:20, 3:25,
5:25, 7:25, 9:25.
Nebraska: "The Barber
of Seville," 2:00, 4:00, 8:00.
Capitol: "Band Of Angels,"
7:40. "Two Gun Lady," 6:25,
Varsity: "Bonlour Tris
tesse, 1:30, 3:29, 5:28, 7:27,
9 26
State: "Rodan," 2.22, 4:04,
7:46, 10:25. "Hell In Korea,"
1:00, 2:42, 5:24, 9:06.
Joyo: "Witness For The
Prosecution," 7:15, 9:20.
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8:05, 12:05. "Farewell To
Arms," 9:30.
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"Escapade In Japan," 8:05.
"Darby's Rangers," 9:45.
"Last Complete Show," 9:15.
West O: "Cartoons," 7:55.
"Brain From Planet Arous,"
8:15, 10:50. "Teenage Mon
ster," 9:40.
Sports Desk
To Offer
The Daily Nebraskan
Sports desk will once again
present the annual award
for Outstanding Athlete for
the Year, according to
George Moyer, Sports Ed
itor. The award, includes a
cup presented by the paper
and a plaque with the
names of past winners in
scribed upon it. The plaque
rests in the N Club room
in the Coliseum. The win
ner will be chosen by the
sports staff and announced
in the May 23 issue.
In 1956, the Award was
not presented but last year,
Rex "The Horse" EkwalL
Husker basketball great
from Holmsville was named
the winner. Among those
nominated in 1957 were Bill
North, Keith Gardner and
Jerry Brown.
Since North, Gardner and
Brown will all be eligible
for this year's prize along
with such other Husker
sports standouts as Gary
Re imer s Dan Brand,
George Fisk, Willie. Fitz
patrick, D wight Siebler,
Jim Kane, Gene Torczon,
Keith Young, Joe Mullins,
Mike Fleming and Ken Pol
lard, competition should
prove lively and interesting.
Any University Student
may nominate a candidate
for Outstanding Athlete of
the Year. All University
lettermen presently en
rolled and still competing
are eligible. Letters of nom
ination must be signed, but
the names of those nomi
nating candidates will be
kept in confidence. Address
letters to:
George Moyer
Room 20, Student Union
Star Of The Week:
Young Cited For Two
Michigan State Wins
with Cornhusker mates to Co
lumbia, Missouri for the Big
Eight Conference champion
ships. Keith says that this
may be his last competitive
year. He says that he wants
to make the conference meet
Keith Young, double winner
against Michigan State last
Saturday, aided his team jn
a smashing victory over the
Spartans and earned for him
self the Daily Nebraskan's
Star of the WTeek award.
Young posted times of 14.6
for the highs and 23.8 for the
lows in taking his pet events.
His chief competitor, team
mate Keith Gardner, passed
up the hurdles to compete in
the quarter mile.
A transfer student from
Philander Smith Institute of
Little Rock, Arkansas, Keith
Young has teen blazing the
cinders since he was a fourteen-year
old high school stu
dent in Kingston, Jamaica.
Keith was an all-around ath
lete at his school. But, instead
of football, baseball, and track
which might be on the agenda
of a Nebraska High school all
around player, it was soccer,
cricket, and track.
Gave. Up Track
After competing two years
at Philander Smith, Keith de
cided to trans'er colleges and
give up track in order that
he might concentrate on his
studies in pre-denistry. He ap
plied to several schools, was
accepted at Nebraska, and
enrolled here a year ago Feb-1
ruary. !
He changed his mind
about giving up track when
be met an old acquaintance
from Kingston town, Keith '
Gardner. After having been
shown around the Husker
track plant and after hav
ing met Frank Sevigne, he
decided to give the sport ;
another year.
This weekend he will travel !
a "two-way effort" in that
he wants to contribute his ut
most to the Scarlet cause, and
he also wishes that throuch
his performance, he win be
chosen to represent Jamaica
at the British Empire Games
to nc held in Wales this sum"
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