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Poc 2
The Doilv N'ebrcskon
Editorial Comment
.. $
- - H.
. ' A
-'' J d
' it
' K
' . , J,
f f
Coimcil Candidates
What might have been a help to the
student voter ia the elections Mcrtday
tunned oil to be a f-tie attempt to
gather opinion.
Tbe Daily Nebraskaa thought it would
be nice to End out what candidates for
the student council had to offer ia the
may cf ideas and what we came up with
was a minute sampling of the candi
dates positions.
Y"hat we're pretty much convinced of
Is that the student councd has deterior
ated into Just another activity oa the
campus and the people running for of
fice are tttle peop'e with the thought in
mind that to be concosisutal is better
thaa ta make enemies.
Coinmeats raa the fa mot from, I
kope everytne rates. This is a chance
fer the students to elect represented es
be tbey feel wi3 best represent their
Interests,"' to I believe that most of tie
grteps kave beea taking a sincere in
terest ia tbe CccbcO aad I tape that I
may d as well, U -I dat have any
emmeBts at the moment.
Not, you see, these comments can.e
from people who will be oa the ballot (!)
Monday and from w bora you will select
people to control the activities, the for
tunes cf the students. Too bad. isn't it?
Now you might say it's unfair for the
Daily Nebraskaa to say such things
when so few were interviewed. We in
terviewed four candidates from the
Teachers College and one candidate
from Easiness Administration. No one
else could be found during the afternoon
of the po3. Perhaps they were out in
stilling Nebraska spirit ia their fellow
students. Perhaps not.
Bat the Daily Nebraskaa was gig
to endorse candidates wee we thought
would da a good job, stand for the tilings
which representatives should stand (or
(student tribunal, boosing, parking, etc.)
It seems, however, that the Daily Ne
braskaa can't in good faith endorse anyone!
Spring Weekend
Here It is, the tig weekesi
The Esse for cavorting around, tug
ging ropes, watching ia awe as some
beys fa3 to the ground and some girts
becoraa attired la the garb cf the Lor.f
Tbe r'akta BlrtMay Party, the Spring
Day festivities aad Ivy Day sbosld be a
fine breather tor stadents wb kave
beea piwSdlag; away for tbe last few
weeks, atlenrptin to score oa some
tests and attemptiag to kelp raise their
end is, wSl be recorded and finally for
gotten as finals loom over the horizon.
School wffl be out ia less thaa a month,
some calendar experts tell as.
And then summer and a three-month
Bat ia tbe meantime, this breather
which we will receive this weekend
sboakf safSce to keep happy go lacky
boys from climbing inio Ike girls dorms
and sororities.
What more need be said than, ''Have
a eood time. stav sober and remember
The breather, which this spring week- your Monday eight o'cJocks.
End Of Golden Rule
There w23 be mo Gulden Rule at ders
E&iwetelt AtolL The Goldea Rale being
referred to is a 35-foot sailing boat
manned by 4 American c&jectors to
TJ. Sw testing cf atomic weapons.
stav out. The crewmen had
,ped to bait the tests.
Naval asEthfisriSaes arrested the crew
cf the ship yestenifay a m&e and a half
fxmn Bjaaoilala as the ship sajSed fiac
the testiiEg area ia de-Sance to U. S. r-
Tkwi'gh this protest may appear ta be
little more than the work of cranks
which acteaHy it prabably isn't, but
rather wcrk by sincere men it is cer
tain that svQme!ay the U. S. rasmst listen
to the pleas cf sack irraea and stup atomic
testing for the good ef all raamkind.
From the Editor
private opinion
dick shuzrue
Hoping; mat lm cflead anyEe too jedtdcId,
Fd to tell a sScsry wMdk fcappemeJ
yesfierday. A yaeg wam wbs wwis ia
psEks wais dasEiKsiEg the fww the
sfiotSeEEtt ba.$ in a geaierai
"Plainrf I said epi
mMkajly. Td alhrays
bourne and tioM mtssr f
fulls wfe hai be!! m.
the casEKES to give
aWKMII'i - 'A' f "Tin
caaipES to give i
smd flue par-
eats tMnaed aa atteffita-
fo car to the Idds,
Barfk," said fee yrag am St
ievZx are &x$i sM vm tm pay ay as
tffs&ta to tJbrsn anjwaj." Be was de&i
seriws. Ee said it's abMt Urn
gt a li32e serials, to, abatct tke tlasx
Uut cvKSt. And to tU yai tie ttsi, be
was rlgM. Sme examples.
" 1) Eire we fcare a stefest csMeii oa
this caiEpdss wSakfe jaat ssrailf ffiimis ft,
Est searsssa; to Mil isp mniparSaM infsar
EUaSsa, fossa their csflege paper teft
als? fess a g5d tet,gh !bsm I protest
tsatli adSiaiL Ife"s jist carrjiimg cai a
cniMtay waar witi the CHEici,'" said
esse isiemibe?.
I was dsad scrims wtosm I csi-nrcplaimftl
ta the Aintaarkaa Sscikty f Newspafer
ESars Freedom cf lfHmatiiiim cswdb
EiMSae that the cumssM is imssgmsMe.
EiiiikXateccs,"" coshered ttte CQHamai.
2) Bare we te'e a stedeait ha'Sf whkfti
is ssemiffigSy maiawed wr&c the grare sti
tmm the Uaiwersly is facing to firpnsg
t remrgsaSze ttoe ieadmg cerliifkaifiiiaa
tcaaasss. TMs sanse staekizi hsdf is the
ece wftaida is cameerroed J!2s.,g3s nnot
ejeclj, f cwiarse'p with the prafekiaa cf
eafarss'S MfigraltiMi ia the fralemitks
and sararifes. Aan4 at the sanase tirue
Safe are a ctMcg te ef nJaaBsamd sttasdewlls
who d"t ereai toaaw whM. UTae ia..4e
cf a Gredk Haroe lai3a E3be, and what's
, Haas, care kss.
21 Her we kaie a sisSal bdy wika
frXTT-tiroS TFS5 CUD
KmbImv: Ajt-!ittil (Xrli Frw
Srrk lAcryrte
sis Kama 3$, Saii rni
1K & K
XiiscaiiSa, Xchradca
LU , ,tfc imiihii. tnMlitullMdl UBilMsfiSW- IdMlCg.
(Mn'iHaiti Amru. nr wrm a Commmmv
fimHauiljt' migwMflMc tm, m 4. m
tjwwnww WjiMim - ------- TJrSta
CtaaHM Wmmmmt Jrw Ha
My Weal Or Woe
by dick basoco
Pensive Patter
is s saconeerBed abEf tke adiatnistra
Uim f discipliae fairly, that mmt of the
sembers Am "t tara oct to give ayes r
to tbe stadect tribunal rbarter. These
are Ibe same stsdeats w!m jQ wb -a
partosg alaces are 4 wkea pea
rallies are eat ff or wbea a t;pgrap!ti
cal erm- appears ia the Rag.
What Fes trying to prave is that sta
desuts are nsecessanily stffi.f&'l. Tlasy We
are m cfflniflicat&l that we dsafl kzyv
whkh way to tarns juesl. Sewms case
miiiate, zi&niMS the m-xL Best the lat
ter imoffl!Bfis are ta tzwmst for any
tcir's gwd.
Here we have a gracp cf stadeicts whs
dbaflt give a fcarat aSsmat w&o will be a
the ciMuacil cr the ttribaBal and heaves
only kaaws they've beard enffiEgJs ahKt
tbenajl bet whkh wiH term out en masae
to see the fceunar stsckties g ttowega
tlhffi'ir farts tonanamw aJtanaaMt.
I'd lite to se s&twe analysis cf the
sSmteBt msad. What satisfies stadeots?
Asythiffig"! What they thiiak alwwait?
What EMiferates tthenn &r wfiaa fails to
Empress Epiaas the-m the ffi&$Fi2ite cf
sduwl, the Mg jabs cf Be?
fcW"l, tbe stadest 0 aaswtr,
were fcere to betEe ajasaed, t
stake ewetacts, to sfead tbe mmt mt
pmrtaM y ears A met Ihes- I caa't -Amtaml
wkat tbe, atr dteHi5rar
fes, are Ullixg abL PraWy tbeye
beea ymm&iA wkk tbe lyrics r
eiaiEtk' sags aad bate aeier beea im
prem4 wUk facts rf life, tbrr t&aa
tkme timmxdtd v?m by tbe late Dr.
CerSaMy, r this whkto we
sSaktoE&i ayear to be, I caa s why my
fwEittkal fraetBd vm&Sutt waite a jnswt
taiiifflg with the stodtenit abwat bis can
diiiiafie, wmt!!..&i"t waft a breath o the
isBjportaiac cf fiw ng jaataire cteciiims
"Mi-iite cf tie claasrwm. I'd bate to
ematify the stGK&mt, it ntay be war
raatei I wssetld bsaitate to call st-
dasts aa;yisff fecltaded)! stcpii. Perhaps
sappy is the better wiri.
&-ft-Ti. anata Urn mt auataa . J-
KamoaTLaa. ttMtW
Cwmr ... .ftw Shunj
KnM (w to Mauea
Kiww eawr ..,.......-..-- Uaamaa
m Ctitvw Loan
iian &faar
aa wji. ..... fcrfflMk. ajMu alaawma.
amuoa, anal aat 1mm rn rManrocsa. Cavmt aUaaat, tawa "
.a iioaw - -
Catastrophe has struck!
Ifs eoing to rata on ly
Day. Or at least that's what
the US. Weather Bureau
says. Of course that outfit is
generally so screwed cp that
this might be just another boo
boo, but they certainly have
been consist art about claim
ing bad weather oa Saturday
for the last week.
This could be one- of the
major disasters ot l5.
1 beard from
one p e r s on
that the last
time they bad
to bold Ivy
Day ia the
Coliseum one
cf the uevr
Innocents got
a concussion
when be was
tackled and
basa't been
the same since.
Now, cant yosi just see one
of the now jittery jsiniors get
ting smashed to the hard
woods by an out-going mystic
and just not get back up?
This would certainly put a
damper on what is supposed
to be a damp ivy Day any
And speaking cf jittery peo
ple, there are abixit 4.J indi
viduals shaking their way
way from class to class today
who look as thwmga if any
one says BOO: thy"H col
lapse.. Or else take off like a
successful Van Guard. So
speak softly (those of you who
are involved'!), but carry a Mg
mask lor hood as the case
may be.)
1 wasn't particularly en
Eghtened by that columnist's
chatter aboit his younger
brasher, but I was very
pleased ta see that. soime!e
agreed wuth me on my un
vtweed cpDEKjn ctwrrceraing that
last story ia Scrip.
lly Effl)w-vDced cpinioa is
that it was in poor taste, not
BEte'Dectual enough to have
ssth trash involved. almst
well written, and Scrip wu!d
have been better eff t h r ee
pases sh5irteT.
Kind words are cer
tainly fee Bob Smidt and bis
Spring Day Committee for all
the time they've prut into this
year's estivif y. They've
worked hard and made a nura
btr cf miwEMneinidatiiioffls to try
ani impwe Spring Day
bath this year and for the pos
sible years to come. And I
boipe there are years tij crae
wiir.h southing besides iodi-
videaJ blasts.
Everybody seems to be g1
ting ftotfee '"Oassiical Msaskr
bandwapai, and I'm going to
join the rasJts sown if these
D. J.'s &mt stop playtng this
oce mined aM the time.
Yea teow the cuse 1 mean.
It's that jewel that starts cot
wsrJto the startling statement
that ""River City's pass have
a beys" band. &wm ref.ardd
fadkwBdtsal aiks iakcredaiwily,
A bys band?"
We!i maybe I've jatst been
anwsnd mare than mxwA. pti
p, biat I've t really ctoffl
sii.fil a boy" band at highly
lasassffiil Bad the way thee
ptsr aik the poestsio, yai
wanut to try to feefp therju tat a
toOTpnta! tar mme Sdnd cf treat
edmsJ fiiir severe sbwek.
Bat it's that band that real
ly g!s me. First cf all there
are T trambaces. This strikes
me as a siEgulartr EKmber
cf trisnibwes, but, dae to the
numbers of other instruments
involved, maybe not.
Right behind those 76 trom
bones are 110 coronets. And
then there are 1.OJ0. at the
bare minimum, reeds, which
for some reason are spring
ing up like weeds.
And then comes the clinch
er. 50 mounted canons are in
this band. Now I think I've
led a sheltered life, because
in all my 19 years I've never
seen, or until this record came
out heard of, even one canon
in a band. The song says
that these canons '"thunder."
You can bet your sweet Me
that 50 mounted canons will
make quite a bit of '"thunder."
Just so far this band num
bers roughtly 1.2. This
doesn't even begin to take into
account the clarinets which
are not specifically numbered
or the tmpanies. (I'm dying to
see some poor character lug
ging a tympany down the
street and still keep in step
or even walk more than a
Obviously River City has
one beck off a band. But that
record has definitely got to
Good For Grins
The hostess was making fi
Eai arrangements for an elab
orate rewptibo. Nora," she
said to her veteran servant,
-far the Erst talf-bocr I want
jm to stand at the drawing
rooci dwr and call the guests
names as they arrive."
Nsra's face lit trp. "Thank
yma, ma'am, she replied,
"I've beea wanting to da that
to some cf yocr friends for
the last 20 years." (The Read
er's Digest)
Went Ads
Now is the time far all non
singers to be shunned. As
mass practices, individual
groups and sola voices vibrate
throughout the campus, it is
time for the
monotones to .
retreat to c, j ,
third floor. f 1
IJ o w e ver, n r y
small though -,
our part is. f -i
we do add s'.?
o u r b i t 4
to the stupen
dous pb of
preparing for
the Ivy Day Miss Traefl
Sing. At ap
propriate moments we appear
out of our rooms and croak
lavish words of praise to in
quiries of ""how do we sound"
and provide soothing balm for
the aching head of the harried
director. I a the immortal
words of the great poet Alfred
Lord Tennyson, ""Ours not to
wonder why; Ours but to do"
. . . and exist silently and un
complainingly thrcugh 7 a.m.
practices, noon practices. 5
p.m. practices, and 7 p.m.
Late at night groups emerge
AH I Cot Was One Station In Florida
1 I W r
by Judy Truell
and cluster on sundecks and
lawns to lift beautiful, soaring
voices to the sky. To an old
grad driving by on 16th Street,
this sound might bring tear
dimmed memories; to those of
us who havent even been in
vited out to listen, the har
monious voices appear at
times to build tremendous in
creases in volume only to
drown out competitors down
the street.
And as the monotones and
croakers huddle about the
bridge table joking about our
lack of talent, each one of us
deeply wishes for a high
soprano or throaty contratti
voice. Nobody is more "cut of
things" than a non-singer
hovering forlornlv around the
house prior to Ivy Day.
a a
Speaking of Ivy Day, I'm
really getting pretty excited
about the whole thing. There's
that certain air of excitement,
of tense nerves, that make
predictions encompass the
campus before they've reaOy
had a chance to begin. But.
so what if smiles are extra
bright and greetings are extra
cheery; the grass is green,
the bleachers are up, the
daises are growing at their
best for the chain, and Ivy
Day song practice goes on
interminably. Column Judy
But on the day before Ivy
Day, Spring Day, the women
f the university will appear
to vie in "athletic contests!"
This is all well and good and
exhilerating. But there is
something Just a little messy
and urEfemmine about plung
ing headfirst into a muddy
ditch in a rope pulling con
test. Hooray for our side if we
win. But I'm a very small and
weak conservative who pre
fers to show athletic prowess
on a dry tennis court in clean
white shorts. (It doesn't make
any difference whether yon
can play tennis like Althea
Gbson either.)
To all intents and purposes
this is probably good clean
fun. but it is slightly reminis
cent of my Freshman days
when I was entered in a
'"break the egg on top of the
head with a dead smelly fish
contest. I pass!
Daily Nebraskaa Letterip
To the Editor:
As a foreign student whose
native toragae is Spanish, I
ami greatly shacked to see
few a newspaper edited and
published by ddversity stu
dents can be consistently foil
off errars in proper usage and
grammar in a cwranfiry where
English is spoken predomi
nantly. Every time I read the
Daily Nebraskaa I End. with
great dispJeasasre, at least 15
i-i?.ar. in which there is
a lack cf gcxod basic English.
a.4wptate expressko and gsod
ffopwtg to rectify this, I
started to list the errors
ateng with the corrected
form. I bad planned to submit
them, bat unfortanately I
abandoned the project.
Then n Friday. April 25,
1953. as I perused the edi
torial page there staring me
in the face under "Obfections
Sustained," tbe following:
"They are also locking at yaa
and I as their superior.
Brother, that certainly took
the cake. Proper usage re
quires the object form "me"
here. Check through and
ymH find ethers.
Cocld these types cf errors
be attributed to the incompe
tence cf the proof readers
and columnists? Or is this in
keeping with th true Arner
icaa journalistic practices of
inidaiisg cew bat incorrect
forms? "Possibly it is an ex
ample cf the so called scpe
rkr Midwestern English. En
lighten me.
Jba SHvera
Ed- Note: At latest count,
tbe paper cwstaias 295 wwrds each. With IS mistakes
words of copv per da. Tfeese per day, the DaOy Nebrav
misprise at least i sea- kan's batting average is
fences ef approximately 25 399.
These Candidates Backed By
Engineering ...
Clarence Wyfie
George Porter
Carol I Noricki
Pharmacy Howard Holmquist
Business Administration
Dave Krouse Kent Murray
Arts & Sciences . . .
Mary Lu Valencia
Sandy Compher
Agriculture ...
Gailord Longmore
Teachers . . .
Mavis Dvorak
Carol Kucera
Sharon Houska
Student CcontU lleclions
7, Xl 'Z.