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The Daily Nebraskan
Tuesday, April 29, 1953
What's Happening In
's Corner
By Wynn Smithberger
Social Editor
The weather may have be
come cooler but romances on
campus haven t!
Sandra Boyd, a Kappa
Kappa Gamma junior in
Teachers from Birmingham,
Michigan, to Charles Wollas-
ton, a Phi Delta Theta junior
A design engineer Friday
called for the teaming of en
gineers and technicians as a
cure to what he called the
"ailing engineering profes
sion." Paul Johrde, a 1947 gradu
ate of the University, spoke
at the annual College of En
gineering and Architecture
convocation on "A Challenge
of All Engineers."
Johrde suggested the estab
lishment of a supporting oc
cupation, "engineering tech
nicians who would assist an
engineer in a manner similar
to the way a nurse assists a
"There are thousands of
men working today who years
ago wasted time and money to
obtain an engineering degree
only to spend their lives doing
a job that could be handled
by a technician," he comment
ed. There are many routine re
petitive calculations which
can be done by technicians,
the former University student
"In this era of rapid tech
nical advances, the profession
al engirT should be a man
trained in college for at least
six years and the technician
for two years. They could
in Engineering from Alliance
Anne Olson, a Gamma Phi
Beta junior in Home Eco
nomics from Norfolk, to Mark
McCoy, a Theta Xi junior in
Engineering from Omaha.
Ann Klosterman, a Chi
Omega senior in Home Eco
nomics from David City, to
Dick Wood, a Sigma Chi sen
ior in Business Administra
tion from David City.
Stella Saenz, a Women's
Residence Halls sophomore
in Arts and Sciences from
Panama City, Republic of
Panama, to Edwin Peters, a
Delta Sigma Pi, senior in
Business Administration from
Nebraska City, Nebraska.
Marty Millett, a Delta
Gamma senior in Teachers
from Omaha, to Larry Blev
ins, a Delta Tau Delta senior
in Pharmacy from Bassett.
Sonja Wignall, a sophomors
in Arts and Sciences from
Holmesville, to Don Wright
man from Holmesville.
Ardith Hughes, a Towne
Club senior in Teachers from
Lincoln, to Richard Hart
ford, a Theta Chi senior in
Business Administration from
Elaine Richardson, Council
Bluffs, to Allen Akerson. a
Pi Kappa Phi senior in En
gineering from Omaha.
Janet Leuander, a fresh
man in Teachers from Brun-
ing, to Terry Carnes, a Peru
State alumnus also from
Sandra Scheer, a Gamma
Phi Beta freshman in Teach
ers from South Sioux City,
to Rod Henderson, a Kappa
Sigma alumnus from Dakota
Sharon Moore, a Sigma Eta
Chi senior in Teachers from
Lincoln, to Richard Ander
son, a Nebraska University
alumnus from Riverside,
Dr. Buis Joins
Summer Faculty
With three grants for doc
toral study tucked into her
t. 1 1 ! Y" a? T :
Dr. Anne Buis, home eco- run.
nm;c nrnrnr at FWiHa rasper oi me irenion wvjj
work together to produce most State University, has b e e n j State Teachers College facul
f the engineering require- appointed euest professor in:tv will continue her studies
vocational education for the i 31 lne Lmversiiy
New Republic
Offers Ten
$100 Prizes
The New Republic magazine
is offering $1000 in awards in
two categories: the state of
American fiction considered
in general or in terms of a
single younger novelist; and
any aspect of present-aay tel
evisionviewed as a medium
for enlightenment or entertainment.
Ten awards are offered of
$100 each, five awards in each
Essays should be 1,500-3,000
words in length. Applicants
must be under 27 years of
Manuscripts will be judged
by the editors of The New Re
public, and must be submit
ted by October 1, 1958 to:
Awards Department, The
New Republic, 1244 Nineteenth
Street, NW, Washington 6,
Orientation Set
For Aurora Kids
A special program and re
ception will be held today
in Aurora for high school jun
iors and seniors and Univer
sity alumni from Hamilton
The program, sponsored by
the University and the Ne
braska Alumni Association, is
the first of its kind to be held
in the state. It is intended
to acquaint high school stu
dents with the University program.
The program will begin at
2 p.m. when five University
students will present a panel
on the topic "Going to Col
lege." An evening reception
will be held in the Aurora
high school auditorium.
Arrangements for the day
have been made by John New
man of Aurora, member of
the Alumni Association's
board of directors.
Librarians Face Odd Queries
Memory, Telepathy, Research, Used
Casper Plans
NU Doctorate
ments of the nation," Johrde
Estes Trek Set
For Two Y Men
Two students from the city
campus YMCA will attend a
leadership training confer
ence for campus Vs, June
8-14 at Estes Park, Colo.
Ron Seeley and Herb Pro
basco were selected as Tep
restatives at a meeting last
Wednesday evening.
The Y also decided to serve
as judges for an essay contest
to be sponsored by a local de
partment store in co-operation
with KOLN-TV. The contest
is open to boys 8-14 who want
to attend the YMCA camp this
summer. Their essays will
consist of letters in 50 words
or less, "I want to go to camp
because . . ." The Y will work
with Dr. Robert Hough of the
English department in judg
ing the letters.
Rex Knowles, pastor of the
Presbyterian Student House,
will speak at the next meeting
May 7.
Lighting Expert
To Visit KUON
Verne Weber, staging and
lighting director of the Uni
versity of Michigan, will be
at the University this week
to consult with the staff mem
bers of KUO.VTV about pro
duction problems in lighting.
Weber's visit is sponsored
by the Educational Television
and Radio Center Consultation
Project with funds from the
Fund for Adult Education,
Ford Foundation.
Jack McBride, general man
ager of KUON-TV and direc
tor of Ui:verity television, is
currently on a leave of ab
sence to serve as Project Di
rector of the ETRC Consulta
tion Service.
The service has hired ex
perts in various program pro
duction fields to consult with
stations on specific problems.
Student Council
Meets At 3 P.M.
The time of the weekly Stu
dent Council meeting will be
at 3 p.m. Wednesday instead
of the regular 4 o'clock hour,
according to Gary Frenzel,
corresponding secretary.
Junior and Law college
members of the Tribunal will
be selected at the Wednesday
The earlier meeting was
called- to give more time for
the selection of Student Tri
bunal judges, Frenzel said.
1958 summer session at the
Dr. Buis will work with vo
cational homemaking teach
ers on curriculum develop
ment in the senior high school
classes for boys and girls.
She received a Master of
Science degree from the Uni
versity of tennessee and a
Ph.D. from Ohio State University.
She has served as a mem-
Miss Casper, a native of
Lincoln, is the recipient of
the A. J. Nystrom Memorial
for advanced study in geo
graphy, the Delta Kappa
Gamma International Schol
arship for candidates who
show promise of distinction
in their respective fields of
study and the Pi Lambda
Theta Award for a student
engaged in studying a prob
lem showing promise of real
ber of the Advisory Council j contribution to the progress
of the Florida Future Home- 01 CUUU01"" lI,eoi UI luuy-
makers of America
past five years.
YWCA To Hold
May Breakfast
Rotenhlalt Initiated
As Honorary ZBT
Mayor of Omaha, John
John Rosenblatt, was initi
ated as a honorary Zeta Beta
Tau and an associate of the
Nebraska chapter.
More than 100 alumni and
undergraduates attended the
ceremony Thursday at the
Blackstone Hotel in Omaha.
This honor is accorded only
The YWCA will have its an
nual May morning breakfast
Sunday at 8 a.m. in the base
ment of Presby House.
Miss Carrol Dean, director
of the downtown Lincoln YW
CA, will speak on ''The Role ! to persons who have achieved
of women" at the breakfast, i eminence in public, philanth
Members of the Y and their ropic. communal and civic
mothers are invited to attend 1 activities.
f ria hroolrf ocf arpnrnintf i A '
Terry Mitchem, president.
Housemothers of the organ
ized houses on campus will
be special guests. Senior Y
members will be honored.
Main Feature Clock
Stuart: "The Brothers
Karamazov," 1:15, 4:00, 6:45,
i Iinrr.ln- "Th Hiirh Cost
Tickets may be purchased 0f Loving," 1:00, 2:45, 4:30,
from Y members for 50c.
2V17 Art Pieces
Join Exhibition
Several art pieces
the University Art
leries have been selected by
the U.S. State Department as
a part of the Contemporary
American Sculpture exhibition
at the World's Fair in Brus
sels this year.
Director Norman Geske said
they are among 25 pieces of j 10:35.
6:15, 8:00, 9:45.
Nebraska: ' King Solomon's
Mines," 1:18. 3:20, 5:22, 7:24,
Capitol: 'Quantiz," 8 00.
"Denier And Km Grande."
from 6 25, 9 30.
Gal-j Variiifv "Th P.riHim On
The River Kwai," 12:30, 3:18.
6:09, 9.01.
StaU-: "The Golden Vir
gin," 4:01, 7:02. 10:03.
"True Story Of Lynn Stuart,"
2:43, 5:44, 8:45.
Joyo: "Black Patch," 7:00,
"Darby's Rangers,"
sculpture borrowed for the
U.S. Pavilion as decorative
highlights for the building, de
signed by Architect Edward
Selected were:
Saul Baizerman's "Seren
ity," a hammered copper fig-i7:50, 11:00. "Don't Go Near
ure, from the F. M. Hall Col- j The Water," 9:15.
81th Si O: "Cartoons," 7:35.
"Operation Mad Ball," 7:50,
11:05. "The Parson and the
Outlaw," 9:35.
Starview: "Cartoons," 7:35.
Escape from San Quentin,"
lection and Katherine Nash's
"Fledgling," a welded steel
figure, from the Nebraska Art
Association Collection.
West O: "Cartons." 7:30
"Jeanne Eagels," 7:45. "Au
tumn Leaves," 9:45. "Last
Complete Show," 9.00.
RIVER kv;at
Finding the name of Ulys
ses' dog or how the ancient
Chinese incubated eggs or
what "the horror of Fuseli's
horse" means is simply part
of a day's work for the pub
lic service librarians at Love
Memorial Library.
Either from memory, by
painstaking research, or, oc
casionally, by mind reading,
these University librarians
manage to answer most of
the hundreds of questions
posed weekly to them.
It is a rare day, explains
Bernard Kreissman, assistant
director of libraries for hu
manities, that the research
staff is completely puzzled.
When this happens, he says,
the questions are usually ex
tremely obscure or concern
phenomena too recent to be
included in the s 0 u r c e ma
Lady Lou
A sportscaster's newly
coined word, for instance,
may not appear in any dic
tionary. But in this case,
Kreissman says, the librari
ans can usually guess quite
accurately at the meaning.
One time they were unable
to confirm an inquirer's ap
parent belief that the char
acter, Lady Lou, in "T h e
Shooting of Dan McGrew" re
ferred to a specific woman.
However, the librarians
have been able to provide
such varied information as
this: the ancient Chinese in
cubated eggs by slipping
them in the long loose sleeves
of the coolies; Ulysses' dog's
name is Argus, and that
r useu s norse means a
grotesque hoise in a night
mare depicted in one of the
painter's works.
At times unanswered quer
ies have led to interesting
endings. When it was impos
sible to find adequate ma
terial about Christian Rohlfs,
the German Expressionist,
for Manfred L. Keiler, asso-
Rodeo Entries
Due Wednesday
Rodeo Club will meet
Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in
the animal husbandry build
ing. Prudie Morrow urged all
members to attend.
All contestants in the Ro
deo May 17 must turn in re
lease slips and entry fees
at the meeting, she said. En
try fee for each event is $10.
ciate professor of art, Kreiss
man observed that the area
needed investigation. Keiler
consequently undertook the
project and later received a
grant for research in Ger
While the bulk of reference
questions comes from stu
dents and faculty members,
a large number of outside re
quests are also handled.
Certain categories of infor
mation are often sought, al
though most questions con
cern the use of the library's
resources. Theater groups,
for instance, request pictures
of interiors and costumes. Re
cently, for the University
Theatre's production of "The
Lark," a play based on the
life of Joan of Arc, Kreiss
man described the toy
Charles II played with.
uiten tne librarians are
asked for photographs of lit
erary references and expla
nations of symbols. They've
been asked, for example, "Is
there a Cooper's Hill?"; and
"Why is there a rose at the
foot of a prisoner in iail"?
Many nes the librarians
receivi; oiily a vague hint, or
even erroneous information
in the original request. This
is when mind reading helps.
They were puzzled along
time by one housewife's in
quiry about "a story about
a famous Spanish parrot"
mentioned by a club lecturer.
One of the librarians finally
telephoned the woman and
confirmed a hunch that the
lecturer had actually re
ferred to a "famous Spanish
parody, 'Don Quixote.' " An
other time, when a student
asked for "Bail Wolf, the
Greek Play," one librarian
calmly pulled out "Beowulf,"
the Anglo-Saxon epic poem.
Another category deals
with more involved questions
requiring extensive research.
These have ranged from
"Did St. Thomas Aquinas
have a definite position on
capital punishment"? to
"What have the great philoso
phers written on hate"?
To the Rescue
The librarians recently
came to the aid of Paul
Engle, the poet who spoke
Fraternity, Sorority & Organ
ixation Lottorhaada ... Lot
tori . . . Nowo Bullotina . . .
Booklet . . . Program.
312 North 12th. Ph. 2-2957
at a University Convocation
in March. Mr. Engle had left
behind all of his references,
and two hours before the lec
ture appealed to the library,
Well before the convoctaion,
the librarians had found for
him all of his works from the
last 15 years.
Kreissman considers h i s
biggest problem to be telling
people who bring in beloved
100-year-old family Bibles
that they are of no value to
a book dealer.
"They look at me with ut
ter disbelief," he says, add
ing that age alone does not
determine a book's value. At
times, however, he has un
covered books of value from
the attic relics persons bring
to his office.
Nine Cadets Nab
ROTC Honors
Nine Army and Air Force
ROTC cadets were honored
last week.
Army cadets and the awards
they received are:
Douglas Thorpe, the Col.
C. J. Frankforter Silver Medal
award; Richard Kleiber, the
Col. C. J. Frankforter Bronze
Medal award; Larry Novicki,
the Military Order of World
Wars award; Pat Kuncl, the
Frank Foote award.
Air Force cadets and
awards received are:
Lunier Ehernberger Jr., the
Armed Forces Chemical As
sociation award; Robert
Jameson, Armed Forces Com
munication Electronics
award; Russell Steeves, the
Chicago Tribune silver award;
Jack Meyer, Chicago Tribune
gold award.
KNUS Schedule
Tha Top Thirty Show
: Sport's Picture
Waillnc in "C"
7:30 The Chuck Patrick Show
9:45 KNUS New In Depth
rue Chuck Patrick Show
AWS Tackles
Problems Tonite
The AWS Workshop will be
held tonight at 7 p.m. in the
Union, according to Nancy
Copeland, chairman.
The Durnose of the workshop
is to give women students the
opportunity to discuss tneir
mutual problems with AWS.
Also under discussion will
be the role of Associated
Women Students and how it
can better serve the needs of
women students.
Although all University
women are invited. AWS is
reauestine each house to send
its president, vice-president,
pledge-t r a i n e r, standards
chairman, social chairman
and AWS representative.
Rev. Rex Knowles will be
the speaker at the meeting.
Bulletin Board
Jr. Sr. Cot 11 a.m.
Gamma Lambda 12 p.m.
Inter Vara .....12:30
A & 8 ttirm 12:30
Jr. Sr. Col 1
Pub Bid 4
Dr. Koehl 4
PR Comm S
Young GOP I
Dtn. comm s
Corn Cobs
Coed Cnslri ..
Int Vara
IPC Anva ....
Act. Comm ..
vars. CI Cin
Act. Brd
7 1 30
5:30 Mathematics "Thafa the Way to
Evening Prelada claaaical musto
6:30 Let's Visit School
Tempest In a Test Tube "House
hold Chemistry"
7:30 Agricultural Policy
I French through Television
8:30 Conversation Piece
Briefing Session "Middle East: la
Oil the Kay to U.S. Policy In This
Want Ads
ixtsT focnd rr
Headquarters: Ntuduit rnloa Room 3
( all: Ext. 4220
WIFE to baby sit six hours a day,
five days a week beKlnnlnc May
until August. Call 4-2M0.
226 No. lOtfc 81 rhoo t-SMl
Free Delivery
21 Variety Pizza Pies
75c $1.00 $1.50 $2.00
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