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    Tuesday, April 22, 1958
Odds Stiff In Busker
Triangular Meet Today
Nebraska will meet Hon.
ton and Oklahoma State In the
J tusker's Memorial Stadium
plant at 4 p.m. today and rec
ords may fall.
date to estab
lish anew
stadium mark
will be Keith
(iardner, Ne
braska's lithe
Jama ican.
Gardner has
a 14:0 time in
the 120 yd.
v:u i it-
"Uiuiuscoimw Lincoln Jouni
wnich equals Gardner
the stadium mark set bv Jack
Davis of the University of
oouinern California during the
XVtAA championships in 1953.
Gardner ran :14.1 in the
Kansas Relays Friday and
Saturday. His : 14.00 clock
ing Is the nation's second
best this year according to
listings published last week
by the NCAA. Chuck Cobb
of Stanford Is ahead of
Gardner with a :13.9 timing.
Another record which may
be endangered is in the two
mile. Jerry Smart of Houston
has run the long race in 9:01.7
over an indoor course. The
record, set by Richard Fer
guson of Iowa is 9:02.7. Fer-I
If v
Husker Anderson's
Score Tops Meet
Kansas State Wins Fifth Annual
Rifle Test; Nebraska Fourth
Nebraska came up with the
Individual grand champion but
had to settle for fourh place
In the fifth annual invitational
Gallery Rifle Championships
held on the ROTC range
Saturday and Sunday.
Gary Anderson of the Husk
er squad fired a 291x300 In the
team match, and 197x200 in
the prone match, to finish with
a grand aggregate score of
488x500, good enough to edge
ahead of Kansas State's
Thurston Banks who got 480x
Kansas Slate took the over
all team championship with a
combined score of 1,429x1500.
The Wildcats topped the rec
ord for highest team score
set last year by Iowa State by
Union Airport
Mojor Green of the Civil
Air Patrol will speak and
show film.
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. . Records In Danger
guson also got his mark in the
NCAA meet.
Top Sprinters In 220
One of the top races of the
afternoon may develop in the
220 yd. dash. There Oklaho
ma State's Orlando Hazley
has run :21.2; good enough
to beat Kansas' Charlie Tid
well. Hazley also beaten Tid
wcll in the 100 with a :9.6
clocking. Gardner is entered
in the 220, and the lean sprint
er hasn't made it a habit to
be outrun by anyone in any
race this year.
The meet will also feature a
pair of relays; the 440 yd.
and the mile. Oklahoma State
will present an outstanding
quartermiler In ' Ken Covert.
Should Covert meet Gardner
in the mile relay event, an
other photo finish could de
velop. Gardner owns a :45.5
clocking in the quarter which
stands as another national
second best time.
Other Huskers Rated
The meet will also present
several other Husker stars
whose top performances rank
high in the NCAA chart. Ken
Pollard is tied for seventh in
the pole vault with a 14 foot
leap. The 440 yd. relay team,
composed of Tom Hodson,
Don Phillips, Keith Young and
Gardner is fifth in the nation
with a :41.3 time.
14 points. The top four teams
beat last year's wining mark.
Missouri Takes Second
Missouri University finished
second, though pressed closely
by Colorado School of Mines.
Scores were determined by
adding the totals of the best
five shooters on each team.
The top five scores of both
Missouri and the Miners
added up to identical totals,
so all the scores of individuals
firing for the two teams re
spectively were added togeth
er to determine the second
place squad.
The tournament was at
tended by thirteen teams in
cluding 112 individuals con
testants. Firing started at 8
a.m. Saturday morning and
did not conclude until noon on
The top five shooters and
their scores for the Huskers
were: Anderson, 291x300; Don
I Bell. 284x300; Dave Hillamn,
I 283x300, Lynn Peterson. 285x
300; Richard Woolly, 278x300.
323 N. 13th
The 880-yard team stands
fourth in national competition
with a 1:25.5. The Huskers re-
ninaiMU in MnMMMfr..-. 4
v v - 1
J' .
Courtesy Sunday Journal and Star
Mullins . . . Ready
cently bettered this with a
1:25.2 showing m the Kansas
Relays, but Oklahoma State
did 1:23.5 to win in the same
Nebraska's hopes for a
win will be bolstered by the
returns of sophomore dis
tance man, Joe Mul
lins. Mullins, recently recov
ered from an operation on
an ailing ankle, ran 1:56.3
opening leg in the two mile
relay at Larence.
Houston's John Smyth, one
of the country's top broad
jumpers will compete against
Nebraska s captain Bill Hawk
ins. He has come close to 25
feet in previous meets and
won the hop, step and jump
at the Lawrence relay meet.
Today's entries:
Mile run: Paul Dickerson (OS); Mika
Fleming. Hill Melody, Bob Elwood IN);
Jerry Smartt, Reggie Darley (H).
440-yard run: Covert. Tom Harlan
Rob McFarlln (OSI: Don Kicke, Don
House, Bruce Skinner lN)i Houston no
eniry. .
100-yard dank: Vernon Haddox. Or
lando Hazley. Jim Kingsolver (OS):
Charles Gary. Jai-k Parhniton (H): Dick
Jahr, Tom Hodson. Don l'hilllpa IN).
120-yard hlrh hurdlei: Jorge Madam'
ba (OS): Karl Kaiser Hl; Gardner,
Keith Young, Bill Hawkins. Bill Mar
ten (N).
880-yard run: Tom Bureh. Dale Far
quharsen. Gene Hummer, Kent Metcalf
(OS); Don Loadman. Jack McRoberta
H; Fleming, Ken Ash. Knolly Barnes,
Joe Mullins (N).
J20-yard dash: Charles Gary, Jack
ParrinKton (Hs Covert, Hatley, McFar
ling. Kingsolver (OS); Gardner, Jahr,
Hodson (N).
t-mlle run: Dickerson, Garv Wilkin
son (OS) ; Smartt, Reggie Darley lH;
Elwood. Melody (U).
r.'0-v.rd low kurdles: Haddox (OS);
Farl Kaiser (H); Marten. Young. Haw
kins (IN).
Shot put: OS, no entry; Bobby Weiae
(H); Don Olson, Don Nelson (N).
Discus: Bradley Brauaer, Ron King,
Clyde Northrup (OS); Welse (H; Al
Rosen. Tony Divis (N).
Javelin Brauser, Eddie Sutton (OS);
Weise (H: Bill Lafleur, Nelson (N).
High Jump: Joe Crutchtield, Jerry
Lnoper, Madamba (OS); Houston, No
entry; Hale Kreycik, Randy Clark.
Hem-hell Turner (N).
Broad Jump: Haddox, McFarling. Dave
Donahue. Larry McGuire (OS) : Jack
Smyth (H); Hawkins. Phillipps. Bob
Lammel, Charles Wollaston (N).
Pale Vaalt: Houston, no entry; J?rrv
Box, Aubrey Dooley, Earl Rhodd (OS);
Don Blank. Ken Pollard (N).
Soccer Club
The University Soccer Club
dropped a pair of games at
the Omaha Invitational tour
nament Saturday. The Hus
kers dropped a 3-0 contest to
Lithuanica, the eventual
champions and then lost to
the German club 3-1.
Fraternity. Sorority & Organ
ization Letterhead . . . Let
ters . . . Newi Bulletin . . .
Booklet . . . Program.
312 North 12th. Ph. 2-2957
eee tot wtw
The Daily Nebraskon
1 ' " !
Skirts In
The independents are
champions this week!
They defeated the Tri Delts
in the intramural basketball
tournament's championship
game last week.
Softball Is now in progress
and the first
games will be
played tonight
and Wednes
day night.
The sched
ule is as fol
lows: (Tues.)
A O Pis vs.
Tri Delts:
Thetas vs.
Zetas; Kappa
Deltas vs Pi MissLinpo
Phis; (Wed.) Independents vs.
Gamma Phis; Alpha Phis vs.
Chi Omegas; Alpha Chis vs.
Delta Gammas.
Tennis games will begin on
Thursday at these times:
4 p.m. Axtell, A O Pi, vs.
Mallette, Towne Club; Myr
berg, Pi Phi, vs. Brown, Zeta.
4:30 Epsen, Kappa Delta,
vs. Dorsey, Alpha Xi; Truell,
Alpha Phi, vs. Prest, Kappa.
5 Green, Chi O, vs. Hem-
richs, Gamma Phi; Beechner,
Alpha Chi O, vs. Reighard,
5:30 Elliot, Theta, vs.
Pickett, Pi Phi; Morgan, Tri
Delts, vs. Drew, Alpha Phi.
The badminton doubles will
be played every Monday and
Wednesday. This Wednesday's
games are:
5 Mulligan, Mcltargue,
A O Pi, vs. Beerline, Haerer,
Alpha Chi Omega; Larsen,
Linquist, Chi Omega, vs. Bail
ey, Chnstensen, Alpha Phi;
Crone, Denker, Gamma Phi,
vs. Moorheaa, bcnmiatmann,
Delta Gamma; Dowling,
Wood, Pi Phi, vs. Blue, White,
Towne Club.
5:20 Fulton, Harstad,
Gamma Phi, vs. Roy, Michel-
mann, Alpha Phi; Wyrens,
Sunderman, Gamma Phi, vs.
Worbaugh, Shaffer, A O Pi;
1 ffW: V
Where there's a Man . . .
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A long white ash means
good tobacco and a mild
The "filter flower" of cel
lulose acetate (modern ef
fective filter material) in
just one Marlboro Selec
trato Filter.
emmie limpo
Roach, Telro, Chi O, vs. Thur
man, Epsen, Kappa Delta;
Gray, Matthews, Theta, vs.
Beal, Mason, A O Pi.
Go, Frisby
I have decided to abandon
comments on golf this week,
for a newer, more exciting
game Frisby!
Everybody knows what fris
by is for example?
Diana Maxwell, Rag slave,
said, "Of course, that funny
little game," This is true.
I wonder if an intramural
frisby tournament could be
started. The participation and
practicing would be great!
Lincolnites driving through
campus any evening are
bound to see running, yelling
groups of college students on
the lawns of every house.
They all seem to be chasing
a round, sort of flat object
and usually they don't catch
Frisby is a ereat Dastime for
picknikers, too. In fact, it's
becoming dangerous to eat at
Pioneer Park anymore. Fris-
bys (or is it fnsbies) fly into
the middle of the picnic ta
ble, the food, the fire . . .
People who forset to brine
their frisbies to the picnic
have daneerous thoughts.
They plot ways to get the
irisoy away irom the people
eating next to them! The in
genious methods used in se
curing a frisby this way
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tion yet, but may appear
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Kansas Jabs
Fencing Club
In Close Tilt
Coach Paul Arraato's fenc
ers dropped a 14-13 decision to
the Kansas Jayhawks in the
Coliseum Sunday.
Nebraska lost the foils ana
sabre 4-5 but rallied to take
the epee 5-4. In the foils,
Armato won 2-1, Bill Daily
lost 1-2 and Ron Hagen lost
The sabre told almost the
same story with Frank Tirro
nabbing a 2-1 decision and
Robert Brethaurer and Wayne
Bulhrer losing by identical 1-2
Huskers Rally
The Huskers fired a rally in
the epee which nearly pulled
thein into a win. Nathan Mil
ler and Dan Trued took a
pair of 2-1 decisions but Dr.
Harold Horn fell 1-2.
The director of the match
was John De Putron of the
Lincoln Air Force base.
Scoring System
The match was unusual in
that an electric scoring device
was used in the epee. The
swords of the two fencers
were wired and an electric
scoreboard flashed whenever
contact was made with an op
ponents body.
Armato said after the
match that he used as many
men as possible in the con
test to afford his squad ex
perience. "Had our best fenc
ers doubled up and fenced
more than one event, we prob
ably would have done better,"
Armato stated.
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Paqe 3
Golf Team
The University of Kansas
took a 16-5 win over Nebras
ka in a Big Eight golf match
The match, played over the
par 72 Lawrence Country Club
Course, saw Bill Toalson of
Kansas take medalist honors
by shooting par.
The results:
Rill Toalioe (72), Ktniss, Mtttri
Mike MrCiilaton (7l, I',-',.
Tom Kulkrr.on (7, Ntbruki, da
frslrtf Jim Davlri (M), S-.
I.vni Klndrrf (M), Kmhs, Ofeutcci
Larry Ronjue (M, 14.
Bob Hood (73), Kaaut, Meit Tom
Klinler (KIVS-l.
Doo Wilson (00), Kansas, defeated
Don Wallemalb (H.M. f'-i-' j.
Toalson-liavleft defeated rilkerson-Ma.
CuUton. 2-1.
Hood Wll.on defeated Kluler-WalU-malb,
Nebraska came from be
hind to win the last two dou
bles matches and the meet
from Kansas in a Big Eight
tennis encounter in the Coli
seum Monday afternoon.
Bill North and George Fisk,
playing beautiful tennis, took
a close 12-9 decision from
Kansas' two top players,
Lynn Siebverling and Bob
Peterson in the first doubles
meeting. The win tied the
meet at three matches apiece.
Then, Bruce Russell and
George Fisk banged out a
dramatic 12-10 victory over
Bob Mettlen and Gene Kene
to hand the Huskers their
fourth straight victory, 4-3.
Ihe win evened the Scarlet
record at four wins and four
Lynn Slebrerllng K defeated BUI
North IMD.
George Fisk defeated Bob Peterson
(K 12-5.
Art Weaver defeated Gene Kene (K)
Bob Mettlea (K) defeated Bruce Rus
sell 12-8.
Jerry Williams (K) defeated Charlie
Kress 12-6.
North and Fisk defeated BlebrerllnS
and Peterson 12-9.
Weaver and Russell defeated Kena and
Mettlen 11-10.
v V
ii. a , .
i Mr fntaM