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    The Daily Nebroskan
Paoe 3
Nebraska Uses Overtime To Halt Four Game Streak
Huskers Risk Slate
Friday, Februory 14, 1958
Turner, Kubacki
Lead 67-62 Win
Sports Editor
Here I was in this dressing room and boy was it
noisy. These basketball players from Nebraska were
really happy. And well they should have been. They had
just ended a four game losing streak with one of the fin
est come from behind, never say die .wins seen on the
Coliseum maples this year. .
coach Jerry Bush's Nebraska
Cornhuskers had just finished
beating Missouri in, overtime and
the cry was, "On to Colorado.
Bush himself was relieved. "If we
hadn't won this one, it would have
been all over for this year," the
i; )jLAQjLi
Court e-iy Sunday Journal and Star
Kubacki Bush
Tough Road
Trip On Tap
For Gymnasts
The gymnasts, sporting a heavy
weekend schedule under the guid
ing hand of Jake Geier, will travel
to Minneapolis, Minnesota to enter
a double-dual meet there Friday.
They will remain in Minneapolis
for the Northwest Gymnastic
, Championships to be held Satur
day. On Friday, the gymnast will
meet Iowa and Minnesota. Coach
Geier commented that they are
both pretty rugged teams. He
added that Nebraska beat Minne
sota last year but that "we are
short on depth this year." Both
Minnesota and Iowa are figured
to show well in the tough Big
Ten championships to be held
The Northwest Gymnastic
Championships to be held Satur
day will host Iowa and Minnesota
along with other teams from the
area. It will include Class A and
Class B teams. It is an open
meet. "This will put more em
phasis on individual efforts," re
lated Coach Geier." Team balance
will not have much effect on the
Traveling to the meet will be
double letter winners, Charles
Ellis, Ervin Krist, and Robert
MacDpnald. Karl Byers, Larry
Brown, Don Ellison, Phil Kohler,
and Don Pakieser will make up
the remainder of the squad.
Irafaa 1 A PINAL
TVKa Tni Drill
Phi Delta Thrta
glfma Chi
Drill I'atilaa
Phi Kim Pal
Kappa siraa
Bit ma Pal Knltoi
Slnna a
Brla Ttieta PI
Alpha Taa Omni
Alpha Gamma Eba
Farm Hfmae
ftifma Atoka Eaailaa
Thru XI .
Carabekf r ( a-a
ftrlla iraa P
Beta ima Pat
Ac Mea'a thifc
Brava Palace
Delta Alama Pl
Illmi Atoka Ma
Leane 4 A FINAL
Alpha C.errma ftifma
Pi fcappa Phi
Ararta " J
Preneer C- P
7rta Beta laa
Taela Chi
Leatae t A Tlaal
I nliel
. 71
4 J
. 5
2 2
cm i . ..
,. ii ...
BreT ...
P,rata .. ,
B writer
k(m n
Fairfield .
tea laa 1 .
Sarr-A ...
arr-C . . .
Barr-B ...
Serr-D ...
Leant ( A FINAL
1 I
Leant 7 A FINAL
Leane S BL'KR
Leant t B FINAL
PHI Delta Theta 7
DeHa taa Delia
Slnna Chi
ral Kappa Pal , J J
Rappa irm 1 4
inraa Phi F.eallaa 1
l.eana I B FINAL
PeWa Cpatlaa 1
Beta Tbeta PI "
Illmi Alpha Fvailaa 4 I
Alpha Taa Oman
Him, We -
facta Xi '
Atoka Oamma Baa
Farm Hoarae 4 7.
Cmher C-e Z J
Atoka Oamma llrm 1 '
Bta Slnna Pa' . 1 i
PM DeKa Tktta
pirma Chi J
Sea rpalleai
Delta T Helta 3 3
ftlcnia Phi Faillea '
Beta Tktta PI 1
Leane 14 C FINAL
Atoka ftamma Ilka '
Atoka Taa Omen
BKma Alpha Kullaa 1
Farm Hoaae . 3
Illmi Ha 1 t
CaafleM '
e-alaa 1 -
Plteheaek ;
flap 1-B 3 '
o i-c -
MaaaU I
Paftavam 1
I Tap Keen 41
Atoka Cn A'Ia
Atoha Ta Atoka
B (Mreet fTah ,
19ahareina -
fva Hmm Serakt
Leant I I l (i.'irLr i z.
CkemMa -
A Street Clek
Kewmaa Oak 3 '
Dental Calleee 1
PM Yr K.
hare B07C -
Weiler Baajt . '
frher J
PrehK Hosee J J
dnatn'ka '
phi Delta Pkl J '
M Utreel l luk '
Coliseum Bear remarked
"As it is now, we've got Kansas
and Kansas State here and we
haven't forgotten what they did
to us when they had us at home,"
Bush continued.
Coming back o the game just
finished, Bush remarked, "I
thought Arwood and Kubacki
played real fine ball games. It's
a shame we can't use both our
little men at the same time be
cause they're great, but it hurts
us under the boards. That boy
Turner quit dribbling tonight and
scored 26 points. That really
looked good."
Nebraska suffered from a bad
first half and left the floor trailing
32-21. The Huskers never led in
the game until Herschel Turner hit
his second overtime bucket with
3:34 remaining. Of the first half,
Bush commented, "That's what
those losses did to us. We hit 18
against Kansas, if you can call
that hitting, and when you are
that cold, you start taking bad
shots and losing your hustle. We
got our confidence back the second
When the Huskers got their con
fidence back, it came will ven
geance. Arwood started it off, col
lecting three points on a hook shot
and a foul. Marr Kirksey, Mis
souri's little pepperpot guard came
right back with three in exactly
the same manner, but Turner hit
a quick pair and Reimers added
two of free throws to narrow
things to 36-30.
Missouri hung on with Sonny
Siebert sparking their attack, and
with 6:50 to play it looked like
the Tigers would pull away to win
handily. They had a 51-42 lead and
were moving like the floor was
made of hot boiler iron.
It was Reimers who once more
turned the tide. His 25 ft. set shot
sent the Huskers. off on another
scoring spree. Don Smidt hit from
underneath for hisf fielder of
the night to narrow things to 53-52.
Turner hit a layup but Kirksey
came back with two free throws.
Kubacki hit a long jump to cut
the margin to one point, 57-56, but
Smidt fouled out and Bud Hardin
counted one of his free throws with
16 seconds to play.
Then Kubacki made the play
that broke the invaders back and
brought the crowd to its fret.
Twisting and dodging, the 5'9"
guard dribblrd the length of the
court, changing hands on the drib
ble at least three times, for the
layup that tied the score at 58-58
with six seconds left. The Nebras
ka bench came out to shake the
little fellow's hand as the final
gun sounded.
In the overtime, Missouri ap
peared as shell shocked as the
Huskers had the first half. Turner
hit two fielders and Arwood was
fouled on a drive-in and added the
free throw. Kubacki chipped in a
free throw and the Tigers wan
dered off the floor wearing sur
prised expressions as the contest
For Nebraska, Turner was the
man of all work. The sophomore
hustler dropped 26 points and
hailed down 17 rebounds for a
tremendous effort. Captain Gary
Reimers, who kept Nebraska in
the eame with five first half buck
ets, added 16 points while Arwood
made 11.
On the Missouri side of the ledg
er. Siebert dropped 20, mostly on
a soft, arching jump shot. Egel
hoff, the Missou captain, picked
off ten rebounds to lead the Tigers
in that department.
Ihiker Box
F.lh, F 4 14 1 2 3 10
ForrfaII. G J J J '
Hardin. T 13417
K.rkaer. M., O 3 7 14 4 11 4
Siebert. O ?? J ! f
Stepneitt. C
T.llev. P (U ! I iU
Thihi Rehnrjnda
Miaaoart Tola la
ArweMd, T
f jtzpatrirli. T
Harry. C
Heater. G
Kubacki, G
Reimeri. G
Shtpwrlatit, G
Smidt. F
Turner. OF
Ttam Rebnonda
Nebraaka Toula
RalltUnc Score'
11 M tl I!
MU FG ret 32"
MU FT Pet .471
4 a 3 a 3 II
2 11
4 4
1 6 0 0 0
2 2 2 2 4
4 10 ill
1 7 I S S 4
IS 4 2 17
22 53 ti 32 27 i7 45
NT FO Pet .415
NU FT Pet .719
Mtseonn n Nebraaka
a l
Main Feature Clock
Stuart: "Day of the Badmans,"
1:00, 2;55, 4:55, 6:50, 9:50, Sneak
Lincoln: "T h e Safecracker,
1:25, 3:23. 5:25, 7:30, 9:30.
x-phraaka: "The Roser Wazner
Choral, 1:24, 3:54, "A Man Called
Peter," 1:33, 4:03, 6:33, 9:03.
Varsity: "The Missouri Travel
er." 1:26, 3:23. 5:24, 7:23, 9.22.
State: "Going Steady," 1:03,
3:59. 6 53. 9:47. "The World Was
His Jury," 2:37, 5:31, 8:25.
Joyo: "Perri." 6:15, 9:10. "Black
Horse Canyon," 7:35.
Capitol: "Running Target," 6:35,
9:40. "The Desperado," 8:00.
84th fc O: "Cartooa?," 7:15.
"Hired Gun," 7:30. "Jailhouse
Rock," 8:45. "Cult Of The Cobra,"
jmm i, ... i 1 " 1 I
' X
f ! a. . fi
Turner .
Leads Nebraska
Tournament Results
Sigma Chi 29 Delta TJpsilon 28
Winners high scorer Harry Tolly
and Rod Walker 10
Losers high scorer Neal Hirsh-
Halftime score 20-20
Cornhusker A 31 Delta Sigma Pi
Winner's high Don Axberg 12
Loser's high Gene Liese 10
Halftime 7-23, Delta Sigs
Beta Sigma Phi 47 Ag Men's
Club 22
Winners high Ron Peters 7
Tickets Available
I'niversity students may still
obtain tickets for the Nebraska
Kansas basketball game here,
Feb. 22.
A. J. Lewandowski, business
manager of the athletic depart
ment, has announced (hat 1,000
student tickets are available.
They are 50 cents each and may
be purchased at the Coliseum
ticket office.
Lewandowski said that 600 gen
eral admission tickets also re
main for sale to the public.
These tickets cost one dollar
Colorado Hits
Colorado wrestlers took a 19-10
decision from the Husker grap
nipr Safnrdav nieht at the Coli
seum after Bill Smith's team had
won their first meet of the year
the previous night.
Nebraska managed to win In
the 167 pound class when Ken Lott
decisioned Wayne Anderson, and
the heavvweieht class when Dan
Brand kept his undefeated string
going by pinning George Adams.
Smith commented that this was one
of the best matches he had ever
seen Brand wrestle. Marlin Luff
also scored two points by manag
ing a draw with Brice Wilkinson.
Results: 123 lb. class, Marlin
Luff, Nebraska and Bryce Wilkin
son drew; 130 lb., Garth Rodgers,
Colorado, decisioned Ken McKee;
137 lb., Ray Ianerhagen, Colorado
decisioned Kent Walton, 11-2; Lyle
Neville, Colorado, decisioned Gail
Baum, 4-2; 157 lb., Stan Lampe,
Colorado, pinned John Anderson,
8:56; 167 lb.. Ken Lott, Nebraska,
decisioned Wayne Anderson, 5-3;
177 lb., Mel Warner, Colorado, de
cisioned Jim Novotny, 6-3; Heavy
weight, Dan Brand, Nebraska,
pinned Jack Himelwright, 6:24.
yaaw WMMmmmem
V.J 1 This w i
JiVX.'N-. I vovn p
eii nrwrni Run rnrtft
Losers High Gaylord Longsmare
Halftime 27-9, Beta Sigs
Burr B 39 Burr A 20
Winners high Chuck Homulka 12
Loser's high L. H. Schnuite
Halftime 23-13, Burr B
MacLean 34 Selleck 39
Winner's high Gary Claussen 19
Loser's high John Else 15
Halftime 16-15, MacLean
Boucher 21 Benton 57
Winner's High Gary Gilpin 11
Loser's High Bill Tischer 12
Halftime 14-25, Boucher
Seaton II A won by forfeit over
Avery A 50 Bessey 23
Winner's high Dick Kossier 16
Loser's high Bill Johnson 10
Burr C 39 Burr D 22
Winner's high Dick Rowers 8
Loser's high Bill Powly 8
Prep Stars
Coach Bill Jennings has an
nounced that Pat Clare, a solid
fullback 195 and 5'11" from Sioux
City la., East High School en
rolled at midsemester.
Clare was named captain of the
all-city team for two years and
captain of the East High team in
his senior year.
Clare, winning eight letters
while in High School, graduated
in the upper one-fourth of his
Clare also competed in basketball
and track.
Also from Jennings' office comes
news of a trio from Lexington High
School's undefeated 1957 football
team that plan to attend the Uni
versity of Nebraska this coming
This trio includes Henry (Mick)
Tinglehoff, Dallas Dyer and Steve
Tinglehoff was an all-state cen
ter. He stands 6-1 and weighs 190
lbs. He played ball four years and
also participated in track. Schol
astically in the upper half of his
class, he plans to coach after grad
uation. Dyer, who is 5-9 and scales in
at 175 was an all-state fullback. He
has played football three years, has
competed in basketball, baseball
and track.
He is also in the upper half of
his graduating class.
Both Tinglehoff and Dyer played
on winless teams as sophomores,
and an undefeated eleven as sen
iors. Steve Smith was a quarterback
for Lexington. He is 185 lbs and
Smith played two years on the
football team, can run the hun
dred yards in 10.5, and is in the
top quarter of his class scholas-
Air Force Beats
Nebraska In Shoot
In a shoulder to shoulder rifle
match held on the University of
Nebraska rifle range, the Cadets
of the U.S. Air Force Academy
defeated the University team by
a score 1423-1371.
Top marksman of the day was
Cadet Siterman of the Air Acad
emy who fired 288.
During their stay in Lincoln, The
Air Force Cadets were feted at a
coffee by Alpha Xi Delta and later
attended a dance at the Lincoln
Air Force Base Officers Club.
Nebraska's streak of four straight dual victories goes
right en the line this Saturday when they take on Okla
homa in what could be tne tigntest dual meet ever.
Coach Frank Sevigne's comments
on tht nveot were: "Prety rugged.
Don't try to predict anything but
the shot put. We might sneak in
a second there and Hawkins should
be safe in the broad jump. After
that start flipping coins."
A quick look at the comparative
strengths of the two squads event
by event shows th&, if anything,
the Husker mentor s comments
underestimate the tightness of the
In the mile two sophomores, Joe
Mullins of Nebraska and Gail
Hodgson, Oklahoma's South Afri
can, will lock up for the second
time. Hodgson beat Mullins by a
tenth of a second in the open mile
at the Kansas Relays a year ago.
There is every chance the record
of 4:21.0 set by Oklahoma's Dick
Dudley in 1957 will fall between
these two fierce competitors.
A field of such men as Nebras
ka's Knolly Barnes, Ken Ash, and
Joe Mullins running against Okla
homa's Gary Parr and Bob Ringo
should pose a top threat to Knolly
Barnes' record of 1:57.2 set the
last time the two teams met in a
Another great race should be
staged in the sixty yard dash, i
where Keith Gardner, Nebraska's
top point collector, will be trying
to add one more victory to his
record of two years without a de
feat in indoor competition, in the
face of rough competition from
Oklahoma's Dee Givens.
The entries:
Mile Run: Oklahoma, Gail Hodg
son, Ernest Kleynhans; Nebraska,
Joe Mullins, Mike Fleming, Bob
60-Yard dash: Oklahoma, Dee
Givens, Johnny Pellow, Tom Wen
rick; Nebraska, Keith Gardner,
Don Phillips, Tom Hodgson, Keith
440-Yard run: Oklahoma, Bill
Pritchett, Hi Gerbert, Jim Denton;
Nebraska, Don House, Richard
Jahr, Bruce Skinner, Don Ficke.
60-Yard high hurdles: Oklahoma,
Denton, Phil Lee, A. W. Ham
mock; Nebraska, Keith Gardner,
Bill Marten, Bill Hawkins, Keith
2-Mile run: Oklahoma, Hodgson,
Kleynhans, Harold Huba; Nebras
ka Bob Elwood, Bill Melody.
880-Yard run: Oklahoma, Gary
Parr, Bob Ringo, Jay Field; Ne
braska, Knolly Barnes, Ken Ash,
Joe Mullins, Mike Fleming, Jerry
60-Yard low hurdles: Oklahoma,
Denton, Lee, Hammock, Givens;
Nebraska, Gardner, Marten, Haw
kins, Young.
Pole Vault: Oklahoma, Larry
Neely, Carl Cox; Nebraska, Ken
Pollard, Don Blank.
Shot Put: Oklahoma, George
Church, Dan Erwin; Nebraska,
Bob Lammel, Hale Kreyeik, Randy
Fashion As I See St
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to get around it, the chemise
is here to stay
Echoes of the Thirties with
the drop waist line is
lingeries' answer to tha new
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