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CWMaMV' : - - A - W - - Ni. ; m'ii ' " Ml " ii" wtjl "y..:-..-.- .ritl
Vol. 32, No. 56
Lincoln, Nebraska
Monday, January 13, 1958
V e r I y Barker (standing),
ponsor of Religioui Emphasis
Week, looks over the plans made
by (seated, left to right) Sue
As Theme
"Dynamics of Faith" will be the i Singing, poetry reading, iustru-1 cording to Brian Erickson, chair
theme of the 1958 Religious Em- j mental music and possibly dancing j man of the fraternity committee,
phasis Week, according to Dave . will illustrate the religious nature j Each house has been conducted
Rhoades. chairman. ; of the arts, Rhoades explained. : aiKi asked to express a preference
The theme will be set Feb. 9 Rabbi Stern of the Jewish student a3 to time a.-.d speaker desired,
through Feb. 14. I group is in charge. : After lunch, atter supper or after
The name was taken from the
"v us a wjvrtk u i am luuu,
leading American
Rhoades said. The Religious Em-
pbasis week program will be built
around this book.
Eight major speakers, repre -
tenting different demor.inations
and academic fields, will Dresent
talks and services and conduct
aeminars during the week, ' religious faith, according to . orsn:p sessKKls
Rhoades said. i Rhoades. j The various stadest houses on
The speakers are chosen by sai-! Religious bouks will be on sale : C:nPus are presently working oa
dent houses on the campus. The during Religious Emphasis Week, ; ReiK;s Emp.sasts Week back- j
names have not been released. I according to Marilya Lindquist. j ground materia:. Phoades stated.;
Highlighting the week's activity ' book committee chairman. Student me nave oet-' study ses-,
is the openiag program Sunday j bouses are presently being polled s;oni an1 duvss;ons on Tillich s
tight entitled -Religion and the ! to discover what books should be book "DynansL-s of Faith."
Arts." Karl Shapiro. Puliizer-Prize ', made available. : "Religious E .iphasis this year
winning poet and University pro- Every organized house on botii . will emphasize -he individual's
fessor of English and Leon Lish-' agriculture and citv campuses w-Jl iaith, rather that of the
tier, professor of voice, will
featured in this presentation.
Unveiling Of Literary
Magazine Set Thursday
Plans for the University's new style of publication,
undergraduate hterary magazine "We hepe that this meeting will
will be unveiled at an open meet-! attract a large number of English
ing Thursday afternoon, accard-' majors, of course," said Schultz.
fcg to Steve Schultz, editor of the j "The concept of creative writing,
magazine. vl;:ch the magazine's staff has..
The event will be held at 3:30 broad enough to include such
p.a. ia toe Faculty Lounge of the things as historical essays, criti
Unioa. cism of drama and art and philo-
The ,rosram for tbe meeting ' sophical works We hspe for a
will be hign'ighted by a short ;alk i response from roar.y areas of the
cy ivin snapu-o, proiessor
Eriglish aad Pulitzer prize-wia-1
rung poet. Shapiro will dUscuss
the so-called "litlle magazine"
Lois LaRue
Named HE
Club Head
Lois LtRue was elected presi
dent of Home Economics Club at
the election held Wednesday in
tbe Ag Colge Artivities Building,
arrsrding to Xorm Wilfe, past
Other officers elected are Mari
lyn Jensen, rice president; Siiaroa
Sterner, secre- ifcv -
tary Jan
1! o n t g o m
ry. treasurer;
Alma Heuer
raaaa. social
chairman; Eev
S h e p a r A
'n. member
ship chairman
tnsn and Xina
Keradon, his
torian. Mi LaRae
The new president, Miss La
Fiae, is a junior in Agriculture,
member of Alpha Lambda DeltaJ
Piai UprUoo Omicorn secretary
and a member of Alpha Chi
Tbe vice president. Miss Jensen '
Is a member of Phi Upsilon Omi-'
cron, BABW board, Ag Union Ac- j
tiYities Bcoai'd and Lyve Meioaciall
Secretary Miss Ssemer is a ;
atbomore in Agricnlture, a mem-i
ter of Coed Counselors, BABW 1
Board, VKEA, and Feede Hall I
Tic president.
Treasurer Miss Montgomery is
a junior in Agriculture. Square
Dance Cub secretary, Interdenom
secretary, member of Phi Upsilsn
Omicron and Fedde Hall secre
tary. Sjtlal chairman Miss Heuer
aainitJ is a saphtmore ia A ?rif "1
t jre, a member of Tassels, BABW
board, YWCA cabinet, Cced Ctwn
SElcxrs, Ag Inierdenom and Lore
Meraorial HalL
Membership chairman Mi&s
Shepaerdson is a junior in Agri
culture and a member of 4-H Club.
Ptii riK-lon Oicicrao. and Fedde i
Hill historian.
Historian Mis Heraion if i!
fceshman m Agriculture and a
member oi Ag YWCA. tn AWS
wcrrker aiid on the Fedde Hall
4 -n srW
lulM'iwiilli ii i mil
Rhodes, hospitality chairman;
Dave Rhoades, RE Week chair
man and Bill Duffy, organiza
tion chairman. Scheduled for
Of Faith' Named
Of Religious Week
; Specially featured during the
, week are the open seminars.
itii i? uic w.i aciiuiiats, wiuiu
The guest speakers will
the seminars, which will discuss
'current religious problems,
; Rhoades said.
! Some of these seminars will be
' designated -Skentics Hours" for
the benefit of who orofesa no'
; be provxJed with a speaker a;
' some time during the week, ac-
Early response to the pr
publication has been prom-sisg.
according to Schultz. "We have
f;inA rrt Aa1 of T,lrrej ini
'tie magazine, souse of it from
unexpeoted quax'ers."
a i. . . i. '
, .Another stafr spesman bu
; ness manager Kea Price, said that :
) coasiderab progress has beea I
made toward the first publication. ,
j "We have chosen our name, pkked i
; a tentative date for the first is- i
sue. and set up a meibod of re-'
: ceivins jnannscrinu" All of these
' n be disclosed at the coffee ;
uui, ric
n'. T.t.iv,;4, A,irw w
the magaiie, stressed tiie need
for such a wiblicaiitm as tills. She:'" wu "5-
said, "Every year since 1 have
been people who wanted to publish
been pecple who wantd to publish :
Tinn .m-V P., t fr tr .(..con i
or aaoher-lusually financial- !
Jabe previous tries have never ;
gotten off the ground. We're ex- j
tremeiv lucky this year to have
a solution to all the financial and
other problems, and I'm sure that
interest has increased as plans
Schultz stated that the only ma
yrr problem left to the staff seems
ta be tbe selection of a pnoter,
and he said be thinks this will be
solved within the zxt few days.
Cf-ffto PnnOrC
W I U I C 1 w4 J
Offer Four
Two state newspapers, the Fre
mont Guide and Tribune and the
North Platte Telegraph-Bulletin
have established four freshman
journalism scholarships according j
to Dr. William Hall, director of the
School of Journalism.
Tbe scholarships which total
fc0 will be awarded to graduat
ing high school seniors. Each
newspaper is sponsoring one schol
arship lor z student from its com
munity and one .'or a student from
the trade territory it serves.
The Guide and Tribune scholar
ships are 1240 apiece; the Telegraph-Bulletin
scholarships, $300
apiece, Dr. Hall stated.
The addition of these grams
bring the mint: mum total of fresh
man scholarships available to the
Sc-bool of Journalism
to 10, Dr.
Hall announced.
Six scholarships, ioar
for Lin-1
cola graduates, two for out-state
graduates, are sponsored annually
br the Lincoln Star and the Lsa-
cola Journal.
Feb. 9 to 14. the annual event
will revolve around the theme
"Dynamics of Faith."
Su,dv hall are suggested times to.
arraiiize ior siiesis. .ricKson saiu.
. -.r 6i... u.u.j
o .-. ffifon on ii'.i.AT--ii-ii',. tr hoar
i uic sucaKei s.
Worship and meditation services :
m student hou.-es are being ar-.
r"',cu.- A"d -e:e-' 1 1 1 oe
mad.for sl:enl ierv5ces as weJ a
group. Rho.
"We want
idcS Siild.
to s'ress the question
of u.ttmate Va..-;-, of tr.e student,
.whether they ccl.1 with activities.'
scholarship, hamar.itarianism."
"'Religioa as we will define it
!this year in Religious Emphasis
will not .!ecesariiy be in relitiou
, to God."' Rhoades asserted,
i "It will be more as a code of!
ethics, as Buddha a:id Coiuusijs
defined it. rather than as it is gen
eraily defined in the Judeao-Chris-
tian tradition."
Art Galleries
To Exhibit
New Drawings
An exhibiikn of riras by a .
-. 1 r - . n :
- t.nia cr.LS.. Jan Stussy, op- ,
enf;d Sunday at the University Art;
Galenes ar.d will cnt:nue through
Febr. 9. Director Xortnan Geske
A na;ive of Missouri. St-issy is :
asocia prcfesiiar in art at UCLA,
m'h has taught since He .
sat ,ft5 paiatrg la Europe.
Svjddy has had e: ht cne-man .
nnj'4. pnncipaiiy in Cali-
oraia- &s orks are
' .
clo0' Museum or. m. ta z-rma :
,Wat5 Cokc S;3ef-'. Los Aage-
tions. principally in CaLfornia. and
bis works are in the permanent
co';tcil'-xs & Saa Fraadsco Mjjfd and show proxise of valu-
u:tjru.a 3TT 1X1-
iy, and Los Angeles Coun- j
! ijr-
He received h.s Eat he lor of Arts !
degree in It from U.C.L.A. and;
his Master of Fine Arts degree ; Higlaad Drive. Seattle W. Wab
from University of Sotjienj Cali- j ix.gtcm. Applications must be in by
forma in lirttt. j March 1, lift!.
irv r - . ) , P
Tbe high-stepping members of
Kappa Kappa Gamma are prat
tkirt ernt-fctly in pi-tparation for
j Tuesday'a tf7oatt tar Cse4 Fas-
. . C. Y. Thompson New President; Union
Staff Writer
C. Y. Thompson of tt'es' Point.
j veteran member of the Univer
: sity's Board cf Regents, was elect-
of the Board.
Thompson, who is serving
his 24th year as a University Re
gent, announced in December that
he will not run again for a Board
position. He succeeds Dr. B. X.
Greenberg .of York as president.
The Board also elected J. Le
roy Welsh of Omaha as vice presi
dent at its annual organizational
: meeting. John Selleck was re
! elected corporation secretary,
i Low bids for the construction of
: the Union addition were accepted
dv me Kegenis. lne low bids ln-
,; ciuae, general contract
contract. George
.n, $627,777: me-
ihardt Brothers of
35; and electrical
c Company. L i n-
I Cook of Linco
; chanical, Rein!
; Lincoln,
' Mason Electric
coin. $94,750. Total bids were $1
Carl Donaldso:!, University busi-1
ness manager, stated at the meet-!
he felt the bids received ,
Chancellor Clif-,
ford Hardin also announced that
it i i
ne wa5 very p.easea
with the
Regent Frar.k Foote of Axtell
-jointed out to the Board tha'
; approval
of the Union construe
in ei.ect tyin; the
tian was
final knot in t::e tuition raise."
He added, however, that he ap
proved the new balding.
Li other business the Regents
Miller Wins
Dr. James Miller. Jr . c
of the University English depart
tr.ent, was notified Saturday thai
his book
A Critical
Gjicie to
Leaves of Grass." received
1957 Walt Whitman Award.
The award and $3X1 w ill be one
ten awards to '
be presented
in Xew York
Thursday at
he annual
Poetrv Soci- V
ety of Ameri
ca. The dinner
will be held ia .
honor of Rob- f? :
ert FrOSt, ( aunw Lncln Jovrgal
who wLJ re- Mil,er
ceive the Alexander Drouizkoy
Gold Medal for Distinguished Serv
ice to Poetry.
Two years of writing went into
Miller's book, which was published
last summer, n is oniy maor
man s '"Leaves of Grass.
Tri Delts Offer
$200 Scholarship
A S2W scho-arship is being o:
fered to a woman student by Del-
! ta Delta Delta sorority.
The student doesn't have to oe
a s'roriiy member but well-qJ-
aole service.
Winners wiJ be noiiiied by May
15. laSS.
Anyone Interested may write to
Mrs. Glenn Whitman. Wi W.
lies. From right to left are Ellen
Moke. Sharon Sidles, Nancy
Newcomer, Jackie Koeplin, and
i ,1
) p. f- r ! s '
approved an increase of $45,393
in the 1958 Summer Sessions budg- creased budget which totals $293,
et. Director Frank Sorenson cited 514:
Courtesy Lincoln Jo'iraa!
Student Nominated
For xRag Award
Miss Marilyn Heck, senior in
Arts and Sciences, has been no.n-
mated for the honor cf fall se-
mester "Outstanding Xeoraskan."
Nominations will close Tuesday
at 3
i n g
p.m. and
One U;:l-
1 r
v e r s i t y
st.ident. will
be announced
:n F r i d a y's
This awaid
:s present
ed each se
mester by the
Loaned sonod
journal and star
.Miss Heck
Daily Nebraskan
and Miss Hets
is me secona stu-
der.t to
be nominated.
Snerjoe. se.'iio
in law schil. as t:
1 student while Dr. G en Gray, pro- b:ack wasq;tie of Mortar Board ' Student Council Nominating Com
.fessorf hista-j-. and M;ss Mary- as historian at the end of the ! mittee disclosed.
By Faculty
: Four University faculty me:n-
hr-rs wii! nresent a rental in the '
Union Baita on Tnursday at
, f.ju p.m.
i Featured i the program will
be: Audun Ravnan, piano: Jack
Smder, French bom; Ear. JetiK.ns,
Icompanist. All are assistant prcfes-
sors of music.
There is no admission charge,
and the public is invited to attend.
The program follows:
Mr. Ravnan "Eallade Xo. 4 in F t
Minor. Op. 52." by Chopin and j
"Sonata Xo. 3" ' li36 by HJndemith '
Mr. Snider "Aria, Op. 51, by
Peeters-S.tider and "Sonata. Op. j
29." by Haas, accompanied by Mr.
Mr. Jenkins "Retired From Any
Mortal's Sight," by Purcell and ar- j
ranged by Hinshaw. "As Ever I
Saw," by Warlock. "So White, So :
1 Sill, So Sweet Is She." by Delias,
r"'u' u ""I'O"-
tunie. by Marx, accompanied by
Mr. Hinshaw.
Phyllis Toes. The show will be
presented March 10 in Peritbinf
Memorial Aiiililoriuni.
is )
i the following causes for the in-
1. College of Engineering and
Architecture planning a minimum
program of engineering courses to
shift some of the academic year
load to summer terms.
2. The offering of the Summer
Science Institute for the first time
to aid in the preparation of sci
ence and mathematics teachers in
secondary schools.
In other action, the Board:
Accepted nine resignations, in
cluding one for Dr. Calvin Reed,
associate professor of ele
mentary education who has ac-'
cepted a similar position at Uni
versity of Nevada, effective Feb.
1. A member of the staff since
1948, he also was part-time con
sultant to the Nebraska Congress
of Parents and Teachers.
Approved nine leaves of absence,
including: Dr. Robert Olson, who
will serve as consultant on use of .
atomic energy in agriculture with
Organization for European Coop-
Mulvaney, aosocate professor of
physical education, were the facul -
ty members nominated.
', Miss Heck was cited in her let -
ter of nomination "as unselfish in
'her service to the University
.her many activities indicate."
"In her freshman year Marilyn;
j set a scholastic precedent for re- j
' matning years with an h.d aver-
; age. In addition she worked in '
J Later in her sophomore y e a r j
I Marilyn served on Builders Board, j
; Coed Counselor Board. Cornhusker j
'section editor and a Union chair-1
man- She was named Activities :
Queen at the All-University Fund
Auction and was also a finalist'
for .Nebraska Sweetheart that year, j
"Her junior year, Miss Heck be- j week until Saturday for Spring
came a Cornhusker Managing ed- s Day Committee. They may be ob
itor and served oa the Union tained in the Student Council office,
Board of Managers. She dnnr.eri ' John Kinnler. chairman at th
"Xow in her senior vear Marilvn
serves as nresident of the TInioo
activities committee and Board of
Managers. She is associate editor
of the Cornhusker and is a mem -
ber of Kappa Tau Alpha, Gamma
Alpha Chi and Theta Sigma Phi
' journalism bonoraries."
Dr. Roy Whistler
, JQ AddreSS ACS
! Dr. Roy Whistler, professor o:
biochemistry and assistant deoari -
. h rf h department of'
address the Xebraska sectior.
of the American Chemical Society 1
at 6 p m m Avery Labora-
Thirteen Skits To Vie
For Places In Follies
Thirteen skits are trying out for
; tbe 1958 Coed Follies production,
"Skits-O-Frantic," which will be
: presented in March, according to
Xancy Copeland. AWS Coed Follies
The tryouis will be held Tuesday skitmaster Xancy BeLschner; Kap
from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Union P Alpha Theta. "Trim Inn," skit-
ballroom. M-ss Copeland added.
The schedule is as fiilows:
6 p.m. Kappa Kappa Cam
ma, 6:15 p.m. Kappa Alpha j
Theta. 6:30 p.m. Zeta Tau A1-
pha. 6:45 p.m. Pi Beta Phi,!
7 p.m. Alpha Xi Delta. 7:15
p.m. Delta Gamma, 7:30 p.m
Alpha Phi, 7:45 p.m. Alpha Omi-
cron Pi, 8 p.m. Chi Omega, !
8:30 p.m. - Kappa Delta. 845
p.m. Gamma Phi Beta, and 9
p.m. Delta Delta Delta.
ua romes. an annua! spring
feature sponsored by the Associa-
ted Women Students, is a presen-j
tation of skits and variety acts
put on by orgamzed women's,
groups on the campus.
Groups chosen to compete
the show will perform March 10 at
Pershing Municipal Auditorium.
Miss Copeland said.
third place
First, second and
awaras ior tne sxus ana iirst place Nineteen rew members were re
award for the curtain acts wiUicentiy mitiawd into Company A-2
be gtven. The Ideal Xebraska ; of the National Society of Pershin
Coed and finalists will also be ' Rifles.
presented at this time. j The new members are Jerry
The names of the skits and their
skitmasten are Alpha Chi Omega,
'Ye IT Dragon." ski tm asters Rae
Beerline and Ruthie Gilbert; Al
plr. Omicron Pi. "Mountain Mad
ness," skitmaster Corkv K o 1 b : !
Alpha Phi, "A Veil Tate." skit -
master Joan Riha: Chi O.Tiega. ' Larry Snyder, Tom Stibal. Bruc
"Tatnale and the Bandit," k i t- j N'i'soii, Willir'in Howard and Raa
mastcr Blanche MiAkovsky. jdolpb Walling.
Bids Approved
eration, for six months; Jack Mc
Bride, director of University Tele-
vision who will serve as project
director for National Education
Television Consulting Service, for
six months; Dr. Hugo Ribeiro,
professor of mathematics, who
will be visiting professor at Uni
versity of California, Berkeley, for
five months.
Accepted research grants total
ing $131,154.
Woods Fund
To $50,000
The Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C
Woods Fund was increased Satur
day to $50,000, according to Uni
versity Foundation and Board of
The fund, established in 1954 for
the professional benefit of the Uni
versity Art faculty, is being used
to carry out the purposes of tho
gift, Perry Branch, director-secretary
of the Foundation said.
"These purposes are to aid in
strengthening and developing the
capabilities of the Art faculty and
to assist in keeping the department
of art familiar with artistic trends
jand accomplishments in other
' areas of the world," he added,
j Mrs. Thomas Woods is a former
student of the University while
; Woods is president of the Woods
! Charitable Fund, which has given
the University gifts totaling more
than $200,000. .
SC Slates
Spring Day
Applications are available this
i Muaents may sign up tor inter'
! views at the time thev aoolv. Kin-
! nier added.
I Qualifications for the Spring Day
! Committee said that a student
! must 3 sophomore, junior or
senior; have at least a 5.7 average:
be interested in the event; and
possess leadership and organiza
tional ability.
Ski Trip Openings
There are still four openings
'. lor the annual Aspea Sid Trip,
- hich will be held Jan. 2 t
Febr. 3, aecerding ta
Kramme, chairman.
Cost of tbe trip including ev
erything but meals is MS. Two
qualified flti instructor will
give free lessons for the forty
students making the trip.
Delta Delta Delta, "Hark, Hark
tbe Ark of Forty Damp Days,"
skitmaster Gienda Kline; Delta
Gamma. "Panic in the Plaza,"
ikitmaster Ruth Adams; Gamma
Phi Ra v.,s,.ai wmi
master Helen Hockabout; Kappa
Delta. "Trounle in the USSR
j AWS-PJ Factor y," skitmaster
Barb Mlllniu.
Kappa Kappa Gamma, "Man
hattan Mania." skitmaster K a t i
Dailey; Pi Beta Phi, "And the
Twenties R o a r e d," skitmaster
Martie Jo Martison and Barbara
T o w n e Club, "Anxious
skitmaster Pat Bee km an;
' i Annie,'
121.3 Tfu A;Pha-
Bums Away,"
skitmaster Sharon Johnson; Alpha
1 Xi Delta, "Jumblediy," skitmaa
". ter Shelia Scott.
Gamma Phi Beta won first plac
year whi!e A!pha Qmicron Pi
Iace nd p, peU
pj thjrd pace
,oan Heum- eWtd .
the Ideal Nebraska Coed.
. Pprcrimn Inlfintoe
;r c' 1,1 ' l,l,IIUIC5
j Nin etee n Mem be rs
j Sunderman, Gerald Radek, James
Pangborn, Wayne Nelson, Bruce
Goethe. Gary Parker, Alan Chas
tain, Tom iOiTissey, Andris Rtak
lis and Roger Hoffman.
Tom Jones, Darrel Biggerstaff,
1 Jerry .Velie. Lawrence Obriea.
f ,