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ff j I Vol. 32, No. 52 Lincoln, Nebraska Friday, December 20, 1 957
j XjL if-f : Coimsf raef oomi hi UiniBOirD
Christmas Party
Nrwell Kellalk is looking M
ft Dick GastaTsoa, portraying attended the annual Intra-frater-&anta
CUni, U giviag a prwfrt aity Council Christmas Party.
"lnfo (s 4 CAld s Born,
Unto Us A Son Is Given
In those days a decree went
out from Caesar Augustus that
all the world should be enrolled.
This was the first enrollment when I kept all these things and pondered
Quirinus was governor of Syria. ; them in ber heart. And the shep
And all went to be enrolled, each herds returned, glorif3'ing and
to bis own city. And Joseph also praising God for 1! they had
went p from Galilee from the ; heard and seen, as it had been
city of Nazareth, to Judea, to the ; told them.
city of David, which is called j Now when Jesus was born in
Bethlehem, because be was of the Bethlehem of Judea in the days of
bouse and linage of David, to be Herod the king, behold, wise mea
enrolled with Mary, his betrothed, j from the East came to Jerusa
who was great with child. And 1 lem, saying, "Where is be whs
w while they were tJsere, tbe time has been born king of the Jews?
eame for ber to be ddirered. And ; for we have seen his star in the
she fare birth to ber first-born i East and have come to wcrship
son and wrapped him in swaddling1 him-" Herod the king beard
clothes and laid him in a manger.! be troubled, and all Je
because there was no room for msalem with him; and assemb
them in the inn. t ling all the chief priests and
. ' scribes of the people, he inquired
And in that region there were 0f them where the Chrlf. was to
shepherds out in tbe field, keeping : be born. They told hi. "I i Eth
watch over their flocks by night. ; lebem of Jucea, for so at is writ
And an angel of the Lord came ten by - the prcphet;
upon them and fee 'glory of the; "And j'cu, O Bethlehem, in fte
Lord shone round about them and land of Judab, are by to m?ans
they were sore afraid. And the 'least among the rulers of'Juiah,
angel said to them. "Tear not, fori for from"you shall c-jm a nrler
I bring you goid tidings of great j who will govern my p?c?le Is
Joy which shall be unto all people. ! rael".
For unto you is born this day in 1
1 D,arki a.s!jor- Kr-U5 Anncyr.-s
is Christ tbe Lord. And this shall I
be a sign unto you: you will End; f2 Cont!" FiCH
a baby wrapped in swaddlin? , . "
rint.K tA wm n . n,,nr-l Unive-s.'ty's cams
And suddenly there was with the
angel a mulivde of the heavenly
host praising God and saying,
"Glory to God in the highest and
cm earth peace good will to men.
When the angels went away
front them in heaven, tbe shepherd
said to one another, "Let us go Movie, KNUS, Temple BuiMa.g,
.cver to Behlehem and see this Lincoln . Nebr.
"thing which has happened which i Selection of winners will be
the Lord has made known to us." I based on the earliest dated post
And they went with haste and marks on the cards. Only one e:v
found Mary and Joseph, and the try per person is allowed and the
baby lying in manger. And when 1 winners will receive th?ir two pass
they saw it 1V- r"""' Vt"i-ti thejes by return wil.
to ane f the M rphaii that
saying which had been told them
concerning this child, and all who
heard it wondered at what the
shepherds told them. But Mary
' radb staiion, hss ainci'ured the
sfof -f ""
plan for its listeners.
Each week, in cooperation with
the four Cooper Foundation Thea
ters in Lincoln, KNUS will present
two free passes to the first ten
persons who send postcards to
...$1,300,000 Job Has Bowling, Drive-In, Theater
Santa's million dollar present to
. the University community, a mod
ernistic two-story a3 anion to the
Union is finally ready for deliv
Wita final drafting plans just off
the drawing boards, bids are now
being taken for the $1,309,000 proj -
teci. uompieuon oaie is January,
! 10, or possibly as early as the
! fall cf li39, according to Union
uirecwr uuane jase, supervisor
" me project.
Approval oi coniracis oy we wixn an a sireei entrance, uper-
Board of Regents at its annual ation will be by an int:r-comsrani-!
meeting Jan. 11 ceems prabable, cation call-in setup f r four cars
t meaning construction could begin i and one pick-up window.
about a week after students re- j The third floor of the present
j turn from tbe holiday vacaiton. j building will become a student
j The front of the completed build-! activities center, with office space
ing will be toward the north, f ac-. for campus organizations, exclud
j ing "S" street, with a two-way j ing student publications, which will
! drive in front of the entrance. I retain their offices on the ground
The glass-fronted addition will ! floor. The Union activities office,
more than double the size of the ; a typing and poster room will
present Union. Construction will also be on third,
be such that another floor can oe j The ground floor of tbe present
added at a later date. ! building will bouse the barber
Now called the "Siudent Ua- j shop, mea and women's student
ion," the new structure will be i dressing rooms, publications sec
cained the "Nebraska ' Union" 1 ticn, food storags, bake shop.
since the laalitiei are for all ele- j
meals of tbe campus population, 1
faculty and alumni, as well as'
New facilities will include a It-
uuiC'iu jai sfliiu-
dry and small In ad -
j:.: 11 : 3 .
niu-jn, n wijj aisa prcviue uie ; locters aiiu an auj-uuiig ruom oe ncpi vpu it wisr jj.jc;6, at
Uaicn with a new kitchen, dinirg ! with three cots. A similar set, with : cording to Lake.VPaj ment cn a
rocm, czhteria, main loungs, ea-l 43 lockers, will be in the women's! time basis, rather then a charge
rcims. a main ballroom, junior
ballr;rm, 11 tin slier m e e t i n g i avsDable, with pessibly some for' Bowling instructions will be of
rocms aad e.gJt private dining j rertal purpcres. fcr cemmuteri ' fared by the Union. Currently phys-
rocms. N
Funds for the addition are pro-
vided by student activity fees. The
project does not include $200,000
in new furnishings, which will be
purchased under a separate con
tract, nor does the $1,309,000 in
clude funds for the bowling alley.
Financing of the alleys, which
will cost an estimated $120,000
complete with automatic pin-setters
and two rows of spectator
s?ats and lockers, will be based
on a "pay as you play" policy, ac-
cording to Lake. Bids for the al-1 chines for ice cream and a check
leys are expected to be let in in service.
nine to 10 months. Although primarily for Union
Opening of the building will be
on a stepped or gradual basis, with
portions of the present Union clos
ing at different times for renova-
I tion. The dining room and cafe-
I teria, now the main lounge area,
1 is expected to be in operation by
, next lau, loiiowea Dy a ountain
1 Lounge about four tunes the size
; of tbe present Crib.
ature plans s-iow a anve-in
, area on me east siae ot toe union,
crafts shop, commuters lunch
room and laundry.
Operated cn a lease basis, "the
Union w3uld hire a manager fori
: t-e t:ve-c.i3ir oaroer snop, wno m
turn wculd hire four more bar-i115
) uicu uj caiiJg hi
! include facilities for showering. CO
! , i : . ' : , .
j fclore than 200 lockers will be
! eff-crmpus students. Also in tbe
j lunch room will be vending ma-
Four - additional University stu
dents have been awarded $150
Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben scholar
ships, it has been announced.
They are Jeanette Cander, Lloyd
Thurman, Leonard Koertner, and
Lyle Harms.
Names of 123 other Ak-Sar-Ben
scholarship winners were an
nounced previously.
use, the laundry will be equipped
with automatic washers and driers
for student use, according to the
Union director. '
On tbe ground floor of the new
building will be most of the recre
ational facilities, including a 200-
seat auditorium equipped with
. theater-type seats. Adjoining the
auditorium by direct access is a
reception-dining room so confer-1
r . " . ...
, eaces may have convenient facili-
ties permitting conferees to ad
journ to dining rooms without wait
ing for clair resetting or con
gregating in corridors.
Also cn the ground floor will be
a "multiple purpose" party room
that can serve as one unit or two.
This room, according to Lake, will
be used most of the time for in
formal juke box dancing and TV
or scheduled group parties.
Adjacent to the party room is a
refreshment and card lounge.
Vending machine refreshments
available will include malted
drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, soup,
sandwiches, hot sandwiches, car
bonated drinks, ice cream lines
and milk.
Near the bunge will be a 12
table billiard rocm, a table tennis
table billiard rocm, a tab tenuis
; Btucumcu iwi icojuc y-jf "iu
! tra-murals, and zi least two will
1 l t C . . ' i -
j said. j
; ical educstiirn classes teaching
bowling use bc2l bowling alleys.
The main fiocr of the Union will
house the junior ballroom, labeled ! jha registrar's office has re
the "Pan American", room in th2 ! leased the dates for the second se
blueprints, the Fountain Lounge me$ter reels ration. They have
(Crib), dining room, cafeteria,
staff offices, TV area, music
rooms,, bock nook, and gallery. Near A definite schedule of hours will
the "S" street entrance will oe j be announced the week before reg
services. including an information j istration, according to Mrs. Leroy
desk, check stand, rest rooms, 1 Lasse, assistant registrar.
telephones, supply desk', and maga- j
zine and paper stand. 1
The Pan American room, which
is expandable with facilities for
300 plus at dinner, will be very
suitable for organization dinner
dances. Lake explained, with sec
tions of the rocm opening onto the
Architectural treatment of the
Fountain Lounge, now called the
Crib, will be to achieve an in
formal atmosphere and semi-pri-
,, , . , " . . .. ...
pnffw-tahlf height with semi-
lounge furniture to give a "coffee
lounge" effect. Only booth seating
is used in the present Union.
The Fountain will be geared for
high speed service, according to
Lake, with "by-pass" sections de
pending on the type of food or
dered. A call-service will be used
in operation with the grill. Special
floor sections will be set up with
condiments to avoid holdups in
! - 1. 1 i: :i i
( me unes. uouoie casaiers wm oe
used during busy hours, and a
special coffee bar will be set up
for those wanting coffee and
1 The cafeteria will open into the
lounge and also into dining rooms
for groups not wanting to pay for
eraua service. The Lorn Crib will
with the present Book Nook
'comir.s an area for table service.
The-cafeteria will have only one
: but Will be dlvid&d into SD6-
' . , . , .- . ... ,
t will be divided into spe
d ssctions to expedite line
' Clol I
Across ths corridor from the
(As Regrsf ration Dates
been scheduled for Jan. 13 through :
Stud2nls will pull cards according j
to earned hours. Seniors will regis-1
Fountain Lounge will be the main
lounge, on the west side of the
building, which will be enclosed by
glass, as is most of the north side
of the building. The Main Lounge
will include a separate TV area
and three music listening rooms.
A 40 foot by 40 foot book nook
will be finished with the panelings,
and fireplace from Ellen Smith
Hall by the Alumni Association
as an Alumni Memorial.
Changes on the second floor will
include a double access to the
stage in the ballroom, and parlors
A, B, and C will become meeting
and conference rooms.
The new Union, according to
Lake, will be "extremely func
tional" compared to the present
building. One of the handicaps oi
the present Union is that the prin
cipal dining units the cafeteria,
and Com Crib are on tbe first
floor, separate from the kitchen,
and inadequately equipped. This
results in long hauls, delays in
service, cold food, extra labor and
general efficiency affecting both
customer and Union financial op
eration, Lake said.
The new kitchen, scullery, and
food storage rooms are next to
the Fountain Lounge and Cafeteria.
Also featured is an "automatic
absorption refrigeration" system
which uses low pressure steam to
produce refrigeration for air con
ditioning. The 500-ton unit takes
up one-third the space of a com
parable centrifugal system, re
quires no regular supervision and
operates automatically.
ter first, beginning on Jan. 13 at 9
a.m. The drill hall of tbe second
floor of the Military and Naval
Science building will serve as the
registration place.
The Student Council approved
dates for the payment of fees as
Jan. 24, 27 and 23.
Students are to see their advisors
prior to the registration dates,
Mrs. Lasse said,
-' 4
V .