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Monday, December 6,
At 7:30 p.m. December 19th, the
Madrigal Singers will take their
places around tables in the Union
Ballroom and present their 10th
Annual Traditional Christmas Car
ol Concert.
The tables will be covered with
white cloths and set with candles,
goblets and a punch bowl in tradi
tional 16th Century Madrigal style.
Singers will be clad in formal
The traditional concert will have
new aspect this year in that
the singers have a new director,
John Moran, and is in itself a
new organization. This year the
Madrigals are composed of out
standing sophomores and fresh-
to be
C Pre'
who don't necessarily need
music majors, Moran said.
Previous to this year, the con
cert had been held in the Union
lounge, but with tne cooperation
of the Union Music Committee, is
being held in the ballroom. The
Committee, headed by Karen Pet
ersen, is in charge of the decora
tions and other arrangements. The
theme will be carried out in such
a manner that it will take you
back to old England, Miss Peter
sen said.
Another new aspect of this per
formance is that the music chosen
lor the program leans more to
ward the traditional Christmas
Carols than in previous years.
Parts will be directed toward the
children with such selections as
"Twas the Night Before Christ-
"Twas the Night Before Christ-1 Roland Stock.
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Miss Moonbeam McSwine
Pradeaee Morrow was
revealed as Miss Moonbeam
McSwine of 1958 at the Block
aod Bridle club's Holiday Ham
Auction Friday evening. Miss
Morrow is a junior in Teach-
ers College from Omaha. She
represeBted the Rodeo Club in
the Miss McSwine contest. She
mas," and "Jingle Bells." .
Accompanists for the group are
Kay Green and Bill Bush, and
main soloist will be Gale Miller
of Wymore.
Included in the program is:
"Song of Christmas" with
Carol Ashbury and Rodney Walker
as narrators.
A group of traditional carols
including "0 Come All Ye Faith
ful," "Away in a Manger" "God
Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen," "It
' Came Upon the Midnight Clear
Hark the Herald Angels Sing,"
"0 Little Town of Bethlehem,"
and "Silent Night."
A group of Christmas songs:
"Deck the Halls," "Lullaby on
Christmas Eve" featuring Gale
Miller as soloist, "Patapan," and
the Ray Charles arrangement of
"Jingle Bells."
"Twas the Night Before Christ
mas," by Fred Waring.
At the close of the concert the
singers will be served a flaming
fruitcake and the audience will
be served eggnog by the hosts
and hostesses.
The twenty-one Madrigal sing
ers are Lexy Low Bell,' Ann Blom
quist, Marian B r a y t o n, Mary
Claassen, Carol Crandell, Mary
Ann Ryan, Shirley Chab, Sandi
Heffelfinger, Dorothy Knappen
berg, Marilyn Koop, Mary Ann
Timmons, Susan Stehl, Ken Schef
fel, Gale Miller, Richard Lening
ton. Milton Boldt, Kent Murray,
Phil Rutlinger, Roger Schmidt and
Roland Stock.
is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta.
Other finalists for the title were
and Julie Byers. Miss Morrow was
selected by votes of the dab
members selling hams. Each
ham entitled the buyer to II
votes for Miss Moonbeam Mc-
. , . - , , ..,
Pie Thrown
Rex - Knowtes, AUF adviser,
has just throwa a pie inU the
face of Art Weaver, past AIT
Continued From Page 1 . . .
certification those students who
have completed the courses in ed
ucation as required by law and
who have been approved by the
pertinent subject-matter depart
ments of the various colleges.
"2) Abolish the system of dual
matriculation in the University of
Nebraska. This cumbersome pro
cedure has discouraged students
from selecting teaching" as a ca
reer, and would be unnecessary if
the above recommendation were
"3) Ask that the Nebraska State
Legislature lower the number of
professional education courses re
quired for certification from 18 to
15 hours the number specified by
the North Central Association. In
this new era we are entering, the
various fields are becoming so
complex that more and more time
is required for their mastery. (The
Teachers College now requires 20
hours of professional courses, since
the course in practice teaching was
changed from three to five hours
of credit.)
"4) Recognize teaching done by
undergraduate and graduate as
sistants in the subject-matter de
partments as meeting the require
ments for practice teaching.
"5) Grant credit toward profes
sional education requirements for
in-service teaching under approved
supervision whenever university
facilities are inadequate for prac
tice teething.
"6) As an emergency measure,
encourage the certifying authority
to make it possible for people qual
ified in subject matter, but with
out the requisite number of hours
in professional education to teach
under temporary permits."
The proposals by the professors
were made "in answer to the plea
made by President Eisenhower in
what he cited as this nation's most
critical problem ducaiton.
The groups supporting the ac
tion cited the president's plea also.
NU Instructor
Hurt In Accident
A University English instructor
was hospitalized at Columbus
Thursday night after the car he
was driving was hit by a train.
The snatructor, Danny Gustafson,
suffered face cuts and bruises, ac
cording to the State Safety Patrol.
The accident occurred at a High
way 22 railroad crossing seven
miles northwest of Columbus. The
car driven by Gustafson was re
ported as belonging to the Uni
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Refreshing ontissptk action heols
razor nicks. Kelps hasp your skin
in top condition. 1.00 , w,
SH'JITON Now Tort Toronto
The Daily Nlebroskon
president, at the annual Al F Weaver. The Auction made ever
Auction Ttiursdy. Steve Schultx $3,000 to go for different chari
lookt on as Knewles spatters tie.
Terry Young Wins
Terry Young, a graduate student
was announced today as the re
cipient of a $1,700 Texas Company
Fellowship awarded in the Uni
versity's department of bacteri
ology. The Fellowship is given each
year to an outstanding graduate
student who is engaged. in research
on soluble oil emulsions.
Also part of the Fellowship is
the granting of $800 to the bacteri
ology department for supplies and
equipment used in the research
project, directed by Dr. Hilliard
Pivnick, associate professor.
Young was graduated from Om-
ROTC Graduates
Address Phalanx
At the monthly meeting of
Phalanx, professional and honor
ary military fraternity, First Lieu
tenant Wayne Handshy and Sec
ond Lieutenant Jack Keene, past
graduates of the University, ad
dressed the group on problems
that face a newly commissioned
second lieutenant.
Attending the meeting besides
the active members and their
guests were Major John Jerming,
advisor; Major Frederick Bock
oven; Captain Don Barry: and
First Lieutennt Robert Bentley.
Psych Honorary
A meeting of Psi Chi, psychol
oggical honorary will meet Mon
day at 7:30 p.m. at Room 316 of
the Union, according to Keith
Leech, secretary.
Now The one cigarette
the tobacco...
the tip...
and the taste I
Fellowship Award
aha Central High School in 1950,
graduated from Omaha University
in 1950 and served in the Army
Medical Corps from 1954 to 1956.
Panel Rates
U.S. Missile
Program High
Russia is not really ahead of the
United States technologically was
the general opinion after the panel
discussion on the Russia vs. Unit
ed States question held at the
NUCWA meeting last Tuesday
The panel, consisting of Major
Charles Simpson of the Air Force
ROTC, Biff Keyes, Jim Roman,
and Jim Hyink, concluded that al
though Russia has recently shown
us up with Sputnik and Muttnik,
the United States leads the race
with its missiles, atomic subma
rines, and other defense objects.
It was also brought out that oth
er nations would rather have aid
in economic fields than have
knowledge about satellites; and,
therefore, the United States will
not lose any of its prestige even
if Russia continues to improve
technologically, as long as we con
tinue our economic aid program.
A number of foreign students
mentioned that this is true in their
countries. They all felt that doing
things that the people can see in
their daily life is the best method
of promoting good internationl re
lations. in tune with America's
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NU Book Pool To Start
At Close Of Semester
The newly revised book poo!
exchange program which was ac
cepted by Student Council last week
and which will be run by Alpha Phi
Omega, national service fraternity,
will go into operation at the end
of this semester.
Tom Neff, chairman of the Stu
dent Council Book Pool exchange
committee, told the Council Wed
nesday that he expects around 1000
books to be sold by the pool. Neff
explained that a 15 cent profit
would be allowed on each book
sold in order to handle expenses.
This 15 cent handling charge per
book will still entitle the student
to a profit, Neff added, because
local book stores charge anytning
from 20 per cent and mare.
Neff stated that he figured the
Alpha Phi Omegas will come out
about even after expenses are
paid which includes the hiring of a
full time manager ' for several
weeks to supervise book sales.
Alpha Phi Omega will be under
the direct supervision of the Stu
dent Council, Neff explained. They
will submit to the Council re
ports of tentative plans and eval
uation before and after the Pool
Exchange goes into effect, Neff
Visit our diamond room
and choose one of our
scientifically graded dia
monds for that co-ed
Quality for Over 50 Yean
1200 "O" Street
has all you
a- hl I S' it
... i
"W -TOWS".- -! -
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Paqe 3
Last year was the first time a
Book Pool Exchange was intro
duced at the University. It em
ployed a card catalogue system
whereby students looked up tha
books they wanted in the catalogue
and then contacted the owner by
themselves. The Exchange never
handled the books.
This year, Neff explained, the
Book Exchange will actually taka
in and handle the books. This is to
provide a greater convenience for
the students.
Neff outlined the tentative pro
cedure for 'students who wish to
deal with the Book Exchange
which will be held in Room 81S
of the Union starting at a data
to be announced.
Students wishing to sell books
can quote their own prices. A
form will be filled out when the
book is vbrought in; one copy of
which will go to the student; an
other going to the master file;
and another for the book itself.
Students desiring to buy their
books at the Exchange are re
quested to know the title and the
author. Books will be listed by
course number.
if all''..
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