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The Doilv Nebraskan
Tuesday, November 26, 1957
Cornhusker Season Reviewed
As Basketball Takes Limelight
By RON" SH.VKEEX I he ran 11 yards around left end
Staff Sport Wriier kePer P-7- Twict it a
. . . . , pea red as if the Huskers would
The 52-7 defeat suffered at the ,
. , , ,, , , , , I stop n:m bJt bed times he broke
bands of the powerful Ok.ahema i
Soocers Saturday, brought to aj
close tfce worst season ever Jar
a Nebraska fCocba'J team as tie, The H.iskers won their Erst and
H uskers finished with nine ceiesis only game of the campaign against
azainst but one victory. : a weak Kansas State team, 14-7,
It all started with ouarterback October 5, in this Big Eight opes- j first period. Gaard Charlie Rasa j rst one in the closing minutes of
a real ragged kid
real fine game.
The following we-k toe Missouri
Tiger scored a tonrhdowa with
2:42 left ta the game to bib the
Haskerc 14-13.
The Tigers drew first blood as
teecbdoaa midway through the
He played a, For the first time in 12 years.
the Haskers were defeated by
Iowa State as the Cyclones
downed them 13-0.
Quarterback Bob Xichols
spearheaded the Cyclone attack as
his passing and running set up
'both touctidowns.
Omahan Bob Harden got the
Bobby N"ewman"s fantastic pass
ing which led the Washington
State Cougars to a 34-12 rout over
the Huskers in the opening game
of the season on September 21.
N'ewmaa Rite 1 of IS
Thirty one thousand fans w.t
nessei Jfce onslougbt as N'ewmaa
conrw-ted on 10 of 16 passes,
three of them for touchdowns.
Newman wasted no time in ex
hibiting his passing ability as he
hit end Don Ellir.gsen with a pass
which was good for 79 yards only
er. converted to make the score 7-.'tbe first half as he gunned over
A remarkable defensive show-j Nebraska struck for their two from the one. The final touchdown
ir.g paced the H-iskers to their vie- touchdowns in lightenjig-Lke fa- was scored by fallback Terry In
tory as on three d Jferent occasions 1 shion as they talked twice within ' gram who bulled over from the
the Husker forward wall rose up J a minute in the third stanza. ' three, capping a 47-yard inarch.
and thwarted possible wildcat j Thomas plunged over from the
touchdown drives inside the four. 'two to clmax a 38 yard drive for
Stransky Tough
AH A m e r i c a n Bob Stransky
Cage Squad To Open Monday,
Face South Dakota State r?
Sports Editor
Cornhusker Hoop
... ' . ; .- . . - a in i i i a ii i
!k- v k 'T TZw . ?nat- paced Colorado to a 27-0 victory M eve-
" - ........ wvuwwH cm vvci c i.vt: a . .r ; kuoiu i . .J V tr , 1-
cp uie nrst Nebraska toacsdowa ed over the five after guard
as be pirated a W ildcat pass oa Zentic had recovered a Tiger f lim
ine K -Slate 36 and raced to the bie on the 22.
15. Three play, later fallback j t?a:ns exchanged
George Cifra burst throng a s,verai t;mes throughout the
swarm of eaemy tacklers oa the j reminder of the came un:il Quar
to have the p'.ay called back be- " - "s p- w terback Phil
r,,M s" the mn;ng touchdown drive,
huskers a "- edge. j gaowden hit on six of seven pass
a lounn aown pass rrom jua:-i a::einKS and c-cjed left end
cause of a Cougar infraction.
AH three of p
touctidown ae-
rais were
gathered in by Bi2 Fau
lt i n g who
u t t a n c- r ry
i n g catchf s v
tallied ? Jennings
fourth ioucbdon on a pass when
State touchdown was sco.-ea m:c-
way through the final Quarter 02
a four-yard plunge by MorelL
SliBBett Score Twice
Tbe two Backer loucbdowas
were scored by qaarterbacks Key
over the Huskers as he scored !ninK meetiri8 Sou DakoU State
one touchdown and ran for 99 nere m LincoIn-
j Coach Jerry Bush has made it
Fujack Jerry Brown Pgf'J V
h.s best game of the year ;switched around depending on the
Snowden engineered ad p,aved , , f, v.mTOlv-
ae.ensive ame. ; Bush caa inject hi$ uler mm in)
After Stransky scored the first ' s;artine lineuD. If his adver-
terback Dick Corbin to halfback f-o f:ve 1r 55 tvv charge o:ie on a o:ie &Ti P:ane reser.- saries aren't especially toll, then
Keith Wilson from tbe Nebraska U-Thi. r.v" psii Mntw-tivt m tailback Howard Cook lead the. the Utile men dim start. You can
4. - f . D r-.rf 1
throughout thr
game. The
!S3 gave tbe Wildcats their touch- a,- t--, tseir winninp msrri
d w a in the third period. .. . , .
. j . . For the second week in a row
But the Huskers roared back de'ea'-ed bv
and marched 50 vards to rc ft .
. . ... . 1 than a touchdown as Kansas
the winning touchoown after half-i . . ,. . , . ... , ,
. , . . ni?red them 14-12 in Nebraska
back Doug Thomas had returned ho' t
the kickoff to m midSeld stne. ftoa3econilI:2
, Dillard sallied e touchdowu from Straocb Leads Jayhawks
six yards out and Prusia again) The Jayhawkers struck first 3
converted so give the Nebrakant 'quarterback Wa"y Strauch led his
Butts to two more toucMowns. rv for a preat deal of suhstitu-
Cook scored the second touchdown ting this season,
from the seven and then paced j gj, p;CI hig starting hne
the Buff on a scoring march! up from Gary Reimers, Doc
which covered 99 yards. A twenty , Srnidt, Lyle Nannen. WUlie Fitz
yard pass from Cook to Boyd Dov- patr:ck. Bob Mayo, Terry Howard,
ler accounted for tbe touchdown j;ra Kubacki, Wayne Hester, Her
with on:y 10 seconds remaining in scheH Turner. Jack Johnson. B:'.!
: Lundholm, Aian Graves and Bob
rr-Tr-, c-, ...
l-A "A :
l 1 1- : .. i
. - I
i o hi
thetr winning margin.
'earn 76 yards for a touchdown.
the first ha'.f.
Ilerbst scored the final toooh-
down of the day as be circled the
I.e souowng wees tne Haskers -rajen s.o.-ea :rom ;ne t.nree saa eDi or jn Tards
erted to Kaias a
f--i: Valf ?V.j lf fTl 1
scored the two Husker
touchdowns on sneaks of less than
ers. 34-0.
Pitt Dominates
The Pambers rompletety domi
nated the statistics as they out
downed Nebraska IM and out
Stinnett atiri Harrv ToIIt. both be- gained them 414 U 76.
tag one-foot sseaks capping long Tbe Pitt touchdowns were scored haw ks tbe w i a n i a g
coring drives. by Joe Scisry. who plunged two Straorn again convened.
Haskers Tough
In tbe final game of the 1957
football campaign the spirited Hus
kers went down to defeat at the
The South Dakota State crew is
tutored by the fromer Kansas
State great, Jim Iverson.
Coarutr Line Ha Stu
Don Smidt
Gary Reimers
Leltermen are Dale Jacobsen, Dennis Christensen, 6-4; Pete Ver-
6-5; Darrell Corlett. 6-3; Loren
Eitrem. 6-4; Bud Floyd. 5-10; Har-
geidt, 6-5 a-id Herb Lucken, 6-5.
Tbe big guns for State are Kent
Iverson tost two regulars from ley Peterson, 6-3; LaRue Martin, Hyde, who sported a IS point
Nebraska grabbed the lead in
tbe first o a r te r as Navianx
In tbe final quarter a Strauch 10 flipped a six-rard toocbdowa pass
Jim Letcavits aerial gave tbe Jay- u Tbomas aod pm, converU-d.
margin. Ej: .i,e gooners fsught bark to
score three toucbdoT.s in the sec-
Center Dick McCashland played yards for one and skirted left end! la the eiosing minuU-s of tbe ond period and to more in
a stellar role for the Huskies for 1 yards and another: Dick game Nebraska drove down to the the third 10 win 3; 7.
defease as well as offense sad Soberer, who scooped up a blocked Kansas three. On the fourth down Although AH-American Clendon
halfback Bennie Dillard played a Put M tbe II, Art Gob, who took tbe Huskers elected to attempt a Thomas was used quite sparingly
standout offensive game. pass from Jim Lcnhart; and game-whining field goal but Cif- he gained 75 yards on four car-
The following week the Hiskers Fred Kiddle, who bulled over from ra s attempt w as wide. ne$ to lead in" individual rusbicg.
suffered an even more humiliating 'be one-foot line. i
defeat as nationally ranked Army 1 losing to Syracuse. 26-9. Oc-: ; -
tromped them 42-Q. tooer 19. the H ikers piayed one
Tbe Huskers were completely trieir better games os the can
outplayed in every department as pai?n.
the Black' Knights of 'the Hadson spotting tbe Orangemen a
rolled up an impressive 424 yards seven point lead early in the game :
only 173. libe Huskers marched 70 yards in ,
The only point that the Ne- 30 plays to taijy. Thomas set u-:
fcraska fans on hand bad to chetr touchdywu witfc runs of V) and :
about was when Dillard raced 12 12 yards. Brown scored the touch-1
yards around left end into the end- down torn the one.
one. But to tbe disappoint of tv On the following kic-koff g"ja-d
Busker rooters the tally was nulu- Stu Hawerter picksd off a Syra-
fied. 'e fumble and galloped ciear to
Cadet Surge tbe 12 before he was finally hauled '
Six different Cadets icorti in down. After the Husker attack'
the rout. This is the way the &jcr- stalled Prusia dropped back and
fag occurred. booted a field goal from the 16 to
1. Bob Anderson scooted over Z-v' users a 9-1 icaa.
from the six after ousnerback But the Syracuse power was
Dave Bourland returned the o?n- m'J for the Huskers as
ing kickoff 44 yards. came back to vore a VwchdwwT.
2- Halfback Fete Dtk.ns jst before tbe end of the ha.f
plunged over from the one. and two more in the final iwo
2. Vince Earta rammed over quarters,
from the one climaxing a Cadet After the game Syracuse Coach
last year's squad but has n;ne let- 6-3; and Bob Gunnare, 5-.
Sermen returning and the tallest Promising sophomores are
sophomore crop in the history of Wayne Gaughran, 6-7; Darreil
the school. Spinier, 6-4: Jerry Wmcea, 6-4;
Sports Sidelights . . .
... by Don Willey
average last season, and Verty a
Smith, who averaged 15 points.
South Dakota compiled a 19 woa
and three loss record last season.
Game time is at 8:05 p.m. wi:s
a freshman contest proceeding.
Wrestling coarh Bill Smith is a
firm believer in amateur wrestling. '
b"!t his opinion of pro wrestling
The deadly torture hiids which '
are considered too much for any j
mortal to bear are often found to
may be summed up as "It's a b. be as damanng as being hit by !
5 IV) ! t
they t
march of 64 yards.
4, Bourland passed to end EJ1 Nebraska team,
Graf for tbe score. The pv cot- line was rough
red 17 yards.
5. Bourland scored tbe firs:
touchdown of the second half at
ScbwartzwaJder said of tne
That Cornhusker '
in there. Tljey
makes U tough."
Brown Lauded
-That fullback 'Jerry Brown K
Kansas State and
Winter Sports Schedule
Dec. 2 Jlonl BaskethaD South Dakota State
S Tau) Basketball Wyoming
7 Sat) Basketball at J.lichigan
9 Mon Easketball at Notre Dame
14 SatJ Swimining Varsity vs Frosh
14 Satl Basketoall Purdue
15 (JAoBt Basketball Denver
19 (Thu Swimming at Ft. Hays College
19 tTbu) Ohio University Atatns)
21 Sat BaskettiaiS at Marquette
2-30 Baskethali Big Eight Tourney at Kansas City
Jan. 6 Mod) Basketball Missouri
11 (Sat) Wrestling Minnesota
11 Sat) Swimming at Kansas
11 'Sat) Baskets all at Kansas State
U Moo) Basketball Oklahoma
17 (Frii Wrestling Mackato 'Mian.) State Teacners
18 Sat) Wrestbjig Colorado State
12 ISat) Swimming Kansas State
IS Sat) Gymnastics Triangular and Double Dual in Lincoln,
Colorado AII and Kansas State
IB Sat) Basketball Iwa State
25 Sat) Wrestling at Kansas State
30 (Tbu) Swimming at Gruinel
31 Fri) SwimDaiiig at lywa Stat
Feb. I Sat) Gymnastics Ft. Hay
1 (Sat) Indoor Track Triangular in Lincoln,
Iowa State
1 'Sat) Basketball at Iowa State
7 Fri) Swimming Colorado
S SaU Wrestling Colorado
8 'Sat) Gymnastics Kansas
B Sat) Indoor Track ata Michigan State Relays
S 'Sat) Basketball at Kansas
10 Mod) Basketball at Oklahoma
12 (Wed) Basketball Missouri
12 (Tbu) Wrestling at Iowa State
13 (Tbu) Gymnastics at Mankato State Teachers
14 (Fri) Gymnastics Double Dual at Minneapolis, Minnesota and
15 Sat) Swimming at Kansas
15 (Sat) Indoor Track Oklahoma
1 (Mon) Basketball Colorado 7
21 (Fri) Swimming Colorado State
22 (Sat) Basketball Kansas
22 (Sat) Wrestling at Soutb Dakota State
22 (Sat) Gymnastics Double Dual at Denver Air Academy and
J (Tbu) Wrestling Colorado Mines
23 (Fri) Wrestling Iowa State Teachers
28 to Mar 1 Indoor Track Big Eight Championships at Kansas
Var 1 (Sat) Swimming at Kansas State
1 (Sat) Gymnastics at Kansas State
a (Mon) Sasketbatf Kansas State
7-B Swimming Big Eight Championships at Ames
7-8 Gymnastics All College Invitational in Lincoln
(Sat) Basketball at Colorado
t (Sat) Wrestling at Ft. Hays Teachers
14-15 Wrestling Big Eight Championships at Ames
15 (Sat) Gymnastics State High School Meet in Lincoln
22 (Sat) Gymnastics Midwest AAU Meet
Apr. 11-12 Gymnastics NCAA Championships at Michigan State
' tvv. v--- .- 'V v "' .. ..::;.x- i.":'... --.'' ' '.' . -1
.-;8W!H-f. .. 'jflli&H.. IT
! A
J Smith has demanstrated his opin
' ion to mar:y high school students.
1. In a.i effort to increase interes: in
I amateur wrestling he would hold
; demonstrations to show the de
ferences between amateur wres
tling and pro 4 Hassling."
1 In demonstrating the flying drop
kick, one of wrestling s showiest
a cream pi:::.
One of the mast spectacular of
these torture holds is the Cobra
Tw.s. a Btil Meiby specialty. The
hold has been souped up since in
college days. la toe cfetege circles
it is knttwn by the speciacular
name of the "Guillotine." This
hold consists of twistins the ie
Big 8 Basketball
Mon. Dec. 2
So. Dakota State at Nebraska
Arkansas at Oklahoma
Colorado State at Colorado
Drake at Iowa State
Kansas at Oklahoma State
Tnes. Dec. 3
Texas Western at Kansas Stata
So. Dakota at Missouri
' around the K,rK,v&r.: " W r
met hods of winning, the wrestlers ' v, -c n-v ; , ' j'.Jil
. ....... .... " e 1" . . 1 . 1-. i.;r.i
, were imperiled if they would do u ! etching him taut. Tis hoi Is
" used for pinning, but not for kill-
on a college mat.
On a pro mat it was different.
When the wTeslh-r fell his lall was
, absorbed by tbe mat and tbe
boards underneath gave. The wres
tler remains aninjnred.
1 oa,. ,t 7jtrz . hj taii col
lege wrestling a big nothing are
often the ones who will swarm into
. professional arenas to watch the
pro bruisers put on their show.
College wrestling is not less in
teresting than pro wrestling. Tliose
, who know wrestling consider the
j filntM!r CVH Vnwm r
j The coliege fan considers himself
a connoiseur of fine sports tech
nioues and believes that he knows
more about most sport than the
I coach.
This is not true In college mi-
tMng. Tbe same colorless wrestler
' who is ignored in ntlli-v tuL u
the color of Marilyn Monroe, even
though be seldom resembles ner.
I as soon as he begins wrestling pro
fessionally. People will pay good
money to see biro act out a part.
I-M Basketball
Burr A Vi . , Burr B 27
Burr C 42 Burr D 16
AGR45 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 20
Sigma Chi 50 Sigma Phi Epsilon 20
Cornhusker A 45 ..Delta Sigma
Phi 45
Delta Sig. Pi 22 ... Bm. Palace 20
, Beta Sig. Psi t.2 . .Sig. Alpha Mu 2C
' Pwueer 23 Acacia 21
Killing holds are strictly for
bidden in college wTestling. since
too few pwiplr are interested In tbe
sport and we might run out of
323 X. I3th
1 fiuurvtt' Ktm&ay JrwntJ and Star
ics AiacaMiiaiio. ieoraoita juui'ir ceiiMsr iron urnrva, was 1
chosen on the Associated Press Big Eight Couference scmS team
which was released Monday. Teammates Mike Lee, Don Olson and j
Jerry Brown were given bvnwaole mention. j
I'M Records To Fall i
At Annual Svim Meet
By DON HTLIXY free r.yle; 100 yds. breast; 200
Staff Sports Writer yds. free style; Wt yds. butterfly.;
"We expect all the intramural December 3, 5 p.m. 100 yds. ;
swimming meet records to be tia:K stroke; 100 yos. tree; 75 yos.
1 broken this year," Holly Lepley, individual medley.
I University of Nebraska swimming Decmrer 4, 5 p.m. Diving
coach, predicted. :"t00 p.m. Finals in the above j
"We have the best swimming events plus the 1 yds. medley;
prospect I'M- the frosh in years, relay and the 200 yd, free style j
A number of the state champions relay. i
from last year are attending the
university," he explained.
From the preliminaries of the
meet to the finals of the meet it
promise to be exciting. Each man
will be timed and will have an
opportunity to break a meet rec
ord. Tne sjc fastest time will quali
fy for tbe finals in the swimming
event, and the seven highest
score in diving will compete in1
the finals.
Spectators may watch from the
balcony of the swimming pool.
The schedule is as follow: j
December L i p.m. 50 yd. j
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