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Vol. 32 No. 38
Buff Head
To Remain
The University will retain the
traditional Colorado-Nebraska vic
tory symbol the Buffalo head
by "default." Bill Spilker. presi
dent of Innocents Society declared
this week.
The Colorado Heart and Dagger
Club, which the Colorado student
body designated to accept and pre
sent the trophy during halftime
ceremonies each year "failed to at
tend this year's contest," Spilker
Since Colorado's organization
delegated to accept the buffalo
head lacked the initiative, time
and spirit to accept the Head,
we didn't feel compelled to "re
lease" the head to other Colorado
Some Colorado students in at
tendance had requested that they
be allowed to return the head to
Colorado was to have received
the head during halftime cere
monies last week by virtue of
their 16-0 victory over Nebraska
last year.
The Heart and Dagger Society
procured the Buffalo head in 1951.
However, because of Colorado's
limited success against the Husk
r grid team, the Innocents pos
sessed the coveted prize most of
the time. Spilker added. It appears
Nebraska will continue to possess
the head now by "default".
Few Tickets
For Concert
Very lew tickets are left for
the annual fall concert of the Lni- j
versity Symphony Orchestra, Nov.
U in the Ur.ion Ballroom, accord-'
ing to Bob Handy, Union activities
Only about f jty tickets are .
available in the Union main of-
Emanuel Wi&hnow, conductor of '
f . . .
IV -f I
S . I
Lewis Hiatt, Donald Iburg. Dale
the Symphony, called Aboa Bjjin Koehn. Gerald Korinek. Lawrence
o will be the guest performer, Kjyl. Robert Marks. Conde Norie
one of the outstaatLng yf-nger ga a!xl Car0;e Tnplett
piamsis of our time. He is very Beta Gamma Sigma, national
versatile and is equally adept in businesi admiiustration
both so work and conducting. fnrterajty announced the foUowing
Bogin will play Brandentorg i,ew members: Morgan Holmes,
Concerto Number 5 and Concerto Louise Klirna. Charles Crull. Law
jji r minor. reace Liffstreu. William Shields
Bogin s previous engagements and Charles Whitney,
iacluded appearances in two Town i Scholarship and fellowship wm-
HaH recitals in New York City ners are:
a well as recitals throughout the
United States, Europe and North
He has appeared at soloist with
the New York Philharmonic under
the direction of Msnteux and Mix- j
ropoulos, the Philadelphia Orches-!
tra, under Ormandy, the Robin !
Hood Dell Orchestra of Philadel-j
phia directed by Hitropoulous and ;
the Chicago Symphony conducted
by Sternberg.
Symbol Award
Larry Westerbeck junior in En
Cineering and a member of Sigma
Ku won first place in the KNUS
Symbol Contest, according to Don
Russell, KNUS member.
His entry of a black and white
drawing of a microphone wi t b
KNUS in its dial positio. and 880
woven in the design won him $10
first prize and a trophy for his
Second place winnter is De lores
Clouse, Agriculture student, whose
drawing was of a tri-ln with
broadcast radiation indicated and
the symbol of KNUS and 880 de
ign. Third place winner was John
Reiter, sophomore in Engineering.
His drawing "was the most clever
of the entries but it was too com
plex to use," Russell said
His drawing was of a tuning i
furk with sr.trd naves comipg out 1 at least two journalistic activities nnmic policy of the nation is elas
nl Wher dvtaili including thejand v,h'i have aUxa a averse tic enough to batxlie the prooJem
KNUS and jmbuls. Jin scholarship. , tl today.
l.iW I "
7 ;-'
Forgotten Head
Mary Panic k. pk-ked Girl
Most Likely to Stop a Colorado
Buffalo, (left) and BDI Spilker,
president of Innocents Society,
admire the Buffalo Head ia the
Innocents trophy room. The
At Bizad
Thirty-three University Business;
Administration students were'
j honored for high scholarship Tues- i
. Banquet held in the Union ball-
State Senator Terry Carpenter-
: of Seottsbluff was guest speaker. '
JoAnn Sander, senior in Bus Ad, 1
Iwas awarded the Phi Chi Theta i
t Kev ffivpn 9nnnsl!v tn fH irit-1
lg th high scholarship and,
(highest standing in the college in'
leadership and activities.
Ten sophomores were awarded
! William Gold Keys, given annuallv
jby Nathan Gold. Lincoln mer
chant, in memory of his father
(to the ten students with the high
j est freshman scholastic averages
in Bus Ad college.
The ten new Gold Key holders
' are: James Geist. Dorothy Glade,
The J. Kenneth Cozier Schol
arships in Busmess Administra
tion of $180 to Richard Kucera,
senior in Bus Ad., and Eugene
Sorenson, senior in Bus Ad.
The Lincoln Association of
Fire and Casualty Agents' St hoi-
! arship of S2j0 to Wayne Hahn,
j senior in Bus Ad.
' The Maytag Scholarship in
Business Administration of $200
to Morgan Holmes, senior in
Bus Ad.
The John E. Miller Graduate
j Fellowship in Business Admin
' istration of $1KKI to Alan Kas
! dan.
The Nebraska Society of Cer
i tified Public Accountants Schol
arship of $100 to Clark Carpen
ter, senior in Bus Ad.
The Peat, Marwick. Mitchell
and Co. Scholarship of $250 to
Jerry Jackson, senior in Bus Ad.
The W. G. Langworthy Schol
arship of $250 to Natalie John
son, junior in Bus Ad.
IAk', UsMA
WOmen S HOnOrary
T i l i.
IO WriTe UireCTOry
Theta Sigma Phi, National Worn-
en's Professional journalism fra-
ternity, will publish an alumni di
rectory for the Journalism School ,
this year, according to "The J-
School Beat", official publication,
The booklet will contain the
names, addresses, and jobs of
journalism graduates.
Members are senior and junior
women who have been active in
K f
head, usually transferred to the
inner of the previous ear's
Itame in the Nebraska-Colorado
rivalry, was left behind by the
Buffs this year. Colorado won
last year at Roulder, 16-0.
The F. Frederick Warner
Scholarship of $125 to Marlyu
Carlson, senior in Bus. Ad.
The Edward Weils Memorial
Scholarship of S175 to Lawrence
K.:hl. sophomore in Bus. Ad.
The Ayres, Swanson. and As
sociates Scholarship of S2"o to
Connie Hurst, senior in Bus. Ad.
The Champline Refining Com
pany Scholarship of S.Vjo to
Bernard Kellv, senior in Bjs.
( jnn Sunday Journal and Star
Li a speeth delivered before the
Biz Ad banquet Tuesday night in
the Union, State Senator Terry
Carpenter of Seottsbluff said, that
"we realize as we grow older tiow
little we know, but it is amazing
to st 3 bow many pe'ple think
they know more."
In regard to the tax problem in
the state and the committee be
; beads which is dealing with this
problem Carpenter said, "County
assessors almost without question
are completely incompetent and
should be removed from office if
tbe7 COQtinue to accept the word
of the taxpayer without necessary
investigation. This is not a stand-
point of theory." he said. "As head
of the committee I am going to
bring about what I think is rignt
re?, rdless of my opinion as a
He recommended to the men
present that they enter politics.
"The greatest experience lor any-
one would be election to the Ne-
braska state legislature, because
ot its non-partisan stature.
He questioned whether the eco-
Lincoln, Nebraska
Five finalists have been chosen
for the title of Activities Queen by
the AUF Exec Board. The five
girls are:
Rychie Van Ornain, a member
of Delta Delta Delta, Red Cross
Board, Student Union, Coed Coun-i
selors and Alpha Lambda Delta.!
Mary Vrba, a member of Love !
Hall, Ag Union, Coed Counselors,'
University Square Dance Club.'
AWS Board. Newman Club and
4 H Club.
Grt'tchen Saeger, a member of,
Gamma Phi Beta, AUF Assistant,
Builders, Red Cross, Pan Hell
Representative and Alpha Lambda
Karen Schuester, a member of
Chi Omega, .Coed Counselors
Board. Builders. AUF Assistant.:
Z , .
YWCA Cabinet and New Student
Week chairman.
Sue Schnabble. a member of
j Kappa Kappa Gamma, Cornhusk-
j er section head. AUF Assistant,
i and Builders Assistant.
The finalists were selected from of regents, it certainly will be con
the sophomore class on the basis : sldered." And chairman of t h e
of campus activities, scholarship board. Dr. B. N. Greenberg. said
and personality. The selecting : the regents "certainly" will con
Board included John Glynn, AUF j sider the proposal if it is brought
Treasurer, Jan 5ehrader, AUF ! before the board.
Board member in charge of spe-; Dean Henslick. Head of teachers
cial events, Bev Buck, AUF vice-; coj;ege, had no comment vesterdav
president and the Reverend Rex.on the pr0posal. but said that he
, Knowles, ALF tacuity acivisor.
! The winner of the Activities
Queen title will be selected at an
; interview w oe nexi iecemoer j.
j The Queen win be presented at the.
i annual AUF Auction, December 12
The board which will pick
Purchase Lot
mm mm
?eba!d whiCb.lJ p:ck t-'e
tot expansion
I The Episcopalian Church has
: purchased the lot at 334 No. 13th
' on which the Acacia Fraternity is
located for $37,750. The
plans to expand its present cam-
! pjs facilities on the lot.
The lot was sold as part of the
estate of the late Delia West of
Nebraska City, according to a
deed filed Tuesday with the Coun
ty Register of Deeds and was
purchosed by the Episcopalian
Bishop and Trustees of the Dio-
cese of Nebraska.
' The possibility of a new $1j0.
000 student chapel and activities
center on tne s:t ot tne present
ciiapel and tne fraternity house is
bing discussed, according o the
j Rev. Gilbert, pastor of the Uni-
j versity Episcopal Chapel located
o.reci,y nortn ot ine iratermty at
U-W No. 13th.
I Although retails of the n"-nnn?jvt
j new chapel have not been worked
;out. he said, the chapel will prob- Thursday night at Pershing Audi
I ably seat about 250 to 30 per- torium
!sons The lease on the lot held ..- vear., curtaiu acts are
jby the fraternity expires next outstafldiiig. Dewa;n CUnev cur.
jJune. the Rev. Mr. Armstrong uaj act chairniaJlf sa5d. '
! said.
Students Lack
Students in Teachers College
claimed lack of knowledge oa the
subject of the Dronosed chanee in
certification of teachers. , l57 Prince Kosmet and Nebraska
! Of some thirty student- contact- i Sweetheart, both of whom will be
' ed by the Daily Nebraskan three : !te? b-v th Pa,d attendance
! offered comment on the proposal. ,rJ
: Marian Elder, a senior in teach-1 v Candidates for Nebraska Sweet
er college, stated. "All teachers : art ,a,re: Shrader. P Beta
'should have the required cours-;phj:. Margot Franke Love Me-;
, es because teaching is more than , mortal Had; Cynthia Barber, Kap
just knowing the subject matter. ! Pa A-pha Theta; Nan CarUon. Kap-
Miss Elder added, "one must al
I so know how to work with stu-
dents individually. Undergrauates
j don't appreciate the value of meth
I ods courses until they have had
j actual teaching experience."
A sophomore in teachers college
commented that teaching should .
remam a proiession. society snouw .
; put teachers on better economic
' level so more students in science
would want to be teachers, she
This student also stated that
teaching standards could be raised
if more were interested in teach
ing. Teaching is an important pro
fession and desenes a higher stat
us than it now has, she claimed.
A senior in Teachers College
indicated that all the m e thod
courses should be combined into
one course. This student believes
that student teaching is the only
valuable course.
KK Rehearsals
Skit rehearsals for the Kosmet
Klub FaU Revue will be held
Wednesday and Thursday nights
in Pershing Auditorium accord
ing to Keith Smith, director.
Smith said that times would be
announced later.
xec native Commiti-ee
Queen December 3 will include
Bill Spilker, President of Inno
cents; Karen Dryden. president ot
Mortar Boards; Helen Gourlay,
president of the Student Council;
Jack Pollock, editor of the Daily
Nebraskan and a faculty member
to be announced. I
Proposal Of 11 Faculty Members
May Be Discussed By NU Regents
The eleven University faculty
members wh released a state-
ment on Monday calling for
changes m the present teachers
certification are drafting anew
nlan tn rvnmnipnH fn Phati'pllnr
r;J;. ".7.7
fiaiuui ana uie ooara oi negems.
The pJan may be proposed this
: saturday at the regular meeting
of the Board of Resents.
Dean of Facu;ties A. c. Breck.
enridge said something is pre.
sented to tne chanceUor and
: mav have ater in the week
' Dean Henslick and other facultv
members of the teachers college
presently reviewing the pro-
and wlll make a report to
ChanceUor Clifford Hardin.
Norman Cromwell, spokesman
. tor me group masuig tne proposal
j said, "We plan to send a copy of
i the proposal to all concerned with -
m a day or so. More discussion
is needed in regard to the mech
chanisms that will be used in
bring ihe change about."
Cromwell said that the proposal
' was intended to create an interest
. on tne part ot the instructors
! in having a voice in the certifica
; lion of teachers.
" -"." Hinm man n . ..... . .
ciiv.jr wjgiii or sent irom tne suo
ject matter departments on cer-
Ticket Sales
For Kosmef
Ticket sales for tlie T9:"7 Kernel
Kli;b Fall Revue scheduled for
Pershing Auditorium. Friday at S
p.m. are -gome very well." ac-
cording to Harlan Nodae, bai-
ness manager.
Final plans for the Revue are
unoerway. Keith Smith, director.
stated Tuesday.
"The perform
ances at rehearsals were very en
couraging," Smith said.
Smith stated that rehearsals
would also be held Wednesdav and
, t ratermties represented m tne
Revue and their skit titles include:
Sigma Chi," Alababoo and The
Asian Flu:" Phi Kappa Psi. "In
side Russia Confidential H u s ii
Hush Shh UnexpiL-gated;" Sigma
Phi Epsilon, "Highland Fling;"
Phi Delta Theta. "Three Paupers
Of Paris," and Alpha Tau Ome;a,
"Gunfight at OK Rice Paddy."
Also featured at this year's Re-
vue will be presentation of tlie
Alpha Xi Delta, and Ruthie Gil-
bert. Alpha Chi Omega.
Prince Kosmet candidates are:
Art Weaver, Phi Delta Theta; Rip
Van Winkle, Sigma Chi; John
Glynn, Beta Theta Pi; Bruce Rus-
,seil. Kauoa Siema: Al Kitzelman
pni Kappa Psi, and Bill McQuis-
ani Theta Xi
Revue Curtain acts include Nor
man Riggins, Theta Xi baritone;
"The Four Discords," Farm House
quartet, and the Delta Upsilon
Tne theme of this year's Fall
Married Student
Mixer Set Sunday
The Ag Union will hold a Married
Student Mixer Sunday from 3 to 4
p.m. in the College Activities Build
ing. All Ag College married students
and their children are invited to
attend the event, according to
Marilyn Jensen, chairman of Ag
Union Hospitality committe. A
nursery for the children will be
A traveling invitation is being
circulated in all married student
housing developments and to all KNUS.
married studenis in Ag College to Called "For The Pleasure of Lw
determine the number expected t" tening", the program will leature
attend, jons and .stories. ,
Candidates for the finalists posi
tion and the organizations backing
them were: Kathy Roach, AWS:
Sally Downs, Builders; Mary Met
calf. Tassels: Mary Vrba, Ag Un
ion: Karen Schuster. Coed Conn-'
selors; Liz Smith, YMCA; Rychie
Van Ornain, Student Union; Doro-i
tification." he added.
Universitv graduates are pres-
enl;v reC0mmended bv the Board
of Regents to the State Depart-
menl of Education for certification
uPn wmpieuon or requirements
set up the Teachers College.
William Dobler, Editorial editor
of the Lincoln Star, in an editorial
1 Tuesday morning said:
"This statement of objectives ' more 01 lnose suojects. men mat
will not accomplish a great deal Pevion wouJd be Qualified. Period,
in itself. It is definite, however, '"We believe that most knowl
that a review of certification meth-; edgeable citizens who care about
ods and procedures is timely at , 'hat is going on in their schools
the moment . . . Certainly there 'iU agree. There should be a
is merit in the suggestion that j change. Teaching should get back
knowledge of subject matter given j 'a fundamentals. And the first step
a greater emphasis than is now ' should be to restore control of
the case. A great deal of profes- teaching standards to educators
sional training in the methods of , "h respect scholarship and who
teaching is now required for cer- know the subject matter they
tification in Nebraska and there is j teach."
no certncation for students not
matriculated in the Teachers Col-
lege at the University."
.n. ....
subject are charged with a na-
tional responsibility to examine
; current programs in the light of
' what has been accomplished
through them. If the educational
. administrators and those in the
Teachers College slam the door
in the face of constructive criti
cism, they will be doing a tre
mendous injustice to the cause of
the entire free world."
In another editorial, that of the
Tuesday Omaha World-Herald, the
following comment was made:
"Eleven University of Neoraska
faculty members have proposed a
'Goina Well'
K!ub Show
Revue is "Foreign Frolics."
Jerry Brcwnfield is Master of
Tickets ior rhe Rpvmp mav
obtained from any Kosmet Klub
worker or from the Pershing
torium box office.
Cobs Schedule
Sign Contest
For Pep Rally
A sign contest between organ
ized houses will be held in con
junction with the pep rally for
the Oklahoma game Thursday
night. No names should ap
Dear on the signs. Trophies will
be awarded to first place in the
men's and women's division. Last
year's winners were Theta Xi m
the men's division and Chi Oir.ega
in the women's division.
The rally will begin at b 45 p.m.
at Mueller Tower and continue to
the Union.
Speaking at die railv will be
Elsworth DuTeau. Lincoln busi- Bev Ellis, junior in business ad
ncssman and past secretary ol mini-itration, has been selected as
the Alumni Association, along with, the new Red Cross college unit
the co-captains of Saturday's ganw. ' treasurer, a c-
' cording to San.
Late Date Night
Friday night has been desig
nated as Mortar Board Late
Date Night.
f'oed hours will be extended
until 1:30 a.m. provided the coed
contributes one cent for each
minute she stays out past 12:30
The extension of hours was
approved by Ihe AWS and funds
will be used by the Mortar
Board to help finance the an
nual spring International Stu
dent Tours of Nebraska.
Institute Postponed
The Municipal Finance Officers'
Institute, which was scheduled to
be held at the University Wednes
day and Thursday, has been post
poned because of the snowstorm
until sometime in late April.
The conference is sponsored an
nually by the Nebraska League of
Municipalities, and the Universi
ty's department of political sci
ence and Extension Division.
Special Program j
Bill McOuistan, junior in Agri- j
culture, will sponsor a special pro
gram Thursday at 5.15 p.m. over!
Wednesday, November 20, 1957
0 n
thy Glade, BABW; Gretchen Sae
ger, Red Cross; Kay Margaret,
WAA; Wynn Sniithburger, Daily
Nebraskan; Sue Schnabel, Corn
husker and Jolaine Loseke, Home
Ec Club.
Last year's Activities Queen was
Nancy Copeland.
simpie, practical plan for supply
ing more and better trained teach
ers. "T h e University departments
that teach basic subjects would de
cide who would get teaching cer
tificates. If the Departments of
physics, mathematics, history or
English should say a man or wom
an is qualified to teach one or
Ski Jaunt
Stil! Open
Fourty-four University students
have signed up for the Union ski
trip to Aspen, Colorado, over the
holidays, according to Bob Handy,
Union activities director.
.Anyone who would like to go but
has not found time to sizn uo
may do so this week. Handy said,
"Ve could handle ten more pretty
easily," Handy said,
; One instructor has been chosen
for the trip and another one will
be chosen this week. Carol Graves
is the instructor chosen. She has
had three years of experience as
a ski instructor previously.
Kansas University will also be
taking their annual ski trip to As
pen at the same time so the juncet
will be a combined one with the
The party will leave Lincoln at
1:14 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 29 and
will arrive in Glenwood Springs,
Colorado at 2 p.m. the same day.
Skiing will be on Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday and the party
will return to Lincoln Sunday,
Feb. 2. Classes start Monday, Feb.
3 so the party will be back in
plenty of time for eight o'clocks.
Revue Tickets
Tickets for the 1957 Kosmet
Klub Fall Revue which will be
held Friday at 8 p.m. at Persh
inv Auditorium may be obtained
from any Kosmet Klub worker
or from the Pershing box office.
NU Red Cross
Selects New
Unit Treasurer
d r a Whalen,
publicity chair
man of the Red
Cross college
Miss Ellis is
also on AUF
and the board
of the YWCA.
and was in
charge of the
Hungarian Pro-
Journal and Star
Miss Ellis
; ject.
j Other new Red Cross Board
members are Janet Crist, Handi
! crafts and Production committee
. chairman; Joan Stansbury, chair-
man of Adult Activities; Malou
Parrott, Vets' Hospital chairman;
Nancy Morris, chairman of LARC
school, and Rychie Van Ornam,
chairman of the Leadership com
mittee. Window Painting
Contest Cancelled
The window painting contest
for all organized houses, tenta
tively scheduled for Saturday
has been cancelled due to an
extended severe weather fore
cast, according to Robert Durrie
and Warner Rhoads of the Lin
coln Promotion Council.
A record of all plans made for
Ihe contest is being kept in the
event that such a contest can
be conducted at a later time.