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The Doily Nebrgskon
i u6juoy, isove. nucr i ?,
Phi Delfs Win Third 1-M Track Trophy;
Bill Black Captures Individual Diadem
By DEL BASMUSSEX i by capturing the All-University I iber to steal the diadem from Wes-. ,
SUff Sport Writer Championship trophy for the third ley House by 30 points. The "R ,
r,.H. njif fh nwi consecutive year. Street men had 64 points while!
.ere smashed in this year's run-l The Phi Delt's snared the trophy nearest competitor. Wesley
Bin? of the Fall Intramural track with onlv one first nlace of the i House. eould manage only 34
meet this year, as the Phi Delta possible 12 events but their sec
Tbeta 's bounded into the limelight ' ondary depth was of enough cal
1. mm ataca. MnnM
X MIKaa Bar. Ian Haaat
t. J. D. Scaaler. Caaflral
I Daa LtMirMt. rki Delta TkU
. Daa VtM. rM Drlla Taata ...
. Nala KJriaaa. rM DeHa TWta ..
f. )h Aakrrieaa Hara. Bataa 1 ..
t Dtrk Rrlly. PW DrKa Taeta ...
I. ( aaUarara Wmrtfill
J. rw DeHa Taria
X. Kealrr Haas ................
a. Saa Cki
C Sria Tarta M
V Srataa I
a. rVKa Taa IMla
. Sralaa U
. Bttokcark .
6-1 ats.
M-l 11. Barr C
C4 IS. fcaaaa Sir a
M It. Oas I
-t 14. Sirma Atoaa Eaallaa
SC IS. Alaha Giaai aaa ...
K 1. Alaaa Taa Oaataa ..
It 11. TttU XI
.1 10. Baaraar . -
. 1. Sirma rM taNw ..
. t
. V1 1
. S-l
1a ra. Daaa. Gm fHirm
r r4. Duk. Bill Blark . ...
44rC Daaa. IHra Jaar
SM Ti. Baa. Dtrk Jaar
Mil Baa. Bin Marriaaa
a tC lw ara. Bill Blark
M r. Httk Har.. Mikaa Hat
r-mlm TaaH Bil Black
lick Jaaaa. Raatl (lark
Braaa Jama. Caal ajHaaa
J( Saa Fat. Pit Wllliaaaa .......
arrMa. Dr William
1. Bill Blark. Iaarcaat
1. Mtltaa R.rt, a. f-W-- Baaaa
t. Nrk Klrlaaca. Pal DrHa TkMa
4. lawall saaraaa. Strata Cat
L MIHaa Ha!. aUr Maaaa
l BUI Blark. laararaaral
J. LawrM Miaa. Nnu Cal
a.TRt DtS
1. Bill Blark. I
t. J. B. Soaafrr. Caaftaai
V Daa Lnru. rM Delia Taeta
1. Gar? l irm. Beta Taeta 11
t. J D. Srhater. CaafleM
J. BH1 Blark.
fat Gamma DeBa
Sterna (Tit
fciraaa rkl
Sirma Oat
JlWC . . a a i
iealey Baaae .....
. :1.4
. :SI
. -.r. t
. -r. t
Beta Taeta 11
Pal Itelta Taeta HT
Oaa II 4-ll"
r. it ir"
7.1 ONX Mil F BI V
L Bin Marrbwa. Vcia rl
?, Jar Amerlraa Hre. Reataa I
. J. D. ferkarer. CaaneM
4. BIN Blark. l4eea4eM
i. Bar Oreathaane. Kaia Btraaa
I. BIB Blark. Inaeaeaaeat
?. Dirk keltr, Phi Drka Taeta
X. Bak Kaaak. Cat I
4. Daa tawratl. rkl Delta TkeU
i. Jim Kraft. Baarker
. Bll Bretaer. Rlteaeark
. :aM rH I VAIXT
1. Bin Blark. laaaea4eM
t. Baa Frtrkel, Sratea a
Gearre Maar4. Ban C
: II U tOT ri'T
1. Daa lea. rki Delta Taeta
I Bill Blark. iMleaenaeat
1. Larry l aaavklat. Surma Cki
The big performer of the entire
, meet was Bill Black as he com
piled an amazing 96-1-6 points out
! of a possible 120 that were award-
ed for first place in the 12 events.
Bill placed in all of the 12 con
, tests, winning 6 and placing no
j lower than fourth which was in
the mile run.
' The Phi Delfs could not produce
'a winner in but one of the in
' dividual contests but thev handi'.v
amassed their 64 point composite i
by placing at least once in eight !
m. of the 12 tests. The only events
I in which they could not push a
J man over the finish lines were ;
the 60-yard high hurdles. 880-yard
tear i run. one-mile run and the pole
) vault.
1J j Bill Black remained the individ
j ual champion, however, as he
ji j smashed three records in the proc-is-
i ess of earning 96 of his Unat
jj i tached Independent's points out of
jit ' thcir tot' 98"1"6 Pinls-
Bill shattered marks in the 119-
! yard dash. 60-yard low hurdles.
and the pole vault. His inning
tv " marks were :23.3, :07.3. and 12 0
(respectively. He placed first (but
j did not break records t in the 4-HV
'yard dash, 100-yard dash and the
ir i running broad jump. Black placed
j second in three events. These were
v the 60-yard high hurdles, 16-lb.
j shot put and the javelin throw.
Bill earned third place laurals in
Big Eight Grid Headlines Features
Missouri-KU Battle For 2nd Place
1. Bill Blark. I
I. MIRM RaeaH. Bralet Ram
I. J. O. Hrkafer. CaafleM
4. Daa LkMnaM, rM Delta TVa
I. Bill Blark. I
I. Mtftui Raedt, Bealer Raasa
S. Bill Brewer .Hltrkeark
4. Dirk RrllF. Pkl DeHa Tbeta
I. Daa Llmnatt, rkl Delta Tkrta
4. turn t nrkri. deataa II
4. Baaaer Reaaeraaa. Kaaaa Sirma
i. Baa Bekeraea. irma rki 1. an ilea
4 Del fsemaek. Ritrarark
Bt"VMVG HIGH Jl ir f '
L Baa4y Clark, Beta Taeta M
t Nrta Ktelaaea. rkl DeHa Tela
a. Rale Krryrtt. Ataka Taa Onara
Bill Blark. laaea4rBl
Clay C riteft. Surau A lata .a
Bak Tliamaiaa. Slfau Alaka i-a.
Dare Taaac. Teta Xi
Max Walaa. Alaka Gaaima Bka
1. Deaa Jeaktaa. DeBa Taa DeBa
3. Bill Blark. IndeaeaaeM
1. Daa Nelrea. rti DeHa Tketa
4. Gearre Raater. rM DeHa Tketa
a. Fail ant Dalta.
Skirts In Sports
Emmie Limpo
ItRO events mhich were the 8S0
! yard run and he tied for third
. in running high jump event,
j The harrier, who put on one of
j the most sparkling displays of
j cinder talent ever witnessed also
, earned one fourth place spot when
' he finished behind Biff Morrison.
1 Joe American Horse, and J. D.
I Schafer in the running of the one
I mile distance.
The Selleck Champion of the
CoanatT Sunday Journal aad Sur
American Horse
meet results was Canfield earning
28 points and finishing behind the
Phi Delfs and Wesley House who
received Independent Champion
ship laurals.
Of the six marks erased during
the running of the meet, three
were rewritten by Black. The oth
er three new record holders In
clude Biff Morrison. Sijma Chi
who churned over themile dis
tance with a time to 4:38.6; Milton
Haedt. Wesley House who spun
over the 60-yard histh hurdles dis
tance ;th a time of :07.8 and
Randy Clark. Beta TheU Pi who
spiraled over the high jump stick
at tV V
In the com pet u ion were entered
2U teams with a total entry of
14? men.
Joe American Horse, last year's
winner of the mile run in the
State High-School track meet fin
ished second in the running of his
specialty to Biff Morrison. Joe is
enrolled in the University as a
freshman and is very promising
potential for Coach Frank
Sevime"s track squad.
j Staff Sports Writer
I Big Eight team roar ir.t-3 tr;
j home stretch this weekend with
j many takirg on traditional oo-
The cor.ijrence headliner will
see Kansas
in a id out
Jayhawks tak
ing on tradi
tional rival
Missouri a t
Lawrence t o
d e t ermine
second place.
Miss ouri
sports a 5-3 !
record so far
this sesson
against the JetiBrBg
Jayhawkers' 4-4-1. Odds are on
Missouri, but the Tigers miy
have trouble recovering from a
23-21 upset loss to Kansas State.
At ar.y rate, odus don't mean a
thinj when these two nifet to
wind u? the season. Added iiicen
tive for Kansas will be a chance
to finish with a winning record,
and present coach Churck Mather
with a going away gift.
The top game outskie the con
ference will see Kansas State
at Mxhigan State. K-State has
s?en little light this year but what
there has been has been blinding.
When the Wildcrts m-in. they never
pick anybody easy. They have
its most disastrous seasons by tak
ing on a still potent group of Okla.
homa Sooners at Memorial Sta
' dium. The key here is the Notr
fJT Ua"'W
dropped an Io-. a SUte team that Dame upset of Oklahoma last week,
was supposed to run them off the . None of the Sooners will be able t
field. They edged Missouri last forget that it was they who broke
week and scared Oklahoma 0-7 aft- the longest winning streak held bj
er three quarters before succumb- a major college football team,
i:. I 0-13. Michigan State cannot ex- Bomb shelters may becom
actly be caHed a push-over but
they have had their troubles, so
far " losing to Mirh'gan and Iowa
The game ends the season for
both clubs.
Another good game should be
Iowa State and Colorado. These
two clubs will tangle at Bou'.d?r
to decide fourth place in the Big
Eight. Iowa State started fast but
a 35-14 pasting at the hands of
Missouri slowed them consider
ably. Since then they have been
upset by Drake aad Kansas State
more appropriate than football pads
for the Huskers. However, evea
Nebraska will have an incentive.
Big Red fullback Jerry Brown i
bucking to repeat his all-Big Sev
en honors of last year and need
a good showing to do it. If Ne
braska could pull the upset of th
ceolury. they Rould also escap
the conference cellar. The game
ends Nebraska's season but OU
still has Oklahoma State U go.
Oklahoma State will be warming
jo lor tneir traditional iuss.e wiia
while winning from Nebraska and , ok!ahoma "by paving Hardin Sim-
South Dakota. Cdoraao too has
had its troubles. Picked to chal
; lenge Oklahoma for the league ti
t'e. the B.iffs lost early to Kan?as
and late so Missouri. Successive
shutouts over Colorado A&M and
Nebraska appear to have revital
ized the Wardmers. Again, this is
the final game for both teams.
Nebraska will wind up one of
mors at Odessa. Texas. SUte hat
had a generally pleasant seson
tht has seen them pile up a Si-l
record. Defeats include one by Ar
kansas, considered a pretty fair
machine in the Southern Confer
ence and one by Kansas last weeltj
Hardin Simmons is having a bet
ter year than Nebraska, but not
Strictly SDOrtStalk . . . Journalism Club
... by Bob Martcl To Hold Meeting
f-M Basketball Begins;
Thirteen Games Tonight
Ag C.We?e
Alpha Phis Wis Agaia ...
The Alpha Phis are again victorious! They not only won the
iipperclassmen's soccer-baseball tournament, but also last Tuesday,
they defeated the Tri Delts, 11-4, in the chanmpionship game of the
freshman contest.
The first games of Nebraska ball were played last week with the
following results: (Tuesday the Pi Phis beat the Zetas: the Delta Gam
mas 2, defeated the independents: the DGs 1, also beat the Gamma
Phis; (Wednesday) the Thetas downed the Tri Delts: the AOPis
trounced the Phi; and the Chi Omegas defeated the Alpha Chi
Omegas. Thursday these winners played each other. At that time,
the Alpha Xis defeated the Pi Phis and the Thetas beat the Delta
Gammas. Wednesday the Alpha Xi Delias and the Thet as compete and
the winners of Tuesday's games will meet. Then, on Thursday, the final
games of Nebraska ball will be held.
Dvckpias Aayee?
Duckpin games are continuing this week. The scores of each team
determine whether or not they mill be eliminated from the
contest. On Tuesday, at 4:45 p.m. the Thetas, teams 2, 1 and 4, will
play; at 5:20 p.m. the Alpha Xis, Tri Delts 2, and Gamma Phis 2,
eomnete. '
Thursday at 4:45 p.m. the AOPis. Gamma Phi's teams 1 and 2. and J
Thetas are scheduled to play. At 5:20 p.m. Tri Delts team 1. the inde-1
pendents and the Pi Phis will play.
rm afraid the tennis games have been postponed indefinitely due to i PK Rld
alight change in the weather.
Mare Teanis ...
Speaking of tennis (this is the last, I promise t, one question in the
written exam is still bothering roe.
It read, "If the server serves a bail to the receiver, and it lands
on another ball which was previously served that happened to roll
into the court, thus causing it to bounce crazihj; however, the receiver
is stall able to return it, but it throws him out of balance to that the
ball is hit out of bounds, mho gets the score?"
Anyone knowing the answer, please notify the sparu office.
Cwm ia PiB Stttinr . . .
I'm taking bowling now. This sport consists of more than just
Twenty-six basketball teams bejui play tonight as the 19.VMtvl
intramural basketoaH season gets under way.
A total of 98 teams have entered competition. The teams have been
divided into 38 leagues and eight major divisions which include Fra-ternity-A,
Selleck Hail, Burr Hall, Fratemny-B. Fratemity-C, Selieck-
B, Ag College, ard Independent.
Trophies will be given to the champ.oas of Fraternities A. B.
C, Selleck Quad, and Independent.
Schedule for Tuesday. Naverobtr IS
6:30 p.m. Burr A vs. Burr B
7:30 p.m. Burr C vs. Burr D
8 30 p.m. Sigma Alpha i Alpha Gamma
PE B14g.
PE Bldg.
Cart 2
5.00 p.m. Phi Delta Theta-A vs. Kappa Sigma-A
:30 p.m. Sigma Phi Epsilon-A vs. S.gma Chi-A
7:30 p.m. Deka Taa Delta vs. Phi Kappa Psi-A
8:30 p.m. Beta Tbeta Pi-.A vs. Alpha Tau Omega-A
5:00 p.m. S.gma Nu-A ts. Taeta Xi-A
:3 p.m. Delta Sigma Phi-A vs. Corr.husker-A
7:30 p.m. Dei'a Sigma Pi vs. Brown Palace
8 30 p.m. Beta Sigma Pi-A vs. Sigma Alpha V4j
Court J
7.30 p m. Theta Chi vs. Zeta Beta
8:30 p.m. Pioneer vs. Acacia
K-State Gridders Hit Books
Kansas State's 5f.-man grid
squad averaged 1.3" a strong C
plusr in last spring's classwork to
match the average for ai! male
! students at K-State. The grid av
jerage also as comfortably ahead
!of the Wildcat squad mart of 12'
Boa Kr.zan. senior tacfcle from
Biirlmgton. who had a 2.8 mean in
mechaiiical engineering 3 0 is
perfect i. Senior quarterback Dick
Corbin led the backs with a 1 77
rolling the bowling ball down the alley to knock over the pins. I also
get to learn a new trade, namely, bow to set pins and be a returner-of-the-balL
This involves serious study and strenuous work in the "pits."
Procedure goes something like this: jump into the "pits," turn on
Switch, pull string, lower pins, jump up on the side, prepare for re
Minding umd of bowling ball and pins, (ball cor-es, jump down, pick
up ball, place it on return slide, lower pin bolder, raise it back up,
jump up on side, jump back down again and pick up bowling ball that
fell back in pits from the slide when I wasn't looking, jump back up,
and wait (exhausted) completely to do it all over again. Then it's time
to actually bowL Slowly I climb over the rest of the pinsetters and
limp back to the front of the alley.
fteC'dyT a
For reasons unknown, it was destined for me to be placed io
the speed group. (We have 2 groups speed and accuracy). In this
moving group, it is necessary to swing the ball in back of your head in
order to put more power behind it. I can't even lift the ball.
But, I like bowling ... really.
Pitt Hall Of Famers
Thus far the University of Pitts- j All-American (center ia 115 and
burgh has had two players elected 1916). WM ejected as the first Pitt
to the National Football Hall of
Fame. Jock Sutherland, a great
guard from 1914 through 1917, ai.d
Pitt's brilliantly successful coach j
irom iwz inrougn uks was eiectea
In 1953. He was among the first
coaches named for the Hall of
Ja 1954 Bob Beck, Pitt's first
of a year earlier.
Top bookmaster in
the lot was .
Settlers Named Sooners
Oklahoma athletic
called Sootiers alter
who slipped into the nesr Okla
homa country and took choice
claims before the date set for the
famous Oklahoma isnd mn of
1889 and 1893.
Delian Union
A meeung A the Delian Union
v. iil be held Saturday, at 8 p m.
1 in '-i.-v I Km'.ftinir 1 V h arwl
teams are j ' ' 6
the settlers 'r,f -,J ('rts- according to Ned
Nadiri. president of the cl ib
There w .11 he a speaker a:d en-tt-ita.iime:
' All memtjers and
friends of the Delian Unions may
At loag last. . . namer.t
v.t.a ri.-nfl'e f-n r.rlnrr orer on Feb.
Oklahoma Saturday brought me
plenty of satisfaction. I've always
been a Notre Dame fan and after
taking my licks ail last season,
it felt real good to see the Irish
make history.
When I was in High School it
seemed that every football aspi
rant was a Notre Dame fan. To
be able to play with the Irish
would have been the greatest
achievement possible.
At the present time I'm a Com
husker fan first and an Irish fan
Wouldn't if be tremendous if Ne
braska downed the Sooners next
, Saturday? Imagine two Saturday
j nights in a row to celebrate
1 Brvwa scate4. . .
Vic Lindskog, a scout for Van
' couver in the Canadian Football
' League, was at the game Saturday
to take a look at Jerry Brown
aad Howard Cook of Colorado.
; Brownie is a fine bail player !
t and should be an asset to any :
professional ball club.
Basketball Time agaia. . .
I The winter season is aton us
complete with 10 inches of snow
i and mat means its time ag;in fort
Basketball. The Intramural League
gets under way this evening aith
13 games on tap
Jerry Bush unveils his 1&57-5S
machine on Wednesday evening
when the Varsity tales on the
. Frosh. There is no admission for
! this contest.
Prospective Mirtiaiti Take
Heed. . .
The Golden Gloves Boxing Tour-
rill be
1 and
event and welcomes entries in all
weight classes. It is not necessary
to have a full team to participate.
Roy Boyeson notifies us that if
sufficient interest is shown, a nov
ice class boxing tournament for
those boys with no previous ex
perience may be held.
Interested students may address
inquiries and entries to Roy H.
Boyeson. Chairman Golden Gloves
Committee. American Legion, 1523
P St.. Lincoln.
Mr. Boyeson's note ended on an
amusir.g note.
"We would appreciate aa item
in your column about this event.
There ought to be some red-blooded
muscle-men on the campus or
has tlie breed degenerated since
mv student days?"
TV A m tlA Uuna V r Trairnalutm
held in Lincoln ' .... .
The American c'uij wuI bo,d meeting Wednea-
day t 7 pm. at the home of Dr.
William Hall, chairman of the
journalism department.
All students who are interested
in Ag or Home Ec journalism as
a major are invited to attend the
meeting, according to Marcia Ray,
publicity chairman of the club.
Guest speaker will be Ramon
Deitmeyer, women's program di
rector for KOLN-TV in Lincoln.
(.raduetion inmmnrrmnH
You: !liii. D?:a CaUaaa)
laautiiul E ad Cold laat
Oaa Doraa ti.Ut
Addilieaal par oiaa 81 M
S1Z Har 1Kb
v t-mr
! Men in the knowi
V know tru from falso
Safe Pistol &
Rifle boot inn
1036 -P- M.
AM.lZ tt PM.
player to have his name placed on
the honor roll.
Want Ads
Waal w Rkiar iv Indiana or Illinoia- -Laa'rtns
MoT. 21 Call raid Struck
Vatrtad: Klder. Tbankarlvirif vacation.
Koeta 92 thrtruth lowi to TrK.1tl,
OUeaso area, and Ft. Wayna, Ind.
Contact Mad Elliw, 8-2111.
233 X. lltb
tU N. lth St. Pbvae Z-IM1
Fr DarftMry
21 Voricry Pixza Pies
75c $1.00 $1.50 $2.00
KcrWiHrg Antiseptic oetio Kelt
rotor rvkks. Kelps kp yowr item
in top comJitioA. 1 .00
Tart a
College grads employed in
science earn more than the
grads in Government service.
mum FAI.M
Falte. Surveys shorn that 3g of the
gradt in Gcnenwnent aurfc rc ia
tlie S5.000 anJ above Tinge: only
26. of thot in Mctwe shared this
income tfatus. At S7.500 aad abovt.
Go errmaH etnoio ed (rads scored
2 to I otr KieeiiM.
Over 75 of U.S. cofiege gradi
enter professions or reach top
management in busineis.
7iar. Ia fact the percentage it domi
to M.! Census reports indicaK that
employment with the greatest pres
tige and income it overwhelmingly
held by college (reds. Some men
without a coltofe edocatioa make the
trade, almoat all college grads do.
Jockey brand briefs are
tailored from 13 separate
Tmf. Only Jockey brand bnefs are
aticnuncally rkaicned and tailored to
fit the male figure trimly and comforv
abh. 1 3 irpratt ptecea art epnh
sewn together to achie this perfect
EVlan on the go
gO for cSCfCifunderwear
ma fWy my