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Vol. 32 No. 36
Lincoln, Nebrasko
Monday, November 18, 1957
MB's Reset
The scholastic average to govern I
the selection of next year's Mor-i
tar Boards has beep set at 6.4. J
Karen Dryden. president of Black 1
Masque Chapter, announced.
The required scholastic average ;
is determined each year in accord-1
ance with National Mortar Board'
standards and is regulated by Ne-
braska's all-university average, 1
Hiss Dryden explained.
Scholastic achievement is one of
the basic criteria for Mortar Board
election, she said.
Last year the average set for
Mortar Boards was t3.
Six Research
Projects Set
For Report
Six research projects conducted
at the University will be reported,
t the 50th anniversary meeting !
of the American Society of Agron
omy, this week, in Atlanta, Ga.
Five members of the Depart
ment of Agronomy at the Ag Col
lege and one former graduate stu
dent will present the research
Those who w ill present the paper
include: Dr. F. L. Duley, Dr. Leon
Chesnin. Dr. H. J. Gorz, Dr. T. M.
McCalla and J. O. Rawlings, for
mer student at the Ag College.
Others on the agronomy siaff
ho will attend the meeting in
clude Dr. T. H. Goodding. Dr.
V. R. Kehr. Dr. J. H. Lonnqulst.
Dr H F Rhoades. A F Drier,
Delno Knudsen. J C. Swinbank.
Vera Youngman, Dr. D. G. Han
vay and Dr. C. O Gardner.
''Each of us in the active chap
ter finds this average of 61, set
lor next year's group.
4 v'
t r -V-
Buffalo Stopper
Pictured i lry Patrick of
Aipba Phi Sorority lia won the
title M ".irl Mt LikPlv T
' ' ' " - 4 V
Wedding Bells:
Married Student Populus
On The Rise At Nebraska
Again this year a good percent
age of the BtJden'.s at the Uni
versity are mamed.
Latest figures t orn tle regis
trar's office how that there are
9!0 married students registered
t the University, for 11 pe' o-m
of the total enrol went. However,
this does not incirJe tb'is in the'
College of Medicne.
As it Was expe.'d i1'? 'argest
number are seniTi. Tn. class of
S3 have 310 marric-d members
among their nu.vbers which is 23
per cent of the cass.
The other c'&s- t-nd tt.c-ir per
rtntasie incl.jiie !' e I'.Uow in?. J;n
io.'S. 2-Vi. itr t ) niii.';.'. "1 li:
ACfr'i -iliO: t- -, lii. ; 11 '-!'! .
a::i in sli'i i: - H p -r '
'i'he lari.n! ,i . :'v oi tlie ! . ! : :"
t'lai l d ...s iuv .'e; .-ratis, v. hi h
fr v. yj c tf tt
I : . I f U 4 4
f j J ?T T I
S i . )Xi v i-r'T?
I tairtfl'rn'"-" hi ii mm t i mif" """" 1 1 1 '" "" 1 ;
E-Week Finalists
Pictured are finalists in the
-Miss E-Weck Contest" (left to
right) Joan Riha. Charlene An
thony. Sondra Whalen. Jan Ol
son, Sandy Kellogg, Nadine Cal-
Career Pamphlet
Tie Alpha Phi Omega scouting
fraternity will be distributing to
ail male seniors a copy of the
pamphlet Carepr for the College
Man, Friday in the L'nion, start
ing 11 am.
Tne pamphle' ; free and there
are ro obligate ..- rxcepi the sign
ing of a receipt saying that the
signer has received his free copy.
- -(v
V- f
Mop I oiorado li.ia!." Src
nd in the c-ompHition wa BHh
Toomrv, Iflta (amma Sororilt.
means th"y are a few years older
than the average students. Mot
of them agree that the biggest
problem was getting accustomed
to M-liool routine again and espe
cially learning to study.
A b-eak down by colleges of
married s'wJents reveals the fo1
iawirig: Teachers. 176; Arts k
Science. 139: Agncultue, 94; Busi
ness Administration, 1; Engi-
neering and Architecture. 3'8;
Pharmacy, 17: Dentistry, 54; '
Law, 35; and students at large,
Sei-owt T!iis-r injures on the
jjik.o iciiM'-tJ -iiii'-ii s are
;:.;! i.-.-i ft ia.-ir than
.:: (i'i- to 'he l-;i.".l f) !'n-
vi i v.tdluu- tlirt always take
p'.ice d-iJi tg Cliii-tnij vocation.
vin. Diane Gease and Mary Ann
The finalists were chosen by
the Engineering Executive Board
in cooperation with the Nebraska
Tickets Go On Sale
For Military Ball
Tickets are now on sale for the j Honorary Commandant,
annual Military Ball which will be Before the drowning of the Hon
held in Pershing Memorial Audi-, orarv Commandant by Governor
torium, Dec. 7 according to Bob
Krasne. chairman of the ticket
Tickets which are priced at $3.50
per couple will be on sale ia each
of the organized houses, the men's ,
darms. the union, Ag Union, i
Walt's Music Store, Dietze Music
House. McCabe Music Store. Ha!
Bowers Drugs. Mayo Drug Store.
' "EeTSany "Drtrg;" American Legion
Ha.l, Havelock Pharmacy. Ben Si
mon and Sons. Magees. Gold and
Co.. Hovland Swanson, and Miller
and Paine.
Tables tor the dance, which will
feature Ralph Marterie and his
band, may be reserved by bringing
a block of five tickets to the Mili
tary Science Building according to
This year's dance is being spon
sored bv the Army ROTC.
The dance begins at 8:30 p :n.
and ends at 12:30 a m. Featured
attractions include the presentation
of Miss Army, Mi.s Air Force and
M.s Navy arsd from thm the
Aloof Courf Team To Enter
Regional Division Competition
A ihree-studeni moot court team
will enter regional division of
the National Moot Court competi
tion, according to Alien Axelrod,
associate professor of law.
The competition w iil open
Wednesday at Washington Univer
sity in St. Louis, be added.
The team is sponsored by
the University's Law College.
The team consists of senior law
students Claire Johnson, Dean Has
cal! and William Dill, chosen by
the faculty oi Law College on the
basis of public speaking ability,
scholarship, and attitudes towards
the Moot Court Competition.
The University team will meet
the University of Kentjcky iu the
first round Wednesdiy.
The case involves the discharge
for security reasons of a guided
missile expert working r. a gov
ernment contract.
Coached by Axe'rod since their
, initial entry into competition in
, 1H53, the University teams have
' had an outstanding record, win
niiig both the regional and national
competition the first year, accord
ing to Edmund Belsheim. dean of
the College.
Last year, the University entry
Pinning Illegal
A coed in Wyoming i taking
a chance when he aTept a
boy's fraternity pin she's break
ing tbe law.
An old Wyoming law makes
a (tirl guilty of a misdemeanor
if tibe accepts a fraternity pin
unlets sbe is related to the boy
or officially engaged.
I von Rees, Albany county at
torney, said the law was prob
ably passed to prevent fraud
through the wearing of some
one's fraternity or organization
Fortunately, however, tbe
county attorney taid the law lias
nut bi-n eiiHincd in i!..- Cisve (
iinri( d couplet in V! y in i u K
"There Kn't -nnuh -iwro in our
jail,' he said.
The winner will be announced
in the April Issue of the Blue
print and she will be crowned at
the annual E-Week banquet.
Victor Anderson a grand march
of all ROTC upperclassmen will
take place.
Students from the Cosmopolitan
Club will put on a series of dances
to feature the theme "Around the
World"' showing the different places
where the soldiers are stationed.
The dances will be put on during
the band's intermission so there
will be continuous entertainment.
An ample number of fables will
be provided this year sd all couples
may sit around the dance floar.
Food arid drink will be available.
Students working on the various
committees include:
Program, Robert Baker. Kenneth
Peterson and V. V. Berniklau:
Publicity. Phillip Stephens, James
O'Halioran and David Crane: Dec
orations, William Bosking. Robert
Aden and Robert Coruzz;; Elec
tions. Sherman Nefsky Roger
Wiehman and Charles Thompson,
and Tickets. Robert Krasne. Gor
den Anderson, arxJ Michael Levin.
again won the regional contest and
was ninner-up in the national, re
ceiving a trophy for tne best brief
of all those submitted.
Competing teams are from the
Universities of Creighton. St. Lou
is. Washington, Kansas, Kentucky,
Washburn, Kansas City, South
Dakota and Missouri.
The winner of the regional divi
sion will compete in the national
competition m New York City,
December Ifi-iW.
Sigma Delta Chi
To Initiate Eight
The University chapter of Sigma
Deita Chi. professional journal
ism fraternity, will conduct it
fall initiation ceremonies at 5:30
p.m. Friday at the Cornhusker
Students to be initiated are
Jerry Peticbe. Robert Martel,
Lyman Cass. Larry Brown. Rich
ard Shugru". Richard Ramage,
Walter Switzer and Walter Pat
terson. Outlook Conference
Two members of the Agricultur
al Extension Service Staff will take
part in the National Outlook Con
, ference this week in Washington,
They are Mrs. Clara Leopold,
home management specialist and
Everett Peterson, agricultural
The conference is held annually
for agricultural and home eco
nomics specialists to get back
ground information on what to ex
pect in business conditions and
the agricultural outlook during the
coming year.
Earth Science
! Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Nation-'
al Earth Science honorary, will
hold an open house Thursday at
8 p.m. in Morrill Hall.
Dr. Gilhlaiul, Chairman of the
Cfrotoftr IVpa !!.., will te ' the
The public may attend the open
boose and coffee will be terved. ,
Afeiv House Competition
To Highlight OU Game
A window painting contest, spon
sored by th2 Lincoln Promotion
Council in conjunction with the
University, student body, will be
held Saturday morning before
the Nebraska-Oklahoma football
game, according to Don Stacy,
Secretary of the Promotion Coun
cil The contest, open to all organ
ized houses, will follow the gen
eral theme, parents Cheer Hus
ker Victory," in conjunction with
Parents Day, also Saturday.
There will be two divisions in
the contest. One will be open to
women's houses and the other to
men's houses.
Trophies will be awarded to
the top three winners in each di
vision. Rjles for the contest are as
1. Each participating organ
ization will complete and return
its entry blank no later than 1
p.m. Wednesday.
2. Each particiuating organiza
tion will draw for the store win
dow it will use at 4 p.m. Wednes
day in Prr'or A of the Union.
3. Each group is to contact a
representative from the store
they have drawn immediately
after the drawing.
4. Each display will consist of
a painting created on the out
side of the window only. Each
group of painters will be sup
plied with a basic assortment
of brushes, paints and paper
mixing cups.
The paint will be water base.
The participants will under
stand that if they want to use
more colors or if they feel the
need for a greater assortment
NU Debaters
Win Kearney
Nancy junior in
Teachers College, and Sara Jones. .
junior in Arts and Sciences, I
walked off with the winners trophy
at the aariual Kearney" Debate
Tournament Saturday, according '
to Don Olson, debate coach.
Miss Copeland and Miss Jozies j
were the only undefeated team in ,
the tournament. William White,
freshman in Engineering and Mel
vin Eickleberry. sophomore in
Arts and Sciences, were o:e of
three teams with a three win, one
loss record.
In addition. Miss Joies receded
a superior rating in discussion, one
of two such ratings awarded.
At the annual South Dakota
tournament, the University
claimed two of the four u.idefeated
team units. Barbara Bacon, soph
omore in Teachers College a::d
Eiieen Warren, sophomore in ,
Teachers College, were u.idefaied. ;
as were George M'jyer. junior in
Ar.s and Sciences and Rennie
Ashlemaa, fehman in Arts and '
In discussion, four of the eieve.i
superior ratings awarded went to
the University. J. T. Harris, junior
in Arts and Sciences, Mover, War
ren atid Ashleman received super
ior rating.-:. Ernie Mines. pbo-'
more in Teachers College won a
superior rating in extemporanous.
Other teams attending the South
Dakota tournament included Gary
Hill and Harris, who won one a. id
lot three debates and Dick Su
grue and Hincs, who won three aiid
iost one.
la other iriividual event. Ahl
;nan and Hill were rated excellent
in extemporancus speaking, Miss
Warren received a rating of ex
cellent in television speaking and
Shugrue rated good in Oral In
terpretation. Symbol Contest
f our member of the KM'S
radio stuff take a look at a few
ot the entries received in Uia
H p " ' ,
- sw ,i S i
of brushes, they will be respou
sible for procuring them, them
selves, at their own expense.
All paint that is used must
be water base only.
3. The painting of the display
will be Saturday morning. Dis
plays will have to be completed
by 11 a.m. Saturday.
8. Judging will begin at 11:30
a.m. Saturday. Winners will
be announced immediately after
the playing of the "Star Spangled
Banner," and prior to the open
ing kick-off, at the Nebraska
Oklahoma game.
7. Each painting will be
judged according to originality,
design and general effect.
All organized houses have re
ceived letters and entry blanks
concerning the contest, accord
ing to Maury Niebaum, co-chairman
of the contest.
Fall Revue To Feature
This week the finishing touches
will be put on the 1957 Kosmet
Klub Fall Revue which will be
staged in Pershing Memorial Au
ditorium Friday at 8 p.m.
"The skits this year are the best
we've ever had." Morgan Holmes.
Kosmet Klub president stated Sat
urday. "All five skits have been re
hearsing daily and each one show s
great talent." Holmes added.
The five fraternities which will
present skits this year are Sigma
Chi, Phi Delta Theta. Sigma Phi
Epsilon, Phi Kappa Psi, and Alpha
Tau Omega.
The Phi Psi skit is entitled ' In
side Russia Confidential Hush Hush
Shhh Unexpurgated."
"Three Paupers of Paris" is the
title of the Phi Delta Theta entry.
The Alpha Tau Omega skit is
entitled "Gun Fight At OK Rice
"Alababoo and The .Asian Flu,"
is the title of the Sisma Chi kit.
The Sigma Phi Epsilon skit is
titled "Highland Fling."
Also featured at this year's Re
rue will be the presentation of the
1!57 Prince Kosmet and Nebraska
Sweetheart who will be elected by
the paid attendance.
Candidates for Prince Kosmet
are, R:p Van Winkle, Sigma Chi:
Bruce Russell, Kappa Sigma: Art
Weaver, Phi Delta Theta: John
Glynn. Beta Theta Pi: Al Kitzel
man, Phi Kappa Psi; and Bill Mc
Quistian. Theta Xi.
Nebraska Sweetheart candidates
are Jan, Pi Beta Phi:
Ruthie Gilbert. Alpha Chi Omega:
Margot Franke, Love Memorial
American Art
Exaxples of the work of an
American artist. Marsden Hartley,
who devoted his professional life
to mountain subjects are on ex
hibition at the University Art Gal
leries. The exhibition will open with a
lecture by Norman Ge.ske. director
of the Galleries, at 3:30 p.m. Sun
day Gallery B. on the exhibition
theme. 'The Painter arid The
M aunt a in."
He will explain the meaning and
the importance of the mountain
One of the University Art Gal
leries' best-k'icwn paintings "Mt.
Katahdin, Autumn, No. 1," is the
work of Hartley.
It will be included in the ex
hibit which alo will display sev
eral other versions of Hartley's
favorite subject, some of them on
loan from private collections and
on exhibition at he Galleries for
rtie first time.
KM'S yinhol (oitl-s iticy are
tlrom left to right); Tele l.auh-
. inn
The window painting committee
consists of the co-chairmen. Nie
baum, Richard Gustafson and
Wendy Makepeace: Promotion
Council Representatives, display
: and advertising men and differ
ent; store college board members.
Judges will be representatives
: of the downtown department stores
t-ncl faculty members.
"We're all hoping to make this
' contest as traditional as Home-
i coining for the final home game,"
i Wendy Makepiece said.
"As the year's final salute to
'. the Cornhusker gridders and their
families, the coaching staff, the
I loyal fans and our school's alumni,
the student body will have an op
portunity to help wind up the sea
son wiih a colorful display of
spirit and enthusiasm," according
to Richard Gustafson, co-chair-
i man.
Hall: Cynthia Barber. Kappa Al
pha Theta: Nan Carlson. Kappa
Kappa Gamma: Joyce Evans, Al
pha Xi Delta.
This year only two prizes wil!
be awarded to the skits instead
of the previous three. Also the
number of skits has to be reduced
from six to five and curtain acts
from four to three.
Jerry Brownfield will be master
of ceremonies for the Revue.
Tickets may be obtained from
the Pershing box office: any Kos
met Klub worker or from the
booth in the Union.
Joker Calls
Off Classes
Last night one of the Lincoln
radio stations was called by a
practical joker and, representing
himself as Chancellor Clifford Har
din, informed the station that
classes at the University had been
called off for today.
Announcements that classes had
been called off were carried by
the station and many students
called The Daily Nebraskan night
news informing them of the an
nouncement. Upon checking the announce
ment, The Daily Nebraskan foutid
tne news to be erroneous. Chan
cellor Hardin was called and he
said the rumors were false and
that classes would be held as
British Ecologist
To Give Lecture
Dr. William Peter Crowcroft, a
representative of the British Muse
um of Natural History, will speak
on "Some St'.idies on British Small
Mammals'' Wednesday at 7:39
p.r. in Beisey Hall auditorium.
The meeting is sponsored Vy K;
University departments of zoology
and physiology, the University
State Museum, and Research
Bus Ad Banquet
Tne 33rd annual Business Ad
ministration Eanquet will be held
Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Union
ballroom, according to Jim Whit
aker, Biz Ad Council member.
Tickets are being sold at a booth
in the Social Science building and
ulso may be obtained through
members of the Council. Phi Chi
Theta, Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta
, Sigma Pi.
4i II
rJ ' - r-
1 t.
lui. I MM.- Ilflnis. Al
and l'hllis Bonner.