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Game Results
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ol. 32 No
Lincoln, Nebraska
r, .i"
NL-v ember 11, 1957
za u w y
.... ;v
""" mn 111 11 mmm,, nfM', ..,-,.-..l.mrf- m lmim f f T r .- m
Formal Finalists
The s't Farmers Firmal
Oners Finalists chores (rem a
Effing rf All A Callage senior
Vnnni are (sealed from Mti
Jib Dvidsoa. Alda Rroomfifld.
NU Flu Cat ;
Still Declining
After Eoidemic
There ere still wer "n studems
witii flu. aorwdt!s; 1 Dr. Sasnwl
Tit-ir.':z. rUrector ri S'.fderiJ
Flu cast's are jecre&sx.ji and "Jie
fa epidejux- i j'jst about over.
Yvnniu$ Mid. The fises 'are es
pefted 19 kre? d.-cresnn; 3urj'is
this week.
Students are still nrged to it
tltcir vat "nation shots which are
available at Stwd'-m Health. He
2id. A second wave of the L."
ex.wt-ted and thht is expected to
be it ore severe The first wave
war mild.
-We slU ueetl to tarry out
preventative measure against tfte
flu."' As maw students as possible
should get their shot by the . end
of this month. Fuelling aid.
High School Curricula:
Survey Remh Sciences
A reveal survey sbcws that to- i
32; a high percentage of Kebra
Tts high schools of 1' or :irre
pjyila; offer physics, chemistry
mA matheniatics.
But the percentage of studer?
evoked ia these counts ha
shown a over the part W
:.ea-s. accordiiig to Dr. J. Caiei
Say let,-, professor of soc-otodary 5
fcataoii. Gaining poj."'ianty anxrg the
sndents have .been Eiiglisia. social
studies, tonjiuercial :ts and mu-
Tt "wokiet. "Caurse Ofienngs.
S'j'bjwrt EaroHrfletits. Size and Cur
rent Expenditures fer Mebratka
Eigb Scbools." reports:
Ail high schools enrolling !iw or
tn-'jce, except oae, viier&i Ert
j ear algebra, aad mure tbaa four
mi xA fi've of the smsJlesl high
scljnojs offeree! the -ubpcl at leat
vafx 4uritig the fso-year perxtjd.
Csoaetrv is offered in sB but
Stoddart Cites Drop In Need
For Graduating Engineers
The drsp in jadasrry's need for downs of engineer birirg - ti
radvating ecgisieers this year was fluenced mustly by those com
eftjmated Tuesday morning at paaies whkh live predominately
about 29 per cent by Jaaies Svsd-
,art, fanner SehriJstEJj artd as
engineer in the oil todusay.
Spefkiiig at the annual eowvoca
titw of Sigma Tau, Unieertity engi
neering society, be said :
"Jvow, if business co&litjoiis ira- has 4ropp&i off about 50 per ceiit.
prove next mouth, I could say the He told Ibe students that aa hir
ceed will be 2'J per cent greater, ing a graduate industry expects:
"Whether iudufctry's reqajre- ""ibe graduate to be well A'jc1ed
as eats are plus or mxim 2" -per in t'e bak- eiigiueerutg scientes:
cent wjii be sjnjJ'Kiail ujtly to is he able v apply bis krwwl!;'e
the rua'viijai g--iyatt-tz ettst'it-T. eiit'tiv-ly: to teve the abii'ty to
Tbe ej:A t-odtt Kill iA fee ai- express biuli '.'.'-rly; Ut be
j.?ft.ed bar.-mg a receEsi'JO. cially responsible; and to have tie
J4r. Stodoart said the lips and initiative to get things dome.
; ?- ; r f,
If J
f irolya Ftard- itaadio; lru
left ) M a r t Franke ami
Fvonne Finpahr. Norma Wolf.
alo a candidate. i not pictured.
The Qurea will be rrveale at
Unknown Bomber Hits
Campus Frat House
A bxb & tii.".T or placed
) the bserort m-indw c--f the
S,j.Tia Alpha Epsiim
hause esrl,- F.asv. a;
rrj.n' b
r.fiveriity ofiicials.
The explosl-.-e force t.jje the
36 by J inch steel windows
loose and scattt-red glass acrrs
the dining ri.-nj. em:tet!dir:g
piiiicies in in jnterieir brick
all. Several w:t:r'ws on the
secwid floor were also crwfced.
Uiic-oLi and Univer.itr police
examined the damsje and e.a
miled that the bomb exploded
around 2:U a m.
Juhn Lsndprs. presidejjt of the
hotise. estimated daiasge at
about Sir'. X orje ws:s iniored
in the irxitwrn. he said.
Jack M'cLejin. who study
ing tn she first flow cL-ectly
!9 of the 139 !?rger scrc:s. al
though it is offered otily by abw:
i'i per eejjt of the sanalSt-r K-acois.
P'ij'tjcs is available in all b-Jt
H of ibe 139 and cheJB
istry ia JJ but VI schools, la the
siaalJest sctiools. physic is of
fered i": almoet to wt of every
five scho-vls. bi.'t cb?.iiistry in oa.y
one-fourth f the srchools.
Is the percentage of st'.Kjeu'.s en
rolled. aljri'Qst four out A every
five students took a ;iiatberrjatk-s
course in 3J.S-. bi'e at present
about Tie out of every two is so
In the science area. per cent
of the stiid.en.ts are enrolled today
compared 'itb M 7 per cent 4'
years ago.
Physics has i'pped from It J
per cent in !i-39 ia per cent
'Or. Siylw reponed thai foreign
lang"jsges hare almost become ab
ea to the students of Sehrasias
Moondary sc'bovl.
7t govenanient contracts
He explained that if be baised
his estjmate on the tpace deroted
to want ad olumas ia the New
York Times, he wsuid say that
the Died for engineers this year
llie annul) I i".ner' Formal
dance. hich - ''I be held Not.
iZ la the i -l i-trs Artlviti-
above the dining room, said the
explosion prod iced "a terrtfic
University police reported that
the ex.pisorj was heard by
ihem three blocks away.
Sources within the fraternity
indjeate that the bomb may have
been planted by ihe p'e-dge class,
whk'h was taking their sneak"
at the time.
Revue Tickets
Tieket for Ibe ISiT Kwmrt
Klob Fan Re or whuh will be
arid ia Per-hin tnorial An
dilorinm. Vi. 21. may be e!
laioed (rom any KK rirr or
from the laina booth, according
to Meadle Bmmnfield, vice prr
idest. less Popular
Oaly . per cent of the col
lective student bfy earolled a
the subject lasn year. coifl?i.-d
vixb per cetit 49 years ag".
hen Latin tras ia its hey-dy.
rnp'ls rim "jpz sv. i-1
i.-jf. yje
joanjulisai, speech, dtba'e and
dramatk'f. ba-e steadily sacreased
from St. 4 per cent in B33 lo KC
per cent ia.?i year.
In the percentage of si ixieMs
enrolled, cotrtnaercial arts has
jujnped from SS per cent to 51
per cent; social, froa: T2
per ."eat to per cent; and a
ttc from 15 pr cent tt 74 per
Dr. Say'jor also points oat:
"Even tltoiJgh Xebra-ka is a
highly agrk-ultural state, ejiroii
ments 5jj grrul.ttre are not large.
.E3rollmeJU far each of the first
three years of the prozraiu con
stitute about ten per cent of the
number ct pupils ecrciiea ia
grades nine, ten and 31 respec
tively. . ;
Coaeemi.-ig siib.e.ts offered uj
fiigh schools, these facts tere re
ported: Four rears of are of
fered ia all escepl 12 of the
accredited and appwed public
h;g"h schools. The 31 exceptions of
fer three years of English.
A3 Kebraika high schools offer
American history and all bjt 17
offer world history.
General science is available ia
all but 18. of the 466 high xbrfjj
and b''Ol:gy so all b Jt ten.
.Art is a bad'y negctej s
jetn ia Nebraska high s:htKl. ,
Very few offer formal courses in
Ir tiie effc-i-expeitt'jtij.'e pha o
t'e siidy. Dr. Sayior rep-rted tijtt
tv.e per p ipi; es;s f'.-r tfce f a":'.
fi?d K-hoo' tte apprtiTs.te;y
doubled siw.-e cta of Wo;d
War IL
"The present simavon concern
ing the spending of the funds of stu
dent orga.iiza:iins clarifica
' tion but I did not k the Stu
dent Counril to clarify ths matter,"
. Clair Harper, treasurer of the stu
dent activities fund stated.
His statement wa-- siven in con
nection with a ir.otio:) specifying
that "no funds derived from the
student body shaft iut be used for
the social benefit o; the campus
, organization members." The mo
I tion was presented rt the Student
Council meeting two weeks ago by
: Connie Hurst. chairrtiEti of the
sttder.t activities committee.
Miss Hurst said t ie purpose of
the ntotion was to sive rlarifica
j lion thai Harp? r h..d reportedly .
aikad for.
Harper said he had ixrt asked
the Council to take action concern-
:: activity funds or anytiiing eise.
The motion will clarify the first
air.endme.U to the fund spending
s rule? stated in the treasurer's hand
- bocks, according to Miss Hurst.
' Tl'e first atr.endmer.: states that
; members of an orsaiuatinn" can
not use money from the treasury
for their individual benetit.
t ine mo :on was evwent.y an w-
i direct result of a letter sent at the
beginning of the
year by Dr.
Harper to the Faculty Senate sub
committee on stuoe.-.t organiza
tions. The lecier suggested that a
situation, cojicerai::? a request by ;
the Corn Cobs and Tassels to hold ;
dmtier at the Compass
Room be taken core of by the com-
This Week
On Campus
Ili-blights of the week are Mor
tar Board Style Show. Tnrday;
Sioienia Scholarship ( f f r I,
Thorsdayi Pep Rail'. Friday,
aL(l Nebraska- olraSo football
game. Saturday.
Tuesday 3p.m Matbe:rjatics
Coloquium, Burnet. Hal.
Tuesday 7:30-9 a.jis. Uortar
Board Style Show. Union.
Tuesday S:30 p.m. Play read
ing. "Six Characters in Search
of an Author" llr-r.-iH Ha'J.
"A'ednesday a m Faculty
V.'omer.s ClVb. Ag Camp-is.
Thursday !I noon Lecture. Dr.
Cisrles H3rdi.i
Thursday !1 a.m.-iecture,
Dr. Sripau
Thursday 7:3i) p.m. Siafonia
SLholarship Concert.
Friday 6:45 p.m. Pep Rally.
Saturday 2 p.m. FootbaS,
Nebraska Book
Enters Second
Printing Class
' "Rwad-tpi A Nebraska Header."
published by the University Press,
has been selling equally well both
ia the s'ate ai'vd across the natios!.
The by A. .sitting of -'d
: -t;cles abjut Nebraska wrifen by ;
N"ebrakaEs and visitors to the i
s'.ste is raw entering its sertwid
printing, according to Emily
Srbossberger. Press editor.
Among the cxmtributors of this
43-pae volurce are: VTiHa Cather.
llari Sacto. Bess Streeter Aid-
rich. Mark IVab. P.obert Louis squelched.
Sterensvi artd Rudyard Kipling, i Ei't tw rnst-y people have gore
The A was compiled and edit- ! farther than the name itself and
ed by Vi.-ginia Faulkner, asisSant " too that the second satel'ite d:f
edi'tor. ' fers from the first in that it's just
Union Ski Jaunt
Gains Momentum
So far, twenty-three students partition, lodging, rental of eju;p-
tiave signed up for the f;ve-day sk: men;, snsirucuoR arid lite iiisur-
trip to A.pej. di-iiig we aaee. will amount v ', aeco.-fl-
sesiester vacation period. Bj ir;g to Kru.T):ne.
Krurome, recreation chairman sjj- Any interested person, may mbk
miocti. a reservation ior the trip and a
The trip, sposwored by ihe Vrim 5own payroeat cf $25 will be re
Act" vit its Cotntaittee. allows ser- cui-ed at that time. All rerva
enty Pre students to go and wJl tjoiis must be received at the fa
last frem Jan. 29 V) Feb. 3. ion Activities Oif?e before Nov. 15.
TiAal ctkvs. coosisti-ig ot tans- The balance will be d-ie by Jan.
. . .- - - . - W. Krumrre said.
City French Club
To Meet Thursday
A city-wide French club, the Al-
liaace Francaise. is now accepting
interested university students dur
ing its meiiiberihip drive.
The group, beaded by Dr. Wil
liam Maehl of Wesleyan. meets
cce a month and conducts pro
grams of cultural value in the
stody of the language and the
AccordLng to Dr. Maehl, the next
meeting will be beid at the borne
of Mrs. Martha Yraldi. 1827 Pep
per Ave., Thursday at p.m.
Mrs. Yvaidt will give a program
arid sp;-ecti eorii-entjig Fre:th an
ijq'jes fi'h etnis'i tn articles
Irijm her own c-ti lectio. Tnt
rneetirig will begin at 8 o'cioc k. arta
the address is 1727 Pepper Ave.
n'.iitee, according to Dr. Harper.
The suggestion was considered
by the committee for some time,
recording to Arthur Ward, chair-
Ksati, and was then passed to the
S'l-.dent Council activities commit-
tee on a move by Frank Hallgren.
.sistant dean of student affairs.
Ward said the idea had b?en
'ticked around for some time by
the committee but came to a head
v iih the Tassels and Corn Cob's
Harper s:'.id that using the
ir.oiiey of the club is not wrong
i it promotes the rules set up by
its constitution which has already
breti approved by the Council. This
v f.t'd be the proper use. but who
i- to determine whether or not the
u- is proper?, he asked
Harpcr ssid the only criticism
c: motion he had was that it
c;d not specify the conditions for
deciding what category the money
!e;: into
Wjuld this be decided by
a faculty committee, the Council,
his office or any number of other
sources? Harper asked. However
he doesn't think the motion "will
Jiurt anything.
Miss H-.srst said the controversy
over t:ie spenausg ol tunas, con-
- - - -
I 1
f I
Likely Girl
Shirly Hopkins Heft) rereirr
a prize from last year's Yell
King. Ioa Beck, for being voted
the girl most likely lo stop a
Baylor Bear at the pep rally be
fore the Baylor game. The Cera
t. ....5 1 ' i
Sputniks, And More Sputniks
New Russian Spaceships
itaff Writer
Tho?e who wondered just what
traveling C3m?sniw3 Russia was
re.'erme Jo when she named ber
first satellite Sputnik, have had
lbe:- questions answered.
When she launched her second
satellite a:! doubts as n the
feasibility of the name were
The P.ev. arid Mr. R? K.iwles
arid two ski instructors will accom
pany the 7j stijderjts or. the trip.
The party will leave Lincoln on
Wednesday morning by Burlhfgton
Zephyr and arrive in Clerrwood
Springs, Colo, that afternoon.
Wheri the group arrives ia As-;
pen. tie stxiects will check in
either at the Roaring Fork or
Prince Albert dormitory, both of
which have lotmges and cafeterias.
Tie group will be able to ';. .
Thursday. Friday and Saturday,
and wiil also be able to get in a
jaunt on Sunday morning.
Special skiLtg clothes will net be
needed. Krumme explained that tt
will be necessary only fur the stu
dents to be sure they brirg piewy
of warm eMiilng.
I;i order to H' t;.r .t -
be trip. KTLtfjite twi e-
pr:ncbd ikh' '.: :u i '. .. . -
sity wijl be taken alo..g as iii-strjetors.
cerns whether the event on which
the money is spent is benefiting
the members socially and individ
ually, or is benefiting the organi-
cation as a whole. She emphasized
thr.t while the club could invite
and pay for a speaker with the
. funds, it could not use the money
for a banquet,
In the case of a banquet, the
members can collect money among
themselves to pay the costs, but
cannot use it from the treasury.
Students cannot present a bill to
Harper's office for a banquet and
expect to receive the money, she
Also in explaining the motion.
Miss Hurst said that Crbs and Tas-
.sa's have money making functions
like the Homecoming Dance. This
money should be put back into the
fund so i; can benefit the students.
Comments on the other side of
the issue at the last meeting of the
Council, included Herb Friedman's.
law seheoi representative, who said
that when & person buys a Kosmet
Klub ticket cr
Dance ticket, the
a Homecoming
norey no longer
beravss to him. He gets something
for it. The organisations oueht to
be able to spend it as they see fit.
It 1' -
I s I i"t '-V? -
I ( f-Yif?J
eft ,f$'
1 jK
I es
Cobs are vorr attain ofteriu; a
prize, this time for Ibe girl voted
mo4 likely la stop a Colorado
Buffalo. The m inner will be
cboM-n at this I'riday's pep rally.
plain greater bigger, faster, high- er had .saddle lights while the
er and contains animal life? la-ter did not.
How many people around the Restaurants began serving Sput-
world have stopped to find out uilc sandwiches two slices of
anything at all about the newet bread, with salad dressing and
of the baby moon-7 Ho tnar.y lots of bologna between
krtow that: Bjt cf course Ibere were those
1. The wet2)jt of the new Spjt- who expressed the serious side of
nik is l.JI? pounds. the matter the scientists. Every
2. The satellite sails tj.17 mt'es one quotable began making quot
above the earth statements, some reasonable,
3. At the sueed of 2 tn feet s',jre
per second.
4. 3; can travel arouitd it c: bit
once in 3 -.'2 secoi'sds.
5. It contains not oaly the ht
st rumen's of the f:r.t. but a
female dtg f.amed Curly.
6. That jt was funcbed at an
angle of degrees tith the
eq'jator, the same as the f;rst?
Not many.
With the ecor' Jajitchi i.g has
come oijiy shght a.uawsneut. con
cern and interest. People have
t anted to what co'.-ld be '-elled the
humorous stoe of the pir ture.
Cuite s sensation was caussed
when short-wave operators itt the
eastern portion o! tne country be
gan picking ua the "beep beep"
on their radios. llp:n decoding it
hov.ever. the origin was plsced
elsewhere than Sputnik II. The
message "Bow-Wow."
Other Mates were made. Russian
cowboys were considered superior
to the American brand the form-
9:i am
V:V1 a.m.
-High S?hwl
'.) i" a.m. Si :.o-,l
V:V) a.m. Mfs.'t
II :W a.m. High School Gevnetr'
1 m p .m. H;gh Srbcml Senior
li3-1 prn. 51'jsjc
2:M) p.m. High Schasl Spanish
5:30 p.m. French
p m. Erenlr.g Prelude
p'M.-M.Si Fvaiis Tw
7 ri ji m.- D.v-e-v
p..1.. Oreat I'lai;:, Tr.i
'.. , V. ..-
8.3 p.nt.-NKT r.?;,ira;
1 f m Prorant pre vie
Harper said that the purpose of
any money handling by an organ
ization is basically to teach the
handler correct methods when he
faces the "cold world' after gradu
ation. He commented that every
student when he leaves the Uni
versity will still be connected not
only with the same groups, but
with others.
The policy now in effect was de
tenniited by a faculty committee
several years ago, and the problem
hasn't con:e up more than once or in the last several years to
Harper's k:Kwledge.
According to representatives of
the organizations on the Council.
Student Council, Tassais. Corn
Cohs. Coed Counselors and AWS
are amor.g the groups to be af-
Miss Hurst has asked that of-
fieers and members of the af
fected organizations express their
opinions to Council members on
the subject. "We are representing
the students here, but if they don't
tell us what they want-, we can't
act as the majority of them
wishes.'" she ssid
The motion will h wa m
the council meeting next week
. .
Cobs Back
Most Likely
Com Cobs, mens pep organiza
tion, will once again sponsor a
contest to oick the ei.-l most
:;keiy !0 s:0!j a NVori
oiW.. according t
3r,3n- 1'ar'-v ha!rm!
raska football
to Stan Wid-
irman. Tbe title
for this year's uinner will be "The
Girl Most Likely to Stop a Colo
rado Biiftaio."
All women's organized houses
are eligible to submit contestants
Ei!ir:es may be made to either
V.'mit;8!! -Phoiie 23m or Yell
Kir.g. B:li McQuistaa Phone
?-2-;:-;. Tne deadline for entries
:s Wednesday night.
Jtidging will be held on tba
teps of the Union at the pre
gsme pep rally Friday night.
Kidman said that uhe contestanta
could wear any costume "from
racofm coats to bathing suits."
The winner and runnerup will
receive prizes, according to Wid
raan. The girls will be judged on
the basis of personality, poise,
originality, and audience ap
plause. Reviewed
They stated Uat the United
States is not behind R'issia in
scientific development: she's just
more careful.
Others insisted, even with the
evidence before them, ihat it
couldn't be dt;te.
Some began preaching that
teachers make science learn
ing !'Jn for tlieir students if the
United States is to turn o' better
and more capable scientists in
the future.
What effect are these occurantes
going to have on the countries ot
the world and the relations be
tween them? Will there be a
majcr change of power in the fu
ture ?
For years ihe United States baa
held the upper hand and has dic
ta W the power policy of the
world. But of great significance
is the fact that while she was
"vciidiittr this lead, she did not
show or expend her strength over
Russia or smaller nations.
Perhaps this was the reason
not only for the other nations
looking up to her. but for Russia's
sudden advancement.
?'ow. if current events continue,
Russia will soon have ber chance
th U. S. had to take over the
power lead of the world. But will
The Unifd States had her
chance and dtdn't. will Russia
follow ber example? She must
either follow or digress.
Her recent show of power and
superiority has hit the small na
tions of the world. Will ft impress
them in the same ways that it
of the
impressed the citi
I'n'ted States? Will
cuin'ries find au
to Jv.k i'p 'o and
CM.lj- time v.iti ttL