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The Daily Nebroskao
Tuesday, November 5, 1957
II oe Topples Huskers Once Again;
Missed Kick Spells H ear f breaker
By DEL RASMUSSEX Prussia's kick-off was taken by Jayhawk scooped up the ball and ; had played with all they had but
Staff Writer Jayhawk Homer Floyd on the 13 headed down the side line with ! their luck had ran out in the last
An estimated 35,000 fans nl ran back to the 41. The Kan-, the Huskers steaming in close! two minutes and they we
watched a disappointing Home- j sas team then proceeded to smash pursuit but Stinnett had figured ; charged with another loss for the.
coming game last Saturday as the , mrougn to we earassa 42 wnere it out and headed him out of (campaign.
Scarlet of Nebraska bowed to the ' -Mise L, playing one oi lus bounds on the 30 of Kansas. From ! Next Saturday the Huskers will
Kansas Jayhawks 14-12 in another
game decided, against the Husk
ers, by extra points.
The toe was the destructive
weapon in the tilt and the Corn-! Nebraska repeated the Xaviaux to
huskers could not maneuver the i Thomas aerial which was good to
ball skillfully enough to gather the j the 27 of Kansas. Stinnett finally
reeded extra points to overcome a ; sneaked for the first down to the
fired-up Jayhawk eleven. j l the Huskers the final
Last Saturday's game, as mast ! u,f y . . .r v'e lu' un
dc: games oi me season, ieu on nere Mraucn simpjy ran out tne j travel to Ames, Iowa to pit their
a Kansas fumble to thwart the clock to give the Homecoming j strength against the bottom riding
Kansas bid. game a sad ending. The players j Cyclones of Iowa State.
On the next play of the contest
Courtney Quips
of the Husker's games, started off
the third down of the next series ;
Jayhawks Solid Pick
Second Hoop Title
with a quick touchdown by the f P1 plunged for the
Spirits" evident at KU game ...
Saturday's tilt may have been frustrating to the 30.000 fans who
rT Nn cn. ,. ! dismantel the goal posts at the North end of the stadium.
Kansas kicked off to the Scarlet zi,, sniashed to the one ! AfteT tte Jayhowks hand nudged the Comhuskers in the fray,
and Xaviaux snared the ball on ; Browa pnnllnee(i I a5ut 15 loyal Kansans tumbled out of the stands to partake of the
the S yard line and ran the skin f or , pr.ious 6 inches. ! pa5;s M ouvenirs- Hesv"y kdea with spirit ... or spirits, which
back to the 25 before being halted, j , j ever the case, the rooters latched or. to the posts and started tugging
From there the Huskers were . Ti.en on ' n.e3rt p'ay from cea" ith all the power their wobbling bodies would offer. Findinir out the
stymied by the massive forward rl ? !Tps t0 . P05" werf constructed of steel seem to make no difference to the
wall the Jayhawks presented. The!, an.d d;'! orer we massrre j fans and just as they were rooting the poles out of the ground they
average weight of the Kansas team ' f0'ai3 waJ staining toho.d hi:n were accosted by the local police. Begging and pleading seemed to
was second onlv to the Syracuse : ?ut v e xs- ?e llghtedimake no difference to the men in blue and they would not relent to
forward line that the Huskers have j 13 V Mn' for e counter j the age-old tradition. Brandishing clubs the police finally had to re-
encouatered this season. The Husk-: nd f ve Huskers the 3ead for , move the men bodily. As they were helping them off the field one
ers were halted before gaining a e flrst ume m th ba J &srn' 1 Pdiceniaa happened to tap a rooter in the vicinity of his overcoat
first down and had to punt on the ; P8'5 conversion was blocked ; pocket and was rewarded with the sound of smashed glass. Broken
fourth down. Stinnett booted the by TlCyi nd the Huskers led 12-7 j botily, but not in spirits, the man and his companion who failed to re
ball to the Kansas seven and it ' Eine minuts Sone a th lleve stadium of the goal posts, were taken to the police station
wira quarter. 1 ana ooosea.
At this stage, with less than four ' Aftr b halted takes held . . .
minutes gone in the contest, Willy on downs the Comhuskers took , Tfte smad plastic disk has stromed over the campus and caught
Strauch smoothly guided the Jay- over again but before they could overnight. As I walked along the sidewalk I noticed a representa-ham-ks
76 vards down the field for T0-& Stinnett pass wss Can ovn ,ev7 fraternity I passed, with the exception of one, playing
the first counter of the afternoon. ; intercepted and ran back to the;"15 of Sam-
The ab Kansas oua-terhark 49 Sr& e of Kansas. The Jay- 'atches were held last Saturday and two champs were named.
threw none of his ejected oasses. oa-ks, again under the sterling , " ,""7 -ay mere named as University,
instead be called play after plav performance of Wally Strauch, ; rnsay gaaje and now unofficially represent the;
cp the middle of the unsuspecting : to the 26 yard line of the if members of Beta Theta Pi fraternity.
Sarlet team. From the thrSTyard Huskers to pose a threat. It was Sg" ZTit lT"6 to catch on to the game
c v 'a fourth and one to eo for the Math-; '"J? oonct these two for lessons.
far himself io T carry the ba and mentored men. The Hawks' T'1 t! that was by was throwing H , Bac,eat whkJl p.-obably team with Bower at for
iot nimseu to carry tne oa ana around that fast become -nast" dhin th f.Ko'i it c;, nA-i Jua --.eas irom mtuca .
y-rrc . rn.i v.n. , maae tneir one vara Dut an ,t , . " ' . - " -
The Kansas Javhawks are solid i The presence of Chamberlain Returning squad members in-
p re-season favorites to repeat as and Loneski give the Jayhawks ter-. elude Hayden Abbott, 6-3, Larry
Big Eight basketball champions in rific offensive and rebounding f"""' w ?tanPlaf5e:
. C i . .u -,v , , Bob Merten, 6-3, Don Richards,
19a7-s8. Almough Kansas -has lost i strength. Billings looked very good 6.1 and Jim Holwerda 6-0.
nine lettermen by the graduation j against Nebraska last season and Tf w-jiA..., -pt ',h ..
could be one of the key men injtunity to play Kansas in the
Harp's plan. A very good ball Christmas Tournament in Kansas
handler and playmaker, the be- City- thev cou3d dr0P Jay
spectacled guard should give Kan- ,wkst mu ,eas!er :an if fte
saT. very capable court general. hfve to. walt. tot Play m
The only other club in the Big the get warined up It
route, the return of All American
Eight seemingly capable of de
throning the Jawhawks is Tex
Winter's Kansas State Eve.
will take an assist from heaven
to slow them up.
UVdnrulST? lows Stat Cola-
The return of Bob Boozer and rad ,nd
Jack Paar give the Wildcats the
best one-two scoring and rebound
ing punch in the conference.
Parr, 6-9, averaged 20.6 points
per game in 23 contests, while
Boozer, 6-7, cut the cords for 19.6
points a contest in last year's com
petition. Both men were All Con
ference selections.
Roy DeWitz, the number three
scorer last season as a forward.
This Saturday's Nebraska-Iowa
State game will be televised over
a 16-s t a t i o n network in five
Fans in the Lincoln area will
be able to view the telecast oa
Channel 3, KMTV in Omaha.
The Huskers will be seeking
will probably move to guard to their second victory of the cam-
fill the facancy created by the; j winning only against Kan-
cnr Lmroi sur Witt, 6-3, p'.aved guard in 19S5- sas Sta eaeT year
Chambertaia T pace KU, j 5g rrT:::
Wilt Chamberlain gives coach Dick Sophomore Wally Frank, 6-8. will
red-sauted ptayer laying a
on him. Wally then converted
put the visiting crew ahead 7-0
with 10 minutes gone in the first
n J ia penaltv set them back with that were playr-.g the obsolete game. I guess that is probably why to
fourth to end the 2 w o? --fall champs and my guess to A
d chapter. 54:116 llJe eaT-
to work.
ward to give the Wildcats some
With fourth down and six to go
Dob OIsai ges reote
Husker stalwart Don Olson was the only man of either team last
fabulous backboard strer.rrh
Amor-g the absentees this season terman Don Mafusak is scheduled
starters ilaurice Kir.g, Gene to move into Ae other guard spot
: Elstun and John Parker. Kir.g is to eop.ete the Kansas S t a te
,Wrf.Jf atlri,V. Strauch called on Homer Floyd "TT" IL.. " " y ! receiving a trcout wi A snsE UP-
off the two clubs changed punts - been bothering the home ; ho "2 l4 S Bcton Celt, quintet. ' P Bocer are sure
nd the quarter ended wid, Brede 83 ftfaoc h ine i -omu,g to the University. He was the outat man foTST ! fa addition to Chambe-'an the " t! roa3s
nd Peterson throwte Strauch for cashes. tiered m the pig-; freshffiaa last ' snH lt J?ffZ? ! . . Psa the stint berths
10 yard loss on . fourth down sto the 19 to nve:aI vSe vrsit? befoVe he graduiuel ' VT v- l' 1 Frak' MatUS2k a3d
hawks kept rowing and caught V p- I PN r i m l fourth in scorcg last season and ny Ballard. 6-0, Glen Long. 6-4
first down on the six yard line of 111101 UO Uf UlB WGGK SlfltPff 0xt'? J":o of the big- Bob Graham, 6-4, and Carroll Ste-
ge r stars
and the Huskers taking over on
their own 42 yard marker.
The second quarter proved to
be a more lucrative period in
touchdown fashion for the Scarlet
nd they pushed across the
Nebraska but here the defense
held for three downs anyway. On
the fourth down Strauch faded
back to pass and his aerial found '
For Intramural Football Heads
; season.
! Sophomore
in Big Eight play this phens, 6-2.
311 X. 13th
A3 Donaghue, 6-4,
Letcavits in the endzone far the ww-f .1' L . - t." lle fonra-td slots, while Boo
line for their first TO of the after
noon. , 1 jaotsaj teams as the intramural I ners of the Sigma Phi Essilon-' u--v-, -j t v' a j v Vl
The Huskers touchdow. was set ' SB
P by a Xayiau, punt to the Kan- j Strauch kick for toe point.aftOT. c-amnSs ?pS 'ae,. kindred, 6-2, saw consid-
sas 20 and a Zentic tackle which touchdown was good to put the ' mph.?. meet to detenroe the fraternity erabe action last s e a s o n and
caused the opposing runner to bob- ijVhawks in front 14-12. a lead 51 r0and pJet3 . -a?- ',ibouX perform capably,
bie the ball and a red shirt to fall vch &es nfver relinquished. .,iast vefik s 20 tes:ES zgled Friday a games the fratemi-; othg,. reruming lettermen are
m the loose pigskin on fee Kaausi The game was far from over for 10 games to determine teams' pXy the resident Jaia cieland, 6-3, Mame Jxson,
- " tne Husfcers, nowerer.
The first two downs from scrim-' came rolling back.
far from over for 30 Ea to determine teams';7 c"n3?,ons p-J J resiaeat , cieland, 6-3, Mame Jdtxsan,
rerer, and they for the second round. One second " Ejf!1T B plays Gary Thompson, 6-5. Oui
t. Naviaux com- round game was played Fnday chYtrpionsf "tC S ; s-- members of last year's
B defeated Burr T) ijji . .'.. v ... , iresnniaa squao are iOD Hictman.
mage proved futile to the Huskers pleted a pass to Max Martz which ss b
but on the third down Stinnett took; was deflected by a Kansas de- for e Burr Ha2 Chamnionshin. lLlLTl Hoffman, 6-3, zrd Phil
the haj on the snap and lateralled fender but a beautiful diving This narrowed the remair.iig num- t leXt XioioS Pffl
to avlaux running to his left.' catch by Martz set the ball on her of teams e'rble fcr rt- all- Ijtr f crfa:'a,?a .
5 0,1 Kansas 30. The Huskers finally university o 1 y ' 3 rSdSw "gate
end pitched a perfect strike to made it down to the 13 yard mark- nine. i r,L -
yafdtrr- " M ginC ' dtnrD e seoor rcrund wibf SyedtS
...r. : S.f anCC th e ames were played. Canfield met fields.
w uu -liuu.ig wuciiuo!! out me jay- Gas n for the SeSeck Quad cham-
lhawk forward wall proved too p)0nsAip Md ta the otber two
The next play netted one yard the Scarlet. After Navi- garoes Sigma Phi Epsilon played
n a quarterback sneak by Stin- au had ran to the seven, Zaruba Combusker Co-op and Phi Kappa
nett and the ensuing play gained haa" plunged to the four and Navi- ps; p:2yed Alpha Gamma Rho.
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as Newman Club battles the Der-ts
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Kaviaux lugged on the next play th first an3 goal- the Jayhawks
and plunged to the 6 inch line spayed a memorable, even if
and Stinnett moved it the rest of , disappointing, goal line stand,
the way behind a wall of Nebraska j The Huskers gained a total of
linemen on the fourth down. m yard on the next three tries
Prussia's kick was blocked by,,md the fonrth down found them
Letcavits of Kansas to put the 00 Kansas two- This 8 the
home team one point behind the stene for the play &at a Ne"
KU men whh five minutes gone,braska a 8123 talkL1B about,
in the second period. Jenajng decided to gamble and
capitalize. 1101 , off the side of hn foot and ti.e
i ! bail game was over for Nebraska.
The Huskers were rolling beauti-: For a moment no one realized,
f ul.y inspired by a tremendous what had haroened excent for twn
pass paiy from Stinnett to Naviaux men-a Kansas boy and Stinnett
for the Independent championship.
Wednesday, the Selleck cham-
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Additional put Cozra ft .20
Ill lierfli 124 IV S-ZSST
on the Kansas 17 yard line. Stin
nett took the ball on the snap and
rolled out to his right and fired
to Naviaux who was turning into
the flat. Larry stmred the ball
over his shoulder going at top
speed and tumbled to the ground
n the seventeen after being hit.
On the next play, however, a mix
up caused Stinnett to fumble the
ball on the Kansas 13 yard Tine
and blue-shirted Taylor pounced
on the error to stifle the Husker
With only a few minutes left,
Kansas' Strauch ran out the clock
to end the half.
The third period started by giv
ing the Huskers a break which
realized a touchdown.
who knew the ball was live. The
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