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The Paify Nebraskan
Wednesday, March 20, 1957
High School:
To tlave Conference
University freshmen will bare
their souls to the educators Sat
urday, and more than 100 repre
' sentatives from 51 Nebraska high
schools wall take notes.
The give-and-take session will
be the third annual High School
Principals-Freshman Conference,
sponsored by the University.
Dr. Floyd Hoover, registrar,
said the conference serves two
purposes: To assist the educa
tor in better preparing high school
students for college; and to help
the University to do a better job
in its freshman program.
Principals of the various high
schools will hold individual inter
views with their last-year grad
uates who are now attending the
The principals inturn will notify
the University later in the year
on any critcisms or compliments
on the University's freshman pro
gram, Dr. Hoover said.
Chancellor Clifford Hardin will
welcome the educators at a noon
luncneon at the Union. In the
afternoon, a panel discussion will
be held on "Hr. Best to Co-ordinate
College Day Plans."
Moderator will be Dr. George
Rosenlof, dean emeritus of the
University's office of admissions
and professor of secondary educa
tion. Panel members will be:
M. L. Christensen, principal of
Wahoo high school; Roy Nelson,
principal of Alliance hih school;
Harlan Taylor, assistant principal
of Lincoln Northeast high school,
and Don Twiford.. director of guid
ance of State Department of Edu
cation. High school to be represented
Alliance. Ashland. Beaver Crossing. Bel
levue. Broken Bow, Central City, Chapnell,
Clay Center, - Cozad. Curtis, David City,
Gothenburg, Grand Island, Hastings. Hol
drege, Kearney Lexington, Lincoln High,
Lincoln Northeast, Lincoln Southeast, Uni
versity High Lincoln. Loup City.
McCook. Mindcn, Nebraska City, North
Bend, North Platte. Omaha Benson, Omaha
Central. Omaba North, Omaha Technical,
Ord. -
Papillion Pawnee City, Ravenna, Schuy
ler. Scotia, Scottsbluff. Seward, Sidney,
South Siouit City, St.. "Edward.
Stromsburg, Sutton, Tecumser. Valley,
Wahoo, Waverly, Weeping Water, Wilbcr,
Fireside Chats
Bob Martel, sophomore in Arts
and Sciences, will present plans
for the University fireside chats
at a meeting of the University
YMCA Wednesday at 4:30 in the
The chats are designed to allow
students to go to the homes of
University professors in the eve
nings for informal discussions.
Foreign Film Series:
To Portray
Papa, 5 Sons
'The Sheep Has Five Legs,"
the fourth foreign classic of the
1967 film society series, will be
presented Wednesday at 8 p.m.
it the Capitol theater.
French comedian Fernandel
portrays Papa Saint-Forget and
ao each of Saint-Forget' five
The -story is based on the "rise
and fall" of the French village
Trezignan which catapulted into
the national limelight and prosper
iiy when quintuplet sons were born
tc Papa Saint-Forget.
As time passed and the five sons
left the village, the public mem
ory grew shorter and Trezignan
prosperity declined rapidly. Mu
nicipal authorities devise a plan
to restore the good times they once
knew finding the five brothers
and bringing them back to the
village for a grand reunion.
After locating them in various
parts of the world, the sons are
persuaded to return to their birth
place for a reunion. At the gala
gathering of the clan in Trezig
nan, it is announced that one of
of the brithers' wives has given
birth to sextuplets all girls.
Articles, Chapter, Pamphlet:
acuity Members Write For Magazines
Members of the teaching staff
jf the University have written 17
magazine articles, a chapter for
a book and a pamphlet within the
last school year.
The authors and their works
William Coil, instructor of zool
ogy and anatomy, is the author
of Two New Hymenolepidid ces
todes from Mexican birds with
observations on Hymenolepis cro
cethiae Webster, 1SK7, which ap
pears in the December, 1956, is
sue of the Journal of Parasitology.
Dr. Norman Cromwell, professor
of chemistry, is the author of Chap
ter Two, The Monocyclic Oxazines,
of the book, Heterocyclic Chemis
try, Vol. VI, published recently by
John Wilen and Sons, New York
He is also co-author (with Rich
are Mohrbacker) of "Cyclopropyl
Ketones I. Synthesis and Spectra
o f l-Aroyl-2-arylcyclo-propanes,"
which appears in the Jan. 20 issue
of the Journal of the American
Chemical Society.
With Alfred Hassner and Stan
ley Davis, Dr. Cromwell is co-author
of an article, "The Chemistry
of Derivatives of 2-Substituted-l-napthols,"
which appears in the
Jan. S issue of the Journal of the
American Chemical Society.
Dr. Robert Feeney, professor of
chemistry, biochemist, and Chair
man of the Department of Bio
chemistry and Nutrition, and Rob
ert Ogden, assistant biochemical
engineer, are co-authors of an ar
ticle, "Chemurgic Utilization Re
search at the University of Ne
braska," which appears in the No
vember, 1956, issue of Chemurgic
Dr. William Hall, professor of
journalism and Director of the
School, is the author of "Which
Background Courses Are Most
Valuable to Journalism Majors?"
which appears in the Winter issue
of the Bulletin of the American
Society of Journalism Administra
tors. Dr. J. H. Looker, associate pro
fessor of chemistry, is the co-author
(with Charles Hayes and Don
ald Thatcher) of an article, "Poly
earboxylic Esters as Mesylation
Products of Phenolic Acids," and
of a second article (with Hayes),
"Aroylation of Mesyl Chloride
Carboxylic Acid Mixtures in Py-
Louis Armstrong
and his
All Stars Concert
coming to
8:33 ?M.
SO $2C3V $1 w5
l- --'-it w?tj, nf-vi srfy.
rirfine Synthesis of Depside De
rivatives," which appear in the
Feb. 5, 1957, issue of the Journal
of the American Chemical Society.
Dr. H. W. Jrfanter, professor of
zoology, is co-author (with Mar
garita Bravo-Hollis) of an article,
"Trematodes of Marine Fishes of
Mexican Waters," which appears
in the Jan., 1955, issue of the Pro
ceedings of the Helminthological
Society of Washington.
Dr. John Martin, assistant
professor of journalism, is the au
thor of an article, "New Foreign
Periodicals Show Interest in Re
search," which appears in the Win
ter, 1956, issue of Journalism Quar
terly. Dr. Paul Meadows, professor of
sociology, is the author of an ar
ticle, "Models, Systems and Sci
ence," which appears in the Feb
ruary, 1957, issue of the Amer
ican Sociological Review.
Dr. J. H. Pazur, associate pro
fessor of chemistry and associate
biochemist, (with T. Budovich and
C. L. Tipton) is the author of "En
symatic Synthesis and Dispropor
tionation of 3-O-a-D-glucopyrano- j
syl-D-glucose," which appears fa
the February, 1957, issue of the
Journal of the American Chemical j
Society. j
Dr. Hilliard Pivnick, assistant '
professor of bacteriology, and Dr.
Samuel-Maharajah and Sheil Tem
pleton are co-authors of "The Co
existence of Pathogens and Pseudo
monads in Soluble Oil Emulsion,"
which appears in the November,
1956, issue of Applied Microbiology.
Dr. Calvin Reed, associate pro
fessor of elementary education, is
the author of an article, "Develop
ing Creative Thinking In Arith
metic," which appears in the Feb
ruary, 1957, issue of The Arithme
tic Teacher.
Dr. M. L. Schuster, associate
plant pathologist, is the author of
the article, "Safflower Rust In
vestigation With Special Emphasis
on the Root and Root Phases,"
which appears in the December,
1956, issue of Phytopathology.
Miss Bernice Slote, assistant pro
fessor of English, is the author of
an essay, "Robinson's 'En Pas
sant,' which appears in the Feb
ruary, 1957, issue of The Exr'i
cator. Gerald Smith, associate professor
of engineering mechanics,
and Lyle Young, assistant profes
sor of engineering mechanics, are
the authors of "Ultimate Flexure
Analysis Based on Stress-Strain
Curves of Cylinders," which was
published in the December, 1956,
issue of the Journal of the Ameri
can Concrete Institute.
ASME Meeting j
. This Wednesday's meeting of the
American Society of Mechanical
Engineers will feature a"; coior
sound movie on guided missies at
the White Sands .proving grounds,
The name of the movie is "Eyes
of the Range" and the meeting
will be held at 7:15, in Room 206,
Richards Hall. .
Theta Xi Dream Girl
Kay Krueger was announced as
Theta Xi Dream Girl at their
formal March 16. The dinner and
formal were held at the Terrace
Room of the Lincoln Hotel. Eddie
Haddad and his orchestra fur
nished the music.
German Lecture
An illustrated lecture, "The Rhur
Valley, Its Industry and Life" will
be presented to the German Club,
Thursday, March 21, at 7:30 p.m.
in Love Library Auditorium by Dr.
William Pfeiler, Chairman of the
Department of Germanic Langu
ages. The lecture is open to the public,
including those persons who do not
hold German Club membership
cards, Pfeiler stated.
Faculty Square Dance
The Faculty Square Dance Club
will host the student Square Dance
Clubs at a special meeting and
dance Saturday at 8:15 in the Ag
Activities Building, according to
Mrs. Phillip Cole, secretary.
Al's Half-Hoar
Drop It Off We Do Rest
Corner IB & N 2-5722
Theta Sorority Establishes $28,600 Fund
Rho chapter of . Kappa Alpha
Theta sorority has established a
$28,600 scholarship fund at the
University Foundation to be used
for "worthy University women,". The fund was established in hon-
Mrs. Corwin Moore, chairman of
the scholarship fund, announced
Saturday evening.
or of two founders of the Univer-
sity of Nebraska chapter, Mrs.
Gertrude Laws Hardy and the late
Mrs. Minnie Latta Ladd.
,a"T XlTBta 9
JT (J(lWtS Daily 9:30 to 5:30 Thursday 10 to 8:30
Home, at Last!
You are invited
to the OPENING of
brand new
First Floor
. Free Cokes . . . 10 to 8:30 p.m.
From "O" to 13th to MILLER'S FIRST FLOOR! That's the way they've
traveled . . . those wonderful ACCENT . . . SANDLER OF BOSTON .
and other fine brands of shoes you like so well at Miller's Career Shoes.
You will like their new and PERMANENT HOME just inside the East
Entrance. Do go in tomorrow for a FREE COKE a LOOK AROUND
" Lincoln
2050 Cornhusker Highway
The New
wi'l be completed about June 1st
Applications will tekon until March 30tii
Information 5AcVf and Application Form
available in
Ellen Smltii Hall
Going Steady with "Jontten"
I Active Sportswear from '
Jon Schwobauer solutes
the "Regimentaf Stripe".
Navy shirt piped in stripes,
over red, white and navy
thin-stripe pedal pushers,
(short shorts and Bermu
das' not shown).
EJewse, $3.95 Cap $1,95
Feds! Pushers, $7.95
"Htiikhs" Shells, $6.95
W omtn't SpwUnmr , . . f ' Firtt Floor
,'f xr
Whafs doing
Pratt & Whitney
$i Aircraft
Professors practice what
they preach ... and vice versa
Following a practice of twenty years, Pratt & Whitney
Aircraft .will again welcome a group of college pro
fessors as members of the engineering staff during the
coming summer menllis.
Last year our "summer professors' represented col
leges from coast to coast. They tackled important projects
in such diverse fields as instrumentation and vibration,
combustion, compressible flow, and materials develop
ment. Despite the limited time available lo these men, j
they made significant contributions to our overall effort.
Though it was to be expected that both the com-!
pany and the participating professors might benefit di
rectly from such a program, the sphere of influence
has been much broader. The many students who are
taught by these professors during the college year are
sharing the ultimate benefits . . . profiting from lectures
that are sparked by the kind of practical experience
that can be gained with a recognized industry leader
like Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. , N'
. . twewjmymimmmmmmmmmm -.111 inn
Several "svmner profs" rolanUrilf spent
part of their tim conducting refresher
cranes for P W K't young enginee.
Worlfs fortmott
and builder
aicraf tngmet
Ont aUKigRiBefit inferred comprehemif Mil vcy
of Muipment for (he expnsig of hifb-kitnd
leat UcilitM in Willgoo Laboratory, the worltfa
Mat ceaplete, privalely wwacd jet engine lab.
Technical contributions were varied.
Worthwhile assistance was given in vibra
tion and instrumentation studies.