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ine uaiiy iNeDrasKan
Annual University Debate
Expects Ninety Teams
From Nine State Area
Ninety debate teams are expect
ed to participate Friday and Satur
day in the annual University De
bate and Discussion Conference.
There will be 110 persons tak
ing part in discussion, 24 in ora
tory, 34 in extemporaneous speak
ing and 19 in interpretative read
ing, totalling nearly 190 people.
The trophy and certificates for
superior ratings will be presented
12:30 p.m. Saturday at Howell
Memorial Theater.
The conference will open with
registration at 8 a.m. Friday at
Temple Building. Three discussion
rounds, interpretative reading and
extempora ous speaking rounds
will be held Friday morning. Three
debate rounds will be held in the
There will be an informal ban
quet at 6:15 p.m. Friday in the
Umon Ballroom. The oratory ses
$ion and the second round of ex
temporaneous speaking will be
held Friday night.
The final two debate rounds are
scheduled for Saturday morning.
A parliamentary session will be
held at 11 a.m. Saturday.
Schools registered for the con
ference include:
Nebraska Creighton Universi
ty, Dana College, Hastings College,
Kearney State Teachers College,
McCook Junior College, Midland
College, Nebraska Wesleyan Uni
versity, University of Nebraska
and University of Omaha.
Colorado Colorado State Col
lege of Education and University of
Illinois Illinois State Normal
University and Northwestern Uni
versity. Iowa Iowa Central College,
Iowa State College, Iowa State
Teachers College, Iowa Wesley
an University, Morningside Col
lege, State University of Iowa,
Westmar College.
Kansas College of Emporia,
Hutchinson Junior College, Kansas
State Teachers College, Ottawa
University, Southwestern College,
Tabor College, University of Kan
sas, Washburn University, Wichi
ta University.
Minnesota College of St. Thom
as, Concordia College, Northwest
ern College St. John's Universi
ty, St. Olaf College.
Missouri Central Missouri
State College, Northeast State
Classified Ads
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Phone 3-3462, 1620 "A" St.
day and Thursday nights. Call 4-5711.
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Ford Ranchway. Will sell either. Call
Teachers College, University of
Kansas City, Washington Univer
sity, William Jewell College.
South Dakota Augustana Col
lege, Black Hill Teachers College,
Huron College, Sioux Falls College,
Southern Teachers College, Yank
ton College.
Wisconsin State Teachers College.
Forensic History
Varied Interesting
When eighty debate teams from
seven states invade the University
Friday for the annual Debate and
Discussion Conference, the school
will see in action what used to
be the most important extra-curricular
activity of college students.
Though debate has become one
of lesser publicized activities, sev
eral thousand students continue to
participate each year.
The University, according to
Don Olson, coach, wins on the
average of seventy per cent of its
debates, "a rather outstanding rec
ord." In an interview with the Daily
Nebraskan, Olson explained the
progress of University debating
since the beginning of the school.
"The early literary societies ini
tiated debate in most schools," he
said. "The first University student
group to engage in the art was
The Palladian Literary Society,
still in existence on the campus."
It is interesting to note that
many of the questions considered
by the early debaters are still mat
ters of contention, Olson stated.
Some of these questions are:
"That the President of the Uni
ted States should hold but one
term of office."
"That the laboring classes have
just cause for complaint."
"That the reading of the Bible
and other religious exercise should
be prohibited by law."
"That military instruction in the
United States should be abol
ished.". Other questions are less likely
to be found in modern day de
bating. "That circumstances have more
to do with the formation of a
man's character than the man
"That the annexation of Canada
would be beneficial to the United
In 1901 a debating board was set
up to control the activity and a
debate coach was appointed. At
this time, all women were barred
from participating in debate, a
policy which continued until 1941,
Olson remarked. A four-year train
ing program, known as "The Sys
tem" was set up by the new
In the spring of 1906 The Daily
Nebraskan reported, "The Nebras
ka-Wisconsin debate which will
take, place in Memorial Hall to
morrow night will attract an im
mense crowd. Three-fourths of the
seats on the main floor have been
taken by college organizations. The
Senior Laws will attend in a body
to root in honor of Mr. Corey who
is the only '07 law student on the
team." At the Iowa debate the
next year, the paper records that
"Those in charge of the debate in
dicate that v at least a thousand
people will be present"
At this time, debaters could be
expected to take part in three or
four debates each year. In 1926
the number began to increase and
in 1939 the Cornhusker stated that
"Each season the University of
Nebraska engages in thirty or
more intercollegiate debates." At
the present time, Olson said, the
squad has about 150 debates each
"From 1920 until 1942 Nebraska
did not participate in decision de
bating," according to Olson.
Though at the present time, al
most all debates have decisions,
we continue' to stress quality rat
ings above win-loss records."
"This year, with about twenty
members on the squad, we have
taken part in about 120 debates
and have won about 70 per cent,"
Olson said. The team won the
sweepstakes trophy at Winfield,
Kansas and also took the women
division there.
The question for this year is
"Resolved that the United States
should discontinue direct economic
aid to foreign nations".
The accredited bilingual school
sponsored by the Universidad
Autonoma de Guadalajara and
members of Stanford University
faculty will offer in Guadala
jara, Mexico, July 1-Aug. 10,
courses in art, folklore geo
graphy, history, language and
literature. $225 covers tuition,
board and room. Write Prof.
Juan B. Rael, Box K, Stanford
University, Calif.
A Campus-to-Career Case History
Ken Boekeloo (center foreground) at the scene of a cable installation project in Detroit.
Ten years along, in
his telephone career
After graduation in 1947 from
Kalamazoo College with a B.A. in
Physics and Mathematics, Ken
Boekeloo joined Michigan Bell Tele
phone Company as a trainee.
Today, ten years later, Ken is a
Division Plant Superintendent in
Detroit Eight district supervisors
report to him, and they supervise
some 1700 people. Ken is responsi
ble for the installation and mainte
nance of. plant facilities valued at
$135,000,000 including more than
500,000 telephones.
A big jump in ten years? Here's
what Ken Boekeloo says about it:
"The way the telephone business
is growing, you can advance just as
fast, and just as far, as you're able.
. , . And all along the way, from the
student period through each assign
ment, the training and experience
you get really prepare you for ad
vancement. ;
"If you like to make contributions
and take responsibility, and if you
value the opportunities a growing
business can offer, then the tele
phone company's the place to look
for a career."
Ken Boekeloo is one of many young men who
are finding rewarding careers in Bell Telephone
Companies, Bell Telephone Laboratories, West
ern Electric and Sandia Corporation. Your place
ment officer can give v you more information
about all Bell System Companies.
t I
Telepathist Calls
Women 'Emotional
Dunninger, mental telepatist who
will appear in the Coliseum Friday,
says, "I like skeptics. They elim
inate coincidence or the possibility
of "plants" in the audience be
cause they are always thinking of
Dunninger also says that the
thoughts of women are more emo
tional than those of men. "Women
are always thinking of the pleas
ant little things that make life
more enjoyable for husbands or
friends." '
"Also, a woman's mind is al
ways new because she is always
changing it," continued ttie telepa
thist, who has read the minds of
six presidents.
Telepathy, Dunninger claims, Is
not a unique talent nor has it any
thing to do with the supernatural.
Telepathy is a power than anyone
can possess if they take the time
to develop their power of extra
sensory perception. The University
psychology department has made
no other comment on this state
ment than "Dunninger 4s a great
The supernatural, mystic sort of
program is not the kind presented
by Dunninger. He has vigorous
ly denied the existence of spirits,
offering $10,000 to anyone who can
show him a real house-haunting
ghost, and, along with Thomas
Edison and Harry Houdini, has
sought to expose frauds who take
advantage of public gullibility to
hold "table rapping seances."
Dunninger also admits that his
is not an exact art. 'I cannot read
the thoughts of a person who re
fuses to concentrate or opposes
me. Man's mind has defenses
against invasion which are impreg
nable without accord of purpose."
"That is why I maintain only
90 per cent accuracy," Dunninger
states. "Some people refuse to
relax and let their thoughts flow
to me. .With them, I can do noth-
Bus Ad Smoker
Delta Sigma Pi, men's profes
sional business' fraternity, will hold
a smoker for all male business
administration majors Wednesday
at 7:30 p.m. in Parlors A, B, and
C of the Union, according to Jerry
Lincoln, president.
Dunninger will appear at the
Coliseum, Friday, at 8 p.m., ac
cording to Marilyn Heck, coordin
ator of the program.
Tickets will be on sale at
Gold's and in the Union. Ticket
prices for the main floor are $1.50.
A special student price of $1.00 for
main floor raised seats will be
offered. -
BABW Board Filings
Filings are now open for inde
pendent women interested in serv
ing on the BABW" Board. Applica
tions will not be accepted after
Friday. Applications may be made
at the BABW office in Room 309
of the Union.
Applicants are asked to sign for
interviews when they apply.
Dance Slated Saturday
BABW and University Residence
Halls for Men are sponsoring a
dance which will be held in the
Men's Dormitory Saturday from
9 to 12 p.m. A combo will provide
the music. Both dates and stags
are welcome.
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