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    Tuesday, December 11, 1956
Page 3
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Nebraikan PHaU
NebraakSB Phot
Nebrsiksa Phot
CourleBy Lincoln Journal
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Nebraakaa Pht
Nebrika Photo
Don Appleby
John Beideck
Kem Billings
Tito Mladovich
Gene Souponchick
Phil Eyen
Chuck Jensen
Position Organization
E Sigma Phi Epsilon
E Delta Tau Delta
G Phi Kappa Pei
C Delta Tau Delta
B Sigma Phi Epsilon
B Dental College
B Hitchcock
Wayne Copes
John Heassler E
Warren Houfek G
Bud Jeffries C
Terry Trueblood B
Wally Bryans B
Leonard Lindgren B
md All
Position Organization
E MacLean
Phi Kappa Psi
Dental College'
Rick Mason
Phil Hart
Dick Skold
Sigma Phi Epsilon Dan Brand
Alpha Tau Omega Jim O'Hanlon
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jim Baird
Delta Tau Delta Jon Appleget
Position ' Organization
E Sigma Phi Epsilon
. E Phi Gamma Delta
G Phi Delta Theta
C Sigma Nu
B Beta Theta Pi
B Phi Gamma Delta
B Phi Kappa Psi
Nrbrnikaa PhoU
Dick Cottrell, Phi Delta Theta
and Squeak Allen, Dental College,
Guard Larry Wenzl, Canfield,
Center Norm Kmoch, Delta Tau
Delta, Backs Dick Jacobs, Phi
Delta Theta, Russ Neilson, Sigma
Phi Epsilon, and Dick Cory, Gus
tavson II. ,
Sigma Phi Epsilon leads all oth
er intramural football teams by
placing 4 men on three All Uni
versity teams.
The Eps placed" two men on the
first team, and one each on the
second and third teams.
The Dental College, rtfnner up to
the Sig Eps for the All University
title, also placed two men on the
first team. Rounding out the first
unit are two Delts, one Phi Psi and
one man from Selleck Quadrangle.
Don Appleby and John Beideck
are the end selections. Appleby
performed well for the Sig Eps
each game he played. His timely
pass catches were invaluable. Bei
deck was a consistent performer
both on offense and defense for the
. Two of the finest performers in
intramural football hold down the
middle of the line. They are Ken
Billings and Tito Mladovich. Bill
ings was a demon on defense for
the Phi Psis. He also played block
ing back at times on offense. Mlad-
ovich was the defensve stand out
for the Delts. He was also dan
gerous on offense.
In the backfield are three fine
tailbacks, Gene Souponchick, Phil
Eyen, and Chuck Jensen. Each was
on a winning team. Sopponchick
played for the All University cham
pion, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Eyen
passed the Dents to the All Inde
pendent title. Jensen was the spark
of the team that won the Selleck
Quadrangle League.
Named to the second team end
lemers And Kvhacki Pace Nebraska To 53-57 Vkory Over Wisconsin
Staff Sports Writer
Accurate foul shooting paid off
for the Cornhuskers last nght as
they downed the winless Wisconsin
Badgers 53-51.
Nebraska hit for 19 of 23 free
throws with Don Smidt hitting sev
en out of nine.
Records Fall
Eleven world records and 31
Olympic marks were bettered dur
ing the Olympic Games which
closed Saturday.
Track and field athletes and
weight lifters each hung up four
world standards with the other
three going to the swimmers.
Nineteen of the new Olympic
records were established in track
and field, seven in swimming, two
each in weight lifting and shoot
ing and one in cycling.
4-H Party
The annual 4-H Christmas party
will be held Wednesday at 7:30 in
the Agronomy Building Auditor
ium. Rev. Rex Knowles, Presbyterian-Congregational
minis t e r,
will be Jthe featured speaker.
Classified Ads
We Repair Lighter. Cllffi Smoke Shop,
121 N. 12.
Wented: Driver for car going to Vw
Orleane. Dec. 16. Call 6-2308 Daytime.
Evening 4-4150.
The contest was tight and hard
fought all the way. Nebraska led
throughout the game, but some
fine shooting by Wisconsin for-
Track, Field, Meet
The Intramural Track and
Field Meet preliminaries regu
larly scheduled for Tuesday, has
been changed to Thursday. One
change has also been made in
the rules for the meet, as spiked
track shoes may be worn in this
year's events. Runners may con
tact either head track coach
Frank Sevigne or his assistant,
Eugene Gross. The schedule of
events remains the same: 7:00,
60 yd. dash, shot-put and broad
Jump; 7:30, 60 yd. high hurdles,
8:00, one lap run, high jump and
pole vault; 8:30, 880 yd. run;
9:00, 60 yd. low hurdles, 9:30,
440 yd. dash.
wards Bob Ltizow and Glenn Bor
land kept the Badgers within
striking distance.
The Cornhuskers, playing against
a tight man to man defense, had
trouble working the ball in but
the fine outside shooting of Gary
Reimers and Jim Kubacki coupled
with the excellent rebounding of
Rex Ekwall and Ron Parsons made
up for this deficit.
In the first half Nebraska domi
nated most of the play. Litzow,
however kept Wisconsin in the ball
game as he scored 10 of his 16
points in the initial frame. . All
of Litzow 's baskets were from 20
feet out or better.
The clubs took their Intermis
sion break with Nebraska leading
26 to 21.
The Badgers closed the gap
shortly after half time and the
game was a 'see-saw battle from
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then on
Ray Gross, who was inserted at
center by Coach "Bud" Foster
late in the first half, did some fine
rebounding while Borland with his
deadly southpaw one-handers han
dled the brunt of the scoring at
tack. With Nebraska leading 51-49 and
less than two minutes to play,
Jerry Bush ordered his crew to
freeze the ball.. Smidt was fouled
by Jim Rogneby and dropped in
two free throws to spread the gap
to 53-49.
As the final gun went off, Walt
Holt dropped in a jump shot to
end the scoring.
This was by far the toughest
contest the Cornhuskers have
played since returning fromiCali
fornia. The tough defense em
played since returning from Cali
Huskers all evening long.
Reimers, who led the Nebraska
scoring attack with 14 points, is
the player perhaps the most re
sponsible for the Husker victory.
The Millard junior handled the
ball well and scored the key bas
kets for Nebraska.
Right behind Reimers in the
scoring column was Smidt with 11
points, while both Parsons and Ku
backi tallied 10 points each.
Litzow dunked 16 points for
game scoring honors and proved
that he is just as deadly as the
pre-game notices indicated. Bor
land was the only other Badger to
hit double numbers as he tallied
14 points.
In the preliminary contest the
Nebraska Freshmen defeated the
Campus All Stars 62-46. Bob Mayo,
Herschell Turner and Willie Fitz
patrick led the yearlings with 18,
16 and 11 points respectively while
Dick Prusia scored 15 points for
the All Stars.
positions are Wayne Copes, Mac
Lean, and John Heassler, Phi Kap
pa Psi. In the middle of the line
are Warren Houfek, Dent College
at guard and Bud Jeffries, Sigma
Phi Epsilon, at center. The second
backfield, almost as brilliant as
the first includes: Terry Trueblood,
Alpha Tau Omega, Wally Bryans,
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and Leonard
Lindgren, Delta Tau Delta.
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