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Another Upset:
Tuesday, November 13. 1956
n n
; Staff Sports Writer
j The Nebraska Cornhuskers, play
I I, tag the role of underdog for the
I fourth straight week, upset the
i crystal ball gazers with a 25-20 vic
j tory over the Kansas Jayhawkers.
' Led by Jerry Brown, Frank Nap
l . pi and Willie Greenlaw the Corn
huskers combined a ground and
air attack to down the favored
I Kansas.
: The Big Red opened the scoring
. , parade when bruising fullback
Brown powered over from the one
yard line early in the first period.
' Brown's tally capped a long Husk-
er drive that was sparkled by the
, passing and receiving team of Nap
i ' pi and Greenlaw. The Portland,
Maine, battery accounted for 46
yards during this march on two
j passes. The Erst from Greenlaw
' to Nappi for 38 yards, and the
f " second from Nappi to Greenlaw for
eight more.
r t The two squads then exchanged
punts and Kansas drove to the
Nebraska 22 yard line. A personal
" foul penalty gave the Jayhawkers
a first down on the Comhusker
?. seven. Homer Floyd went for six
yards and on the sneak Wally
Eirauch tallied. Strauch then boot
Ted the extra point to make the
kcore seven all.
. Nebraska took the following kick
off and moved 81 yards for its
second score. Greenlaw, Nappi
and Brown carried the load as
the Euskers stuck to the ground
: ' ur.til they got to the Kansas 19.
On third down and one yard
to go for a first down, George
" Harshman pitched out to Green
law who ran to his left and spot
i ted Nappi standing all by bis lone
some on the 5. Willie tossed and
Nappi grabbed it to stroll un-
touched into the end zone.
Harshman missed his kick and
the scoreboard read 13-7 ia favor
of Nebraska with 5:57 left in the
r hai.
The score remained the same
until Kansas got the second half
i kickoff. With Strauch tossing aer
ials to Jim Letcavis and Charlie
lie Cue the Jayhawkers moved to
the Nebraska one yard line where
McCue plunged over for the tieing
i marker. Straws missed a chance
Sig Eps Win NU Intramural Title
Intramural Editor
Sigma Phf Eps3on, Alpha Gam-
rr.a Rbo, and Eitcheock House won
tie championship of their respec-
IM Track:
Phi Delfs
Slam Fall
)M Track
' I- Phi Delia Thctta swept the fall
' fclramsiral track meet cf its feet
winnixg over its closest conspeSaiar
ty 13.
'- The Phi Dells odd only show
ere Erst place, that by Chuck
i VTaHaswa ia the broad jump, but
their superior manpower placed in
erery event brat two.
' Dick Jahr cf Sigma CM was the
taeet bJgh scorer with 4S poists
. , followed cteeSy by WaUastm with
4.3. Jilx won the 449 yard dash, the
39 yard ran, and the 229 yard
dash, and placed second in the
JC9 yard, second in the mI3e and
. ith in the broad jump in amass
iag his total
Other catstandiEg individuals in
chaded Eea PcCard off Delta Upa
te. Dare Yoarg of Theta Zz, Dkk
, EsZy eff Phi Delia Theta aad Dave
WalSams ti Cm IL
The teams ia the order cf Iheir
' Cxikh were Phi Delia Theta, 99,
Sigma CM 77, Deha CpKJkn 7Z,
- Theta Xi 32, Gas U 29, Phi Gamma
Dlta 18, lade-pradeit iZ, Mclean
19, M3Enli Z, Alpha Cansma Eho 7,
Farm Hwnse 5 &zd Theta CM 2.
The eveaiis aid pl&tvrsz
m . tm iuatit: i Pttoj, mi-
Z. WRuas. lVt t, Ywf. TY: a rn..
C: i. Lemia, IAS, Time-. 4.L
tW y. nias I. Jlw, Cj t Emt, W;
t- Took 1;iWL; i. WuuMKia, fiIt 4L flli
fCs X fit&nmt, IX i 4- ix&n, C; i, Wd-
t-lfl. Timet W4,
VU-lutMAi. ilAi
. Jnutii. AC; Timet
r; X
m aura.
H ! X. Twin! x, tia, PC;
. Mnc. mf. : 4. Lev. fUl
tijM . L Mr-Lea'. Z. CruL.
N Club Initiates
' Fifteen Members
The UnrrerEty of Nebraska X.
' Cltth, made cp of Nehraska Uii
vni;y JeSUrman, fansally ioitiat
l ei . 15 new members Thursday
t3:gtt, IvsvetsheT I, at the Iiacoa
' , The initsaSes were faestJ at an
K Cl-h ssaargashwd baaqjet.
-1, The fAze-i tw memhen iai-
i'stM were John Eeidfitk, Wa-rea
Christejaen, Sam Donselsraa, Ec?j
'Xzivwd, Dsq Fkke, George F-sfc.
I-arry G-s'MJBaa, Jim Kam, A!
Karle a.-j.i Eill Marten, Jerry
Itoore, J&bn Morrsw, Art Weaver,
E'jO IJlenaan, asd Charis Zi.ege
W i.
to put KU ahead when his kick
was wide.
The third Comhusker tally was
set up by some quick thinking and
fine kicking by Larry Naviaux.
Naviaux kicking from the Nebras
ka 44 got a bad pass from center
but he picked up the bouncing ball
and kicked dead on the Kansas one
foot line. The Kansas, taking no
chances, kicked right back and
Jayhawker 23. Bin Hawkins scored
six plays later as be spun around
his own right end from the one
yard line. The conversion attempt)
was no good and Nebraska led!
Kansas roared right back and
in six plays McCue scored the
equalizer on a one yard plunge.
Strauch converted and the Kansans
climbed into the lead 20-19.
The final and deciding touch
down was a beautiful display of
tive leagues Thursday.
The Cass A Fraternity title was
won by the Sig Eps. The Eps won
a hard taught victory over the Phi
Psis, 6-0.
Alpha Gamma Rho defeated Del
ta Sigma Phi to gain the Cass B
Fraternity championship.
In the Selleck league play-off,
Hitchcock House beat MacLean
House 13-6 to take that &.
The Sig Eps added another ti
tle Friday night. They lowered the
boom cn the AGR's 29-0 to capture
She AS-Cmiversjty championship.
Sig Ep-Hitchck
In a semi-final play-off game
Sigma Eps3oa ran through Hitch
cock House, SeHeck QJxdrangJe
champion, 25-2 to gain the n&2s
of the iniramural play-cff. They
now meet the Dental CcCege, In
dependent Champions, for the A2
Uninversily title.
J-s-. Winn, w-mm
t ' KS-JK
Rover, you missed your block)
teamwork. The victory march cov
erred 73 yards and took only seven
plays to complete. During this
drive Brown contributed runs of
15 and five yards respectively; Na
pi turned in a 29 yard run;-a Green
law to Nappi pass netted 13 yards
and finally swivel hipped Willie
rocked and rolled from the six for
the winning touchdown.
The Cornhuskers deserved their
well executed victory. It was the
finest offensive showing of the year
for the Nebraska eleven. They
rushed for nine first downs and
passed for another nine. They
gained 183 yards on the ground
and 181 through the air for a total
of 354 yards. The Big Bed com
pleted cine of 20 passes and fum
bled only once.
Every member of the team de
serves a pat on the back after this
terrific team effort but perhaps
most instrumental were Greenlaw,
In Uooday's game, Hitchcock
threw a scare into the Sig Eps
during the first series of plays.
Hitchcock moved tht ball to the Ep
one-yard line, but some fine de
fensive work held the Dorm
champs on downs. In the second
quarter the Sig Eps opened op and
scored 13 points. Gene SouponcMck,
probably the finest back in intra
mural ball, threw two touchdown
"Soc-p" hit Van Shaw for the EP.
passes, both to Don Appleby.
Ia the third quarter Socponchick
again hit to Appleby for a TD.
Nielsen got the Ep's last touch
down. Hitchcock got their 2 points
and out-played, performed welLj
Hitchcock, although oat-manned j
Chuck Jensen and Blaine Burkleji
when they caught Pete Sorensea
in the end zoc. g
looked very good. The Ep's showed j
a fine array of talent. The maln-
Dave Searing will be on campus
TW $r$r 4 jt le-fotrg ... t jejwtetr rtf Ot Meepasrf a,fw3f
Iriadua kkc&kkJ ifitev'cai rca ...mi 9m omfs ism pm
tar i&amA tAttxm mi pmmmt ttari 8faia(Stek. Wjy aaatca
Sewnafaut MtAv far
rieme iititui
. : t
.Stuff Pirljtrei-
Caartor Snadir Jooraal and Star
Brown, Naviaux, Harshman
Gordie Englert.
Greenlaw played his finest game
of the year, running like the old
Willie of last season and even
threw another touchdown pass to
Frank Nappi. Naviaux was ex
cellent in punt returning and his
fine kick in the third quarter was
one of the highlights of the day.
Brown was his usual devestating
self. He wheeled and d e a 1 e d
through the Kansas line picking
up important yardage and was a
bulwark on defense. Harshman and
Englert were outstanding in their
quarterbacking. Harshman direct
ed the team to three of its scores
while Englert called the plays on
the second Busker tally.
The Cornhuskers have proved
through their last two victories that
they will 3ot be pushovers for
Baylor nor the mighty Oklahoma
stays, however, were Souponchick,
Nielsen, Abbleby, and Sorensen.
All Intramurals
Tie . XEBRASKAX Is ace
agaia spBsoriiig the All Intra
msral fotlaIl selectiviu.
All teams are encoBraged fa
ton a list ef players they think
are worthy f reecmiseadaUra.
Tae list sbmM inclode a Qrst
aad secMd teams.
FaQore U tara tack a list by
a team will serioasly hamer
the ehaaces ef f iU mem
bers making the team.
Ealries mast be turned fate
me NEBRASKAN sporU desk
a r mefore Sloaday, Novem
ber IS.
The XEBRASKAX office b U
rated fa tae aasemeat f the
Stadeat UbIm,
is Soat&ero Cslifcrria
jrfj re j f9 feirjj
tit ehcstsgss if
lib!: tkt tnjlsttrisj
Us if i'i fsrwerd
mui ttaw
mote "A
&cmpk 4 fctttan ef
e4 etttmtt (twlxn.
Frosh Undefeated:
(SCflS, ifce,
Staff Sports Writer
Nebraska's freshman squad fin
ished their two game slate last
Friday by whipping the Kansas
State Yearlings by a 15-7 count.
The Memorial Stadium battle
was played before some 1500 en
thusiastic fans.
Coach Gene Stauber's squad de
feated Iowa State 20-14 last week
while the Wildcats held a win over
Kansas University.
A pair of halfbacks and a very
aggressive line paved the way for
Nebraska Sports Reporter
Big News From Kreit ...
Max Kreitman, former sports editor of the Nebraskan, dropped by
the office to deliver a few choice words on the Kansas University basket
ball squad. Max was in Lawrence Friday evening and took in the an
nual Kansas Varsity-Freshman game. His description of the outstanding
play of Wilt The Stilt" Chamberlain was no news to us.
Kreitman seems to fell that the Kansas squad could take the Big
Seven championship even without Chamberlain. He also had plenty of
praise for the KU yearlings indicating that the final score did not reveal
the true picture. Putting himself out on a limb Max gave me permission
to quote him on the following statement. He said "From all indications,
I believe Kansas will win the Big Seven irown." With that enlightening
piece of news, Max bounced out the door.
Frosh Look Good . .
Anyone who took in the Kansas State-Nebraska Freshman contest
last Saturday afternoon might have thought that they were watching a
hockey game and that on every play tse referee was dropping he puck
in the center of the ice and letting the players fight over it.
It wasnt a contest of who could carry the ball furthest, but who
could fumble for the most yardage. On one series of plays the K-State
A few of Gene Stauber's ponies did emerge from the den of con
each one, only to fumble the pigskin right back to the Wildcats.
yearlings fumbled three times in a row and the Cornhuskers recovered
fusion looking as though they may be able to give their big brothers
of the Varsity squad some help next season. Outstanding were Ben
Cacioppo of Omaha and Bob Brandt of Denison, Iowa. Both halfbacks,
they led the "Little Red" squad to victory, while Pat Fitzgerald of
Boys Town, Dan Olsen of Grand Island and Bob Fleming of Sterling
were bulwarks on defense.
Jenson To Head
NU Poultry Club
Clark Jenson was named presi
dent of the University Poultry Sci
ence Club at its first fall meet
ing, Nov. L
YouVe a Date
Her Bob Ingram and
a it
1 V; l N Jh
I r '
i t I , s
; " -....(..... ..,'.,..'.,...;
S '
... ana eyes witi ccnainiy turn ineir oireciion in ciouivs
like these ... Harriet' formal was chosen from
the wonderful collection on Simon' fourth
floor and Bsb chose hi Tuxedo on Simon'
package that includes suit, cumberbund, tie
2nd floor .... fellows, ask to see the Tuxedo
and shirt, all for 49.95. And you can ba Ivy,
too . . . Ivy tuxedos, 43.95.
tne victory, roe nailbacKS were
Ben Cacioppo of Omaha South and
Bob Brandt of Denison, Iowa.
Brandt in addition to doing some
fine running throughout the con
test passed eleven yards to Roger
Brede of Ainsworth for the first
touchdown. He also set up the oth
er TD by intercepting a pass and
returning it some 30 yards to witli
in 28 yards of paydirt.
Cacioppo scored one TD with
a 16 yard run and kicked a 20 yard
field goal. He also stood out on
The line was led by Pat Fitz-
Drive In Barber Shop
gpertsmaa Barber Shop
15 & P
7 Berhert
To Sertw Ton
. Now How about the Clotlies?
Harriet Fees show you that
. - a.t. J ' jlT - 1
If Va( M
gerald, ex-Boys Town whiz; Don
Olsen of Grand Island; and John
Ponseigo from Chicago.
Nebraska drew first blood in the
game ''arly in the second period.
At this time Brandt hit Brede
with the pass for the first six
points. Brede was filling in at
right end for Glen Hepburn of
Boys Town who sat out the game
with injuries.
Cacioppo's conversion a 1 1 e ra
was wide.
About five minutes later they
stretched the lead to 94) with the
field goal. Cacioppo kicked from
a very difficult angle but hit per
fectly. Again later in the period Ne
braska hit pay dirt on tht 16-yard
run. This finished the Busker scor
ing for the afternoon.
The Wildcats only score came
in the third period. George Whit
ney capped a 63-yard drive with a
two yard plunge. John French con
verted for the final point of the
The final period was played with
numerous fumbles by both sides.
The K-State lads were handed the
ball several times inside the Ne
braska 10-yard line but couldnt
capitalize and usually handed it
back on the next play.
Coach Stauber used 35 frosh in
the game. All looked very well and
appeared to be good prospects for
next year's varsity.
Quarterbacks Harry Tolly and
Joe Miller excelled in their direc
tion of the first and second
Fullback Jim Hergenrater also
looked very fine for the yearlings.
One member of the Kansas State
squad, Jim Goodmiller, was from
Norman, Oklahoma.
Gerald Giffin and Jim Mechlins
of the Wildcats received mild
brain concussions in the contest.
223 N. 13th
going formal tan
- .li
fe fun