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Tuesday, October 30, 1956
Page 3
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Staff Sports Writer
The Colorado Buffaloes finally got
revenge on the Huskers Saturday.
This is a trick they have been
trying to do now for three years.
The past two seasons the Huskers
have played excellent ball in un-
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Courtesy Sunday Journal and Star
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Sports Editor
Tourists' Mecca ...
Colorado, the tourists' mecca, opened it doors and paws to their
neighbors last weekend.
Many Nebraskans expressed displeasure over the hospitality ex
tended by the people on the Boulder campus.
This is probably due to the large amount of people that the Rockies
attract each year and the natives get a little tired of visitors.
Another complaint heard was the lack of quality in the liquid re
freshments offered within the city limits of Boulder. It might be well
to note here that high quality refreshments were available in stores on
the outskirts of town, however.
Saturday's game proved to be a disappointment to almost 9;000
Cornhusker followers. But from this viewpoint, it appeared as if the
Huskers were showing the effects of three hard battles preceding the
encounter with the Buffaloes.
Bruises and strains did not he il to well and the consequences were
Funny Papers .
After reading the Colorado newspapers' commentary on the game,
It was hardly necessary for anyone to read the funny papers.
The reporters pulled the stops in describing Colorado's victory.
Actually, but for two good plays, Colorado did nothing but run all
over the field only to boot the ball in crucial places.
True, Nebraska cotd not muster any sustained offense, but when
any team is behind, its harder to fight back and score and stop a
sustained drive all in one breath.
Also, the spirit is better when a team is holding the opponent from
coring and is better able to score at the same time.
The Beast' . . .
While mentally reviewing the game, it appeared as if anybody
eould have scored behind the blocking that was afforded to John
Bayuk. It wasn't necessary to be good to ring up a touchdown those two
times, all that was necessary was two eyes, one arm and two legs in
reasonable functioning order.
Not taking any credit away from the Beast, but his play during
the rest of the game did him more credit as a football player than
those two TD runs.
While on the subject of Bayuk, it was reported by very reliable
sources that the giant expressed his mentality and common sense
to the Nebraska bench in a manner of a crude bull in a china shop.
Homecoming Queens? ...
Another thing that was very noticeable while on migration was the
quality of the candidates for Colorado Homecoming queen. They were
very beautiful and reportedly quite personable.
Compared to the ones running here, they stood out like Cadillacs
in a tractor factory.
But according to Miss McPeck those girls were chosen because of
the great time and effort they put into preparing for the home football
If this logic is to be followed, then the people of the United States
would be wise to consider Messrs. Hall and Butler for the presidency
because of the fine work they did in preparing their parties for the
forthcoming elections.
To quote my noted colleague, Mr. Cook, "the farmers in Nebraska
end their cattle to Omaha and their pigs to Lincoln.
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Tigers Seek
Sweet Solace
The University of Missouri Ti
gers will invade the Nebraska
campus for another of a series of
homecoming contests which have
proved real thrillers over the his
tory of the 60 year old series.
Missouri will be trying to push
its seasons record above the .500
Since 1950 the game has pro
duced some electrifying feats of
derring do. In that memorable
'50 contest, All American Bobby
Reynolds lead Nebraska to a 40-34
victory by running backwards for
40 yards before taking off up the
sidelines on a 74-yd. touchdown
Te next year, In a game played
at Columbia, it was Bob Smith
who did the honors for the Husk
ers. Although Nebraska lost, 35
19, Smith chased a Missouri kick
off 94-yds. for a touchdown. "
At Lincoln, in 1952 Missouri ran
its winning streak to two straight
over the Huskers when Jerry
Schoonamaker snagged a Nebras
ka lateral in midair and ran 80
yards for the touchdown.
In 1953, Missouri cemented its
claim to conference runner-up by
belting Nebraska 23-7. The game
was distinguished by the fine pass
catching of a sophomore end
named Harold Burnine who later
went on to All-American honors
for the Tigers.
The last two years were all Ne
braska's. In 1954 Nebraska tri
umphed 25-19 to solidify an Orange
Bowl trip for the Huskers. Then
last year, it was Rex Fischer's
tremendous run with an intercept
ed Tiger pass that gave Nebraska
the win, 18-12.
Big Seven
Teams Win
Big Games
Staff Sports Reporter
While Colorado was blanking Ne
braska, 16-0, there were two in
tersectional games and one con
ference tilt being played.
In a nationally televised game,
the Oklahoma Sooners routed No
tre Dame 40-0. It was the 35th
straight victory for the Sooners
while the Irish were absorbing
their first shutout since 1951.
Striking with tremendous first
half force, the incredible skill of
Oklahoma's run-pass attack and
its relentless platoon system com
pletely demoralized Notre Dame,
which had two passes intercepted
for Sooner touchdowns.
Clendon Thomas was without a
doubt the big gun for the Sooners
as he figured in two touchdowns.
Thomas scored once on an 11
yard run and again on a 36-yard
jaunt with an interception of a Paul
Hornung pass. He rushed for 121
yards on 23 carries.
End John Bell crossed the cou
ble stripes on a 1-yard plunge
for the first Sooner touchdown.
Tommy McDonald made it 26-0 by
intercepting a pass by Notre
Dame's Jim Morse and racing 55
yards for a touchdown.
Jim Harris plunged over from
the 1-yard line for a third-quarter
touchdown. That put the Soon
ers ahead 33-0 and Thomas made
it 40-0 with his second touchdown
on his Hornung interception in
the fourth - quarter.
Oklahoma rushed to 147 yards
and had 88 yards passing against
119 yards rushing and 99 yards
passing for the Irish.'
Don Faurot niched his 100th vic
tory as a football coach as the
Missouri Tigers scored five touch
downs in the second-half to blank
Iowa State 34-0.
The Tiger scoring was evenly
distributed between five Missouri
backs as Faurot used his man
power freely.
Fullback George Cramer drove
32 yards behind mass blocking for
the first score. Hank Kuhlmann,
sophomore halfback, intercepted
an Iowa State pass to put the
Tigers in scoring position and a
yard and the second score,
few plays later swept end for one
derdog roles to pull out victories.
This time the Buffs were just
too much and Coach Dal Ward's
Coloradoans pounded their way to
a 16 to 0 victory.
Nebraska again played a fine first
half keeping pace with Colorado in
all but the scoring column. The
second half was a different
story as John "The Beast" Bayuk
and his mates outplayed and out
scored the Huskers. Nebraska as in
their past several games seemed to
run out of gas the final two pe
riods. They couldn't muster any
offense in the final half and al
though they held Colorado to seven
points looked poor at times on
Bayuk, for the first time in his
college career, was outstanding
against Nebraska. The past two
seasons they have held him very
well intact.
The win Saturday leaves Colo
rado only one game away from a
trip to the Orange Bowl. This
week the Buffs play Oklahoma and
then next week end meet the Mis
souir Tigers. If they can whip
the Tigers the trip is theirs.
The Nebraska defense looked
very strong in the first part of the
game holding the Coloradoans
scoreless until nearly five minutes
of the second period had been
played. This was the same outfit
which had whipped Kansas State
34-0, Iowa State 52-0, and Kansas
26-25 in their previous Conference
The first Colorado scoring drive
carried for 51 yards in five plays.
It started after halfback Bob
Stransky had returned a George
Harshman punt 18 yards to their,
own 49 yard mark.
Stransky then gained 13 yards.
Sig Alpha-Beta
In a game the saw officials call
back two legal touchdowns, Sigma
Alpha Epsilan beat Beta Theta Pi
The Sig Alphs blocked two Beta
punts and recovered them in the
end zone to account for 4 points.
Wally Bryans passed to Mike
Shatto for the only touchdown that
the Sig Alphs were allowed to
The running and passing of Bry
ans kept the Betas off balance.
The defensive work of Mierhenry
stood out.
Jim O'Hanlon and Cal Johnson
looked good for the Betas.
Mel Warner was held to five yards
in two tries. Stransky gained ten
more. From here Bayuk with the
help of five teammates carried it
over with one big 23 yard run. Ell
win Indorf kicked the extra point
and it was 7-0 Colorado.
First Downi (total) IT IS
Buahint js 11
Paasinf 1
Penalty 1
Buihin f total canieaV si cs
Yarda sained, ruihinc Ml 214
Yard loat, rushing II 4g
Net nuhinaT yarda gained S61 16
Ferwar faaalac
Passee attempted
Completed t
Had intercepted 1 A
Net passing yardage a
Tota! plays (rushes and Passes) ..59 M
Total net y.rds Sa 194
Punts (number
Punting average M sat
Had blocked . 1
Punt returns (number) 4
Yards, punt returns SI ss
Kickoff returns (number) 1
Yards, kirkoffs returned ........ 52 A
Fumbles lost . .. i i
Yards penalized 10S 87
Then it was the Huskers turn to
march and they did from their own
29 to the Colorado 17 before the
march bogged down. Quarterback
Gordon Englert and the rest of the
second team backfield did the work
with the help of the second line.
Larry Naviaux, Bill Hawkins,
and Dick McCashland did the car
rying along with Englert during
the drive. With fourth down and
five yards to go George Harshman,
who defeated Iowa State with his
last minute field goal, tried a place
ment from the Colorado 23 but the .
kick went wide and the Buffs took
Colorado funbled three plays lat
er and Nebraska took over on their
own 17 yard line. However the Husk
ers gave up to mors points just
before the half ended when Frank
Nappi, trying to pass, was tackled
in his own end zone giving the op
ponents two points.
The second half was all Colorado
as Nebraska couldn't muster any
Colorado scored their second and
final touchdown with only six min
utes , gone in the second half.
Again it was Bayuk this itme from
the 14 yard line. Indorgs placement
made it 16-0.
Both teams apparently came om
of the contest without any serious
This week Nebraska will try to
rebound as they play host to Mis
souri in the annual Homecoming
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