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THursday, July 12, 1956
Summer Nebraskan Editorials:
M Bacfiivard Look
Well, Eisenhower has decided to run, just as many people knew he
would, ana it ike and btevenson are nominated at their respective con
ventions, this shouldn't surprise too many people.
Weeks of intensive campaigning are sure to follow the conventions,
and come November, whether Eisenhower or Stevenson is elected,
were win te persons who were sure he would be.
It reminds one of the story told about an old hermit who was being
interviewed by a reporter. Telling how he had completely ' divorced
himself of all interest in the outside world, he said that the last election
he remembered was when William Jennings Bryan was elected.
"But Bryant wasn't president, he was defeated," the reporter
"Well," the old timer commented, "just before I came here, I
heard some fellow making a speech and he said that if Bryan wasn't
elected the whole country would go to the dogs and everybody would
be in the poorhouse. Seems to me things have been going along pretty
well, so I just naturally figured, he'd been elected."
This story illustrates the fact that things which at the time seem
vitally important, to some people at least, are usually not the life and
death matters they seem.
Looking over some of the issues which have been fiercely contested
on this campus in the last year or two, the same fact stands out.
Whether to have one or two weeks for exams, where to go for migra
tion, what average to require of organization officers, whether there
would be another Kosmet Klub show, who should be in charge of Ivy
Day all of these questions raised a considerable furor among various
segments of the University population.
Now, a few short months later, many of those same people could
not remember where migration actually was held, or what was decided
about Kosmet Klub, or what the average requirement was?
This is not to say that free discussion and argumentation doesn't
have a place. This right to express an opinion has been one of the
things a free press has always fought for.
But it still seems that many persons are too willing to take issue,
merely to be taking issue. A little perspective never hurts. A quick
backward look at the important issues of past days, will show that in
all probability the world won't fall apart if your pet issue fails. It is
fine to have an opinion, but after all, Bryan wasn't elected and most
of us still aren't in the poorhouse.
. umt man c?i CAv,rvi
mmmmmmmmm0 X I I"""1""1 I Vr"",f"'i 0. mi " --
lil-HII lull -IBiMMiri 111 Wil l in iUlTi- I MAT
This is a poor class to take f irst PiraoD-so noisy ya cant slup
From The Editor:
luife A Contrast
aSenfed Writers
A brand new magazine for
people who want a fresh slant on
the world, without the excess of
"sophistication" of the "New
Yorker," appeared last month.
"Bounty" describes itself as the
American Satirical Magazine.
Covering a wide range of in
terests, it is everything one would
expect of a magazine whose
editors include such "well-known
satirists as Henry Morgan, H
Allen Smith, Quincy Howe, Ilka
Chase and Quentin Reynolds.
If you can, get a hold of a July
f i
?eci cf e
Congratulations, rather belatedly, albeit sincere, are due Nebras
ke's two beauty queens, both from the University. Miss Diane Knotek
and Miss Shari Lewis' are not only very attractive and personable young
ladies, but they are the sort of persons who make good representatives
for the state and the University.
One cannot help but contrast them with the young lady, to perhaps
stretch the term, who is the holder of the Miss New York title. The
newspapers recently carried the stories on the fight with her husband,
which resulted from an all night celebration-drinking party. The stories
also mentioned that this husband is her second and that she is 18.
The state and the "University can well be proud of the caliber of Its
representatives. Both Diane and Shari have worked hard in various
campus organizations. Diane was one of 21 senior women named to
Mortar Board at Ivy Day. -. "'".-
Shari, Nebraska's entry in the Miss Universe contest, has been
spending the summer quietly working a local bank, where she holds issue; it contains some particu
a job of responsibility arian trust. larfy interesting articles on the
The Summer Nebraakan wishes the best of luck to both Shari and Prospects lor we political conven
Diane, knowing that wherever they go they can only reflect credit nons-
upon themselves, their -parents, their school and their state. The mail situation is improving
This morning I received an "Elec
tion Year Argument Settler" from
Time magazine. This handy
wheel contains pertinent inform a-
With the plethora of, fine free entertainment available to Summer tion about -H ne past presidents,
School students at the University, it is often hard to decide what to vice-presidents and candidates on
attend. The Summer Opera production "Let's Make an Opera" cer- me Biae
tainly deserves special consideration. ' The other side will give you the
The charming production tells the audience, in a most enjoyable governor of any particular state
fashion, how to make an opera, and then proceeds to do so in the the number of Senators and Repre
third act. - sentatives at stake in the election
The cast, all veteran performers, should add much to the opera, for their party affiliation, the number
in opera, as in most musical forms, it is the music, rather than the electoral votes, the state's
ecory wmcn is tne most important. cnuice m ana me results in
This opera, is not the sort of thing intended to be an oasis in any 1954
'cultural desert"; it is a good piece of musical entertainment. As In fact, Time claims that
such, it should have wide appeal. gives you 818 helpful facts. This
may well be true. But as for
I being an argument settler, I don't
know. A friend and I got into an
argument immediately over pos-
This is a story. It is the story of Joe, who went to Summer School session of the wheel.
at the University. He went partly to show his parents he really was The 'mail is beginning to take
serious aoout college, partly because his friends were going, partly on a decidedly international flavor
because there was nothing to do at home, and partly because he So far this week the mail has fur-
figured he could easily have a whale of a good time in town while nished me with the start of a fine
picking up a few easy credits. . I stamp collection. We received
He skipped class when he felt like it, and spent a lot of money on copy of "The Mita Campus", the
beer, while he complained to his friends about the heat. He ignored student newspaper of Keio Univer-
the special programs planned for summer school students, he never Bitv in Japan; several copies of
reaa a book, nor visited the library. tne English-language weekly "The
All in all, it was a pretty good summer, there were parties, and Times of Viet Nam"; and a
some pretty girls; he got a lot of sleep (during the day) and every magazine, printed in what I be-
so otten ne wrote home and told his parents how much good summer ueve 18 uermMi caiiea puren.
school was doing him, and laughed at all his friends who spent the Mavbe mme kini reader would
summer workine. interpret that for me. I cant tell
But then, summer was over. There was Joe, several hundred whether it is a serious publication,
dollars poorer and not a whit richer in any respect for his summer or PrhaP the German version of
. Yes, it can happen in summer school, even at Nebraska. 8 co,leSe humor magazine.
- . A brightly colored leaflet an
nounced the opening of the World
Student Congress August 26. The
pamphlet, published by the Inter
national Union of Students in
Prague, Czechoslovakia, began:
"What are the main Questions
facing the world student com
munity? How can we overcome
the existing division in the stu
dent world? It went on to describe
the steps we could take to unite
Illinois Finds
'Boners1 Made
By Freshmen
At the University of Illinois, the
faculty has been going over fresh
man English papers with an eye
toward perhaps revising the cur
riculum. '
Seems they found a few 'miner'
"Whenever anyone called on the
head of the government, the visitor
was expected to stand while he
"'Tragedy, of course, has the in
evitable sad ending; the lover
loses the girl or dies in the at
tempt." "Your telephone also brings in
convenience to yon by ringing
when you are cooking and are
near a critical point of being
"Since George Washington, we
have had some thirty other odd
presidents in the White House."
"Like all great Americans, Lee
was called to his rest in the year
The introducatktn of the gas
driven motor put the finishing
touches on the end of the Isorse,"
"When we saw the Pacific, it
was miles from the shore."
"Whether raining, snowing, or
hailing, every person in the audi
ence stands, faces the flag, and
if it is a man, he removes his hat."
"'It is the fortunate housewife
who is able to phone her grocer, .
repeat to him her specific desires.
good English, but jts just didn't kitchen."
add up. Anyway, I'm going to be "
fusf A Story . . .
: The Summer Nebraskan
Editorial Staff
Editor Lucigrace Switzer
Business Staff
Business Manager...... Jerry Nissen
For information concerning advertising or editorial matter in The
Summer Nebraskan call 2-7631, University extension 4225, 4226, 4227.
very busy during August.
. . !,''ti'l'M '" i $f
bad. Cars are still parked at
strange angles, without regard to
the lines. Those of you who re
turn to find your car fenders
dented, check. Maybe, if you had ,
parked correctly, there would
have been room for the other fel
low too.
Progress Report 2: There was
quite a good turnout for the first
Friday International Luncheon i
but many more foreign students
than American. Here is a fine
opportunity to meet some students j
from other countries who are
studying here so I hope to see
lots of American students there
this Friday. Elsewhere in this!
paper is a hidden clue, and 1 am
offering a small prize to everv
American student attending, with
tne correct solution.
1 'electric J
swim iw
Staff Member?
A letter te the editor received I this lnmm, !i... i
, , ...... 1 " fci " J '"W ICUVH
the other day, might indicate that member.
To the Editor:
What proof can your officers
give that: Journalism is not the
pimp for the International Kennel
Clubs? Explain payments lor dog
stories, etc.?
3. JL