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Vol. 26, No. 95
For Oocdoy
Roger Albright, director of the
Department ef Educational Serv
ices of the Motion Picture Asso
ciation, will be visiting the Uni
versity next week.
Monday noon
fee win speak
to a Phi Delta
Kappa lunch
eon at the
"What Teach
ing Materials
School Be
Available In
Good School
has I r4?.
AJhrirM has
f the Depart- Albright
neat of Educational Services
ainoe IMC when it was organized
to co-ordinate and administer the
various educational projects re
lating to the progr am of the
Motion Picture Association.
Currently, his department Is
Wing ia the support of a field
consultation program administered
by the Department of Audio-Visual
Instruction of foe National Educa
tion, and a similar program
wponsored by the Coherence of
Presidents of Regra Land Grant
Colleges through which experi
enced consultants are helping to
reorganize and improve the
audio-visual programs in the
Negro colleges which are largely
responsible for fee training of
Negro teachers. j
Doris Growccdc:
'Tempest' Sat, Masks
tW5Uir Ui ilieSIS SiUOV
Students who see the University
Theater production of .The Tem
pest" July 28 and 29, will be see
ing, if they observe the settings,
the final product of a graduate
Doris Ann Growcock, for work
on her thesis in dramatic work,
designed the unusual set for tbe
Sahkespearean play.
egins Tr ip
For Turkey
Chancellor Clifford M. Hardin
and his wife left Wednesday after
noon for Ankara, Turkey, where be
will confer with Turkish officials
on the first-year progress of the
University contract with Turkey.
Dr. Hardin said he Is scheduled
to visit the site in Eastern Tiakey
of the proposed At&turk University,
which win be patterned after a
U. S. land-grant college.
At present, the University has a
field staff of 14 people at Ankara,
headed by Dr. Marvel Baker. The
staff has two objectives, to assist
in strengthening various depart
ments t the University of Ankara
and to advise in the construction
from the ground up of the new At-,
turk University. j
Dr. Hardin expects to spend aj-
proximately two weeks in Turkey
returning to lincola July 22. "22;3 a.m. '
Convocation Speaker
Dr. John Furbay, director of
air world education for Trans
World Air Lines, will speak at a
convocation Friday instead of
Thusrday "as previously an
nounced hi the Summer Nebras
kan. The convocation will be at
10 a.m. Friday in Love Library
Auditoriunu "Global Hinds For
a Global World" will be his topic.
Furbay Is a syndicated news
paper Columnist, recipient of the
Brewer Aviation Trophy, lec
turer at the World Seminar in
Geneva, Switzerland, E d u c a
tional Advisor to the XJberi&n
Government, Fellow of the Royal
Geographic Society of London,
Educational Attache to U.S. Em
bassies,, former college dean and
delegate to numerous aviation
conferences. Furbay will be at
the University in connection with
the Air Age Education Workshop
until Tuesday. He will also visit
CourtM StmdT 3oamS mni Star
Working closely with Max Whit
taker, director for the production.
Miss Growcock designed a model
replica of the stage . setting.
The setting represents a place
on a faraway island, inhabited by
fantastic inhuman creatures.
Miss Growcock also designed
and drew up the masks which
will be used in the play. These are
of a special design which will
make them more mobile than the
usual type of mask.
Although only one setting is used
for the play, its design is such as
to give it a mobility of playing
areas and through the use of lights
it will be possible to vary the
effects of tbe setting, Whjttaker
Miss Growcock has also been
studying the possibility for tbe tise
of a dance movement to project I
the idea of the play. This would
be through the use of -"laminated j
- f .Aa A.r., v -
German dramatist, which has Wd I
much discussed out little used, at
least in this country.
The scale models and the masks
for the pity win have a further
use, Winilaker explained. They
will be used is one of the televi
sion movies produced by the
speech and drama department.
Sports Seels j
Sports Keels for July S include
skiing, ice skatk&; hockey and
Thev will fo chnara in W main
lounge of the Union from 11:45 to
V "
Wednesdays Thursday:
eclcina, ilo
n Common
Two outstanding educators are
taking part tn the Nebraska Com
munity Education Project work
shop being held at the University
Wednesday and Thursday.
They are Walter Cocking, editor
of the School Executive, and O. H.
The AQSammer SessUa Ptcak
which was planned for Maaday has
been pastpMted antO Jaly 23, ac-
carding to the summer session ef
fice. Roberts of Evansville, Xnd., direc
tor of the Ford study on Respon
sibility of the Board of Education
in the Solution of Community Edu
cation Problems.
Approximately 25 board of edu
cation members from Mullen, Syra
cuse, Sidney and York are taking
part in the workship which is de
signed to aid the functioning of the
project at the local level.
Roberts spoke . in the Wednes
day session. Re also is immediate
"Trends ia Today's Livlftg," Mrs.
Carl Deitemeyer discussing the
European home, 4 p.m., Urnon
Parlors B and C
AH-State Band and Orchestra
concert, 7 p.m.. Union Ballroom.
Craft Shop, Union, 7 to i p.m.
All-State one-act plays, Howell
Memorial Theater, t:39 p.m.
Nebraska Community Education
Workshop, Walter D Cocking, re
porting on the White House Con
ference, Union, 2 p.m.
Friday: .
AH-State musical comedy
Good News,"" University High A
di terrain, 7:30 p.m.
Lecture by Dr. John Furbay,1
"Global Minds for a Global
World,'" 11 a.m Love Library Aa-;
ditorium. I
Ail-State final concert, starting
in front of the Coliseum, t p.m.
Opening of Pioneer Abstract Art
exhibition, Morrill Hall Galleries,
all day.
Buyer To Review
Best Book Choices
Books In General" wIU be the
topic of Mrs. W. D. Douglases book
review Monday at p.m. in the
Union Book Nook.
Mrs. Douglas as book buyer for
a Lincoln department .store.
. . etamA 4nform..
T Jniorma-
T f T rf " v a
Pfreshnjents will be furnished
at &e beguuung U the review.
Swimming Periods
Set For Week
ftecreational swimming periods
are being field at Hie Coliseum for
men and women.
Men may swim ht 10 a.m. and 1
p.m. Monday through Friday.
Tlie period for Women is Ml 4
p.m. Monday through Friday.
Mixed ' swimming is held at 1
p.m. Wedriesdays. ' !
Instruction in swimming wIU be
available at the pool. A permit
irom Scudeot Bealth is required.
rfs Take Part
past president of the National
School Boards Association.
Cocking will discuss "The Board
of Education's Responsibility for
Improvement of the Educational
Program" at the Thursday morn
ing session and will report on the
recent White House Conference at
the afternoon meeting.
Cocking also will address other
University classes and seminars
during the coming week.
Before assuming the editorship
of the School Executive in 1945, he
served as dean of the College of
Education of the University of
Georgia. From 1933 to 1937 he was
Tennessee state commissioner of
Re was president of the Joint
Council on Economic Education
from 19SI to ' 1954 and president
July 5: '
IHljjellfte F
George Hjelte, general manager
of the Les Angeles departrner ef
recreation and parks, will be
giving series of talks on recrea
tional facilities t rthe University
July 5
At noon he
wul speak at a
luncheon. Un
ion Parlors
XYZ, on -Com
munity Park
and Recreation
Guests , will
include mem
bers of the city
council, school
board, park
and recreation board, council on
juvenile problems, director of rec
reation, director of public welfare
and safety, tbe director of the
Lincoln school system department
of health and physical education
and his administrative staff, and
others interested in the problem.
At 2 p.m. ia Room 107, Burnett,
be will discuss 'Co-ordination of
School Facilities and Personnel
into a Community Program of
Recreation." This is especially in-
Forusn Panel
To Spotlight
Trouble Area
The first of tw World Trouble
Spot Forums will be held it 2 p.m.
July S in Love Library Auditorium.
Topic or fne forum is France
s,nd North Africa.
Members of tbe anel wlio will
discuss tbe topic from various
stamajKHnts are J. P. Colbert, dean
of Student Affaur; C C Held, s
sitariit professor f geography;;
Wallace C Peterson, assistant pro-
fessor of economk". and Dal mas
H. Nelson, instructor in political
science. - ;
Moderator and coordinator w2
be Jack McBride, sitant direc
tor of education television..
The forum wiU feature the latest
adio-visual aids.
The second of the .rums will be
held JiOy IS. . . 1
Thursday, June 28, 1956
of the New York State Citizens
Committee for the Public Schools
from 1952 to 1954.
During 1941 and 1942 he was
executive director of the planning
committee of the Federal Security
Agency and was chief specialist
in school administration for Presi
dent Roosevelt's advisory commit
tee on education in 1937. He was
consultant to the Tennessee Valley
Authority from 1934 to 1946 and
a member of the science advisory
committee of the National Re
sources Planning Board from 1934
to 1939.
Roberts spoke on" "The Role of
Education in American Society:
School-Community Relationships.
and "The Broadening Concept of
the Role of the Board of Education
at the Local Level" Wednesday.
tended for summer school students
and faculty members.
Following his talk there will be
a tjpestkxi and answer period led
by Dr. Walter Beggs.
'Can There be Eoial Recrea
tional Opportunities for AH? Co
ordination of All Community Re
sources for Recreatiin" will be his
topic at t p.m. in Love Library
Auditorium. PTA presidents, recre
ation chairmen and physical edu
cation teachers from the public
schools have been especially in
vited to this session.
Hjeltehas just returned from
the President's Confrnce of Phy
sical Fitness of American Youth
which was held June IS and 19.
He has been with the Los Ange
les department -since 1947. Previ
ous to that be was perintendent
of recreation for Westchester
County, New York an3 for Berke
ley, Calif. Before that be was aa
instructor of physical education.
A member of various profession
al organizations ia the field of
phj'sical education and recreation,
Hjelte has served as Chairman of
the Advisory Council of at Na
tional Recreation Association, and
has twice served as the president
of that organization. In 1952 he m as
the director of the National Rec
reation Workshop.
He is the author of "Adminis
tration of Public Recreation.' a
handbook in tbe field, and is co
author of several other books. He
has also contributed several arti
cles to professional magazines.
Union Plans Movie
'Lion In Streets'
Sunday night, ait 7:38 p.m. in
the Ballroom, the Union is pre
senting the fJn, A Lion Is la
the Streets'" starring James Cag-
This is die powerful dramatiza
tion of the best -selling novel which
in many ways parallels the lie
of.Huey Long of Louisiana. Stir
ring ctioa nd . award winiBtg
acting and direction recreate the
rise and fall of a political derrt
gogue ia a typical SoaUiera cot-torv-grfwirg
Ho adsuKSion wH2 be chtrp&S.