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TKurscfoy, June 14, 1956
Summer Ncbraskan Editorials:
To E cJucomq Of Not
A large Nebraska dally pub- Such an education does not lead Teacher College students are re
lished the third in a series of ar to a firm basis of Information markably well versed on how to
ticles concerning the University needed to Instruct, nor does it , Kllf . , . .
last Monday. This article was ex- make the student academically "h but know very little to teach,
tremely critical of Teachers' Col- conscientious: The root of' the problem, and
lege curriculum and called the xhe appalling thing is that per- Prly equipped college students
school a "hodgepodge of courses." 8ons with this educational back- becoming even more poorly
Listed by the newspaper are ground are the present and future WlPPed teachers cannot be
sucH things as square dancing, up- teachers in Nebraska schools. They claed " anything else, does not
holstering, elementary typewrit- to have absolutely nothing to 1Ie in the tate' primary and see
ing, extracurricular activities, and teach that can be considered as ondary public schools. It lies within
two courses listed as public rela- academlc meat for intelligent chil- University itself. The Univer
tions, but one is expressly ded- dren All future education rests on 8,101,1(1 ,tlfen Teachers Col-,
cated to the problems of the PTA. a firm gracje anj secondary train- lee cour consolidate methods
The Nebraskan cannot say that ing basis m fundamentals such as course into one J8. et "P
no courses of any value are offered reading, wriUng, arithmetic, spell- an sxtensive program of require
by the Teachers College, nor can in- chemistry and particularly meni in otner colleges, partlcu
it say that all students in Teach- secondary English. m ,arly rta and Sciences. It is not
ers College shirk in the selection , . . 1 . , , . at all wise or justifiable for
t .ioH. u ,.,... Students have only to look around Toanhmt.. miw. t u.
analogous to early morning bird "$ TlTJt numbers of teachers each year to
v'; " " meet the growing teacher shortage
wuuuui '. The shortage is a problem but it
training. There have been college can hardly bft fcy attrftctlng
"v,uo v bts of students to Teachers Col
more than three svllahlps. . . ...
" l ita uiaiiM 4r haa m ".nan
Teachers College is as import- course" reputation, and then
Bachelor of Science in Education ant a college as the University graduating them after four years
degree with 20 hours of such has. The Nebraskan wishes it were of what best can be described as
ridiculous courses. In some cases: also the most difficult of any col- superfluous courses. Numbers of
students have taken far more edu- lege. It seems only logical that fu- teachers cannot compensate for
cation courses of this nature than ture educators should be the best the loss of academic integrity and
are required because little or no informed persons in the Univer- a lowering of educational stand-
creative intellectual effort is neces- sity. It appears to The Nebraskan, ards. It is obvious to the Nebraskan
$ary. however, that the vast majority of which is more important. J. B.
Dibs Comments:
'olummst Praises
arson Booh
filer; C
Staff Columalst
(Editor's note: Miss Dibble,
one of the summer Nebraskan
columnists is a senior In Arts
and Sciences at the University.
She is a history major 'and a
member of Kappa Alpha Theta.
She is a graduate of Bradford
Junior College, Bradford, Mass.)
It, if your musical taste runs
generally along this line you might
enjoy "A Pictorial History of
Jazz" by Orrin Keepnews and Bill
Grauer Jr. It rovers jazzmen, jazz
places and jazz aiyles for the past
half century.
Just an idea for the fairer sex
on these hot days stick a bottle
of cologne into the refrigerator
calls (orinthology) and bait and
flycasting. These two courses are,
incidentally, offered by the -University.
However, the Nebraskan can say
that it is possible to receive a
Improvements Needed
The actions of the Board of Re- or stagnant institution of learning more lucrative positions for nebul
gents Monday are the crystaliza- is worse than useless. lous reasons like "he likes the city
tion of University administrators' Also gratifying is the talk Chan- of Lincoln, or he likes the Univer
attempts to enlarge and make cellor Clifford Hardin gave at a sity."
more suitable the physical plant recent alumni gathering. The The Chancellor deserves all the
of the University. Chancellor outlined in firm lan- support the state can give him in
The University building program guage the decided need for more his efforts to improve the Univer
is of immense importance to every instructors and higher pay scales sity, both in the building program
citizen of the state of Nebraska, at the University. and in his budget requests. The
Even if only three-quarters of the The University must offer better Chancellor clearly recognizes the
University's anticipated enrollment working conditions and better sal- need for more and better buildings
in ten years is realized, there ary scales to keep excellent in- and salary scales that compare
would still be great strain on the structors now on the campus and favorably with schools of the same
University's facilities as they are attract new ones. " enrollment. J .B
now. , le university nas . lost more
The building program will serve instructors this past year because
to ease Xhe situation and justi- of more attractive offers than
fies its existence by that alone. .- . through the highly touted "outside -
To serve the state, the Univerrpressures" of last spring. It is
sity must" grow and expand its blind to expect an instructor to re
hangs the milk. It is arranged for nineti" nd Lc,la1SSM ln the morn
milking " BU wiucn require prepare
Feel rather tardy ip having just tion 14 seems to be a bit incongru
finished Rachel Carson's fine ous to be speakmg of reading for
"The Edge of the Sea," which pleasure and Just plain relaxation,
came out this past winter. She However, the editor spent the
follows the ebbing tide out with weekend between the end of final
her descriptions of the life left un- examinations and the beginning of
covered by the receeding water, summer school catchins un on.
Her keen sense of observation can what the publishers have been do-
only evoke much admiration on jng this year.
the part of the reader. p, rr tiv. !.in,u
While we're in the literary de- 'r" l.VT l'llll"'
lSSi NV-TewsTa ers, 'Tas
W?uSrffffl!5 b-k. Price invaded
ish history fascinating. Pierre Gas- the humorous essay fietf a few
sier has written a new and rela- th 0ne Had
tn,rc;. w ahnt Out The Other." He referred to the
life of the fabulous court painter, book as a philosophical treatise ad
ft seems to be well worth looking vocating the theory of avoidisra.
at. Avoiaism consists cm a valuing as
The daily crowds at the tennis manv thmSs possible as much
courts bring to mind the fear ex- tne tUne as possible.
pressed by many of the fans of Price contends that the book
the game that the intensive night- went unheeded, but it seems more
time tennis program of the Aus- likely that someone beat him to
sies will give them a lead over us the draw and the , theory was so
in years to come. Already at an ad- widespread that when he belatedly
vantage because of the absence published his treatise that the the
of snow, Australia is bringing many ory had taken hold. The book was,
young tennis hopefuls into the course consequently avoided,
game with the inducement of low , . . . ,
cost. The Aussies claim that a ,. Z ?,r5 .. ,
beginner can learn all the rudi- "7? P"L , 7 ,w " K
ments of the game and have a "T TT. " V ' .,r.
place to play for as low as twenty- p !. 'l m 1
two cents game. Me, First-" deab Wlth P"
re become nuite tan of Th &riA "s candidate Herman Clabber-
Four Freshman in the last few cutt Good American.
months. They have done original Price is amusing and his political
versions of many of the old favor- satire, although it can hardly com
ites, including an outstanding one pare with "Candide,1 is fast torn-
of "Over the Rainbow." Incidental- mer reading.
This summer, there are avail
able to summer session students a
educational facilities. A stationary main at the University despite vast array of entertaining and edu
cational extracurricular programs.
Every summer session student
should take advantage of as many
of these presentations as possible.
Dr. Frank Sorenson, director of
summer sessions, and his staff have
scheduled some of the nation's
leading figures in their respective
fields to address summer session
students. Bob Handy and mem
bers of the Union staff are pre
senting a large number of activi
ties for summer session students'
leisure hours and have scheduled
four outstanding attractions for
their Artists Series. v
Both of these areas are furnish
ing activity to summer session
The Summer Nebraskan
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Editorial Staff
Editor... v Judy Bost students free of charge. As an in
Business Staff centive, both Love Library and the
Business Manager Jerry Nissen Union are air-conditioned. J.B.
Tf viiV th tvne nt fiaWman and let it cool. After a shower.
who is always hunting for some- sPlash " on liberally and you'll
thing new to improve his 'uck then find " refreshing.
you might be interested in the Saw an interesting anti-ice cube
Mepps spinner. This is an import- device in one of the department
ed French fishing lure, which - is stores today. It's a small metal
rapidly becoming very popular, oiece which snaps onto the rim
It is leaf shaped and attached of a glass and holds the ice in
to. it is a small tuble hook. The place so that it can't bump into
unusual feature about the spinner the drinker's nose. Quite novel,
is that it works best after it has but I doubt if bumping icecubes
become dirty and stained. have been hindering the amount
June being Dairy Month, this of beverages consumed.
description of a cow by a 10 year
old boy in Science magazine seems
well worth repeating. "A cow is a
mammal. It has six sides right,
left, and upper and below , . . The
head is for the purpose of growing
horns and so that the mouth can
be somewhere . . . under the cow
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