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    Chancellors Welcome
It is difficult to write a fitting, single salutation for
all of you who are beginning Summer Session work at
the University.
For many of you, the Summer Session amounts to a
third semester; another step in the year's study. For
others it is a return to the interrupted task of adding to
your store of education and professional training. For a
few it marks the beginning of college. Only a minority
of you are here for the first time, and to you, on behalf
of all of us, I want to extend a special welcome. We are
very pleased to have you with us.
There may have been a time when a Summer Session
according to popular notion was a kind of appendage to
the "regular" school year. That notion, if it was ever
widespread, has all but disappeared. Summer Session
work is not "irregular" or casual. You will find the qual
ity of Summer Session instruction to be first-rate. Those
in charge of our summer program have endeavored to
make these weeks especially helpful, stimulating and in
teresting through the use of special events, con
ferences, and lectures by visiting authorities in various
fields. In cooperation with the Union, the Department of
Music, and other campus agencies, a series of programs
has been provided to give you many pleasant hours of
relaxation and enjoyment. We want you to have some
fun along with your work.
Clifford Hardin
Thursday, Jun 14: First day of
Friday, June 15: Girls' and
Boys' State Dance 3:30 p.m., Ballroom.
Saturday, June 16: Classes will
be held; Boys' State ends; Qualify
ing exams for advanced students
in education: All-State picnic, 4
p.m., Capitol Beach.
Sunday, June 17: Film: "The
Happy Time," 7:30 p.m., Ball
room. Monday, June 18: Elementary
Ed Club Luncheon, 12 noon; Girls'
State ends; Book review, "Poetry
of Ogden Nash," Mrs. Roy Green,
4 p.m., Ballroom; All-State Stu
dent Recital, 7:30 p.m.. Ballroom.
Tuesday, June 19: Phi Lambda
Theta luncheon, 12 noon; Phi Delta
Kappa luncheon, 12 nocn; Union
bridge tensions, 4 p.m., , Parlors
AB; Union Handicraft lessons,
7-10 p.m., craft shop."
Wednesday, June 20: Union
Artist Series, "The Dance- Drama
Company," 8 p.m., Ballroom;
"Meet the Artists," following pro
gram in Parlors ABC.
Director's A&f
The 1956 Summer Sessions of the University of
Nebraska are designed to provide enJiecLipportunitiea
for all students. It is expected thatitoet-WOwidents
of the estimated 3000 total will be continuing their work
from the regular academic year. TlviDOa additional
enrollees will include many i eachers anaiflatsbl adminis
trators from Nebraska communities. A substantial num
ber of those persons enrolled will be from other states
and countries.
Everything possible has been done to make the
campus attractive and comfortable. When the days are
not too warm, may we suggest that you stroll about the
campus and jiote its many beauty spots. The beautiful
trees, shrubs, and grass remindsus of the fact that Ne
braska is rich in soil and climate.
The University is proud of its new air-conditioned
classroom buildings and its wonderful new air-conditioned
library and Student Union. We suggest that you utilize
the Student Union to the fullest, including the book-nook,
the music center, and the game rooms.
Together students and staff can make the 1956 Sum
mer Sessions at the University of Nebraska the finest in
the history of the institution. Your suggestions for im
proving the services of the University in the summer are
Frank Sorenson
Vol. 29, No. 93
Thursday, June 14, 1956
Mrs. Green
To Review
The first book review on the
Union schedule for summer ses
sion Is a review of the poetry of
Ogden Nash, by Mrs. Roy Green,
wife of the Dean of the Engineer
ing College.
Mrs. Green will speak at 4 p.m.
Monday in the Union Book Nook,
located on the first floor of the
Mrs. Green has been reviewing
books for over 25 years and has
also taught international affairs
and reading and book reviewing
through the University Extension
Division and the General Adult
Education Department of the Lin
coln Public Schools.
She has also written a number
of articles and recently published
"Books and You," which is based
on material used in teaching her
This is the first of three sched
uled Union book reviews. Refresh
ments will be served after the re
view and Mrs. Green will be avail
able for questioning. There will be
no admission charge.
Union Slates
Free Movies
For Sundays
The Union will sponsor movies
to be presented each Sun
day evening for summer session
students, Bob Handy, director of
Union activities, announced.
The movies will be shown in the
Union Ballroom at 7:30 p.m., and
any summer session student is in
vited to attend, he said. ,
"The Happy Time" starring
Charles Boyer will be presented
Sunday as Che first movie. Th e
picture is an adaption of the one
of Broadways biggest hits, "The
Male Animal."
Succeeding presentations in
clude, "A Song to Remember,"
June 24; "Lion in the Streets,"
July 1; "Lydia Bailey," July 8;
"Home of the Brave," July 15;
"The Lavender' Hill Mob," July
22; and "Death of a Salesman'
July 29.
Parking Stickers
Not Necessary
Summer sessions students will
not be required to . purchase
parking stickers to park their
cars in University parking
areas, according to John Fur
row, sergeant of University Po
lice. Violation tickets will be given
for cars parked on red or green,
lines or in areas designated for'
faculty . parking, Sgt. Furrow
Faculty areas are designated
by signs, he said.
Student parking areas Include
the Union .parking lot, the Sel
leck Quadrangle parking lot and
street parking not otherwise
designated, he said.
To Speak
On Morals
"Development of Moral Values in
Children and Youth" is the topic
of clinic Thursday, June 21, from
2-4 p.m. in Love Library Audito
rium. The clinic will be sponsored by
the department of philosophy and
the Summer Sessions office of the
University. Dr. Jerome Nathan
son, chairman of the Board of
Leaders of the New York Society
for Ethical Culture, will deliver the
main address.
Following the address, there will
be a panel discussion. Members
of the panel will include Arthur
Gruenler, principal of North High
School, Denver, Colo.; Mrs. Lor
raine Giles, principal of "Belvedere
Grade School, Omaha; Dr. Frank
Court, minister, St. Paul's Method
ist Church; and Roy Green, Dean
of the University's College of En
gineering and Architecture.
Two questions that are facing
this democracy today are how can
the religious and educational in
stitutions cooperate more fully in
developing strong moral character
and how the additional cooperation
can be brought about, Dr. Charles
Patterson, chairman of the depart
ment of philosophy, said.
"It is for the purpose of working
toward an answer to each of these
questions that this special clinic is
being conducted," be said.
s T pern
Emily Frackel and Mark Ryder,
featured dancers and co-producers
will open the union summer
of the Dance-Drama Company,
Artists Series Wednesday.
The concert is scheduled for 8
p.m. in the Union Ballroom. There
will be no admission charge, Bob
Handy, director of Union activi
ties, said.
Following the performance,
there will be a refreshment hour
to meet the artists In Parlors A
BC of the Union, Handy said.
The idea is new to the Union
series, which are also conducted
during the regular, session, and
was inaugurated to give the stu
dents a chance to meet and visit
with guest artists, Handy said.
Ryder and Miss Frackel formed
the Dance-Drama company, the
first of its kind in the country,
five years ago. They also do the
choreography for numbers which
range from humorous satire to
classical ballet, and includes dra
ma and pantomime in lyric the
ater dance.
Miss Frackel and Ryder head a
company ot six actor-aancers
which includes Marilyn Poudrier,
Yvonne Brenner, David Gold and
Howard White.
Other choreography in addition
to that done by Miss Frackel and
Ryder is done by nationally known
Charles Weideman and Todd Bol
lender, . who is currently dokig
r J
i ifiaifcisii
Display Slated
In Love Library
The Nebraska Bookmen's Asso
ciation is presenting a display of
textbook audio visual materials
Monday through Friday in Love li
brary. Standard textbook and school
supply companies represented in
Nebraska will display their latest
products for summer session stu
dents. The display will be open from 8
a.m. to 5 p.m. in the east reading
room on the first floor.
Officers of the Bookmen's Asso
ciation are Leonard Larson, presi
dent; Dell Hedges, vice president;
and F. B. Shrader, secretary-treasurer.
Dancers To Perform
Emily .Frackel and Mark
Ryder, co-producers and fea
tured artists in the Dance-Drama
Company, are shown above.
They will be featured in the first
classical ballet work for the New
York City Ballet.
The Dance-Drama company's
repertiore includes spoofs of ra
dio and television soap operas,
classic romantic ballet music of
Claude Debussy, a jazz number
about teen-agers today, and a fan
tasy ballet based on fairy tales.
Miss Frackel and Ryder, who are
married in private life, began
dancing together in 1949. For their
first season, they created the pro
gram, costumes, scenery, booked
and manged themselves, and made
a debut in New York.
Since then, they have made ex
tensive tours, including a six-week
tour of Israel, and have danced
at the famous Jacob's Pillow
Dance Festival and the New Lon-
Union Artists Series Wednesday
at 8 p.m. in the Union Ballroom.
There will be no admission
charge. The group will present
a varied program.
don Dance Festival.
All members of the company
are trained in ballet, modern Hin
du interpretations, jazz, primitive,
tap acrobatics and folk and dra
ma styles of dance.
Other Union Artists Series are
scheduled for presentations throug
out the summer. The Mitchell
Ruff Duo will be presented on
Wednesday, June 27; a film of
Sakespeare's "Hamlet" will b
shown July 11; and the final pre
sentation is scheduled for July 23
and .will feature Winslow and Car
Handy said that he urged sum
mer sessions students to attend
as many of the presentations as
possible. "Each one is well worth
the time," he said.