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Wednesdoy, March 21 , 1956
Page 3
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Who W Gef Tie Opening Nod?...
(Nebraskn rbM.)
One of these five pitchers will
get the starting nod as the Ne
braska baseball team treks south
for their diamond opener.
From left to right they are,
Willie Greenlaw, Roger Bottorf,
Dick Geier, Charlie Ziegenbein
and Bob Collis.
The Huskers open their 1959
campaign against tbe Tulsa Uni- ed in this list is one against
versity nine the 24th of March. Offut Air Force Base, two with
They then meet Houston, Rice Kansas, two with Colorado, Kan-
and Baylor on the swing before sas State, and Missouri.
In all the baseball squad Greenlaw, Geier and Bottorff
returning home against the Kan- are veterans. Other returning
sas State Wildcats. letterman include Don Brown,
plays six home games. Includ- Norm Coufal and Don Erway.
From The Alleys:
eta Sigs Boast
Top Bowling Mark
Bob Win
I-M Editor
Beta Sigma Psi took over this
week as the hottest team in intra
dural bowling by winning 4-0 last
week and stretching its season
mark to 15-1. Also they continue to
lead second place Andrews by two
full games.
Other leaders are Sigma Nu 14-2
in the Monday league. However
they are being followed closely by
Selleck (13-3) and Sigma Phi Ep
sflon (12-4).
Delta Sigma Pi hiked their Tues
day lead to two games over Sigma
Chi. Delta Sigma Pi is 14-2 and
Sigma Chi 12-4.
Also Sigma Alpha Mu continues
its slight edge over Theta Xi and
Sigma Pi Epsilon. The leaders are
10-2 and the next two teams are
both 9-3.
Sigma Nu 14-2
Selleck ;.13-3
Sigma Phi Epsilon 12-4
Brown Palace 8-8
Phi Kappa Psi 7-5
Gustavson H 3-9
Boucher 1-15
Delta Sigma Phi 0-4
Delta Sigma Pi 14-2
Sigma Chi 12-4
Farm House 9-7
Beta Theta Pi 7-9
Newman Club 5-7
Kappa Sigma 3-13
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2-10
Sigma Alpha Mu 10-2
Theta Xi 9-3
Sigma Phi Epsilon 9-3
Burnett 8-4
Gus I 6-6
Kappa Sigma 5-7
Delta Sigma Pi 4-8
Phi Gamma Delta 4-8
Theta Chi 3-9
Zeta Beta Tau 2-10
Beta Sigma Psi 1-51
Andrews House 13-3
Delta Sigma Phi 11-5
Alpha Tau Omega ... 9-7
A. S. C. E 7-9
Delta Gamma Pi . : 4-12
Alpha Gamma Sigma 2-12
Alpha Gamma Rho 1-15
For Trip
The Cornhusker golfers shot
qualifying rounds at Pioneer Golf
Course last week end.
Nebraska will open its season
on Saturday as they take on Tulsa
University at Tulsa. During the
southern trip the Huskers will also
oppose the University of Houston
and compete in the Southwest
Tournament in Houston, Texas.
Players qualifying for the south
ern trip were Jack Moore with
236, Jerry Moore with 243, Warren
Christansen with 244, Herb Mayer
with 246 and John Butterfield with
Nelson Jensen, Pawnee City let
terman, failed by a stroke to make
the first trip. Dick Beecham, Lin
coln, Don Treadway, Kearney and
Tom Kmsler, Lincoln, also were in
the qualifying field.
. Deadline for submitting intra
mural ballots Is Wednesday, March,
Any team not submitting a ballot
will not have a man on the team.
Ballots should be turned in to the
sports department of the Nebras-
A Campus-to-Career Case History
-X. v, I 'i:
1 :.- "
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Off r :
'''''' :::::':::VS:-x':';''i'
' A
JTinfidd Ciguere, here tuning the emit of an IF ttrip en en experimental
FM receiver that met the new high-frequency transistor.
"Our business is new ideas, new developments"
Winfield" J. Ciguere, or Giggs as he is
known, graduated in 1954 from the Uni
versity of New Hampshire with a B.S.
in Electrical Engineering. Shortly after
graduation he joined Bell Telephone Lab
oratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey.
"Experience has come my way in a
hurry," says Giggs. "I've worked on
carrier system amplifiers, speech trans
mission problems, and experimental
types of coaxial cable. The Labs are al
ways pushing ahead, trying new ideas,
exploring new developments.
"For example, right now I'm working
ith the transistor that smashed a fre
quency barrier. This new transistor has
a cut-off frequency of at least 500 mc and
can be used to amplify 2500 separate
telephone conversations simultaneously.
It will make possible broadband, high
frequency amplification in many fields
using subminiature cbmponents.
"There are thousands of other fascinat
ing projects underway at the Belj Labs.
You see, at the Labs our business is new
ideas, new developments, and that's one
reason why I like working here. It's ex
citing. If there are better ways to commu
nicate, you can bet the Labs are looking
for them."
infield Ciguere is t ypkal ot the many young men
bo are finding career. In Bell Telephone Labo
ratories. Many other career opportunities exist in
the Bell Telephone Companies, Western Electric
and Sandia Corporation. Your placement officer
has more information about these companies.
Practice Continues:
Comhusher Gridden look
Towards M-Sporls Day
Nebraskan Sports Reporter
The second session of the spring
football drills took place yesterday
afternoon aa the gridders pre
pared themselves for All Sports
Coach Pete Elliott indicated that
spring drills were proceeding as
expected and that .all the boys
were working real hard.
Elliott refused to pick out any
one as soutstanding but said that
Benny Dillard, sophomore from
Mt. Pleasant, Texas, is the fast
est man on the squad.
Although they only ran through
fundamentals, the line showed a
tendency to hit hard.
The coaching staff will continue
to use agility drills the remainder
of spring practice and throughout
next season.
These drills are designed to help
BicM WalrM An
Hum Bwriiwrn
AdklM. Imttt. Dm Mobw, I. r
Amcwi. John F MMomiaM. Hick.
Bttnn, Robert. Cilo. Mick.
Bitaon, John. CKo, Mich.
Bauer. Phil. Dm moib. la.
Bium. Gail, Lincoln
Baekman, Wanta. Malcolm
Barfuia, Robert, Sioux Falla. I D.
Barrymaiui, John, Dodceville. Wla.
Boroft. LouU, Graaa' laland
BoaiUevac Georia. Omaha
Brown, Jerry. Mlneen
Burt, Melvin, Somerville. Maaa.
Crabtrea, John, Haitinfa
Cook, Dean, Ota 111 la
CoMey. William. Stamford
Cochrane. Roy. Ovaha
Cook. Clarence, McCook
Corani, Edward, FrederWrtowa, Fa.
DeSimoae, James, Watortowa. Maaa,
Dillard, Bonnie, Mt Pleaoaat. Tea.
Pohnnaa, Melrtn, Kearney
Douthit. John. Lincoln
Puff, Jamei, Grand laland
Edwarda, William, Wanoo
Elacquajohn, Hanaaelaer, N.Y.
Enalert, Gordoav Sioaz Falla. S.D.
Enaliab. Eraoat. New Orkaaa, la.
Erway, Don, Lincoln
Eeeer, TrrA, Nabraeka City
Flominf. Jack, Kimball
Flock, Dean, Ericeoa
Fry, WU1. Ltocobi
Gaora-e, Lao. Wilkaa-Barra, Pa.
Gieaaohuea, Paul. Grand laland
GreenUw. Willie. Portland, Me.
Hamaa, EufeM. Omaha
Harahman, Georia, Dickeraoa Run, Pa.
Rawkini, WiUiam, Beatrice
Hart. Joaeph, Concord, N.B.
Bein, Marvin, Fairbury
Hennmaa, Larry, Unco hi
Milding, Marlin, Red Oak, la.
Hinkle, Don. Beaver City
jlolmaa. Jim, Dodferille. Wia.
HemJak, Stere, St. AmbridtPm.
gomeOa. Laoaard, Waatara
owarter, Stuart, Omaha
Hot, Glenn, Lin cote
Slaea. Norman. Wnnore
nyard, Roger, Lawreawa, Kaa,
enkina. Dean. Liacoln
Johneoa, Gary, Madrid
Jonaa, Larry, Sidney
Kampe, Don, Red Oak, la.
luna, jttcaara, naai oaoen, ru.
o-a if
- tl
-0 M
: Soph-
. i
avd. fiaatinae
Klein, Arthur, Pfrmouth, Pa.
Klelber, Richer
KUnaamaa. Dick. Mitchell. I B.
Krnounak, Rocer, Lincoln
Kumpk, Tom. LeUk
Lee, MltchaeL Grand laland
Leifh, Robert, Rardy
Labbea, RonaM, Burr
Lyall, Robert, Richland, Waah.
McCaahland, Dick, Geneva
McVay, Howard, Ogallala
Martin, Lrle, Grand Island
Meyer. VirfiL BertTand
Miller, Larry, Roldrese
Miller, Jim, ConnellaviDe, Pa.
Moo iel, Wendell, Cambridxa
Murphy, Jim, Cokimbua
Nappi, Frank. Portland. Me,
Naviaux, Larry, Lexinatoa
Neorlea. Kent. Chlcafo
Peteraon. Jerry, Cambridge
Podraaa, Francia. Platte Center
Puiknon. Darrel, Grand bland
Pruaia, Dirk. PrankHn
Reevea, rranklin, RdahvlUa
Ritner. Bin. North Platte
Rhode. Don, York
Roberta, Leelie, Tacunaah
RoaowaU, LaVeni, Hemiaaford
Rouleau, Raymond, Rumford, Mr.
Round Jack, Omaha
6andage, Gene, Sioux City la.
Sapp, Guy, Lincoln
SchoetWer, Jerry, Rushrille
Schnupp, Bill, JeanneUe, Pa.
Solomon, John, Ralaton
Stinett, Roy, Ripley, Tena.
Switzer, Walt, Lincoln
Tnede, Jim, St. Libary
Thomaen, John. Lincoln
Torcaon, LaVerne, Platte Center
Trimble, Jerry. Lincoln
Truebkood, Terry. Grand laland
Taonkolaa, Cbarlaa, Somerville, Maaa.
Waafeut, Bkkard, Acme, Wye.
Wheeler. Jerry. Milan, IK.
WOlianu, Dave. Lktcoat
Wilaon, Wlluam, SterKns
Wilaon. Don, Lincoln
Winey, Kenley, Shelton
Wiaael, Duane, Bonnet
Womaek. John, Lincola
Wood, Dirk, Lincoln
Wood, Dewaln, David City
Woodard, Charlea, Elma, N.Y.
Denotea Varaity letura woa.
c C. ,
movement and reaction and they
enable the individual to keep good
position at all times. Coach El
liott stressed position as one of
the most important fundamentals of
There will be no cuts to A or B
squads this seascn. The better
boys will be used as a unit to run
plays and prepare ibemselves for
the Alumni tilt.
The squad will drill today and
tomorrow and then adjourn until
after Easter.
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m au - ii'" A: ':"' ..vl;''--.,.. ."'y-'ti. . -1
No, these coeds aren't on th weight-lifting team. The
freight car above rolls so easily on Timken bearings that
those gals can actually pull it
Most freight car arles turn on bearings that are just plsin
metal shoes. When lubrication fails, as it often does, metal
slides against metal causing a hot box the No. 1 cause
of freight train delays.
Tiroken tapered roller bearings end the hot box prob
lem because they roll the load instead of sliding it. "Roller
Freight" freight cars mounted on roller bearings is the
next great step in railroading. A step that the Timken
Company has pioneered to speed the nation's freight and
save America's railroads an estimated $190 million a year
in operating costs. And a step that's already under way as
more and more railroads are making the big twitch tt
-Roller Freight".
"Roller Freight" is the latest example of how the Timkea
Company works hand-in-hand with all industry to keep
America on the go by pioneering improvements is
machines and machinery that increase speed and preci
sion, decrease wear and maintenance. We're the world's
largest manufacturer of tapered roller bearings and remov
able rock bits and a leading producer of fine alloy steeL
Because the best place to keep going is with a
company that's on the you may be interested in what
lies ahead at the Timken Company for college graduates.
For details, write for our booklet: "This is Timken". The
Timken Roller Bearing Company, Canton 6, Ohio.
Timken bearings keep America on the GO...
and you keep going yn when you go
t .
with the
i- we mm. '