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    Tuesday, November 15, 1955
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Beia Sig's
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New Spirit Booster
Bill Dewulf, Corn Cobs mem
ber in the Corn Cob man, and
Doris Anderson, cheerleader, are
examining the buffalo's head
trophy won last year and re
tained after the Cornhusker
Homecoming victory Saturday.
The Corn Cob man, a new sym
bol of Husher school spirit, is
the result cf eoordindated ef
Union Dance Lessons
Union dance lessons will be held
Tuesday night instead of the regu
larly' scheduled Wednesday night
because of a conflict with the AUF
Auction, Roy Boyd, chairman of
the Union Dance Committee, an
nounced. There will be refreshments
served and a dance prize given,
Boyd said.
Cornhusker Pictures
Deadline for signing up for indi
vidual Cornhusker pictures for
fraternity and sorority members is
Tuesday, Carol Unterseher, Corn
husker Associate Editor, an
nounced. Ag Pot Luck
The second Pot Luck with the
Profs will be held Sunday at 5:30
p.m. in the Ag Union.
Free tickets may be picked up
at the Ag Union Activities Office
until Friday.
HI Zds's, ih2 Ossl BisStaplskd Gift of dl
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toaijinwt rmg rirh
kriiiUat ammnii cart
4'nmami, m hqitW
iartoctmq -wdiiftq rmq
with 2 iMqtwHM. Eiqui
H in graceful mmmrinqi
f 14k wiuta gold.
Lowtiy KrM raft diwnond,
)anUd by cWt, brfUiant bg
rarH mmeh . Mowirtad m
14k wfc qoid, pmmrw
Wf5iSy firm V '
forts of one yell squad, James
Pittenger, s e c r e t a r y of the
Alumni Association, Corn Cobs
and Gene Christensen, Yell King.
"The idea for a symbol origi
nated in the yell squad last
spring," Christensen said. It is
patterned after the Kansas Uni
versity Jayhawk, he said.
Last summer, Christensen went
Math Colloquium
To Hear Xansan
One of the nation's leading ma
thematicians, "Nachman Aronszajn
of the Universtiy of Kansas will
lecture at the mathematics collo
quium Wednesday at 3 p.m. in
Burnett Rocm 223.
His topic will be: "Positive Re
producing Kernels and Green's
A native of Poland, Professor
Aronzajn received his Doctor of
Philosophy degree in Poland in
19.30 and his Doctor of Science in
1935 in Paris. He spent several
years in Paris at the Centre Na
tional de la Recherche Scientifique
before coming to America in 1949.
He has been research professor of
mathematics at Oklahoma A & M
from 1949-51 and at the University
of Kansas since 1951.
His appearance is being spon
sored by the University Research
Council and the department of mathematics.
i.. mmtmmi m, !. .jimi.ii 1 1 i.iiu.m.. i mi iiii 4
BMutiful ffltarloeling pair, bt
aijamMt ring with radiant mt
quit dimond nd 7 bqutti.
Wadrlinq rmg with 7 bgutti.
Mountii m 14k white gold.
Monthly lifM
SwfMrb 9 diamond pair with
larrja amaratd cut diamond. A
raurW diamondt, 4 baguattK.
14k whit gold.
kmu i ja-"!"'. B&m3 llston
o Rt.
ri. 2-
Councay Sunday Journal and Star-
to Minnesota to contact a com
pany with facilities to make the
"Corn Cob."
"It was difficult to find such
a company," he said. Pittenger
and Christensen made numerous
inquiries at other universities
before they got the name of the
Minnesota concern.
Corn Cobs paid for the "Com
Cob," and Tassels have ordered
a uniform from a costume com
pany in Omaha in the corn cob
motif, Christensen said.
The head was hand-made by
the same woman who made the
bear used in connection with the
"Land of Sky Blue Waters" com
mercials of a malt beverage
company, he said.
"The uniform was not com
plete for the Colorado game, but
it was decided to show half of it
for Homecoming," he said.
The rest of the outfit should
be ready for the Oklahoma game
Saturday, he said.
Norm Creutz, Corn Cobs presi
dent, coordinated all efforts to
get the "Corn Cob!"
1. SUPERIOR FILTER ailvLtM gives you
the superior Filtration of the Miracle Tip, the
pnrrst tip that ever touched your lips. It's white
. . al white ... pure white!
Beta Theta Pi fraternity and
Delta Gamma sorority combined
cosmic dust and a torrid trumpet
to take first place honors in house
decoration competition ior the
1955 Homecoming. Beta Sigma Psi
topped the smaller men's houses
Also announced as winners at
the annual Homecoming Dance Sat
urday night were Farm House, In
ternational House and Builders in
the float competition.
Beta Theta Pi, ' winner in the
large houses competition, won the
men's grand champion trophy,
while buffalo heads danced across
a sheet of music.
Other winners in the division for
larger men's .houses, were Sigma
Alpha TSpsilon, second: Sigma Chi,
third, and Sigma Phi Epsilon, hon
orable mention.
Pi Kappa Phi and Delta Sigma
Phi took second and third, respec
houses division.
Second in the women's division
was Gamma Phi Beta, and Chi
Omega placed third.
The Beta's display, "Buffs to
Stardust," depicted a rocket ship
swooping in from outer space to
blast a large golden buffalo off
the globe and up into the stars.
The Delta Gumma's, with the
"Buffalo Blues," had a giant Husk
ei football placer playing the blues
while" buffalo heads danced acriss
asheet of music.
"Nebraska Whammie Bisects Bi
sons" won first for the Beta Sig's
in the men's small houses division.
A huge Cornhusker SDlit a buffalo
in two with an "evil eye."
In the homecoming floats, Farm
House won the men's award with
"Steamed Up for Colorado," a huge
locomotive which trundled its way
down the parade route. Internation
al House won the women's division
with "The World's For You," and
Builders won the division for hon
oraries and organizations.
In the men's division Brown Pal
ace won second and Alpha Gamma
Rho, third. Terrace Hall placed
second and Howard Hall, third, in
the women's division.
Red Cross was second and Stu
dent Union placed third in the hon
oraries and organizations division.
Judges for the house decorations
were Dr. H. L. Weaver. Norma
Carpenter, John Weaver, Col. C. J.
Fiankforter and Max Worley, Lin
coln Businessman.
Winners in all competitions were
announced Saturday night at the
Homecoming Dance in the Coli
seum. A traveling trophy was
awarded to Beta Theta Pi and Del
ta Gamma as house decorations
winners. Vmners in all competi
tion received engraved plaques.
" , -s. v. if
Locomotive Wins First
"Steamed Up For Colorado,''
the winning Homecoming float of
Farmhouse, is shown in the
Homecoming parade. The float
won the men's division in float
competition. International House
Mass Meeting:.
YW Panel
To Discuss
Girls' Role
The Changing Role of Women
will be the theme of a TWCA mass
meeting Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. in
Love, library Auditorium.
"The meeting will feature a
panel who will discuss the cultural
influences regarding the status of
women in the past fifty years and
the responsibilities of women who
combine family and a career," said
Janice Osborn, YW director.
She added that another topic to
be covered in the discussion was
"Helping College Women 4o Pre
pare For The Future."
Student members of the panel
will include Sharon Mangold, presi
dent of City Campus YW; Marlene
Hutchinson, president of Ag YWCA,
and Dick Fellman, editor of The
The moderator for the meet
ing will be Dr. Dudley Ashton,
chairman of the Department of
Physical Education. Other :panel
members are: Mrs. Rex Knowles,
past 'president of the YWCA ad
visory board; Mrs. Leroy Laase,
president of the YWCA advisory
board; Mrs. George Ernest, vice
president of the board; Dr. Garnet
Larson, professor in the graduate
school of social work; Mrs. Shirley
Marsh, home economist for KUON.
and Dr. Kenneth Cannon, associate
professor of home economics.
There will be an opportunity for
the audience to question the panel
members after the discussion, said
Tootie Way, YW board member in
charge of mass meetings. She
added that men are invited to at
tend this meeting.
2. SUPERIOR TASTE IaM's superior taste
comes from superior tobaccos especially
selected for filter smoking. Tobaccos that are
richer, tastier......
won the women's division in float
competition. International House
won the women's division .and
Builders won the award for hon
oraries and organizations. All
competing floats were seen in the
The university ROTC department
has announced the current appoint
ments of cadet officers, Lt. J. C.
Miller, public relations officer,
Jtegimental promotions are:
lieutenant colonel, Richard Dow,
Barry Larson; major, Robert An
derson, John Chappell, Mike Shu
grue; captain, John Gray.
Battalion lieutenant ' colonels
are: Engineer Battalion, Harold
Sorenson; Ordnance Battalion,
Charles Meehan; Military Police,
Darrel DeGraw; Infantry Bat
talion, Arve Papst; Artillery Bat
talion, Ellsworth Benson.
Other promotions are:
Artillery Battalion: major, Sol
Stiss; captains, Larry Connor,
Ronald Krejce, Dale Stukenholtz;
second lieutenants, Jerrnld Stark.
Shad Gager, Willis Kriz, Bobert
Green, John Olson, Dana Eurich
Engineer Battlion: majors, John
Damon, John Rudd; captains.
note unlll ChrintmuB
Porker liquid lend Pencil
Willi carh
MSt and 22.50
Parker "51" 11 Set
V underfill Chrittmtu Gift
lujt Worth al Ion library
and ligbt and mild.
Courtesy loncoln Jaurnil
Homecoming parade Saturday,
Winners were announced at the
Homecoming dance. In the men's
division, Brown Palace placed
second .and Alpha Gamma Rho
was third.
William "Wenzlaff, "Von Innes, Don
ald Smith; Second Lieutenants,
Gerald Bitney, lowell Vestal, Carl
Vondra, Robert Johnson, Dale
Wurst, Kenneth Priedrichsen.
Infantry .Battalion: major, Phil
lip Patterson; captain, -Charles
Kate, Hobert Pfann, Jerry Hum
phrey, Dean Lux, Richard Sloan;
second lieutenant, Wyatt Schneider,
Kenneth -Johnson, Keith Crowley,
Bobby Banning, Herbert Mayer,
Earl Howey.
Military Police Battalion: major,
Francis Harman; captain, Marvin
Green; Larry DeFord, Hugh Os
mera, Jiichard -Goettsch, Jerome
Barton; second lieutenant, William
Moss, Charles Beal, Fredrick
SaathoK, David Erickson, William
Cannon, James "Vanderslice.
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heart of Africa
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three years
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A Musical Cartoon Fable "'"
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."Make Mine Muc'X
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