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    Wednesday November 9, 1955
iinijjyiroes Slow IHlyskeir
Halfbacks Battle
IM Play
All-University Selections
Husker halfbacks. Rex Fischer
and Willie Greenlaw are tied for
The AO-Fraternity Fastball
championship will be played to
night at 4:45 oa the city field. De
fending AH-University Champion
Delta Tan Delta will defend Its
Intramural managers are remind
ed to submit their All-Opponent
teams to the Nebraskan for selec
tion of the All-University teams.
These All-Opponent team should
contain no members of the squad
submitting the list. Those teams
not complying to this and failing
to hand in a list will be omitted
from Ail-Star selections.
the top ground gaining honors with
identical 4.7 average yards per
carry. In yards gained however,
Fischer holds a 110 yard advant
IKtepes IFir CIirsi
age with a 500 total.
crown against Phi Kappa PsL.
Use Rag Want Ads
Sports SUff Writer
Nebraska's Cornhuskers, current
ly tied with Oklahoma for first
place in the Big Seven race with
identical 4-0 conference marks, will
be trying to get above the .500
mark this Saturday for the first
time this season. The Huskers tac
kle Colorado at Memorial Stadium
' in the homecoming day game and
will be trying to keep their con
ference slate clean.
Rex Fisher, senior halfback from
Oakland, has been chosen by
coach Bill Glassford as game cap-
tarn. Glassford stated, "Rex has
been a great contribution to the
team and deserves the honor of
being captain for the homecoming
game." He currently is second in
rushing in the conference and ranks
eighteenth in the nation with 500
net yards gained in 105 tries.
Both teams will be minus some
top performers who will be side
lined by injuries.
The number one Colorado man,
senior halfback Homer Jenkins,
will be out of action.
Sylvester Harris, Nebraska half
back, number one replacement for
Fischer, will miss the game be
cause of a dislocated shoulder. He
probably will also sit out the game
against Oklahoma University Nov.
19 at Lincoln.
Lyle Martin, who has seen very
little action, Frank Nappi who
hasn't seen any action so far this
season and Gene Sandage are
ready to replace Harris.
Harry Johnson may see action
at both halfback positions as he
did last Saturday at Iowa State.
Fullback John Edwards may be
ready for the game but is listed as
a doubtful starter by Glassford. He
also was injured at Ames.
End George Mink who has seen
very little action this season has
slowed this week by injury,
been okayed for the Saturday tilt.
Flanker LeRoy Butherus is still
listed as doubtful and Jim Murphy
guard and Marlin Hilding are def
initely out. Hilding is out for the
Tuesday the squad had a defen-
This will be the fourteenth game
between the two teams. The Husk
ers have won seven, lost five and
tied one but haven't been able tol
win on the home field since 1949.
Last year Nebraska upset Colorado
20 to 6 at Boulder.
Big Seven Scoring
Caortesr IJnrota Jovnil
sive scrimmage working against
the Colorado single wing attack.
Some of the top men on the fresh
man squad ran Colorado plays
against the varsity. Work will be of
the same order for the remainder
of the week.
Glassford said, "It is necessary
to set up completely new defen
sive formations to face the single
wing attack.
The starting lineup will be about
the same as last week except for
the fullback spot. George Cifra
probably will more back to the
starting lineup as John Edwards,!
last weeks starting luJlback. is
McDoaaM, OC
Barrls, or 7
ERWAT. C ... a
nmo, OU 7
Ffetfer, Kg t
CUi., Cf 7
JeaUas. CC 7
Harris, OU 7
Peru, IS 7
Wkitcfeaad, Kg ...S
Win. 3MT ft
Mapkb, CC ......7
nii. Kg a
trtfena. CI" ... 7
Wclkcr, CC 7
Hants. IS 7
KS ...S
7 12
4 S
Toal I
WHATC THIS? For solution
see paragraph below.
Oklahoma's Sooners, . who would
sooner be at the top of the heap
in their gridiron competition, have
achieved just that this week as
they take over as the number one
team in the Associated Press poll.
The 55 edition of Wilkinson's
wreckers seem to be fallowing the
script they used for a best seller
in 1950 when they annexed the na
tional championship in much the
same manner.
Oklahoma sheds some light on
the Big Seven as they seek to I
protect their 26 game skein in
conference play. Their overall
winning streak stretches into the
fifties. As Maryland is in second
position after being the top ranked
eleven for several weeks, the
Orange Bowl game should draw
top interest this year. Due to the
pact inked by the two conferences.
it will be Oklahoma versus Mary-1
land for sure, as both have death
grips on the top rungs of their I
respective loops.
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New Faces
Promising sophomore basket
ball talent includes Oft to right J
Jim K-tfoadri of Toledo, O., Gary
Reiinerf of SClari, Dan Schmidt toria, O.
of Helena, V.iai Lyle Kannen coin,
of SjracrtE.5, Jim .rwcod of Fos-
and Jim Thorn of Lin-
Thinclads Take Third In IS Meet
The fimi-rrg 4-Zt'.
University harriers finished third
in a frua&rangular cross country
meet at Iowa State Saturday. The
Husker thin-clads piled up 44 point,
to finish behind Colorado 'Hh 27
points and the busting Cyclones
irw ith 25. Eantai State finished
last m-ith 48.
The individual winner was Jack
Hughes of Colorado who broke the
tape on the three an fie course ton
15:25. Bob Elwood of Nebraska
placed second, 25 seconds behind
1- Jlac KuChea C5 3S:2S.
Z. Boa E3ao Of 1S;5SL
8. Jo Fumk Cil 15:f.5
4. Jac HOTitKAw CSS 1S:SiS.
i. JMmwaa C'J 3:P1.
. CmI ftwmaHm IS J-QB.
7. Hen "imma lSu 5:aQ.
a. Ailaa JCmi OS I:80
. IFxBKk Joti CB J:81.
IB. Hubert iGneat 3:5S.
Jl, Lee Otunr 3 ;8& 5 .
1Z, M liiwu (CK.S'1 J:S1.
3 8. hitw Ktt, ,:&S J.K
J. Cleai Tanun li& J:5S.
JS. Iiuir EaU) J7:t'2.
J. fat Anflemoa iO' !17:M.S.
S 7. Arltm iuu;lv fK.Sil 57.4a.
I. Jm rjusmtBTH C'i) JT.ftiL
3. Ornneia CN J:1!B
This was the Hast meet of tSx
year for the Nebraska cross coun
try squad TK closes tt season
this Saturday again at Ames, io the
Big Seven Cross Country cbaia-pkmships.
Fischer Named Captain
Rex Fischer, senior halfback who
is now ranked tStk ia total yard
age nationally. wJB cantain b
COTnhtiskers Saturday in their
biD!raQkig tassel itf the Colo-
raQ9 BuHaioes.
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' in. advanced academic ttudy
'-j)M4 l-Bui important rearch and &evtUpmrd
Ur.-warsit, -C2'alt3 in industry, Hugh ctfera
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- yP"! 1 1 practical programs:
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cSbiwsfl itar atnntmei to pwuarat tiac wauinrat to
mairitiut? a biijj-teae laurvarwry tdtiodult t
Ttanioai, bwjit ami feet ' J3 le ntwadtul by
HbjSms. Tie jnoRBit pwniJcJ v3 ensii-fe lie
enrtacyaot ta eojwy a eemOTUilile atsaiuijri of
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Me gee's Third Floor
CaW Gtj,LxnArrkf Ommj, Cdsfomie
i'MUtrX Presiiag, CoiJ.
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